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BeachBody - no refund and now they send me to collections

This is the letter I just sent beachbody I am quite tired of this company and now after all I have gone through and no refund they have the nerve to try to send us to collections... Horrible company...

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BeachBody - charges for incomplete order

I was considering purchasing a product from BeachBody on 1/8/15. There are 4 stages to the ordering process. The first stage requires you to input your credit card info and forces you onto a 2 part payment plan with the promise to allow you to change to a single payment option later in the process. The second stage offers upsells that you must review and decline. At this stage, I decided against completing the purchase and exited the BeachBody website. The third stage was payment options, which I never got to because I exited the website. The fourth stage was the order confirmation stage, which to me means that my order was not completed unless I got to this stage. I never got to that stage and I did not ever confirm or complete my order. In fact, my "order" is still showing in the shopping cart on the BeachBody website as not complete. However, a few hours after I left the BeachBody website, an email was sent to me indicating that my order had been completed...which didn't make sense since I hadn't completed the order. I contacted BeachBody via chat at 7:58 am on 1/9 to ask them to cancel the order and they told me that they couldn't stop the order because it was already processed in their warehouse (which is a lie because the warehouse sent me an email on 1/11 to notify me that the order had just shipped). When I told the chat person (Ravi) that I would contact the FTC about the theft from my credit card, I finally got some cooperation. Ravi and his supervisor finally approved offering me a refund to my credit card (which still has not happened) and said that they couldn't stop the shipment so they sent me a return shipping label. Somebody needs to stop the BeachBody theft during the order process in which they taking money from consumer credit cards without an order confirmation. Additionally, they need to refund the money charged along with ANY INTEREST EARNED on the stolen money that sits in their accounts until they provide refunds to the few people who figure out how to force them to pay for the shipping. This scam needs to be stopped. Complaint has been filed with FTC.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

BeachBody - beachbody unauthorized charges/ scam

This is the email I sent to Beachbody earlier today, it contains my entire experience with this company:

REQUEST: II am a Beachbody customer. I want to CANCEL my auto-shipment of "Focus T25 Nutritional Advantage" and I also want to CANCEL my "Team Beachbody Club" membership. I want them cancelled as soon as possible.

Comments: From the very first day that I purchased products from BeachBody, I have been scammed and conned into purchases and payments that I was NEVER made aware of. I ordered something that I didn't mean to (along with my already huge purchase) and as soon as I did (I didn't waste a minute) I wrote Beachbody and email telling you that I made the mistake on accident. (Side note: I wasn't sure about the price on this accidental item, and there was no button to take it out of my cart or review it, so I assumed I would be able to see my shopping cart before I checked out to make sure all of the information was correct. NOPE, I was not allowed to do that. My only option was to head to checkout, and when I pressed the button to head to checkout the item was instantly purchased.) Since I had JUST ordered it, I thought there would be no problem cancelling that one product. Then I get back an email response telling me NOTHING that I requested or asked about. A few keywords were taken from my email, and an automatic response (or the person who just didn't bother to read it) was sent to me. Thanks for that customer service, I really feel like you care. So I am unable to cancel it because of this, and the order comes in. I prepare to ship it back, and it apparently costs more to ship it back than the actual product costed! So I just kept it. And then today, about a month later, I go to my mailbox to find a package from BeachBody that I was not expecting. When I placed an order a month ago, I added T25 to my shopping cart, and then I received many free (or discount) offers. Considering T25 was very expensive on its own, I only accepted the free offers that I particularly wanted. I made sure to read about each offer and product to make sure they were truly free. And now here I am today, opening my mail box to a $104.04 package that contains nothing but the "Focus T25 Nutritional Advantage" supplement. I was confused, so I went to my online receipt in my email (which I didn't fully read due to me already reading my receipt on Beachbody's page) and there I see "FOCUS T25 Nutritional Advantage - - Free 30 day supply!" I'm thinking, "Yes, this is exactly what I purchased." But then trailing behind it it tells me that you are going to start charging me after the free trial (I signed up for the trial, not the auto-shipment!) and charge me every for a 90-day supply, costing $29.95 per month plus shipping. Not only that, I see that my other "free" 30 day trial for "Team Beachbody Club" is also the same as the Nutritional Advantage. I'm being secretly charged after the 30 free days ended. I read thoroughly about these offers, and never saw anything about any of this! So either it wasn't there to see, or it was hidden very well from me. I trusted this company with my credit card information because I thought Shaun T's business would be an honest and respectable one, but now I see that your interest isn't in helping people, it's about how much money you can get and swindle your customers out of. I am a college student with bills piling sky-high (I told Beachbody this in the first email I sent about my accidental order), and also many doctor bills, and my family is helping me while running low on money themselves. This is the last thing that I needed to happen. I am ashamed that I purchased anything from Beachbody and gave money to this company. I am going to try and return this $104.04 purchase, but I am sure it will take a hefty amount of money to do that. So thank you for forcing me into eating ramen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next few months. I hope I've shown my disgust for this company's practices and made it clear how I feel. If I purchase anything from Shaun T, it will be from Ebay or some other shopping site. I want nothing more to do with this company, and if all of these auto-shipments do not get cancelled immediately I will make sure to spread the word to as many people I can, via all social media and word of mouth, about how what has been done to me by this company, and I won't stop until the things that I asked to be cancelled are cancelled. I am attaching a photo of my bill that came in the mail in case you need it for any sort of reason. And let me just say, it takes a lot of work to be able to get in touch with customer service, which is shady in itself.

I apologize to the service representative that reads this, due to the fact that you might not know about any of this secret charging business. I am not angry at you, but at the company. I have been through so much with this company and I am at my wits end, and am extremely frustrated. I appreciate you reading my email, and beg you to cancel these charges. I truly cannot afford it, and I am living off of very little as it is. Thank you for reading me email, and I hope you have a blessed day.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

BeachBody - over a month and still no refund

I had ordered a challenge pack back in September. I got the shakeology and didn't really care for it. I figured that since they took my card number, they would likely set my account up for autoship. I tried to go into my account and make sure that I changed it back so they would not charge me and ship more. There was nothing in my account preferences or order history, that I could find, showing that I was on an autoship program. Well, regardless, I received the 30 day supply of shakeology from the autoship they did, in fact, set up. I called to get the information I needed to return the product. I received the R/A number and was told to write it on the box and send it back. I sent it back with the RA number written (huge) on the box. Well, after a few weeks and they had made my account go negative, I called and asked why they had not given me the credit back. I was given the run around and told that they could not find it (their CS rep was the one who gave me the RA number -- hello???). I tried to speak to the manager but was left on hold so long, I had to hang up. Well, here it is over a month later and STILL I have not received any refund. I was actually considering trying their 21 day fix...HA!!! There is NO way. I would never spend another penny using the products of this company. They just want your card number so they can charge you for things you didn't even order and then keep your money as long as possible...this is insane.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

BeachBody - theft - order completed without authorization

I was sucked in by a commercial for Body Beast and went to check it out on the BB website. Entered shipping and payment info on the first page, but before finalizing the order watched a video about...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

BeachBody - misleading coach

I think the beachbody coaches are incredibly misleading. There is this one coach I follow and was interested in working with because she posts miraculous transformations in her Instagram claiming it...

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BeachBody - telephone, internet scam

Called 800 number relative to TV ad for exercise program "Focus T25". Also purchased tow introductory diet supplements at an introductory cost for a minimal supply. Was told I could keep the...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

BeachBody - Charged credit card when order was not submitted

I had two items in my shopping cart and closed the browser because I did not want the product and a couple hours later I received an email saying my order was processed even though I did not hit process. They promptly took $101 out of my account. I called customer service and told them what happened and they said a refund would be processed in 24-48 hours and if I don't want to pay return shipping I need to just reject the shipment. What if I'm not home and they leave it??? I have never had this happen with any other company and I will not do business with them in the future!

BeachBody - dvds skip

Beachbody DVDs skip badly. Stay away from any Beachbody dvds unless you dont mind having to pause every couple of minutes due to the dvds either stopping or skipping. Particularly with the Shawn T series. In just about all his workout dvds, there is a problem with the skipping and pausing. Some so bad, I just throw them in the trash. And these are all brand new dvds. Contact Beachbody and they refuse to replace the dvds with no explanation. So again I suggest stay away from ALL beachbody dvds.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

BeachBody - damaged rfockin body dvd

I purchased both the Hip Hop Abs and the Rockin Body DVDs to prevent work out boredom, and to provide a spice of life. I find that I am using the Rockin Body Dvds specifically Mark, Move and Groove for the time limit factor. For the last two days my Dvd has malfunctioned and I called this morning 1/20/14 for a dvd replacement and spent quite a few minutes in what appeared to be almost an interrogation with the representative "Nounite", before I could get the confirmation number of the replacement dvd. I have always had good experiences with Beach Body, but this incident has made me almost want to try to something else! Shaun T, please do screen your CSR people, before you see a loss of enthusiastic customers. Was looking for another package today too, but nixed that after the interrogation.

BeachBody - customer service - unauthorized charges

Unauthorized charges to credit card for a monthly membership after fully paying for T25. Customer service representative has poorly spoken english - could not remember my name - forwarded me to their supervisor (stayed on hold for 30 minutes and finally the music stopped and nobody came online) - could not find my address until asking me 4 times. I would rather allow my friends/family borrow my dvds for T25, then have to go through the mess I did. Horrible company, horrible shakes, I will never buy from them again

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

BeachBody - refusal to respond anyone out there going to reply to my emails? I have been dealing with this issue for several weeks now and I cannot get a resolution nor will anyone respond to me all of a sudden. My daughter spent her hard earned money ($143.00) to buy this DVD program and now your company wants my 17 year old daughter to have to save the money AGAIN to purchase this T25 program? I had no idea that Beachbody was not a moral and ethical company, I thought your company prided itself on the commitment to help others, it appears as though your commitment on your website is a lure to attract customers.

I plan to contact the BBB and as many other organizations and well as social media to tell everyone what Beachbody really is all, and stealing from a 17 year old female trying to make herself physically healthy. You asked for inforamtion and I gave Beachbody everything they requested, then agreed that this coach was endorsed by Beachbody but now won't respond to me? So not only did this independent coach steal my daughter's money but Beachbody assisted him in doing so.

I want a phone call back with the name of someone in the corporate office that I can forward all my emails to. I am a very dissatisfied and agnry Beachbody customer.

Above was the last of 5 emails sent to Beachbody as well as several lengthy phone calls to resolve this issue. Now comlete silence from Beachbody and all I am asking for is he product my daughter purchased.

When you call and order over the phone from the commercials the sales reps are complete and utter ###. I called to order the T25 program as advertised 3 payments of $39.95 plus shipping & handling of $14.95, so a total of $134.80 plus tax another $10 of so, so I should have been charged about 60 buck the first month and $42.40 for the next 2 months...WELL, let me start with the sales reps go on and on about supplements, etc...and my rep kept saying we will send you this and after 30 days you can cancel without being charged..ok whatever I just want to place my order arrives, I have a bill for $300 and some change, my card was charged $140.09, WTH, this is what the total should have they send me another DVD set and some bands, ANOTHER $119. plus shipping & handing & tax...NOW I DID NOT ORDER THIS...I sent the whole thing back as I am completely disgusted by them, I am disappointed as I really enjoyed P90X and was looking forward to a workout I could do when I don't have 1 hour or more to invest in P90X...these people are unethical.

if you want you can contact me
[email protected]
and I will try and help her if you like I am a independant beach body coach and I am more than happy to help. that is what this is all about, helping others.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

BeachBody - coaches

I have an issue with my beachbody coach. Someone I met at work - introduced me to BB and shakeology. I signed up - probably too fast - but I love the workouts and the shakeology. I press play almost...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

BeachBody - poor handling of defective product

I have been a customer to beach body for years and have recommended their workouts and nutrition products to others. I take very good care of my work out DVDs, storing them in original packaging. A crack formed in one of my favorite discs because of the center holder design that came with package, apparently this is not a great design for long term use. I called beach body and explained the situation. They said sure we can replace it...for 19.99 plus shipping! Wow, I could probably repurchase the entire program on amazon for that price as this program has newer versions. I told them I was disappointed as a long time loyal response except have a nice day.

Sep 21, 2013

hai beachbody is great company which i never seen .if we billed for act or tbb if ur billed for tbb or act just inform them that ur not aware of that so defntly u will be refunded

BeachBody - phishing url

As bad as I wanted to order Hip Hop Abs through because of it being on sale, my Kaspersky internet security denied the access to checkout. It said that the requested URL could not be provided because it is a phishing URL (<...>). If you don't have Kaspersky as your internet security, I strongly suggest that you all get it. After this happening and reading the complaints on this website, I'm very glad this changed my mind on ordering from this company especially by phone. I'm going to order it from As Seen On TV or Amazon depending on the price. I haven't had any problems with either of theses companies and I've been dealing with them for years. Thank you all for speaking out and having this website for people like me!!!

I am very sorry about the trouble you had ordering and with the beachbody website. Did you end up getting HHA through another source? If you did, and are not currently working with a Coach, I would like to invite you to join our group. We have a Facebook group that offers private coaching to ensure your success with any Beachbody program.


BeachBody - received goods that I never ordered

I received a P90X package back in December 2012 from Beachbody. Strange thing is that I have never heard of Beachbody before and never ordered this. I called customer service and they said that I ordered it on Dec 20, 2012. I asked what credit card it was charged on and they told me. I told them that I never ordered this and that I want a return label to send it back. They were supposed to send me one in the mail, which I never received. I called the credit card company to report fraud and to cancel card. Funny thing is that this was a card that I hadn't used in ages and did not keep on me, very strange. If someone, somehow got my number, why would they have a product sent to me??? I received a letter the other day stating that I owed $68.78 and that they had notified me and seeing that I haven't paid it, it was going to collections. I called them immediately and explained the whole story again, very hard to understand all the customer service representatives and was put on hold several times. They were going to e-mail me a return label with 24-48hrs. 48 hrs went by and nothing, so I called them again. They apparently had copied the wrong e-mail address!! I gave it again and had her repeat it back to me. Another 24 hrs I have to wait, so I'll see if I get it. I'm sure that I am not the only person this has happened to, that never ordered a product and mysteriously receive something in the mail. They try to scare you into thinking it's going to collections and I'm sure many people would just pay it rather than going through the hassle of dealing with this company. I hate to think how many people they do this to and how much money they have collected over the years.

Yesterday AGAIN I received vitamins/supplement in the mail, charged to my credit card. I have contacted the company 2, may I repeat 2 times to stop this shipping and stop putting it on my credit card!!! Their website says they will get back to me as soon as possible. Ha! Ha! I need this to STOP!!! NOW!!!

Oh yes! Been there.

I received a product from Beachbody that I had never ordered. Customer service told me
it was ordered 12/17/12 and asked if the last four digits on my credit card was correct & they were, and gave me the correct address to which it was shipped. This c/card had been cancelled because of a fraudulent charge concerning another matter. I received a letter the other day stating that I owed $49.90 and that they had notified me seeing that I haven't paid it, and is under review for collection activity. It's amazing that I was hospitalized 12/14/12 from a stroke ans not released till after Christmas.
Customer billing service told me it would pass this complaint to Beachbody for review and they would contact me later. What is CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR?

extremely unhappy with the fraud, I ordered A $19.95 order of beginning workout Cd's 2 of them, my total charge on my debit card was $30.25 received them, like them, and then check by online bank statement only to find out these jerks charged me for some items at $78.49, I will be closing this account, as I cannot get a hold of them by phone, or by e-mail, I wish I had read the comments before ordering!!!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

BeachBody - refund of unordered product

I was browsing an exercise dvd on Beachbody's website, started to order and changed my mind and I did not complete the order online yet it went through.
I phoned the customer services line first thing this morning and spoke to Jacob who advised me that he could not cancel my order, that I would have to wait until it was delivered, refuse delivery and that when the parcel was returned to Beachbody I would be refunded. To say I was angry and astounded would be understating it, I asked to speak to his supervisor to be told that there was no-one available as the supervisor/admin staff only work week days, that he was the only person working there and that he
would forward my cancellation request tomorrow to his supervisor who would then action it.
I asked for an email address for complaints and Jacob put me on hold while he found the information, he eventually came back and advised me that he had indeed spoken to his supervisor who would cancel my order and I would receive a full refund. I asked how he was able to speak to his supervisor if he wasn't there and Jacob told me that he had phoned him on his cell phone. After reading some of the complaints online I seriously doubt that my cancellation will be processed at all if the phone call I have
just experienced is anything to go by, I have emailed them but I don't have faith in their customer services at all. I still don't understand how the order went through when I had not finalised it and have been left incredibly upset and frustrated by the whole affair.

A year later and the same exact thing happened to me!! I just wanted to inquire about how much it would cost, once i saw the final cost I did not want to go through. I did not hit complete or process and it still charged me I am callilng to night to returen
it, hoping it's hassel free

Jan 02, 2013

BeachBody - unauthorized charges

I went online to order their 10-Minute Trainer and mistakenly added a second one to my shopping cart after I entered my credit card number. There was no way to go back and remove the order from my shopping cart so I closed the browser. A few hours later I receive a confirmation email for my order for two sets of 10-Minute Trainer. I never submitted nor confirmed my order. When I called customer service right away to cancel one of the two sets, they told me they couldn't cancel it for me because the order was already processed. This is a total scam to trick people into buying items they don't want to buy. Every reputable online company has an edit option in the shopping cart and throughout the ordering process until the person who is doing the ordering submits the order and confirms the charge!

I am receiving charges on my bank statement. I cancelled this and on 1/22/16 got another charge for $41.20. I ordered this product over a year ago and have ordered nothing additional from the company. At the initial order, I received the videos and two sets of tupperwares for portion control of food. Please refund my money. Thank you.

[email protected]
51 Ginty Drive
North East, MD 21901

I recently ordered p90x as I had heard it was a good program. To bad I haven't received it yet because the shipping is VERY slow. But I checked my bank statement and noticed I was charged twice, this caused my account to overdraw with 4 35dollar charges so basically they owe me 301.16 in reimbursement charges. My husband and I spent 3 hours on the phone this morning and 3 hours this afternoon speaking to six different people. Some were very rude and others nice but they still have not resolved it. We sent a fax of our bank statement showing these charges. Our next action will be legal. Beware consumers!!! As I was researching this I found out I am not the only person this has happened to.

Dear Velvet Brown,

I received your email explaining the amount of $221.12 cents refunded back to my account. I'm writing this to inform you that I want my outstanding balance of $229.72 cents also refunded to my account. I never approved an order of this product and only ordered the PX90. This is an illegal practice that your company has done. From here on out I'm informing you as I did the customer service representative Jessica on April 16, 2011 that no person has the right to withdraw money out of my account. I'm a XXXXXXXXX XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Department and will file a Police Report for Grand Larceny if you don't return my outstanding balance of $229.72 cents. I have no problem paying for a product that I ordered (Px90). At no time did I ever phone or place an order for these pills that I have been billed since March 7, 2010. I work extremely hard for my money and I'm sure that people at your company wouldn't appreciate being billed fraudulently out of their bank account like I have. I have printed all my bank statements showing your unapproved charges to my account. You are more than welcome to double check my math minus the refunds you have applied. If this was a mistake and the remainder of my money is refunded asap, I will not pursue Police or Civil action against your company. If my request is ignored, or turned away than like I previously stated I will file a report for Grand Larceny with the Police Department. To reiterate, No person shall make withdrawals from my account now or ever in the future. The only action shall be the rest of my money into my account. Once that is done, delete me and my credit card information asap. Thank you for your time in this matter. My account should be listed under my email, or phone number (XXX)XXX-XXXX. Please only contact me by email.

Frank XXXXXi


I recently ordered the Slim in 6 fitness dvds over the phone and was under the impression that the set I was getting would be $20+shipping and handling. Luckily I called to check my card balance that same day because Beachbody had charged an extra $50 for some service that I didn't agree to. And when I called to have the charge removed, they claimed that they couldn't do it because it was already being processed. It finally took me asking for a manager to make the customer service rep remove the charges. But even after that, they're still sending the package and if it arrives at my house, I have to pay the cost of shipping just to return the stupid thing to them! I'm still worried that they're going to try to charge my card again.


Your credit card information cannot be sent to the site without hitting the "Place Order" button at the bottom of the page. The "remove/update cart" feature is working for me just fine.

My name is Curtis and I work for Beachbody Customer Service. After reading complaints about our company I’ve personally set out to try and help solve these problems. I understand how frustrating it can be…especially when it’s about your finances!
We do apologize that your refund was issued minus shipping and handling which is our normal return policy. However in this case we will refund you in full for what you were charged including shipping and handling. Our main focus here at Beachbody is to deliver excellent customer service and help people live more healthy fulfilling lives. Please email me at [email protected] and provide all your account information and I will ensure that your refund is processed in full. We do apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused. Please be patient if I have not responded within 24 hrs as I am the only person checking this email address. This means that you will not have to deal with more than one agent in regards to your account. Beachbody is a wonderful company with GREAT products. I look forward to helping solve any problems you may have.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

BeachBody - over charged!!!

I place an order with beachbody to purchase insanity work out at 7/16/12. It is now 11/17/12. I open up my banck statement and I was charged $42.66 out of nowhere!!. Ofcorse I called to complain abput it because I never purchased anything from beachbody sence my order on 7/16/12. The customer sevice guy even informed me about a second charge that I didnt know about! I had him cancel whatever charges and I demanded I get refund every penny. Its rediculous that customers are getting charged without knowing and for things they did not ask for. Seriouly, it isvery suspicious that I was charged randomly. Four mounth! What on gods earth do you purchase and are charged four months after?! Honestly to say, I am never purchasing anything that deals with beachbody. Thats rediculous!

Sep 04, 2012

BeachBody - Don't do business with this company

Ordered P90X program from t.v. infomercial and was informed I was allowed 30 days free trial membership as a bonus with Team Beach Body. No charges if cancelled within that first 30 days. Did not use the Team Beach Body service so cancelled about 2 weeks later, well before the end of the 30 trial membership. Cancellation was confirmed by the company in phone call and email messages with a confirmation number and notice that "no further charges" would ever be made to my credit card for Team Beach Body.
However, I received a credit card statement with the $38.87 charge from them again anyway a few weeks later. I immediately called and was routed to the Philippines or India where I was kept on hold several times while the representative supposedly spoke to a supervisor, and then disconnected - TWICE! I called back and spoke to some rep in L.A. who assured me that indeed it was cancelled but maybe I'd agreed to the "free" membership which is somehow different than the "trial" membership. Obviously this company practices duplicitous and fraudulent practices to "con" people into these additional charges, perhaps hoping that you will not notice or go through the hassle on a $38 charge. When you try to cancel it "hey, no problem" but they will charge you anyway. The guy actually told me "I can't believe you'd file a complaint about a $38 charge." Hey, $38 is money, and I don't appreciate being ripped off.

The work-outs on the original DVD's are good - but I'd have to agree with others here that it's not worth giving these people your credit card number. You never know what they'll try to pass through as unauthorized charges without your okay.

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