Takealotpayment doesn't correlate (refund)

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I purchased the Jeronimo Zoombourgini - Pink R 1, 399, on making payment I found that i was charged R 1749.

This is unacceptable. Im requesting a refund on the R349 as i bought the item because it was R1399 not R1749, which is a R349.

The item should have been advertised as R1749. Even now when im checking the item price its still R1399 but im paying R1749.

Order #[protected]

Mpho Maroga

payment doesn't correlate (refund)
payment doesn't correlate (refund)

  • Updated by Elsie Lombard · Sep 17, 2018

    not really a complaint, but we urgently need you 1litre steam cleaner...when will it be in stock again, please

  • Updated by Kabipms · Nov 09, 2018

    I am trying to reach the customer line but the line is very bad with a lot of static and I cannot hear the operator and this is not an issue with my phone. I am calling from abroad. What other customer helpline numbers are there?
    I am trying to purchase a laptop using both SBux and my card, is there a way to do this online?


  • Le
    leornado12 Aug 14, 2018

    wanted to order by cash but automaticly paid with e bucks as of which i am a new user so i prefaid to pay in cash which i know i will be able to pay but i dont know what is e bucks /7/'16/2018/

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  • Ma
    Mantoko Aug 14, 2018

    i ordered a sansui 10.1'' tablet which cost R1299 on the 17/07/2018 and was paid immidiately via SBUX and it was deducted from my sbux account but still says that i have not paid and the order will not be proccessed without a payment

    Order No: 57915050

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  • Ca
    Carla Spiller Aug 15, 2018

    The guy that came to deliver my scratching post started suggesting dating and marriage ! It made me feel uncomfortable! It wasn't perfessional at all! The fact that he was suggesting that we date and get together made it even worse even thou I told him I have a boyfriend ! Very unprofessional!

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  • Ni
    Nicci1981 Aug 15, 2018

    All I want to do is contact someone on the phone.
    I place a order last night and i want to cancel it before it gets shipped and I want a refund.

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  • Ma
    Marvin7 Aug 15, 2018

    Delivery person was rude
    Loud, in a hurry, impatient
    Stating that we think that delivery person are slaves.

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  • Nk
    NkosiS Aug 16, 2018

    Dear All


    Return Ref: RRN-fd78-82b2

    I have received an email from a Warehouse Personell from Noluthando from TakeaLot saying accessories were missing when i sent the return and this unfortunately incorrect as I have packaged all accessories and wrapped them in the box .
    They have missplaced all accessories I have put in.

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  • Ra
    Rafaelsapere Aug 16, 2018

    Collection was scheduled for 18/06/2018 but never arrived. Mouse is not working and replacement is needed asap.

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  • Ma
    Maulin Aug 20, 2018

    After so many follow up still amount has not been credit back into my credit card account...refund logged on 24.04.2018 & order cancelled due to non delivery of order outside south africa..., so order got cancelled & till today amount yet not refunded in my credit card account.

    Third Class quality of service

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  • Ka
    Kavua Aug 20, 2018

    Am kavya I ordered 1 lactogen 1.8kg
    My delivery date is on 18th April but I didn't receive my product. Plz help me to recive my product
    My contact no is +91 9505146724
    Thank you

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  • Es
    Esmarie Essi Michaels Aug 20, 2018

    The dvd player does not read my usb drives

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  • Cy
    [email protected] Aug 21, 2018

    I have been waiting for more than 2 weeks for a delivery.

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  • Ma
    Maluleke Steven Aug 21, 2018

    I ordered a tv and at first it said 7 to 10 days delivery. Now that I've paid I just realised my tv is only going to arrive by the 5th of April. That's 3 weeks.

    Order #56357375

    Please email me on [email protected]

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  • Al
    Alisha Maistry Aug 21, 2018

    I order 3 pairs of earrings as gifts and one of them came unwrapped, how do I gift that? It looks cheap and tacky.

    I am a loyal client and to receive such service is very disappointing.

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  • Ja
    Jade Roode Sep 01, 2018

    i am trying to buy certain products on Takealot and most of the products are saying that they are in stock, when I want to add to cart the product then says

    "You asked for 1 but we only have 0 available"

    this is unacceptable as no where does it say OUT OF STOCK!!!

    it is happening on most of the goods rather state that the product is SOLD OUT

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  • Co
    Cobus Swart Sep 01, 2018

    Good day

    Order #5507850 was suppose to be delivered on 20 Des.
    This has still not delivered.

    All staff members spoken to on the phone were rude and of no assistance.

    This is the second time in less than on 1 Month I have had delivery issues and this I find totally unacceptable.


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  • Ta
    Tanya Lee Jorge Sep 01, 2018

    You keep rescheduling my parcel !!! Why?

    ORDER NO# 54796307

    This parcel was rescheduled 4 times and it took me screaming and shouting before it was delivered!

    You've become so big you've dropped your customer service!

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  • Mg
    Mgojo Sep 01, 2018

    On the 23 August 2018 I recieved email about my order some of item cancelled BT no money reversed to my account. why?

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  • Fe
    Fer Mosquera Afrikando Ando Sep 01, 2018

    Good day.

    Yesterday I received my order 54961063, it came with the damaged box, at one end it was open, and the tempered glass screen protector was damaged.
    Please find attached pictures of the order.


    Fernando Mosquera.

    Cel: 0832867716- 0739348033.

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  • Le
    LesDespy Sep 02, 2018

    Order #54519794Ordered 15 Nov 2017Paid 15 Nov 2017
    When I ordered and paid on the 15th November 2017, the item was in stock. To date not received and told that they waiting for supplier??????

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  • Ja
    Jason DisiZa Scott Sep 02, 2018

    Delivery time is way to long this is a local product and it is taking 13 days to deliver. Unacceptable, with all the millions they where boasting about they made for Black Friday you would think the delivery would be faster and more efficient. If I order something from Amazon I get it in 5-6 days and thats in the US. Absolutely shocking Takealot

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  • Ma
    Mamodise Matsabu Sep 02, 2018

    I placed an order on the 23rd November till today I haven't receive my parcel and there's no explanation as to what is the course. I sent an email last week Thursday 7 December, still waiting for the response. My order number is 54617821.

    I hope to get the answers or my money back at the least.


    Mamodise Matsabu

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  • Ge
    Geraldine Maree Sep 03, 2018

    I ordered 3 scotters on the dailydeal. 2 green and 1 pink... when going to check out the price has changed... Althoug it says R299 when selecting.

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  • St
    StevenFlaxman Sep 04, 2018

    Hi to whom it may concern
    Please can you resolve this issue,
    Order # 54556595 was delivered and received but after assembly I found that the kit was incomplete.
    The ash collector handle is missing. Please see the attached image.
    Please can you let me know how we can fix this. I am happy with the product.
    Kind regards
    Steven Flaxman

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  • Nt
    nthabiseng ragoale Sep 05, 2018

    i ordered a waist trainer and i got sunglasses in the box they delivered.
    i am requesting that my order should be replaced with the right order.
    my order no. 54451163
    the amount of the order was R299

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  • Ma
    Mark Da Silva Sep 05, 2018

    Takealot stands for taking a lot of pathetic incompetence and I will never order from this company again.
    One mistake is still forgivable but when it is repeated for the second time then the responsible person should be dismissed from the company.
    Order number 54181714 Product 58821723
    No managers to contact and simpletons in a call centre.

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  • Mo
    MonicaE Sep 05, 2018

    See undermentioned photo

    Appliance was received unsealed; unfortunately my daughter signed for it 2 minutes before I arrived
    I refused to accept the package

    No communication since...

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  • La
    LauraNielsen Sep 06, 2018

    When phoning at 8 in the morning your voice prompt clearly says that your lines open at 7 - its 8 am I missing something???????????

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  • Ke
    Keith Allcock Sep 10, 2018

    Ordered the 800ml version and received the 350ml version
    Order no. 8523655

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  • Mi
    Minigravett Sep 10, 2018


    On order number 53932560

    Im very unhappy.
    The Xbox One remote skin that I received is just a normal White skin and I ordered a Black/White skin.
    Please advice and assist.
    Please send the correct one.
    Please see attached the one that we have orderd.

    Thank You

    Natasha Gravett
    079 150 3479

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  • Ja
    Jamesma Sep 10, 2018 Re: [Orders] Not what I ordered [Replacement] (Order: 53959870 Product: 54758655 RRN: RRN-838a-5a7d)

    Ordered pots, received a keyboard. Empty promises about feedback to be provided and the incorrect item to be collected since yesterday. Still no email response or a call

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  • No
    Noksmpinga Sep 11, 2018

    I ordered a cover for a sony XZ but the one I received is not for sony XZ. The packaging is written XZ but it is very big and the camera and speakers slots are not aligned with the phone.

    I have attached images to show the phone inside the cover.
    Order no : 54107596

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  • Ou
    Oupa Papas Mosotho Sep 19, 2018

    I bought a few books from takealot. One of them is teared up on top

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  • Ca
    Candice Thompson Sep 19, 2018

    I ordered a Ben10 watch at R285 and delivery IS advertised as R161 is free..

    The driver made me pay the R60 as it was invoiced

    Id like my R60 back as it is false advertising

    074 429 9939

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  • Ia
    Ian Shaun Rowse Oct 15, 2018

    Order Number: 58951726
    They were unable to deliver to the address as they were unable to find the address or call when looking for the address.
    I paid R600 for the book and now i must pay R800 for the same book.
    I am will to go to the warehouse in Montague Gardens and pickup the book i paid for, please call me 0724466255 to get this sorted.

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  • Ta
    Tasha de Beer Oct 15, 2018

    Order number: 11525484
    When the power bank is busy charging from the power supply all 4 (four) blue lights are on. I charged it for 24hrs. When I try to charge my iPhone from the power bank, one blue light flashes once then nothing happens. The power bank does not switch on nor does it charge any phone. Please advise.

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  • El
    Elsie Lombard Oct 15, 2018

    hi there

    we've been watching your space for the last two months. you have the karcher steam cleaner with 1 l tank, but not in stock. this is exactly what we want. please let us know when it will be available again.


    elsie lombard

    072 473 1120


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  • Ad
    Adriaan Joubert Oct 16, 2018

    My order has not been delivered today, said it would be delivered today but isn't delivered
    Order number: 59062391

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  • Pa
    Pamela De Lange Oct 22, 2018

    I have received my cosmetic organizer today. When I opened my package there were two cracks on top of the holder. I am not going to leave it here as I paid quite a bit for it. I want a new one or an refund.

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  • An
    AndriesS Oct 31, 2018

    I tried to buy a phone online. After submitting my delivery address they asked me to locate it on a Google map. I struggled now for a long time but it gives me a map without enough detail (no street names) to pin the address - this is really crazy.

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  • Rs
    Rsds Nov 04, 2018

    I have received a coupon from Takealot as it is my first purchase. I thought that was very kind and decided to try it out and buy my kids Bday gift online... i have been receiving incorrect codes for the last 2 weeks! Every code a consutant forwards to me to use is incorrect...This suppose to be easy and convenient, but all it is...ia a NIGHTMARE!

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