Target Brandsthe manager chandra reed and the way she interact with and/ or represent target


My name is Samantha Jones. I am an almost every other day customer. I went in about a month ago to purchase a TV. There weren't any left in a box (55' Westinghouse) so I asked a worker Steve is what he wrote on the paper about buying the display. He than went to talk. to a manager and came back to say the manager says he would love to sell it but he couldn't b/c it would leave a big hole on the wall, so to come back in 1 month and since ot has so many scratches on the screen and frame, he'd sell it to me for a good price. Steve took my name and number and I said I'd be back in 1 month.. So I did, I went back Saturday. I talked to Dewayne a manager who said the tv is discontinued and it would have to go on clearance for him to sell it. To make a long story short. I talked to and explain the situation to a worker who said she had never heard of that, they would usually sell it. She got another manager Chandra Reed, whom I have a child with her husband from BEFORE theu were married and she has always had a problem with me b/ c of it. I avoid her usually when I'm in Target but the worker went to get her and she was very rude and talk as if she owned the store. She she she over that and I wasn't getting the tv basically. My daughter recorded it all. It even came up about my child. I am going to see this through.
Samantha. Jones

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