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wifi nov deal

Applied for a wifi router online with tell.for the NOVEMBER Deal for 139 for 10 gigs..
We got the router the 20/11/2018 yet they just have us apparently just 4Gigs which got finished within minutes which is impossible because I use 1gig for almost 2 weeks..
I THEN contacted Telkom customer care the very next day 21/11/2018..they've given me a reference which is [protected]..And told me that they will collect the router and the query will be sorted as I wanted to cancel the deal and it was before 7working days... Yet now I see they've charged me for the router and I haven't even used it.

I would like a refund on my NOVEMBER Statement.. I do not want to be charge for something I didnt agree on.

mobile online order

Geese guys, how do you feel about some service or even a reply???

According to my gmail account I'm on 16 mails so far with 2 responses..

As I mentioned in the email above I received an sms 10/12/2018 that the phone would be delivered between 3-5 working days.
I phoned today 18/12/2018 to hear what is going on as I still can not track it, to hear that the phone is out of stock and I will have to wait.

Again this would not have been such an issue, if I haven't struggled my ass off so far.

Why send the sms then that it is going to be delivered, why not let me know that the phone is out of stock. It is 9 days short of a month that I have been struggling.

I sure as hell hope you aren't going to deduct anything end of December from my bank account if I do not receive the phone and if I do it better be pro-rata from the date that I sign for it.
I would also like to know where I can send my telephone bill for all the calls I had to make as you prefer not to communicate with your potential customers?

Cause you already deducted the R699.00 (06/12/2018) which I assume would be used a the last payment for the contract.

I know it is not a lot of money, but how do expect me or any other client to recommend your service. very bad business.

Applied online: 26/11/2018

Was phoned: 28/11/2018 -
very good service and nice lady that helped me

Struggled to find out what was going on: 29/12 - 06 /12 -
called multiple times, chatted to agents etc

Got decent answer 06/12/2018 -
again good service (see below)

Received sms that account will be debited: 06/12/2018

Account was debited 07/12/2018

Received sms that order has been issued: 10/12/2018 -
3-5 working days

Followed-up again - Phone out of stock 18/12/2018 -
The courier company did not even pick it up - told her I wanted to cancel the order told me I had to phone 10210

Phoned 10210 18/12/2018 -
Can't cancel the order because I need the telkom number which I don't have because of very bad service
Called again 18/12/2018 -
Spoke to Janice said she would escalate the matter - told her I wanted the phone by Friday or they should cancel the order and I want my money by Monday 24/12/2018 as I tried but I couldn't as I did not have the number (was provided with the number during this call) but I'm not going to waste my time because Telkom mobile service is absolutely appalling.

Followed up Agian as I did not hear anything 20/12/2018 -
Still no stock, Helped and handled the situation very well - but unfortunately not up to her to deliver the phone.

false advertising and call centre agents unauthorized purchase on my contract

On 23 nov i purchasred telkoms 100gig nightsurfer for R100 valid till 23 dec. Todate it is still not working...

getting put on the blacklist unnecessary, because of poor service from telkom.

I was moving from my previous address to my new address 94 Willem Botha Eldoraigne Centurion. A week before...

service cancellation query

I canceled my Telkom landline in June 2018. The number [protected]. I used to rent the place where this line...

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receiving invoices form telkom after cancellation of service

Complaints Board
TELKOM Service
To whom it may concern:
The following Telkom service for [protected] was cancelled on numerous occasions with references obtained from Telkom starting March 2018. However, Telkom keep on sending invoices for services rendered after numerous number of disputes raised and phone calls with Telkom consultation agents.
References as follow:
Feb 2018 - Reference 7970987 (Cancellation of service)
7 June 2018 - Ref 2364077 (Cancellation of service and invoice dispute)
10 July 2018 -Ref [protected](cancellation of service and invoice dispute)
27 July 2018 - Ref [protected] (Notification from Telkom that cancellation is resolved)
27 July 2018 - Ref 2736700773A (Notification form Telkom that Cancellation activated)
15 October 2018- Ref [protected] (Invoice dispute)
8 November 2018 - Ref [protected] (Consultation with Telkom agent regarding invoice. Agent stated that problem will be resolved and that Telkom agent will contact me - to date no contact has been made.
Have received a Letter Of Demand on the 25 October 2018 - stating that the service is cancelled due to non payment.
However, Telkom keep on sending invoices for services rendered per month even after acknowledgement by Telkom of cancellation of service on the 27 July.
Also note that the account had a credit balance at the end of April 2018.
I do think Telkom should get their account department in order.
Dr. A Vermeulen
Cell: [protected]

telkom small business phone line

We logged a call with your call centre that our phone line was dead on the 3rd of Dec and was allocated a Ref Number: 10CRI031218. The phone is not working and the internet line is unstable. They promised to send a technician but to no avail. No one seems to be accountable or willing to take responsibility. The phone has been down for 7 days, and all the call centre says is that they are allocating a technician to the Job. This is not the first time we have had this uncaring service from Telkom. This is a business line, how do you expect a small business to survive with this kind of poor service for an essential tool of business.

We took on this line with Telkom about 6 years ago. There are meant to be 3 outgoing lines from the number but all the 3 lines have never worked. Only two are functioning, we have complained over and over and we are tired and gave up. Guess what we still pay every month for what we don't use.

Please tell us if you don't want our business so that we can terminate the service and go to better service providers with a human face and those that are happy to talk to their clients.

Will Telkom refund us for the period during which we have no service.


landline out of order

My landline has been dead for over 4 weeks now. I reported same day and received a ref number. Have been calling daily since then only to be told "the technicians will come". Huh. Last week Thursday I called yet again and was advised that the person who took the first fault report actually failed to forward the fault to the technicians. So a NEW fault number was generated and yet still NOTHING. My current fault number is [protected]. I guess you will still charge me line rental for the past 4 weeks even though I have had no service???? I now request that this fault be attended to as a matter of urgency. I run a business from home using this number and am losing money daily.

  • Ra
    Ray Lallupersad Dec 18, 2018

    My landline and ADSL has not been operational for the past 3 weeks. the fault was reported on the same day and was give a reference number (26012794). I have been in contact with the technical department on a regular basis but all I'm told was that my complaint is with the testing station and has not been allocated to a technician as yet. This is a recurring problem as my service was not operational 2 week before and is now out of service again. I now request that the fault be attended to as a matter of urgency as we are reliant on out on our landline and out internet services. I am now paying for a service that I am not receiving. My email address is [email protected] I can be contacted on 0317165561.

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unauthorized debiting of my account and telkom charging me for the bank fees

I phoned Telkom at the beginning of August to cancel my subscription. The debit order then went off again on the 24th of August. I then went onto Telkom self service to request for a cancellation again as the telephonic cancellation was never processed.

The following Debit orders have been collected to date and I have also highlighted them on the attached documents:

- 25 July - R470.72 this I am in agreement with- this went through successfully
- 24 August - R420.28 - this went through successfully .You collected a full month but my Wi-Fi stopped working on the date I spoke to Telkom to cancel the Wi-Fi. My Wi-Fi was cut off instantly
- According to you, my Wi-Fi was only cancelled on the 31st of August. Please refer to the attached mail and to my email above wherein I have stated that I actually cancelled it at the beginning of August but whomever I spoke to did not complete the cancellation thus I resubmitted on self service a request to cancel my Wi-Fi. I also gave 30 days' notice well in advance thus I did not mind the R420.28 being taken from my account as I assumed this was the last months payment being taken.
- 25 September - Telkom collected R130.60 - this went through successfully
- 25 October - Telkom collected R17.50? you are saying this is for itemised billing but I have never received an itemised bill from Telkom - not even in the post. - This also went through successfully.
- 15 Nov. and 20. Nov. Telkom collected an "Early D/order" for an amount of R8.50, R130.60 and R17.15, I had no money in my account thus the collection was unsuccessful - I never have money in my account before the 23rd of any month and I also did not authorise this collection or receive a call from Telkom informing me that they are planning on doing a collection on that day. It was not authorised.
- 23 Nov. 2018 - Telkom collected another R130.60 from my account - this went through successfully
- 27 Nov. 2018 - Telkom collected another R17.15 from my account - this went through successfully

Since my cancellation in August, Telkom has collected the following amounts:

August - R420.28
September - R130.60
October - R17.50
November - attempted to collect: R156.25, the debit orders was not successful as there was no money in my account and the D/orders were not authorised, you then collected another 2 debit orders which were successful for an amount of R147.75
Total money collected: R716.13

You are now stating that you are collecting another R423 in December for my usage in August (even although my wifi was cut off instantly in August), and the rest is for bank charges for the 3 debit orders that were rejected due to Telkom collecting on dates that were not authorised. I am lodging a complaint regarding this with the Regulator as well as I would love to know why I have paid R716.13 so far and still expected to pay another R423 in December for something that I initially cancelled at the beginning of August. Please advise what the R716.13 has been for and what the remaining R423 is for as well?

november data deal -5g @r99

On 18 november I have applied online for this deal. On the 19/11/2018 a consultant phoned me to confirm my...

paying for a line I do not have

I have been speaking to everyone at Telkom in regards to a mifi device I do not have, I have cancelled it and left it in the store with the consultant, she then arranged for it to be collected, but nothing has happened and every month I'm still being billed for it. I have been calling and emailing and 1000000 times and I just seem to be a joke to the Telkom staff. It's Christmas and I'm just having telling my hard earned monwg, honest to God wish I never joined this network.

paying for a line I do not have
paying for a line I do not have
paying for a line I do not have
paying for a line I do not have
paying for a line I do not have
paying for a line I do not have
paying for a line I do not have

Telkom SA SOC

disconnection of service in spite of the account being debited ahead of time.

On Monday, the 4 of December 2018, Telkom suspended my service despite the fact that my account was debited ahead of the normal debit date and the amount that was debited more than twice the amount of my subscription. After contacting them, the consultant said that our service will be restored within 48 hrs however I still don't have any service. After contacting them a second time, the consultant said it may take up to 10 days to restore the service that i have already paid for. Even after the matter was sent to the accounts department and the manager, nothing has been done to assist me or restore my service. I am utterly disgusted at the service that I have received From Telkom because their consultants tell me that payment is reflecting on their side but there is nothing they can do help me resort my service.

disconnection of service in spite of the account being debited ahead of time.
disconnection of service in spite of the account being debited ahead of time.
disconnection of service in spite of the account being debited ahead of time.

Telkom SA SOC

incompetent staff / costing me extra expenses

My account nr is [protected].
My contract expired in October 2018. I phoned in and requested a cancellation. My normal debit order amount each month was R143.73
At the end of October i retracted the pmt and on the 5'th of November, a double pmt was taken from my bank acc for this. I then phoned again about the cancellation. The person told me that the first request was not processed. So i requested once again for this contract to be cancelled. On the 5'th of December, another double pmt was taken off my bank acc for this. I phoned again! The person told me the request was processed late so the pmt was due again. Yesterday i get a statement stating that i now still owe over R400. What the hell??? I do not even use the sims at all. How many times does it take to cancel a damn contract????? I demand my money back as the debit order amount was not agreed upon either. How dare Telkom just take money as they please? Quick to sell the product but due to useless staff, i lose money and patients. I will never use Telkom again and not recommend it to others. This is fraud!!! I want answers!!! My email: [protected]

long overdue delay in the termination of my expired mobile contract

To Whom It May Concern

My Name is Luthando Pulumo and I have a Telkom Mobile Contract with Account Number: [protected] that expired around October or November 2017, if I am correct. I have been trying to get this contract terminated but have not been successful till to date. The transaction reference number for the debit order on my bank account are as follows: TELKOMMOBI50133933501668 and deducting R 254.56 every month end.

My first attempt to have the contract terminated was telephonically around February 2018 and was informed by the Call Centre Consultant that they will forward me a cancellation form via email for me to complete and submit it to the cancellations department but the form never came.

My second attempt in trying to get the contract terminated was on the 20th of April 2018. I spoke with a Call Centre Consultant, Ms. Nelisiwe Mkhize who immediately sent me the forms as I insisted they be sent whilst I was still on the phone with her (attached Annexure A - the completed cancellation form). She informed me that the process will take 21 days for it to be finalised. I submitted the completed cancellation form immediately on the same day as advised by Ms. Nelisiwe Mkhize. (Find attached Annexure B and Annexure C of my submissions). After the 21 days period the debit orders were still go through my bank account.

My third attempt in trying to get the contract terminated was on the 20 July 2018. I spoke with a gentlemen (can't remember the name), his email address is [protected] He advised me of the new cancellation process that is done online however he further informed me that he will be able to assist with the termination based on the fact that the process I followed was given by a Telkom Call Centre Consultant (Ms. Nelisiwe Mkhize). The assurance of the termination came after he placed me on hold and went to consult his supervisor, and further stating that it will be done with immediate effect however the process will take 3 days to be completed. Subsequent to this, he further requested me to submit all my email correspondences between me and Ms Nelisiwe Mkhize for his record keeping as evidence to justify the reasons for this immediate termination of my contract (Find attached Annexure D - an email when I sent with the correspondences to [protected] I do not have the reference number for the telephone call engagement of that day but I believe the call can be traced by my account details, the date, time and the consultant in question. For further noting, on the same telephone call, I informed the consultant that I have further instructed my banker to block the debit orders from going through my bank account as well as a precautionary measure, to demonstrate my level of frustration with this delayed cancellation process and he further assured me that it will be terminated this time. (Find attached Annexure E - debit order cancellation to the bank).

Two (2) months after, a debit order for R 966 went through my bank account for the previous months that Telkom invoice highlighted as an overdue amount. On the 18th of September 2018, I requested my banker to reverse that particular debit order based on my last communication with Telkom and the given assurance that the contract will be terminated in July 2018. (Find attached Annexure F - the bank reversal request).

I then received a letter of demand for an amount of R1220.94 on the 12th November 2018. (Find attached Annexure G - snapshot of demand letter).

On the 13th November 2018, I sent another follow up email to [protected] voicing out my frustration regarding this contract termination and requesting assistance but I never received a response since. (Find attached Annexure H - follow up email to [protected]

This finalising of this long overdue termination process has now really affected my quality of life in many ways than one, including disrupting my personal finances, damaged my credit profile as I am now no longer eligible for any credit with all my applications being declined affecting both my personal life and my business operations.
I am therefore requesting the following:
1. This contract be terminated with immediate effect.
2. I cannot be held liable for the overdue amount of R 1730.06 be waived as my account was up to date and did not owe Telkom anything at the time I submitted my request for termination.
3. Request that Telkom rectify and update my credit profile and its scoring with the Credit Bureau with immediate effect.
4. I also request written confirmation that all of this been done for my record keeping.

I have further attached all the invoices in question as well for your noting.
I trust that the above is clear and to your satisfaction. Should there be any additional information required, I can be contacted on my mobile phone: [protected] and my email address is luthando.[protected]

Looking forward to your soonest and favourable request.

Kind Regards
Luthando Pulumo (Mr.)

long overdue delay in the termination of my expired mobile contract
long overdue delay in the termination of my expired mobile contract
long overdue delay in the termination of my expired mobile contract
long overdue delay in the termination of my expired mobile contract
long overdue delay in the termination of my expired mobile contract
long overdue delay in the termination of my expired mobile contract
long overdue delay in the termination of my expired mobile contract
long overdue delay in the termination of my expired mobile contract
long overdue delay in the termination of my expired mobile contract
long overdue delay in the termination of my expired mobile contract
long overdue delay in the termination of my expired mobile contract
long overdue delay in the termination of my expired mobile contract
long overdue delay in the termination of my expired mobile contract
long overdue delay in the termination of my expired mobile contract

Telkom SA SOC

customer agent bad service

Good day,
I went to Telkom store today (2018/12/06) around 14:00 at Mall of Africa, the service I got was unacceptable from Dinah the Service Agent.
The service agent that was assisting call her to ask her a question on how to move my number back into my contract as per my request, she then advised the service agent. I ask her why do they have to do that as the number was part of the Family free contract before but instead of her answering me she just looked at me and did not reply.
I asked her to reply but still did not reply then she walked away to chat with her colleagues.
I was not happy with the way she presented herself because she works with people and if she is not will not communicate or advise customers on why she is initiating certain services on their account then she should not be dealing with dealing customers directly.
Remember everything that is being done on the customer account needs to be explained because at the end of the day I am paying for those services, not her.

smart broadband 30gb, [protected] (my acc. no. [protected])

Dear sir/madam, I have requested cancellation of the above, on 4 March 2018, at your Telkom branch in...

Telkom SA SOC
Johannesburg Internet Services


I have cancelled my contract with telkom . Does it have to take a month for them to ginalise.why don't they use their precious time which they send sms to call and activate the cancellation. I will NOT PAY ANY CHARGES FROM THE DAY I DEACTIVATED OR STOPPED THE CONTRACT WITH TELKOM. The number in question [protected]. Improve your service i cant keep on complaining about your staff the billing and your services.

black friday stock issue

I applied for the Black Firday Samsung A8 which was approved, last week Tuesday the debit order went off. Friday I received a call and was informed that there is no stock of the A8 anymore and they can offer me a A6+. The A6+ as I was told by 3 telkom employees now that has phoned me since Friday does support fast charging. I asked them to send me the spec sheet on mail to confirm that it in fact does have fast charging as well as an IP68 rating. No one has to date sent me any spec sheet in mail. I will not settle for a phone that is worse than the one I applied and have already paid for. You had no trouble debuting my account but now when you need to supply me with a product that I am already paying for you have a thousand excuses and wNt to pawn a lower spec phone off on me. My contract is in full swing, if you cannot deliver then pay me the 2 year cancellation fee, as this is what I would have had to do if I cancelled and then I'll be on my way. If not then supply me my A8 or better as I will not settle for less because you messed up. It's not my fault, I paid my debit without any issues, now do your part. It's been more than a week since the debit order was taken and still nothing. How long do you think you can keep me tagging along? Paying for something you don't receive, that's theft. I'm waiting for your call and my phone

sim card for telkom line

I have been trying to get a sim card for my new land line phone for the past7 weeks, every time I phone I get different information regarding what to do, please could you sort this out or I will have to cancel my telkom line, I have been a customer forc43cyears never had problems. Home number [protected], cell number [protected], regards Mrs J.C. Ensor

  • Updated by June ensor · Dec 05, 2018

    No sim card for land line trying for 7 weeks with no results please sort it out or I will be forced to discontinue my services.

overcharge on invoices for 3 months - telkom mobile - account no.: [protected]

I have been billed for extra data usage each month for 3 months (October / November / December 2018) even though I have the spend limit set at 0 (zero). It's not difficult to understand that that means Telkom should respect my wishes and not bill me for additional data as I do NOT/did NOT ever require any additional data than what my contract is for (10gb anytime data). I can't even understand the logic behind them charging me extra as when the 10gb is used up, the modem does not work as the data runs out. It does not work after that, so where is this Data being used because it is NOT me.

October 2018 invoice no. [protected], I was charged R500 extra for Data.

November 2018 invoice no. [protected], I was charged R200 extra for Data.

December 2018 invoice no. TBA, it shows on Telkom website amount owing 31 December as R340.88 which means again i will be charged R200 extra for Data when the debit goes off.

This same issue has happened to me twice before with Telkom and I was credited for the additional data. I think that was towards the end of 2017/beginning of 2018. How is it that the same thing happens 3 times again to me? It is useless calling to speak to anyone at Telkom as it takes too long to hold for someone to help and when I did speak to someone, the person told me they are unable to verify when a limit was set up on their website. How ridiculous and unhelpful that is! Telkom has the wonderful website where one can create disputes, problem is no-one is bothered to respond as I have yet to get this dispute investigated/resolved. One can set limits, but yet I have been cgharged for extra data even with limit set at 0(zero). Mind boggling to say the least!

I was so angry the 1st month, my account was debited promptly for R640.88. It is a very excessive amount for something that is not included in my budget of course. I reversed the debit at my bank at my expense, logged the dispute and as mentioned no response to this date. Then my account was debited on the 15 November 2018 for both R640.88 + R340.88 which is not even my debit date.

I want an immediate refund, I do NOT want it merely as a credit to my account as I am personally short now with all the extra money that Telkom has robbed me off. I also want this account cancelled with immediate effect. I cannot continue to deal with a company whose business ethics are of such low standard. I know for a fact that I am not the only person who has had this problem with Telkom, I have spoken to a few people with the exact same problem. One or 2 have given up on getting the money back. I will not be one of those people as I work extremely hard for my money and I will not let Telkom rob me ever again.

I will find out where to escalate this matter if the refund is not treated with top priority and issued to me.