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While traveling to the Dominican Republic Dec. 21, 2021-Jan1st, 2022, we turned cellular data OFF on all 4 of the cell phones on my Telus account. Cellular data was not turned back on again until we arrived back in Canada on the 1st. While at our resort, we only used the hotel wifi. Upon receiving my cell phone bill this morning, I was shocked to find a $611 cell phone bill which included roaming/data charges.
I spoke with customer service. I was informed that I should have had my phone on airplane mode as well as having the cellular data turned off. I have travelled extensively outside of the country with my cell phone and NEVER have I ever had to do more than turn off my cellular data to avoid incurring charges. Customer service was unable to do anything for me, and it wasn't until I said that I was willing to pull all of my accounts from Telus that I was transferred over to customer loyalty. Once again I had to explain the issue to this agent. He told me that I should remove my sim card from my phone when traveling. Again... never have I ever had to do anything more than turn off my cellular data. The best he was able to do for my was discount my bill by $107.00.
This is 100% not acceptable. would like to see ALL of the roaming charges from Dec.22-Jan.1 reversed. I did not use any Telus data over these days... we strictly stuck to the hotel wifi.
If this issue is not rectified to my satisfaction, I will be leaving Telus.

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