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First of all, I love the DVD and the additional equipment that I received, but I was shocked when I checked my bank account this morning (approx. 31 days later) and found a $38.87 charge that I was not familiar with. It turned out Team Beachbody automatically signs you up for membership with I immediately called the 1-800# that was on the website referenced with the charge and customer service person "Judy" very willingly cancelled my membership.

I don't understand why the company would want to take advantage of having your credit card number when you've already spent $100 or more to purchase the DVD, as well the other equipment that comes with it (i.e. - resistence band, cardio belt, menu book, exercise book, etc.). This is a very fraudulent business practice. When I called a second time to find out if I was getting a refund in addition to having the membership cancelled, as well as to confirm that there would be no additional charges to my card with regards to any of their services or products, it was explained to me that because I purchased the DVD over the phone, I was told at that time that I had 30 days free online membership and that my card would be charged after that. It's important to note that when I purchased the DVD several additional offers were very quickly made to me, all of which I (thought I) declined.

I cannot, in good conscience, suggest that anyone else purchase this product.

P.S. - Another website they have is


  • Jh
    J.Henao Oct 30, 2008

    Agreed, I bought some DVD's during their infomercial last month. The other day I recieved a bottle of vitamins. I know I specifically declined all other offers made to me via telephone. So I decided to look at my account very carefully and I found that last month I was charged twice the same day! One charge for 38.87 and another for 32.40. Now this month there is a charge for 27.04 and other transaction pending for 20.29. I tried calling their toll free number twice, both times I was told that their systems are down. One rep said try calling back in one hour the other rep said in two. Lets just see what BS they are going to try to feed me! I will never shop infomercials again!

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  • Ka
    Kate Oct 30, 2008

    I ordered something from Beach Body LAST year. I returned it, had trouble getting the credit, finally did, and now I just found out that they charged my account two days ago. Which is why I was searching online to see if anyone else has had trouble with this company.

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  • Be
    Beachbody Messageboards Nov 21, 2008

    Hi everyone!

    I am just updated this thread to thank people who have reached out to me for my assistance.

    I encourage everyone else who is reading this to email me, and I will personally respond back to you within 24 business hours guaranteed.

    My email address specifically for you guys is [email protected]

    Thank you for your patience everyone, and I apologize for any inconvenience.

    Warm regards,


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  • Bh
    bhoward13 Jan 28, 2009

    I am going through the same thing. Random charges and being lied to by customer support. I was told on two seperate occassions that my account was cancelled and that my money would be refunded. I called a week later and was told that it was never cancelled...ooooooooops.

    That's unacceptable. I've learned that the p90x product is effective. What they don't tell you is that you will spend an additional $100 on equipment and several hundred $$$ per/week to follow their meal plan. If that's not bad enough, it's all one big pyramid scheme. Every video finishes with Tony Horton saying, "Don't forget your recovery drink!" I receive emails and offers to be a coach. "Bring others in, help sell our protein and recovery drinks, make money." This has soured my experience and I would never buy another product from

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  • Be
    BeachbodyCS Jan 30, 2009

    Hello BHoward13,

    I received your email and credited your account right away. There was a misunderstanding which I explained to you, and had no problems crediting the one charge in question.
    Additionaly, you can use the p90x with just a resistance band as Tony explains during the video. You do not have to buy a chin up bar or pushup stands, these products are just available if you want to purchase them. They are not mandatory. Everything is explained in detail on our web page of whatyou will be receiving if you take a look again. Again this information is available to you during the infomercial.

    As far at the recovery drink goes, you do not have to purchase this at all but it is an excellent supplement which does help you speed up recovery cause as you know p90x is a vigorous workout. You do not have to purchase it as it is not mandatory, it is just a suggestion.

    If anyone who is reading this has any issues at all regarding anything to do with customer service or beachbody in general please email me right away and I will take care of you personally. You can reach me at [email protected]

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  • Ma
    Mark Mar 16, 2009

    I emailed Team Beachbody customer support on Feb. 8, 2009 to cancel my membership and product shipments. I received an automatic reply stating that someone would contact me within twenty-four hours. This, of course, never happened. Eight days later I emailed them again stating that no one had contacted me. Still nothing. Now after checking my credit card statement I see that they had billed me on March 11, 2009. Knowing that they are incapable of responding to their customers via email (if they were capable they would have responded to me instead of sending an automated reply) I went to their website to find a phone number.

    There is none. The "contact us" link merely takes you to a page where you can email them. That's an automatic red flag and I should have checked on that in the first place. Any business not willing to share a phone number has something to hide, plain and simple.

    Luckily the Internet helps those of us who have been suckered by businesses who make sure that they can get your money but that you have to jump through hoops in order to contact them. I found the 888 number for the company at the top of this website. One thing I noticed about the address... a street is given but no city or state. Why? If you're interested googlemaps shows that street to be in Franklin, OH.

    I called the number and, to their credit, was helped by a nice woman who processed my cancellation. She gave me a reference number for the cancellation and I plan to be vigilant in making sure they do not BOHICA me a second time. She did tell me that the reason for the March 11th payment was that it was the second payment of two for a product that I received back in February.


    You know, when I order something from a website I pay the entire amount. Only one transaction is necessary. So why does Team Beachbody separate these payments into two separate amounts? The only thing I can come up with is that it plays to our potential for not being organized, not following up on cancellations, payment refusals, etc. If I receive a shipment in February and then take steps to cancel it nothing will happen because, according to the company, I haven't finished paying for it. So in between that cancellation time and the time of the final payment there's a good chance that I will forget about it. And then I'm in another cycle of product shipment and payments spread out over two months.

    Dear Team Beachbody:

    There are companies much smaller than you who do business in a way that actually respects their customers. One online order = one online payment. But you choose not to. Given the present economy I can only surmise that you do these things because you are sociopaths. You really don't care. You have a pretty slick TV show promoting the benefits of exercise, physical fitness and health. But your willingness to make it hard for your customers to know exactly what is being done to their credit cards belies any positive efforts you try to outwardly show. It is too bad because the DVDs offer a killer workout. But now whenever I hear someone mention your product or TV show I don't find myself thinking about the great workout, just how you suckered me.

    One last thing, email is a simple concept. Learn how to use it and you might actually increase your customers satisfaction. If a company can send out an automated form email then surely there's at least one living, breathing human being there who can then follow up on it. But my experience shows that not to be...

    Thumbs down,

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  • Sg
    Sgb8263 Mar 27, 2009

    I am so glad I checked this website before ordering. I was interested in the product, but after being burned by another online order I decided to research the company. Thanks for giving me the heads-up about the practices of this company. You saved me $$$ and time.

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  • Sgb8263, give yourself a nice pat on the back for being smart and investigting this company before purchasing from them.

    I just found a $50 charge on my credit card from beach body almost NINE MONTHS after my initial purchase. For anyone out there who has purchased from these sneaky ### CHECK YOUR CREDIT CARD STATEMENT IMMEDIATELY and keep a close eye on it!!

    To anyone thinking about purchasing the beach body DVDs: SAVE YOUR MONEY - THIS IS A SCAM!!!

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  • De
    deserthunter Apr 04, 2009



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  • Gl
    gladifoundthisforum Feb 08, 2010

    Wow, I was thinking about doing the P90x, saw that online they want to do 3 payments with $25 shipping! crazy! I called to see if I could just do one payment, she said sure with $25 shipping. I told her I need to think about it because $25 is crazy for a small box. I hung up, starting researching on this company, I'm reading this forum and my phone rings! Guess who? Beachbody to see if I was ready to order!!! I NEVER GAVE THEM MY NUMBER!!! I am totally turned off, and REALLY dissapointed because I was actually excited about the product, but I won't touch this company with a ten foot pole!

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  • Ha
    haddman Mar 10, 2010

    I have nothing but high marks for Beachbody's customer support. I have used their workouts and supplements for almost a year now and have been very satisfied with the quality of their products and customer service. I subscribe to Tony Horton's One on One series of workouts, on a couple of occasions my monthly DVD has gotten lost in the mail. Customer service always sends a replacement right out 2nd day air free of charge.

    I too started by ordering P90X, the best home fitness program on the planet in my humble opinion. Beachbody's own CEO and founder makes himself available to everyone via twitter and facebook, this company is not in anyway trying to scam people, nor is it a pyramid scheme. Yes they try to sell you their products, how would they make any money if they didn't sell their products.

    People, I'm telling you this company is 100% on the up and up, and has helped change many lives across the country for the better by helping them get healthy and fit.

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  • Gr
    gr8wing Mar 24, 2010

    Get this, I received a charge on my credit card from Beach Body for $102. Had no idea what it was for. Disputed the charge with my credit card, called beachbody to tell them I did not order anything. I was told to just refuse shipment and I will be credited. I stayed with the dispute, refused delivery and I though all was good. The charge was just reinstated because the company says the item was shipped to me. It shows right on UPS tracking that I refused the shipment, but they are still trying to take the money from me. Beachbody has a lot of websited out there to try to flood the search engines so people don't see the complaints. Post your problems to as many boards as you can. I have a pretty popular web site as well as being a power seller on ebay. I am going to make it my mission to get the word out until my account is credited back my $102. Please people, get the word out, this will not stop until the revenue stream dries up for them.

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  • Fi
    FitGill Apr 01, 2010

    My suggestion to everyone is never buy these products from the Infomercial line 9 times out 10 you will be enrolled on some 'other' 30 day free trial without your knowledge. I have bought my items from Craigslist/ Ebay or Amazon a month or two after the infomercial and I have not had any problems. Usually the programs are at a discounted price from the original informecial don't ever AGREE to the 'Bonus Gifts' as these open up a Pandora's Box in my opinion..! Blessings Everyone!

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  • Ml
    mlcollado Apr 04, 2010

    I also received a credit card charge for 38.00 and another one for the same day for 33.00 for what I do not know. I payed for my products in full and did not want any other "specials" they asked of me. I will be calling the company tomorrow and start my refund process if there is one. I also agree infomercials are a rip off.

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  • Br
    BrainyMom Jun 18, 2010

    Pay attention people!!! If you would take your time and read all the fine print, make all the phone calls and not expect to make a purchase, watch television and look incredible in 90 days, you won't be let down.

    P.S. The people making reference to "Pyramid Schemes" are uneducated and need to look up the concept. Those are schemes in which people pay a sum of money to become involved and then "sell" the idea to someone else, making a profit. This process continues downward until it forms a... pyramid! So, if you're not attempting to make money off of someone else purchasing this program, YOU'RE NOT INVOLVED IN A PYRAMID SCHEME!

    This company has every type of contact available. "Pierre" listed his own contact information, the phone lines are open and the representatives openly give their names... when you can't find contact information, or the phone number has been changed or simply rings, that's when it's a bad deal.

    The rest of you sour lemon suckers... if you're not going to invest in yourself, why invest in a program to do it for you?

    (This link has a "browse" button at the bottom for attaching photos which does not work, but it will erase your entry!) If you're complaining about things that don't work for you, start there!

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  • Be
    beano331 Jul 29, 2010

    I've been a Beachbody customer for years and have never had any issues. I buy the products online through the site OR through a coach. That way, everything is right in front of you to read and there will be no surprises.

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  • Be
    beano331 Jul 29, 2010

    PS If you buy the products from EBAY or Craigslist you take the risk of getting counterfit products. Independent beachbody coaches are not permitted to sell products through these arenas. This leaves the door wide open for others to sell their knockoffs. Let the buyer beware.

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  • Ga
    garcia123 Apr 18, 2017

    Definitely need some type of buyer beware alert! The inclusion of an auto sign-up/purchase to Team Beachbody Club with every product purchase from Beachbody is a very deceiving practice. It preys on consumers who loose track of their "free trial period" - and more than likely counts on customers to overlook this part of their purchase for profit. Cannot and will not recommend Beachbody.

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  • Gr
    grr3 May 02, 2017

    I agree with the folks who have had a negative experience. Some of the charges for me started months after I purchase the little cups. I admit Autumn did a great job of selling and her one DVD was fun to use, but diet/portions ended up raising my cortisol levels. Then as I was paying bills, I notice that there's this charge from PPL *Beachbody on my statement from April.. and I'm thinking what??? I called my cc company and they stopped it and gave me directions to call Beachbody whose hours are 4am-10pm PST so I get to call tomorrow. Anyway, we'll see if they credit me. at least I know my cc company will put this to their fraud investigating department because it IS fraud, Beachbody I'm not holding my breath. So now I follow the ARD by Dr. Alan Christianson, which works brilliantly for me. (buy the book on amazon and that's it, other products are actually optional but alternatives are provided and no strings!)

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