Target Brandstarget store refused an exchanged for same item with my receipt


This is not Right how target store treated me, I need it to do an exchanged for my air mattress I bought because the air comes out I didn't find any cuts for the air to be coming out so I'm thinking its the pump not working so is a factory defects. I decided to go exchange it for the same mattress I still have the receipt so it should not be an issue. I go in I asked the girl at customer service she said OK just go get what u want and come back so I go get the mattress and at the time of the exchange she asked for the id, for me it is a bit weird that a retail store ask for an Id for an even exchanged I get it if you don't have a receipt or if is a returned but for an even exchanged but oh well I provided the Id well sure enough she said sorry we can't process the return because it shows you have exceeded the return what ever that means so I than thought about it and I do remember returning a makeup but it was in 2016 but oh well I asked my boyfriend if he had his so he gave it to the cashier she said sorry it the system shows its max out I than loom at her and you got to be kidding me he don't even like target so how can you tell me this I asked to. Speak to the store manager and she comethe girl explain to her in her own words but I inturputed her and explain to her how it is, she did something to the register and said to me the same thing. So I call my mom and asked her if she can please come to target to exchange the mattress because I need it for tonight my son can't sleep on the floor so she did my mom didn't have her id because it is lost buy she already order new one just waiting for it in the mail she had her expires id and her passport card but according to the store manager that's not a form of ID . let me tell you at that point I was very upset had to wake up my mother for nothing my son was tired we had 2 hours waited at target. My mom called my dad he showed up they run his Id and once again they said the same thing I asked to showed me and the girl showed me the screen but it didn't say nothing it only said ask customer for id or receipt to scan. So I asked her to showed me where does it show that his Id is max out on returns and she never shoed me she left. 5 id's were provided to them maybe the problem is not us maybe is their system because I guaranteed you my dad has never in his life returned nothing he even told her. I asked the girl if she was the store manager she said no I angry responded why is she waiting my time I asked to speak to the store manager since the 1st time they were giving me a hard time, I asked again to please send the store manager well to get to the point the store manager was a wait she did not help me she did not even try she went by what the cashier said I to be honest still don't think she is a store manager because she has no skills she has horrible customer service had no idea what she was talking about. So I asked her are you telling me that you can not help me today? Are you telling me that you can do an even exchanged with a receipt for me she said yes I am telling you I can not help today. If you are telling Me you are a store manager and straight to my face tell me you won't be helping me that rift there is horrible customer service. I don't know how target trains their employees but let me tell you something dollar tree/99¢ and Walmart have better service for sure target for me is no body you know why because customer is always right everyone here or China we all know that. I pay for this mattress money I worked hard to get to trust target with an item but they failed on me they refused my service after the pocket my money. How would I know that the mattress was gonna go bad in 3 months if I would of known that I for sure would have not purchase it at target. Horrible customer service I for sure would never ever step foot at target and I will make sure my friends and family will not step foot there as well. I will let everyone know about my experience at target how they are false advertising and discriminating people because to me this is did me bad to me I hear the word target and I think of a bunch thiefs.

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