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poor customer service

2 weeks ago, my dad went to cancel our adsl at telkom phoenix plaza. He also asked for the line to be converted to "waya waya". Before leaving telkom, the guy said to my dad that everything was sorted, but when my dad arrived home, he found that the line was inactive (This was a perfect working line before he went to telkom).

So we went back to telkom later that evening and explained to the guys that the line went dead after they had did the change over. They insisted that it's a fault, so the guy at the desk called faults & told my dad to explain to the faults dept, faults division said that telkom phoenix plaza must sort out the problem which they themselves were clueless on how to fix. Also whilst my dad was on the line with the faults division, the guy at the desk casually picked up his bag & left for the day. Now this left us in a situation as the other guy at the cashier was busy with other customers & I found this extremely unprofessional coming from a supplier such as telkom. Where is the morals and values of good customer service?

We have been there like 5 times now but due to the poor service, our landline has not been sorted out till date. We had to take time off work to try and sort this out. Now who do we send the bill to for us to be reimbursed on the time we spent away from our work and the unnecessary fuel cost of running up and down to telkom and back???

absolute lack of land line / adsl service and totally innefficient and non existent customer service and help

I am at my absolutely wits end and I am hoping and preying that there will be even 1 single person who can help me within telkom.

My adsl and telephone line has been offlline and down since the12th december, over a week already. My business is about to close down directly due to telkom not getting my line up and running again like they have promised so many times last week. Every day I have to call the centre and talk to a different operator (I have spoken to 16 operators over the past week) who tells me that there is a fault on my line (i know there is) and that a technician will be assigned to it (there never is). Yesterday I called the operator and she said she would elecate my problem to her manager. She promised I would get a call back from the manager who never called.In fact I have never received a call from anyone even 8 days later..

I have even tried to query my fault on the telkom website but is says the "fault is closed !!!" unbelievable and so disheartening to say the least.
I have to still pay my mweb account even though my telkom line is down. I spoke to yet another manager today who has now told me that I must wait 3 weeks for the line to go back up, this cannot be true in this day and age.
Fault number - 270crk121210 and 259388

Absolutely disheartened telkom subscriber

  • Ev
    Evert van Niekerk Jan 29, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I have a similar problem. A branch from my neighbours yard has severed my Telkom phone wire mid December, and I have had NO response to this, even after more than a month! I see Telkom trucks everywhere, technicians chatting at by the side of the road-NO action whatsoever. This is the most pathetic service I've ever experienced. I will NOT pay my next account until this is fixed. Fault no: 698CTK240111.

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slow adsl line speed,

Hi I have this problem with telkom... I have a 4mb line with them... Recently 3 weeks ago I lodge complain about my download speed, internet line dropping and cutting out...3 complaints I lodged... With 3 reference numbers... Telkom never came back to me reagrding my situation... I am until now the 15/12/2010 still waiting... They say they cant do nothing regarding the situation... Please is there anyone who can help me to sort this out with telkom...

  • Jo
    JohnMather Feb 02, 2011

    I fully agree. I went on leave early Dec 10 and returned mid Jan and also have a 4meg line...BUT it keeps losing connectivity and the line is VERY VERY slow.

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  • In
    Ingco Mar 06, 2012
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    I have the exact same problem, i have logged about 5 complaints and had their technicians out. My line has been cutting out for about 5 months now and i cant find a solution!!! I hate Telkom and everything they stand for "monopoly" privatise this sector and you will see results!!!

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  • Re
    Reviewer14975 Aug 19, 2015
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    Verified customer

    Fault reported 27/07/2015 reference 757crk280715.
    Exaltation no:719303 still no feedback or repair????? Its 19/08/2015

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shut down my internet without any reason

I use my computer mainly for checking my emails and going onto 1 or 2 websites in the evening because i work during the day.since november my access to the internet was shut down for some reason i thought it was because i have used up my 1GB that i recieve every month.the same thing then happened again indecember and by the 10th december the call centre agent said that i have used up all my memory and i said that it was impossible because i dont download anything from the internet and i only go onto a few websites in the evening only.the agent then expalined to me that it could be that someone is ******** my memory and i asked him if he could check and he said no i must send an email to the abuse [Hidden Web Address] i then sent them and email and got a reply t2 weeks later but in the meantime i am paying for something that i am unable to use and they requested that i please forward them my useridpassword and telephone number i forwarded the email the very same day that was early december and I AM STILL WAITING on a reply.all i wanted to know is where is my merory dissappearing to? but no that is to much to ask for.THE WORST SERVICE EVER.

telkom not fixing internet line

I have been calling for about a week now informing Telkom that my adsl line keeps on disconnecting intermittently.

I am then supplied with a reference number and a couple of hours later i receive and sms telling me that the problem has been resolved. it never is. My line still disconnects randomly and then sometimes stays disconnected for a couple of minutes.

I phoned in last night again and this morning i received another sms stating that the problem has been resolved, while my line was off again.

  • Iz
    Izak Trollip Jul 28, 2015

    I've cancelled this service from Telkom in February. On the 27th at the Vaal Mall branch.
    It still appears on my credit health report, and I want it removed from my name as it is holding me back from financial freedom.
    Can you help me please?

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for 2 weeks they have been escalating the problem and 3 supervisors have been investigating no one has replied

We moved to Hartbeespoortdam in May this year. As a happy Telkom I ordered my line. The line was installed in June. The line worked but ADSL which was applied for did not. The technician was not qualified to work on ADSL lines so he left. The next technician never arrived. The call centre said the technician left as no one was home. I never left home. I phoned his cell and he got lost. I drove to fetch him. He was also not qualified to work on the ADSL line. At last a technician did arrive. It worked when he left, but we noticed a paperclip stuck in the socket we left it as it was working. 4 weeks ago the paperclip fell out as I am sure they do. The line had a noise, and kept on dropping the ADSL connection. I bought a new filter as suggested. The noise got worse. The technician worked on the line on 17 Sept it worked for a few days but went dead. Nothing has worked for 3 weeks. I speak to Telkom 2-3 times a day. No one has been here or phoned. for 2 weeks they have been escalating the problem and 3 supervisors have been investigating no one has replied. I use my cell at huge cost to run my business.

shocking attitude from lebo, a supervisor

Sanlam leases an ADSL line in Jhb and reported that the line is faulty before 9 am on Wednesday 30 September. We phoned every day, explaining that we run an online business and got the same lame excuses and shocking attitude from Lebo who is supposed to be the supervisor. When I asked to escalate the problem he gave me a wrong tel number for a Reget Segal, whom I cannot find.

  • Ki
    Kitty Kat07 May 26, 2011

    I am from a telecommunications company that is Telkom independent and can take away your pain. We provide Voice over Internet with excellent voice quality which will save you an average of 30% on your current Telkom monthly bill. We can also provide faster, reliable internet through ADSL and wireless connection and we can also boost your ADSL speed to 4Mb or more. You can call me on 076 186 7161 (Katlego), will be looking forward to hearing from you.
    Guaranteed Quality of service

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  • Zi
    Zinia100% May 27, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Why suffer with Telkom when you can have advanced line of sight technology for you business? We at Zinia have already solved internet business problems with Telkom cable theft in Chamdor and we'd happy to do the same for you.
    Wireless internet solutions from Zinia- your pathway to a better connection.
    011 451 0600

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the call centre was rude and had a take it or leave it attitude

I am trying to upgrade from one Internet Package to bigger package. This can only be done by cancelling the one Package before 20H00 on the last day of the month and then to contact Telkom on the first day of the next month requesting the activation of the new package. Should you contact them to do this transaction at the same time you will be billed for both packages in full for the month. The call centre was rude and had a take it or leave it attitude.

I am extremely disappointed

My Service was suspended for 'non-Payment'. The non payment situation was caused by paying my account on time making use of the Telkom website's credit card payment facility. I received an SMS confirming that the payment was made from my credit card. Assuming that all is well, I was stunt to find my service suspended. Apparently Telkom somehow managed to reverse the credit card payment.

I then made the payment again but had to wait until the accounts department was back at work the following day. No 24 hour service at Telkom. At 08:00 the next day I phoned 10210 and the agent told me that he can see the payment and that the service will be re-activated. Later back at home the service was still suspended. This time I was advised that payments take 3 - 48 hours to reflect on the TELKOM system and that 48 hours did not yet pass.

To top it off, just a few days ago I topped up my ADSL bandwidth by paying for another Gig of data. If you do not use this data before month end you lose it. So now I do not have a telephone or internet service for 48 hours and to top it off I will lose all the data I paid for as well.

Does this sound like great service? I am extremely disappointed.

I am unable to download e-mails larger that 2 mb

Since the recent upgrade of Telkom's e-mail suite to “Zimbra” I have been unable to download e-mails larger than 2 MB (Timeout Error). I made the mistake of contacting Telkom support on 10215, what a waste of my time; the agent introduced himself as 'Job' and he could not even perform that. After a lengthy explanation and attempts from my side to make him understand the problem, the solution provided by the 'EXPERT' he consulted was, not to receive such big e-mails. I requested to speak to the 'expert' and was kept holding on, after 20 min of holding on I eventually put the phone down, none the wiser with regards to the error I’m receiving. I know Telkom will not bother to listen to my complaint even if management got a hold of this complaint, what I can stress thought is Telkom must count their blessings, there are alternative suppliers out there and I for one will make it my priority to find an alternative service provider and to discourage others from ending up with the same frustration of 'Poor Service'. Telkom you will lose roughly R800.00 a month from myself, and more from others, I know this won’t lead to your to your financial ruin but remember the drops fills the bucket!!

only recently, have I received phone calls from their laywers wanting to collect outstanding amounts due

I had a Telkom account 3 years ago now. Only recently, have I received phone calls from their laywers (2 different firms) wanting to collect outstanding amounts due! I have explained in a lengthly letter what the situatiuon was surrounding that. Basically I had moved to a new house, and wanted Telkom to set up a line there. For various reasons they were not able to, but continued to charge me rental for a line and telephone account. I was not using it Telkom! I cancelled the account at a Telkom shop as soon as I found out Telkom had no infrastructure in my new area. Seriously, take me off you list for non-payment, and get your laywers off my back. It seems when one firm was not able to take any action, you handed me over to the next firm. Sort this out now please, I don't have time for this incompetence. I can't even remember what my telephone number was, it was so long ago!

poor service - still not rectified after 10 days!

After numerous calls - which usually lasts a minimum of 15 minutes each - Telkoms empty promises are still something we experience on a fortnightly basis. We are in the Midrand area and we are told every second week when we have problems with our telephone and ADSL lines, that cables have been stolen or that there is something wrong with the exchange. How long will it take for a service provider that claims to provide their best service at all times to actually live up to their claim.
We loose business on a daily basis and we are not being compensated in any way. They are quick to send sms's or phone when the account is due, yet their faulty services are not attended to. The same old answer when you phone in... "Our technicians are on route". So what can we do? We have to pay for services on a monthly basis, regardless if we had full use of the service of not! The answers we received yesterday regarding why the problems have not been attended to yet..."The technicians were on strike and will return Wednesday the 3rd of March"
Talk about service!

  • Ha
    hannacarlson Mar 03, 2010

    OKay, I've got ADSL internet at home. It has a 2 gig cap. What I need to know is how to monitor how much of that 2 gig I've used up so far.

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service and fault non-repairs


This is the current fault reference number for a fault that has been going on for 4 months. I have called, I have mailed, I have sat on the phone for hours on end begging and pleading for assistance and for this fault to be fixed!!! I have to date received nothing but empty promises and lies. I have had technicians sent out blaming the exchanges, the exchanges blaming the technicians. In fact, everyone blaming everyone else but NOBODY taking responsibility for resolving my line faults. I am at your mercy as I need an ADSL line and you are the only organisation that supplies them. I have bought 4G of top-ups this month of January 2010 alone - due to your line dropping constantly and forcing me to restart my downloads/ uploads. Since Thursday evening - 22nd I have purchased 3G alone. If you look at the downloads I am doing you will see that it is the same stuff over and over and over again - all unsuccessful. It is not porn or arbitrary rubbish, but work related. My clients are screaming at me since I am unable to do anything without losing connection multiple times during any one hour/ minute!!! At what stage is Telkom going to a: Fix this fault, B: Accept responsibility and get a senior person out to resolve it, C: Pay me back all the money that I have paid you in terms of rental and usage for a service which I have not had for the last 4 months????????????

Email_id 501971 - Number of most recent emailed complaint to Telkom.

  • Iv
    ivan van staden Dec 27, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    sir i want to bring this problem to your attention it is now more than a year that i sit with this problem by your technical people which are suppose to sort out my a.d.s.l and every month pay my account in full for both internet and my telephone line but it is never on and at the moment i am doing broadband every time they come here and check my line and tell me my line is oh key but the problem still exist and there is still no internet by means of a.d.s.l access I am disgusted with the service they render to there clients it is not right the way they operate and i am not satisfied with the service that they render and at the moment my telephone line is also dead for what reason i do not know

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  • Lo
    Louis Louw 53 Aug 03, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We have ADSL installation done by Telkom’s/ Bidvest contractors. More than two months and we are still not receiving what we requested and what the contract was signed for. We will not settle for this for this actually is breaking the contract from their side.
    We are already thinking of stopping payment, meaning breaking contract with Telkom for they are not delivering once more, going on two months and not satisfied with the service we getting. My internet is always slow and we are paying for a 4meg line but when we and Telkom test the speed receiving is only 1meg. Our connection is not stable always on and off. The connection so often is completely off. WE need better service for what is paid for. Please address this issue, contact me on E-Mail for I am already being blacklisted because of former issues regarding a Telkom land line that took three months of writing and phoning and just zero improvement.
    Reason for the E-Mail, is to have proof of correspondance if lawyers contact me to sumonds me to have proof of correspondence Telkom SA SOC.
    See correspondence below of other customers on your complaint line.

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  • Ri
    Riette Sep 02, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    No results for "I got explora in Feb 2017. Changed rooter and new 10mb, uncapped line. I have had all experts from explora here. They tell me the problem is on Telkom side. I pay Telkom R900 per month, R949 for explora. I cannot download any movies without interruptions. I was told that you throttle your customers. This happens 24/7. I am so unhappy with your service. Will change at first opportunity i can to fibre with another company. Daylight robbery. Between you and Explora, almost R2000 per month and i cannot watch anything!!!"

    Everything i try and download from Explora, takes hours! I cannot on the spur of the moment watch anything. Had new rooter installed by Telkom, Had lines checked by Telkom technician. Problem persists! Extremely frustrating to say the least. Every few seconds, not minutes, it displays on the TV screen, disconnected!!!

    Between Telkom and Explora, over 12 months I spend R24000! Yes, that's right and i still cannot watch one movie uninterrupted.

    Pathetic service provider!

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non delivery

We got an ADSl line 3 months ago [protected]) as well as ISDN lines [protected]). This month we have only...

no adsl

In the last 3 months my adsl line has not worked at the end of each month.
I logged the fault on 26/05/2009 and they have not fixed it yet.
I keep phoning Telkom but they just dont seem to care! Even the managers dont care and put the phone down in our ears.
I dont know what to do anymore.

  • St
    StuartR May 17, 2010

    I can fully appreciate your problems with Telkom and the no care attitude. I have been trying to activate my line to an ADSL, after 3 weeks of calls, they have just informed me that the application was actually canceled the same day I made the application. Imagine my suprise, no one at telkom told me over the last 3 weeks that there was in fact no order. Of course there was in fact an order because they gave me the order number. When I explained all of this, they calim no responsibility and worse, they suggest I apply for the ADSL from the begening again. I tried to speak to someone of authority, however the call centre agents are not willing to give out names or alternate tell numbers! If anyone knows who to call, or what I should do to get some results Please Please let me know, I realy don't know what else to do!!

    Rgds Stuart

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poor service and support


I don't know if this will really help, maybe someone can give me some advice.

I am a Telkom ADSL subscriber. Recently (for the last two month about) I have been having serious problems with my internet connection. I don't know exactly what the problem is, but the connection is very unstable. It keeps dropping. Now, for what I use the internet for majority of the time, I need a constant connection. I cannot afford my connection dropping every now and then. Sometimes it holds for hours; other times for 30 seconds. Sometimes it's down for hours; others for 2 minutes. To some people this might not sound so bad, but, like I said, I need constant connectivity, and to be honest, I'm not paying for what I am getting.

I have contacted Telkom's fault reporting center multiple times. The first time they told me that there was something wrong with authenticating my username and password. The second time it was the line itself. The third time it was the box outside on the sidewalk or something, the forth time they didn't even bother to try and tell me what was wrong. Funny how it's something else every time, yet the same problem keep recurring. And even worse, every time some technician calls to make an appointment...I am still waiting for someone to come by my place to check my router/line/whatever.

My questions is: If you telecommunications services provider is a monopoly who is not providing their service properly, what can you do to get the service you are paying for?

Thank you.

  • Ma Mar 03, 2013

    telkom ADSL support is pathetic to say the least!!! I have been having a problem with internet access for about 3 weeks now, I have telkom simple faster with 10gig mixed and 10gig local. I have been phoning 10210 o0n a daily basis about the speed of the internet, I am supposed to get 256kps I am getting 2bits/s. They reported this problem to technical dept, who claimed that they had been here on 2 march 2013. Both my wife and myself were at home all day on saturday 2nd and no technician ever arrived at our door to help sort this problem out but on their system the report is in that the technician was here and sorted the problem out.!!! lying to get out of work????
    This morning we could not even get internet access at all, telkom reset everything and then told me that the problem was that my password was not being accepted and that I had to give them a new password, this after the password was being used for more than a year. After this the internet speed dropped from 45kbs to 2bits, i phoned back and was told to hold for ADSL dept. Here I held on for more than an hour, I managed to speak to Tuli who then told me that the problem was occurring because I had unlimited interneaccess - I told that this was incorrect as I had telkom simple faster with 10GIG + 10gig. She was adamant that I did not know what I was talking about, I then read the contract to her, she told me to hold for Mali her supervisor - well an hour later Mali still had me holding I phoned back 7 times over the next two hours and had one after the other consultant put the phone down in my ear - absolutely no one was willing to help me sort this issue out. Why do telkom claim to have a customer service department when customers are treated like Sh... I still have no internet access at all - cannot even open the google page. but when I switched the internet on I had so-called used 23.77mb without even getting onto the internet???????

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slow adsl connection

Poor performance of ADSL over the last three days. Phone call centre, wait in queue for over 60 minute...

service not just serious it is ridiculous!

My complaint about Telkom is not just serious it is ridicules. In the last six months our ADSL line were...