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Herbalife International — herbalife ultimate prostate formula

I tried Herbalife product for 10 days, experiencing excruciating, chronic lower stomach pain. Could not...

The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
HerbaLife — failed promise

I was told by a coach that there was a program called learn to earn! I went to the shop everyday to train for...

Herbalife.comThis has to be the biggest scam in the USA today

This has to be the biggest scam in the USA today, other than Obamo of course.

I ordered the information package for $9.95 and was told to return it within 15 days to get my money back and I would not be billed the $39.95, but in fact after returning the information package I was still billed $39.95! This happens to thousands of customers, no wonder they are making billions?comlained about HerbalLife, who hide behind the name www.incomeathome.com If they were such an up company, why not use their own name. There probably thousands of garages in the USA full of unsold product from HerbalLife, but what do they care, its the poor sucker that bought it that should worry.

The stark truth is that it is just a multi-level operation, and more like a legal ponzi scheme. The fact that millions of emails go out to poor people trying to struggle through life in every town in the USA, and is not curious that the same woman pops up as having eaned $8, 000 more that month. If the FTC commission requested the names and addresses of these high earner, I am sure that IRS would be interested. and considering the thousands of small towns that exist in the USA, why would they need more people to sell their product. A lot of people have

I had a personal coach named Leonard Baldwin, of theonlinebusinesssystem.com whom I told weeks ago in early September that I was not interested in proceeding with Herbalife distribution work from home system proposed to me as I was quite unhappy with the fact that I sent them $10.00 for them to send me a video, and I it contained were people saying how rich they are, and no indication of how they did it. He played an audio over the phone of herbalife and suggested another charge for setting up work from home. I told him then, quite clearly, that I was not interested in proceeding and he said he would call me in a month or so to see if things changed. Now there is a charge on my account in early October for $39.95 from Leonard Baldwin of theonlinebusinesssystems.com, which overdrew my account for a $35.00 charge. Please help me get my $75.00 refunded to my account and also tell me how to report this fraud to a government agency. Thank you
HerbaLife: Scam or Not?

Have you heard of HerbaLife, or do you even sell its products? If not, then let me tell you about the Herbalife scam.

If you walk around any major city, you’ll probably see flyers posted on light and electrical poles saying things like “Work From Home”, or “Lose 30 lbs Now, Ask Me How!” The ads may all be different, but what they all share in common is the same phone number. When you call that phone number, you obtain a company by the name of HerbaLife.

Back when I was unemployed, I toyed with the idea of joining HerbaLife. Little did I know the company history or the other questionable business practices of this firm. However, after doing some online research, here is what I found out:

HerbaLife was founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes, a guy who, at the young age of 44, was found dead due to a likely drug overdose. Still, HerbaLife continued on, and is now almost 30 years in business. As of this posting, the HerbaLife company states that it has over 1.8 million distributors in about 66 countries. The company is even on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: HLF). Annual gross sales for HerbaLife are roughly $3.5 billion, though they may have taken a hit due to the recent recession.

HerbaLife sells all kinds of vitamins and other nutritional supplements. There are shakes, protein bars, weight loss products, herbs, even meals replacements.

Do you like what you hear so far? Would you like to buy some HerbaLife vitamins? Well, you can’t. First, you need to become a distributor.

HerbaLife makes the big bucks not by selling nutritional supplements, but by recruiting folks to become distributors.These distributors buy up a certain lot amount of the company’s products, sample them, and try to sell them. More importantly, though, the newly-minted distributors are “encouraged” to recruit their friends and family (and anyone else they know) to become distributors too. And when I say “encouraged”, I mean that the company will pretty much twist your arm in order to have you find new recruits. Weekly meetings, HerbaLife newsletters, company-wide e-mails, etc., will all repeat the company core motto until it comes out of your ears: recruit, recruit, recruit!

Of course, there is an incentive to finding new distributors: a portion of their earnings on products gets kicked up to you. And likewise, part of your earnings get kicked up to whoever recruited you. And so it goes, until the very few people at the top of this pyramid scheme rake in the big bucks while you drive around in your car with big boxes of muscle-building protein powder. It’s multi-level marketing (MLM), plain and simple.

What are the costs for this pyramid scheme? It takes around $220 to enroll in the HerbaLife scam, er, I mean program. This money pays for your enrollment, your first pack of product, and also some samples for you (since distributors are highly encouraged to use the company’s products as well as to sell them).

If HerbaLife would just stop here and allow you to just purchase and sell its products, I doubt you could call it a scam. However, the scamming really starts when you listen to what the company is trying to have you believe:

In its flyers, HerbaLife claims that you can make as much as $1500 per week for part-time work. If you work full-time, you can make $5500 per week. However, the statistics say otherwise. In actuality, about 1% of HerbaLife distributors make 85% of the company’s gross sales. These distributors are in the upper echelons of the company, and were around back when the company was still starting up in the early 80′s. The remaining 99% of HerbaLife distributors, who joined the company after the mid-1980′s, make the remaining 15% of the company’s gross sales.

What does that mean math-wise? Let’s crunch the numbers: 99% of all reported HerbaLife distributors comes out to 1, 782, 000 distributors (99% of 1.8 million). Meanwhile, 15% of $3.5 billion comes out to $525 million. Divide $525 million by the 1, 782, 000 distributors and you obtain $294 in annual sales per distributor!! And keep in mind that is not profit, but sales, so the actual take-home pay is even less.

Of course, not all distributors are alike. Some may have enormous selling potential, and lots of eager friends and family to whom they can sell HerbaLife products. But that’s still a big chance to take when your initial investment in the company is almost the same amount of money that you are likely to make over the course of an entire year!

Another problem with HerbaLife is market over-saturation. It’s not as if nutritional supplements, vitamins or protein shakes are in short supply; just look through your local grocery store, sports nutrition store or pharmacy. And those nutritional supplements, vitamins and protein shakes are also priced far below what HerbaLife charges for its comparable items. Granted, when HerbaLife first introduced its products, the market was way smaller, giving HerbaLife a major advantage over its nonexistent competition. But nowadays, when such products run the length of two or more store shelves and are often priced at discount, what’s the point of paying top dollar for HerbaLife? It is little wonder why so many HerbaLife distributors have resorted to selling their remaining inventory on places like eBay and Craigslist.

So, in conclusion, should you invest in the HerbaLife scam? Only if you have extreme sales savvy, as well as lots of spare time on your hands. As for me, I think I’ll pass. I can think of many other businesses that pay a lot more money for a lot less work.

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    • La
      Laughoutloudfish Jan 24, 2014

      They gave me the wrong order... :(

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    • Li
      Lizz2009 Apr 02, 2013

      Go HERBALIFE!!!

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    • Th
      ThatOneHerbalGuy Mar 15, 2013

      First of all, I am an Herbalife Distributor, and I have to say all the information you put on here is either false or exaggerated to make Herbalife look like some evil company. You can purchase these products without becoming a distributor, you can use these products without purchasing the entire containers, via a Herbalife Nutrition Center. Herbalife prohibits it's distributors from posting flyers on Public property like light and electrical poles. The WorkfromHome site that did all this to you is responsible for all your bad experiences with what you thought was Herbalife.

      In the part where you said:
      "If you walk around any major city, you’ll probably see flyers posted on light and electrical poles saying things like “Work From Home”, or “Lose 30 lbs Now, Ask Me How!” The ads may all be different, but what they all share in common is the same phone number. When you call that phone number, you obtain a company by the name of HerbaLife."
      Herbalife's phone number isn't on those flyers. The Herbalife Distributor who had those printed out or ordered post their personal number on those flyers. Herbalife does sell a flyer offering a free sample or inviting you to the Nutrition center, but they are sold with no address or phone number on them. If they all had the same number it's because the same Distributor put them up even though this practice is prohibited in the Herbalife Rules. If I were you I'd take those ads and call the real herbalife phone number or even their website, Herbalife.com and report the vandalism. If it was a flyer sold by Herbalife, there is a tracking number on it which lead back to the distributor who bought it, breaking the code of ethics and can get them kicked out of the Herbalife system.
      This Leonard Baldwin of "theonlinebusinesssystems.com" has scammed you out of alot of money. it doesn't cost you $220 to enroll in Herbalife It cost less then $100 to become a distributor for Herbalife, which you recieve a package containing samples and information on all products, booklets explaining the business, and dvds.

      This was not the doing of Herbalife, Herbalife doesn't force you to recruit, Its not written anywhere on Herbalife's booklets or any thing printed by Herbalife "recruit recruit recruit" Herbalife doesnt require you to purchase anything. You were scammed by someone who was operating outside of Herbalife's standards and practices. Do not blame Herbalife for someone who scammed you, because if I came to you with Bank of America Bussiness Cards and ask for your account information solely based on that would you let me clear out your bank account? and if I did would Bank of America be held responsible?

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    • Lo
      Lokeai Nov 22, 2012

      I don't know what's twisted with these people. They post scam products and sell it and earn money. From what? Ripping people off. My friend recently just got scammed at craigslist. He purchased a car that doesn't even exist. If you are also looking to buy a car at craigslist, check this out to avoid being scammed: http://www.scamoncraigslist.com/car-scams-on-craigslist/

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    HerbaLife — unethical business practices

    I resigned as an herbalife supervisor after investing well over $6, 000 in my home based internet business. I...

    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction

    I was sold a sort of franchise. The seller knew all to well that I would spend far more that on petrol, to go and see customers. They call training (Training) but infact they trying to sell dealerships to non dealers.
    In my opinion they comitting total fraud.

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      • Sc
        scammed human Nov 13, 2011
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        Incomeathome scam PPL please read.
        If anyone out there has been scammed by herballife to create a income (not the product itself) please email me with your story. I promise one thing I will NOT use your name or email address or what you wrote in your email unless I contact you first and you agree and I get a signature or something from you- I too am a real human with real feelings and a real life, I do respect you and myself. My goal is NOT to get money or any personal info but information from ppl who have paid money to start working at home and have been given all these false hopes and dreams and made nothing. Ppl who have been scammed, its usually the women or men who want to be with their children all day as well as make money online, just like myself. We are comfortable but wanted a little more (we are happy with what we have now, I was being greedy) The ppl who have paid for information they never actually get.. well unless they pay 325.00 first and then what???
        Anyone with info please PLEASE email, I was scammed and I want something to happen and I know im not the only one so, … well I need your help. I too am very embarrassed but I do believe that we can stop this. Not herballife but full disclosure all the info before we pay any money. This does not help you make money unless your willing to recruit others to pay the 325 required to earn money and even then only 0.5% do. NOT once was that mentioned to me until I had forked out this much. And yes many will say its my fault and I agree, to begin with it is but after all the ### they thrust apon you no wonder these ppl are making so much money.
        Please help me by sending your stories and I will answer each and every one, from what I gather its going to be a few ill try and reply to everyone even if it’s a attachment of what im telling everyone. AGAIN I will not use your name wmail addy or any info you give me until I clear it (if I can) with you, I seriously need to know how many ppl were scammed and what we can do, as a group, to stop this.
        Email [email protected]

        Thank you

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      The complaint has been investigated and
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      Online Business Systems/Herbal Life Herbal LifeScammed $9.95 plus $39.95

      Suzanne Jennings regularly sends me home based business opprotunities to my E-mail address the latest was Online Business Systems. I sent $9.95 for the no cost training package, ($9.95 was supposedly for shipping and handling) then a woman named Denice called and asked a few questions and set a phone appointment time to talk to Anita Osburn, and she asked if I ever had an online business. Fed Ex delivers as I'm talking to Anita, (it was supposed to get here before her call)The night before I had been to the website and did the so called training and filled out a list of goals.This was exactly what the "training package" had, word for word and the dvd was exactly what I saw and heard at the website. So that was a lie, then in this phone appointment the exact same thing again except she put her own twist to it. Then she comes to me listening to an Anthony, and I find out it is selling Herbal Life and it would cost me $199.00 and that would include products that I didn't need or want. So, I declined and I was told if I sent back the "training package" with the cover letter from Anita without any marks or anything else and I wrote her name on the outside of the envelope it was sent in I wouldn't be charged the additional $39.95, I sent it back in 2 days but was still charged the $39.95. I've called her [protected] and no response except I got an Email saying here are the return instructions I requested. I got those the day I declined and I got them from her. They expect you to write in the booklet before you go to the website or get the call from Anita Osburn then you get charged the $39.95 because it cant be marked at all when you return it. "zigshomebiz.com" is somehow affilliated also with her, and or them SCAM< SCAM< SCAM!!!

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        • Ca
          Caroline Heinemann Aug 21, 2013

          I have never used herbal Life...but what they are doing is called a funded proposal. Nothing wrong with that. However with that said, I have been successful at a network marketing business that has been around for over 50 years. And yes, I don't agree with buying a "rank" by purchasing products other than a starter pack that may cost anywhere from $300 to a $750 for most companies and these should contain products that you will use as a tax break and write off the samples anyway. Our company even offers a money back guarnatee on the kit and of course all their products. Just imagine opening any traditional business or a franchise. There is a much bigger investment than this small amount. This just gives you the tools and of course if you choose a legit "sponsor" they will show you what you need to do but the action is up to you. Most people don't realize that it takes hard work to build a business but the end result has been a residual income for our family.

          Addressing the comment on expensive products. Again have never use the Herbal life products but some would say that ours are more expensive not all...but with that said our products have over 300 million dollars of research and can back up our claims with research that has been published in scientific journals. I get what I pay for...and again can at any time...not within a month but anytime receive my money back if I am not satisfied.
          Hope this puts things into perspective,
          Caroline Heinemann

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        • Jo
          Jon54 May 08, 2011

          Totally agree, especially after I paid the $399 for the package. After the sale it was hard to get a hold of my sponsor. He had totally disappeared of the face of the earth. Nice Coach! At least on our last phone call we had, he then told me that I would have to invest the minimum of $2, 500.00 to be able to start making the profits. Looking at what had came in the kit was not worth the money I had invested in to start my own business. Nor was I told about the $2, 500.00 more. I had to take it with a grain assault, and had to come to terms that I had been taken for more than $700 all together counting the advertising costs...(post cards, magnetic signs for vehicle, personal address cards, etc.) The cost of the products are extremely exspensive. As a Independent Distributor it would have tooken a life time of hussling other people to become distributors which is an easier way than selling products. It would have also meant taking people like I was took. NO THANK YOU HERBALIFE! I believe what goes around comes around. NO SALES HERE! and IT'S NO WONDER WHY YOU HAVE MADE A BAD REPUTATION FOR YOURSELF.

          0 Votes
        • Am
          amulr76 Feb 01, 2011

          I just herd on the news from a local person from Haughton, LA about instructions for Home Based Business and was told to fill out form. I did that i received a package 3 days later for $9.99 then received a call from a coach going over all the information. Beware this is b-###. Selling Herbalife, if i do not return the package within 14 days. you pay $39.95. now they have different options A. Selling door to door Herbalife - to friends family, coworkers for $71.00 or Online Business Solutions for $399.00 which includes growth package, training manual, 1 mo. supply free. scam. these people are making tons of money doing this to people. I returned the package after 3 days for $20.00 US postal service. They better not put this on my Credit Card. Im not investing $500.00 to start on Herbalife, maybe all the people on the tape have made millions of dollars. But is this idealistic that we are going to make $500.00 - 2500.00 mo. Selling, Selling, 10-12 hrs. week. Find me another Home Based Business that is not a scam. it said: Follow the instructions at Home Based Business set up account. Then they will give you websites links to post. Start posting those links. Everything gets tracked. Get paid $500.00 - 1, 500 a week.

          0 Votes

        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        HerbaLifeplomo in the products

        For every body before use herbalife product, to read

        Dangerous special for kids and senior so bad
        Every single product has extra plomo.

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          • La
            Laraidys May 05, 2013

            Herbalife is crap, my friend went to the hospital just cause she consumed the product.

            1 Votes
          • Ka
            KarenLD Apr 04, 2012
            This comment was posted by
            a verified customer
            Verified customer

            I HATE Herbal life. The conned my husband into the scam and he has spent more then 600.00 so far. Worst is he put our 15 year old son on it to help with his weight issues instead of just telling him no to soda and greasy combo meal at fast food joints. We are divorcing over his latest con he has fallen for. I am within an inch of calling Child Protective Services over the Herbal Life Supplement abuse he is giving our son. He is 53 and still looking for a get rich quick gimmick. Panama City Herbal Life I am about to ROCK your world.

            1 Votes



          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction

          My complaint is this they took my money right away, but get my refund I have to wait 6 weeks. I sould not have to wait. I've called them twice and got the same response. no good faith with this company.

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            • La
              Laughoutloudfish Jan 24, 2014

              I'm going to make a Herbalife hate video on youtube :D I too have had extremely poor costumer service... EVERY complaint on her will be on that video ;)

              0 Votes
            • Ci
              Cindy Rreberk Jun 11, 2012

              I'm trying to get my money back too! I have been waiting for some form for almost 3 weeks. This is just crazy. The gal I'm working with is having problems (with the company) she said. I'm very sick of waiting and I don't think I should have too. I paid for 4 products and waited to get all 4 for 3 weeks. This is extremely poor customer service and will pass this along! This whole process for me has been a complete nightmare!!!

              Cindy Reberk

              0 Votes

            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            HerbaLifeselling personal information

            I need to make people aware of the biggest problem that I have noticed about Herbalife. As with all the other complaints, I too, got the information packet, all the phone calls, and spoke with my mentor Cathy Rogers. Found out shortly after speaking with her (from another mentor) that she was experiencing some family issues, thus inreturn I was given a different mentor. Since that time, my phone number and mailing address has been sold to what seems like every rippoff, scam organization in north america. It is quite common on the average day to recieve 10-12 calls from some kind of bogus buisness.
            Another thing I noticed when I started to ask questions from alot of people who where with Herbalife buisness was they could not tell me how much they were making per month. If herbalife is such a great buisness, then why is it the people who package, ship, and work in the warehouses, are not in buisness for themselves instead of working in the warehouses?

            Add your opinion

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction

              One day, I saw an ad on the internet; it says I can make some extra money every month, and I only have to pay 9.95 to start the thing. I typed my credit card #, and a few days after, I received a DVD, and a piece of paper with whole bunch nonsense testimonials. Watching DVD, I realized it was all about selling Herbalife products. At first, the ad didn't mention I have to have at least 1000 dollars to start the business, and it's all about selling dietary supplements. If it was mentioned, I wouldn't spend my 10 bucks to order those garbage. In addition, somebody who told me I am your mentor said if I am not interested, I have to return the DVD in 14 days; otherwise, I will be charged additional 39.95. WTF? They didn't reveal what they are at first. That's why I spent my money for that garbage. Isn't this a scam? First, they tempted people with some extra money every month, and later, they ask you to put your everything in it. WOW..I am pretty surprised noone has sued these parasites.

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                • Se
                  sellop Aug 06, 2010


                  First paid R250.for starter Park delived to me, then I paid R1545.00, he said I will receive my IBP(international business Park).Still waiting for my IBM.the is no lonegr communication with my mentor.my name Prince.email address is [email protected] Name of my mentor is Johan Engelbrecht and his email address is [email protected]

                  Guide me what must I do

                  Waiting for your positive respond.

                  0 Votes


                For those of you who are trying to get involved with herbalife, then I suggest you to read this.. You will be losing more money by investing hundreds of dollars buying their products and programs they offer you. I have been scammed by these people. First you pay 9.95 for the home based-work and from then on you have to purchases even more things like the programs and products. Not only that they charged you a monthly fee of 29.95 for just having a merchant account. Yeap thats how they make money by taking other people's hard work money.. 100% scammed

                *note if you have a website and you want to make money then click or copy n paste the link below. And its absoluety free!!! Thank goodness..


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                  • Te
                    TexasPatriot Jul 02, 2010

                    I think the problem with Herbalife is that many distributors stopped following the Mark Hughes' formula. One person selling one kit at a time and helping people through the weight loss process.

                    If a distributor is more focused on sending $39.95 DVDs and pushing you to buy $4000 of product and setting up websites and buying contact lists...RUN AWAY.

                    I was a distributor when Mark was alive...my 1st wife had actually met him on stage at an Herbalife convention with an amazing 100 lb of weight loss. It was exhilarating for her...we believed in the vision. But then Mark's own tragedy and death hit us all hard and new management took over. However, after one conference our upline started really pushing hard for us to start marketing turnkey opportunities...sell 4000 volume points up front and a web site package...it started turning us off. I knew it was wrong. We just melted away, and our own downline did as well without our support. My immediate upline did as well - just lost interest in the new focus of our line.

                    I don't blame the company although they can police it and prohibit this manner of sales to individuals. It's still a good company and a good product -- I just wished I could go back to the old Mark Hughes days when it was a happy time for Herbalife.

                    Herbalife is best sold wearing the buttons and talking to people. Period, no other way truly works for this product, despite the President's Team members who will come on here after me and proclaim how successful they are...ask them...how much of your $$ from direct sales...or are you doing the bare minimum of personal sales? If you do it without the stinking package deals...then my hats off to you! I might want to rejoin in YOUR supervision line.

                    0 Votes
                  • Re
                    rene porcile May 30, 2010

                    Hey there fellow entrepreneur,

                    If you are looking for a long lasting income. one that con last for your entire life and then handed down to your children,
                    Herabalife is one option. I am earning royalties of 40K per month. You do have to apply yourself, go to trainings, and become a better
                    person by providing value to your team members. This is not for those who just want to sit around and let someone else do the business for you.
                    If you have PASSION and DETERMINATION to help yourself and other to a better lifestyle, then you can do it with Herbalife or with other companies as well.

                    All the best in your quest for a better life,
                    Rene Porcile

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                  HerbaLiferude employees

                  I found this website http://www.moneypub.net/ online and requested information as well. I recieved a call from Michael Gillingham informing he would email me the information to save me the $9.95. So I read the material and watched the DVD. Michael was supposed to call me today 5/26/2010 at 2:00 pm. I googled some information and came across some scam websites http://www.johnperkins.com/Documents/Workathome2.htm stating this was a scam. So I politely emailed Michael and requested to cancel my call as I was not interested at this time.

                  Michael rudely responded the following:

                  --- On Wed, 5/26/10, Michael Gillingham <[protected]@leadingincome.com> wrote:

                  From: Michael Gillingham <[protected]@leadingincome.com>
                  Subject: RE: Information Package You Requested
                  Date: Wednesday, May 26, 2010, 1:05 PM

                  Your Info is WRONG!!! Anybody can post anything they want, Steve and Debbie and I, Stacie, Ryan work for a company that is in business for 3O YEARS!!! And if you want to be broke all your life-miss out on your kids growing up-that’s fine. DO IT! One thing I will not tolerate is someone saying we are a SCAM. This stuff is all over the internet from people who know nothing about our Business- if we were a SCAM do you think the NYSE would let us on-NO. Herbalife International is the NO.1 Nutrition company in the world!!! And has helped Millions of people around the world.

                  I feel sad for you, that you let some person who knows nothing about us.. lead you astray.

                  Have a great Life, if thing change for you let me know

                  Did you know I read the “Pope is the anti-Christ” also.. Check it out, its on the internet!


                  I think this email was completely out of line. I was not accusing anyone of anything, just simply stating I was not interested. I will have no problem posting this information and letting all I know hear of this situation. Is this the kind of people you want advertising your company? I feel I was treated very dis-respectful.

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                    • Te
                      TexasPatriot Jul 02, 2010

                      1. Herbalife itself is an outstanding company
                      2. Herbalife is an outstanding product

                      However, many of the independent distributors who have signed up are NOT doing the business the way the founder, Mark Hughes, laid out.

                      You do not have to pay any more money to start a business than the basic distributor kit. If you are told you do...then RUN AWAY. Find a distributor who will sign you up for the minimum. Also find one who is not focused on sending you DVDs or get rich quick kits and who doesn't pressure you into buying $4000 worth of products. You do NOT need inventory on hand to sell, you can order for future delivery -- having on-hand product is YOUR choice. (I always had a bunch, but had the cash flow to keep the stock in the closet, but nobody told me I HAD to.)

                      Most of the complaints people have about Herbalife are perpetrated by independent distributors who can barely be controlled or policed, or even in some cases "separate" shell companies who funnel people to distributors who collect money and a profit for setting up the opportunity on a distributor's behalf.

                      0 Votes
                    • Ed
                      Edwich P. Jun 03, 2010

                      I have to agree that the way he responded was rude. May I ask why were you not interested in what was being offered? Where you turned off by the fact that you saw negative information on the internet? Let me ask you where to you buy all your groceries? Publix. Winn Dixie, or, Walmart? Or maybe even an community supermarket? Do some research Google their name and see what you come up with. You have to understand that people who place negative info on any site are just like you and me. The only difference is "they" had a bad experience and choose to place on her for the world to see. And of course as humans we tend to turn to the negative before we see the good. i might say that this representative DOES NOT REPRESENT HERBALIFE IN A GOOD WAY AT ALL !!! Funny I have a friend of mine who represents this company and well she has been rewarded much better than a job could ever do.
                      If you would like more info Email me I would love to chat with you: StanleyandEdwich(AT)Gmail(DOT)com

                      HAVE A PHENOMENAL DAY :)

                      0 Votes
                    • Sc
                      Scott May 31, 2010

                      Yep, a rude attitude is a big sign. I understand if it was a legit business and people were upset about getting a bad rap, but it would be more professional and appropriate to explain in a pleasant manner about the company, etc. If they were to deliver what they promise, is there any reason why someone would write complaints online about their personal experiences and to say it's a scam? People who are satisfied with a company would give the company a good review and even recommend it to others. Just because someone complains, doesn't always mean the company is a scam or bad... however, if employees are rude and obnoxious, not only is it uncalled for, but also a big red flag. If this company has been in business for 30 years, they would know that and would do all they could to resolve any issues with customers/clients in a professional manner.

                      0 Votes
                    • Be
                      BETTY 9 May 26, 2010

                      i order 5/18/10 and still have not got order yet.but they charge my account already, i beleive i was scam! THANKS ALOT

                      0 Votes

                    HerbaLifenot helpful, disappointment

                    In 2007, after I lost my job, I saw an ad online to open my own business. Well, I sent my$9.95 & got a dvd, 2 days later I got a call from my mentor. I tod him I was interested in starting my own business. Do you know he had my debit card number on file but he wasn't able to charge the $2, 300.00 until I called my bank to raise the debit limit. I got all these boxes, I had to buy my own flyers, make business cards & this was in july and I live in florida. I had to go to parking losts & give out flyers, put them on car windshields & all those conference calls two days a week. I uses to hear speakers who made a ton of money by bringing in people to "the business" who could've knocked my over with a feather. I felt so stupid. I still have alot of the products in my home that I can't sell. I got now help whatsoever & it left a bad taste in my mouth. Don't put any faith in having your own business with herbalife.

                    not helpful, disappointment

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                      • Ba
                        BadBuy Jul 21, 2010
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        Ms Val, I am an Independent Herbalife Distributor and can see that your mentor did not help you at all. There are many ways of advertising your business and I would suggest you attend any and all meetings in your area - this is the only way you are going to learn the business. I also had a mentor that did little or nothing for me but I attended as many meetings as I could afford at the time and learnt from others how to work the business. It does take WORK. It is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. You need three ways of advertising your business (wear the button, pull tags, flyers, newspaper ads, online ads - heavens, you can even use Facebook!!). Stick to whichever method you choose for 90 days and you will see your business start growing. Repeat the process for another 90 days and it will grow exponentially. To you TexasPatriot - congratulations!! I just love my Herbalife business :)

                        0 Votes
                      • Te
                        TexasPatriot Jul 02, 2010

                        When I started with Herbalife over 10 years ago, I started USING the products myself. I knew how to use them, and could demonstrate the results on myself and my 1st wife.

                        It's the wrong approach your "mentor" took with you to have you start an Herbalife business cold.

                        NOBODY should ever buy thousands of dollars of product up front, because your ability to return the product has severe limitations as a signed distributor. (A customer, it's no questions asked.)

                        The true way...wear the buttons, use the product, and engage people directly. You get one person on it...when I did it often I'd get their relatives doing it too. That's the old school, get-rich-slow way, I know, but that's how it truly works.

                        1 Votes

                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      Herbalife , www.diet444.comnever received order, and no responce from company

                      I place 2 orderes with this company, i received the 1st order, little late, but that was, ok. Never received 2nd order for a total of 47.42.
                      Called to inqire about the order, and Steve ( this appears to be a 1 person operation) told me he would check into it and call me back the next day. Well, this has been 2 weeks, no call back, no reply to phone messages left or e-mails and of course, no refund or product

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                        • Er
                          Ericka25 Feb 09, 2013

                          Place an order with Diet444. And it was fro $187 and I haven't received it as yet. I call, leave messages and send emails and I didn't get any respond so now I'm calling my bank to report an fraud with this company.

                          1 Votes
                        • Ow
                          Owner Diet444.com Feb 11, 2010

                          I am the owner of Diet444.com and this complaint is incorrect as above Edi has rescinded the complaint and asked complaintboard to remove but they have not.

                          0 Votes
                        • Ed
                          Edi Oct 10, 2009

                          It has been resolved, Thank you

                          0 Votes
                        • Jo
                          joetiern Oct 10, 2009

                          That is so sad. I am an herbalife distrbutor and have no issues with shipping products to customers.
                          If you would like to try me I will coach you all the way to your weight loss goals. Please visit my web site

                          -1 Votes

                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        HerbaLife — rip people off

                        In Feb. 2006 I joined Herbalife to try and open a small business, They told me they would help me and lead me...

                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        Herbal Life InternationalUnauthorized billing

                        I was charged $39.95 30 days later after I told them I wasn't interested in the Scam. I even called Nanci Ayres @ [protected]. What a joke that was. I told her I was charged the $39.95 and she said yes because I didn't return the package that I paid for and a DVD, now they want it back. haha what a rip off company this is.

                        They wanted us to invest over $250.00 and then they would send us list to buy merchandise, etc. etc.

                        We payed $9.95 from a TV ad. We called after receiving the package talked said no not interested. and that was the end until March 14th then they charged my back account $39.95 with out telling us.

                        Now they tell me I should have mailed it back within 14 days. No where in the package does it say that or was told that.

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                          • Ca
                            calicogirl12482 Aug 14, 2010

                            Actually, it does say you will be billed $39.95 within 14 days of shipping unless you return the package. It's included on the website and you have to click on privacy info and you'll see it in print, but I guess you could call it the "read the fine print".

                            0 Votes
                          • Ar
                            artie09 Dec 13, 2009

                            You are right Rithu it is Hard earned money but the real scam you are working with is your job. You should not be working hard to get money, money was made for people so why should we work hard to get it.
                            Hi I'm an Herbalife Distributor, If you need any Correct Information from the experts please contact your local Herbalife Distributor we don't sell product, we recommend it.
                            Also the company you call "SCAM" helped me make more money in a little amount of time than at my regular job.
                            I only work part time or less
                            3 Hours * 6 Days=18 Hours
                            Total Earnings INSIDE THE club 210+
                            and thats minimum effort.

                            It's like we say if you don't work with us you can't give facts about this company

                            At the end of the day we all go back home, look around, and compare.

                            P.S. That last line was by Greco Garcia

                            0 Votes
                          • Ri
                            Rithu Oct 06, 2009

                            Also in India, everywhere herbalife opens nutrition club and provide herbalife products daily, and they will pull in people into the scam. This is increasing rapidly and needs to be stopped, else innocent people will landup in losing all hardearned money.

                            0 Votes

                          The complaint has been investigated and
                          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                          HerbaLife — terrible experience

                          First off, I would like to say my heart goes out to all those who have invested huge sums of money in...

                          The complaint has been investigated and
                          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                          HerbaLife — unauthorized billing

                          I sent $9.95 for information that was supposed to be here in 2 days. I knew that was impossible to come from...

                          The complaint has been investigated and
                          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                          HerbaLiferip off

                          I made the mistake of giving my credit card number to these people and now they have charged me over $500 of my hard earned money and I have yet to receive a refund. I have returned all of their stuff to them and have filled out their refund slips but haven't received any kind of refund as of yet. It has been over 2 months since I realized that this was a scam and requested a refund. Do not give out any financial information to these people, they are crooks and they will rip you off big time if you let them. I filed a dispute with my credit card company but after a month went by they put the charge back onto my credit card, and then Herbalife had the nerve to charge my account again without my permission. My credit card company called me to let me know this so I immediately canceled my credit card so that it couldn't happen again. The nerve of those people to charge my credit card when I never gave them permission to do so just really irritates me to no end. What tipped me off was when I started reading the reports from other people that had written about them on this site and realized that I had ripped off. When I read that people were having health issues because of the Herbalife supplements that some people's livers were failing them, I became really scared and decided not to even try any of the products at all. That's when I contacted my so called sponsor and he started his bullsh*t response that I need to not listen to what other people were saying about Herbalife. But then I got to thinking all of these people can't be wrong? When I challenged my sponsor about he called his sponsor immediately and they both got on the phone and did a 3 way call to try and talk me out of it not getting involved with them. But I didn't listen and I'm glad that I didn't because they were really trying to brainwash me and I would have no part of it.

                          Add your opinion

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                            • Te
                              TexasPatriot Jul 02, 2010

                              Were you dealing directly with Herbalife in Los Angeles, or were you dealing with an independent distributor? There is an important distinction.

                              This issue with liver damage...remember ephedra? The old formulation from over 10 years ago did contain ephedra, but that was reformulated with another herbal compound. So that was very old information I think. Your sponsor should have done a better job at explaining it...but chances are this: They never used the products themselves! It was just about the $$$$$.

                              I had a person who was concerned over it once near the end of my time with them...I did sit down and talk as best I could about the risks of ephedra, because it was just now becoming known to us in the field (but all remembered those occasional people who got rapid heart beats while taking old "green"). At one point we just stopped including the old green and substituted the new green, unless the customer specifically asked for it. We just removed the green from his kit and refunded his money for that -- he was happy.

                              0 Votes
                            • Ww
                              ~ww~ Mar 11, 2010

                              About 11 PM on November 30, 1996, a Hawthorne police officer pulled Hughes over for driving on the wrong side of the road. Hughes, the police report said, was making his way from Los Angeles International Airport to the Bare Elegance strip club. The officer had him exit his Jeep Cherokee and put him through several sobriety tests, which Hughes failed.

                              Hughes said he had only drunk two glasses of wine. But a field breath test registered a blood-alcohol level of 0.22, almost three times the legal limit. Says Dr. Haraszti: "On the face of it, that is diagnostic of alcoholism. It is such a high level that an ordinary person would not be able to stand up, much less drive. You have to use a lot to develop that level of tolerance."

                              He had become a problem drinker by the early 1990s.

                              Reason of Death:
                              The Los Angeles County coroner's office concludes he died of a toxic combination of alcohol and Doxepin, an antidepressant he was taking to help him sleep. His blood-alcohol level was measured at 0.21, more than 2 1/2 times the legal limit for driving.


                              Hughes often stated that his mother died of an accidental overdose of prescription diet pills when he was 18, which he claimed was the impetus for founding Herbalife. Her autopsy and toxicology tests suggest her death was due to an overdose of Darvon, a painkiller[1]. At the time of her death she was 5-foot-6-inches tall but weighed only 105 pounds.

                              Hughes's Dad confession:

                              Hartman adamantly denies Jo Ann had a weight problem. "This whole story is not true, " he insists. But she did have a problem. "She was addicted to pain pills, " Hartman says, singling out the popular painkillers Darvon and Percodan, which have never been prescribed for weight loss. "She used them in combination to prolong the high."

                              0 Votes
                            • Ar
                              artie09 Dec 13, 2009

                              The mistake was not giving your Credit Card to "Herbalife"
                              The mistake begins with Greed and being Vain.
                              I too had some greed in me once but after really working with this company they really make you see the true purpose of this MAGNIFICENT Company. It's a shame really that some people like to give out opinions before facts.
                              You, COMPLAINERS, are a perfect example of what OPINIONS are made of, people without FACTS.
                              You in particular Varnet, how can you judge a company without even trying it. Also I would like to say that ANY OF YOU who might read this that if people are dying or being affected while drinking this product means that they were to late when they sought for help. Most people really just want to walk in and say cure me in a week. This product takes times to work because it is not a drug like other dangerous products out there so you cannot overdose with the product but that doesn't mean any of you should go try to get OD (you will only waste your time and probably get beneficial results MAYBE)


                              when you got to thinking and you thought all the people cant be wrong,
                              who were really these people?
                              people like you in who will eventually in time become another scammer?
                              or those other people who took the product thinking change was going to be fast like fast food?
                              to be an effective distributor you have to be disciplined like all the successful ones
                              I bet you wanted to become a distributor and not be disciplined.

                              0 Votes
                            • Ta
                              tate1708 Sep 06, 2009

                              dude herbalife is bad ### anyone can do it even a crook so why in the world would you let have your credit card number [censored].

                              0 Votes

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