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Complaints & Reviews

Neiman Marcusblocking my card

Aug 25th I applied for the card. Once I received the card I put it away until I wanted to use it.. now October 18th I went on line and order a pair of boots for $255.00 it went through and I received a confirmation email. Then 2-3 hrs later I received a email telling me my order was cancelled... when I called customer service nobody could tell me why, all they said was call card services in the morning... called in the morning and a lady says oh yea Shawn left some notes here saying you have to fax over your photo ID, SS#, utility bill and proof of income! When I asked why do I need to further identify myself! She said Shawn has to explain that. So I said transfer me to Shawn, she did and it went straight to VM... left my Number and Shawn never reached back. Now I feel like I've been profiled because what's the point of me identifying myself and send over the same information I used to get approved for the card in the first place. Nobody has any answers! And if my information was needed AGAIN then why did it take for me to make a order after almost 2 months of having the card. Why didn't they call before or send a letter stating this! Before sending me the card. Now my card is completely Blocked! With NO EXPLANATIONS WHATSOEVER.

  • DeAndre Washington Oct 23, 2019

    Hi Ebony! Please contact your financial institution directly to determine why your card is not working at Neiman Marcus or Neiman Marcus affiliates. Thanks!

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canada goose jacket

645908 Dear sirs, I went to the neiman Marcus store in Boston at Copley place to buy my son a winter jacket for college. I could have gone to the Canada goose store right next to it or...

gucci shoes

My husband purchased me a pair of Gucci Shoes for my Birthday from Neiman Marcus online. He wanted to surprise me.All I can say was that he and I was both disappointed when I...


My Name is Nakai Barrientos and I had purchased my wedding gown at the Cherry Creek Denver store on March 9, 2019. Unfortunately, due to unexpected life events I am no longer...


The store manager was so rude. Her name was Amanda when I ask her what. 1800 number she said she couldn't give it me. I ask why she walked away. My kids went after school she said...

employee interaction

I was shopping with my friend. It was my friend's first time at the Short Hills Mall and he was recording the experience on his phone. He did this at many stores without...

Neiman Marcus — wn12022699351/ysl loulou wallet

I purchased this bag in September 2018!! I missed the deadline for return for this wallet and the store mailed it back to me with a fed ex tracking number... The packed was marked...

Neiman Marcusunethical behavior. the company sent me a knock off case for 700 dollar sunglasses.


Good Morning. First let me tell you a little about myself. My name if Chief Warrant Officer 4 Anthony Ford. I have been in the United States Navy for almost 28 years. I have been a commissioned officer for over 10 years and I love it. I am an avid collector of sunglasses. I own like 10 pairs of Dita Sunglasses and 4 pairs of Cazal SungIasses. With that being said I am always on the hunt for unique quality sunglasses. Which is why I ord​ered a pair of Cazal Sunglasses from Nieman Marcus sometime last week (ORDER WN12471268800) When I received the box, I was actually very excited. After further investigation, I became very disgusted and insulted. Not only did they have the WRONG case in the box, it was a letter from the manager storage basically saying that she is sorry that they didn't have the proper case in stock.

First off, I have a huge problem with this. Nieman Marcus is considered one of the most elite department stores in the United States if not in the world. Your company is on the same level as say Saks Fifth Ave or Barneys. That is why I was so shocked that you manager wrote that letter. I guess her thought was here's the case and just deal with it. You want to know my real feelings. I feel if I was say one of your rich regular millionaire customers, a Nieman Marcus rep would have reached out and contacted the customer and asked them if they still wanted the item with the wrong case.. The disheartening piece is the intent was there to try and deceive me. As I stated earlier, the manager wrote a letter apologizing about the missing case. According to a supervisor that I talked to yesterday named "Maggie" she told me that I should have never seen that note. So I'm assuming that it was accidently sent to me and it was only for the warehouse eyes. So that tells me that manager that wrote the note was being deceitful. I fell like my civil rights were violated. They should have reached out to me if before mailing me some $ 700.00 sunglasses with a crappy off-brand case. This is unsat. I don't trust Neiman Marcus and I will never do business with them again.


So in summation, I am going to say this. I have been in the Navy for a long time. I have access to a plethora of resources to bring this situation to the light to the let the public know, because your company really screwed me royally and I am hurt. I cant believe that a company that is considered top tier has such dirty business practices and deceit. This letter I have can validate everything that I am saying. II understand totally how powerful that your company is. If I checked, you're probably a multi-billion dollar corporation. However, the Unitedd States Navy is pretty powerful too. Understand they have a team of hungry Navy JAG lawyers that deal with situations like mine everyday. Unlike your company, they protect there Sailors. It seems to me like you are just about making money. Well at least in my situation. . I really don't want this to become a big deal. However, I sure can take it there. I am not making any threats by any stretch of the imagination. However, I paid over 700 dollars for some sunglasses and am not going to be treated like the scum of the earth by your company. But this is 2018 and I refused to be treated like this. I honestly fell like your company caters to its rich clients. And people like me, (a Naval Officer of 28 years), get treated like a slave that has no voice. Its amazing how I can die for my country but can get the respect of a multi-billion dollar corporation Iike Nieman Marcus. I am not sure if are gong to respond to this email or not and that's fine. If you doe that's great. But if you don't, I going to pursue this issue with everything I have in my being. My voice will be heard. I want to be perfectly clear, sending me the correct case will not fix this problem.

Very Repectfully,

Anthony Ford,


unethical behavior. the company sent me a knock off case for 700 dollar sunglasses.
unethical behavior. the company sent me a knock off case for 700 dollar sunglasses.
unethical behavior. the company sent me a knock off case for 700 dollar sunglasses.
unethical behavior. the company sent me a knock off case for 700 dollar sunglasses.

  • Updated by [email protected] · Nov 11, 2018

    They have corrected my problem to my satisfaction. If possible, I would like to take my complaint taken off your website. Thank you.

Neiman Marcusorder process / customer service

I THOUGHT that Neiman Marcus was a retail establishment that focused on providing excellent customer service. My experience was anything but that. I reached out to purchased (4) pairs of shoes during the current sale. I encountered a sales associate via phone who seemed to be new in her role. I had to repeat things numerous times, was placed on hold a couple of times for the tune of 47 minutes. When the associate finally came back to the line I asked what was taking so long and she advised that she had to take care of some things with her manager that were unrelated to me. OMG, so a customer who is trying to place an order is put on hold for 47 minutes (intermittently) for things that don't even involve their order???? I asked to speak with a manager and once the manager came to the line, he was casual, unconcerned and as I explained the situation to him said that he wasn't sure what the problem was. From there it went from bad to worse. Net, net I asked that my order be canceled. I am completely underwhelmed by Neiman Marcus and their customer service and probably won't ever shop there again.

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    adam silber Jan 02, 2019

    Just 47 bout 50. No problem???wow very rude ... No wonder they are near bankrupt ...

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Neiman Marcus — handbags/ repair shop

I went to the Neiman Marcus at ClearFork Fort Worth to have my Louis Vuttion bag repaired. I told the manager Wendy that I wanted the straps cleaned, the gold metal replaced, and...

Neiman Marcus — rugs

8188 I bought two rugs in May online. The rugs have shed since we put them down, This is August and they are still shedding. My initial call was to ask if there was something I could...

Neiman Marcus — delay in receiving pre printed return label

I have now made 2 phone calls & have been waiting since June 25th for a pre printed return label so I can successfully return 2 items. This honestly makes me think about ordering...

Neiman Marcusunethical and racist behavior

On April 28, 2018, I attempted to return an Este Lauder Foundation at the Galleria Mall location in South Florida. A rep came over and asked if I needed help, I told her I had a return. She looked pass me and notice someone else at the counter and asked her if she needed help. My friend told her she was with me (did I mention I am African American and my friend is Italian). The rep then said "I need you receipt" I told her I had my receipt, she began to ask why I was returning the product. I attempted to explain that I had the wrong shade and had gone to Macys which was closer to home to replace the product. She walked away looking in the display case to see if my product was different. She then said she needed a manager before I could return the product. She called for someone but no one answered. She opened the foundation and began to pour it in the cap (all while I looked in disbelief). I asked if there was a problem and she mentioned that my box was unwrapped.
I told her that from where I was standing, majority of the same products (over thirty were unwrapped and only about eight had wrappings. She ignored me and later said "this was not her department" and called out to another sales rep. She was louder than she needed to be and condescending.
Her behavior was rude and demeaning that my friend walked away and later asked if I had gotten finger printed. I was treated like a common criminal and someone who from her behavior had no place in that store.
My friend (without my knowledge) asked to speak to a manager who was apologetic and kind with her words said she would speak to the associate. You see, the problem I have with that is, no one ever thought the associate should have apologized to me.
I maybe African American and a misfit, but I have a doctorate and as an educator for over twenty three years take pride in being kind, helpful and respectful to all.

  • Pa
    Pat McAllister Nov 30, 2018

    This is a bad company to do business with. I have been a customer in the past. I will not be one in the future. I called the 888 number in early October to order and pay for the Christmas catalog. I was told I would receive it in about a week. Two weeks went by, no catalog. I called the 888 number again. I was told that the Christmas catalog had not been sent out yet but that they had my order and I should receive it by the beginning of November. Catalog was not received. I called again in early November. This time my case was escalated to a supervisor. She said she had sent a request to the appropriate department and that I would either receive my catalog or a refund. I called again around November 13th. I was told that the catalogs had been sent out and there were no others however I would receive a refund. I called my bank today. It is now the end of November. No catalog, no refund. Avoid this company like the plague!

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    adam silber Dec 24, 2018

    Contact your credit card company for refund

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  • Te
    Tek Chong Oct 05, 2019

    I went Neiman Marcus in Garden City, New York twice. Had a bad experience there. First time, I was being followed by security for 15 minutes. Security guard followed me very closely making me feel so uncomfortable as I was picking out the clothes. I don't know what was his problem. If you don't want people to shop there then lock the doors. I ended up carrying the clothes to the cashier and told the lady behind the cash register I decided that I don't want to buy it. I am not going to pay so much money for these items while being treated like this. He probably thinks I cannot afford it and going to steal it. Oh please, how are you able to judge if a person can afford it or not? Low life.
    Second time I went there, I was checking out a Givenchy sweater which was around $1, 000.00. A sales guy walked up and asked "How are you doing?", I answer "Good, and how are you?". He smiled and look at me from head to toe and toe to head. I went on to checking out the sweater while he stands there and stares at me. So eventually I said to him that I am checking out this sweater. He just continued staring at me and said nothing. The stare he gave me was telling me he doesn't welcome me here. He thinks I cannot afford it. Oh please, I make more than double of what he makes. Initially, I was surprised that the $1, 000.00 Givenchy sweater was covered with so much dust. Of course it is covered with dust because no one is going to buy anything with you staring at them like that. That sweater is probably there for months collecting dust.
    I heard that the people who looks like they can afford clothes there end up returning after they wore it to a party or special occasion. The people who looks like they cannot afford it end up buying, keeping it and never return it. Eventually the only people who shops there are people who would return it. I can see the people who works there is going to run the store down. I feel sorry for the people who built this company, put all the hard work into it so people underneath will run in to the ground. I rather shop at a least expensive store and get treated better. I would be stupid to pay so much for clothes and get treated like this.

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Neiman Marcus — rude behavior by john. l at neiman marcus natick, ma

Hello, My wife and I have been shopping in NM Natick for over a decade and have spent well over 100K in purchases over the years. The customer service has always been excellent...

Neiman Marcus — the unethical service provided by mary zigman at the topanga canyon location

8188 With all do respect in regards to your return policy, I attempted to return a pair of designer shoes I purchased for my father at the Topanga Canyon location. Despite having to...

Neiman Marcus — gucci sales person lori or laurie

Topanga Woodland Hills location, this will be my second purchase of a Gucci purse from this location, and most likely my last! In the past I've always been so pleased with the...

Neiman Marcus — loss prevention services, I would have expected better

I made a purchase on 2/15/18 and it was to be sent to my home. On 3/10/18 I finally realized I never received my shoes and contacted customer service. I was informed that I would...

Neiman Marcus — customer service

On February 10th, 2018 my husband bought me Tom Ford Rive D'ambre perfume from Neiman Marcus in San Francisco, for Valentin day. I was so excited because I wanted it for quite...

Neiman Marcus — horrible customer service

On Tuesday, January 23, 2018, at 12:30 pm I get a call from my mother that she is arguing with the assistant sales manager (Ronnie Dean) of cosmetics/ fragrance Department at the...

Neiman Marcussystemic delivery issues on orders

January 16, 2018

Dear Neiman Marcus Customer Service:
I thought you should be aware of the irritating customer service I received from Neiman Marcus after ordering a pair of shoes that eventually never materialized.
I ordered the pair of shoes back in October (10/18/2017: WN10381296899) with hopes of having them for Christmas. When I ordered them, it indicated they were the last pair in my size (I was thrilled). But then after waiting for 2 weeks and not hearing anything, I reached out to customer service to find out they were "delayed" and my shipping date was sometime in November.
Then it starts to get really annoying ….
So for the next three months, I received almost daily emails notifying me that my order status had changed and I would need to email customer service within 24 hours or my order would be cancelled!
So almost daily, I responded to the increasingly annoying messages indicating I would wait for my order.
Then around January 8th, I receive another email simply stating the order couldn't be fulfilled and it would be cancelled.
When I inquired to customer service, I received your canned responses just with different first and last name initials at the end of them … then after getting so frustrated, I told them I was going to cancel my credit card, I received a nice note back stating:
Ricardo A
Thank you for contacting Neiman Marcus online.

You are most welcome. It is our pleasure to assist you in any way we possibly can. If you have any further questions or concerns you may contact us directly at [protected], via chat or by email. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Thank you for shopping with us. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Ricardo A
12 Jan, 11:19

Here's the thing … I went onto Amazon, ordered the exact shoe but in Navy Blue, ½ price and had it the next day!!!
If I were on your customer service team, I would have reached out mid-process and asked if there were any other colors that might interest me … say for example Navy Blue (which I purchased from Amazon) or Black Leather (which I purchased directly from … but no, they just kept sending annoying status emails and canned responses to my questions.
I will admit, there were times when I wasn't so pleasant, you could hear the frustration in my emails … but then again, customer service was anything but helpful.
Regards, Evelyn K

Neiman Marcusnot credible 2 day shipping and smug customer service

I ordered $2000 worth of products online. I requested 2 day shipping because I would not be at my house the following days for 2 weeks. On the day the product should have arrived, I called customer service because I had yet to receive a shipping notification. Gloria answered and told me that she would look into it to see if I could get it by Friday. That afternoon, I still haven't heard anything from anyone and called again. This time I got Jane, who was polite but unable to help. I asked for my call to get escalated. Caesar took my call and treated me as if he was the customer. He made me feel as if I was doing something wrong by calling to inquire about why my order was not there when they said it would be. His treatment was so bad, that I canceled my order. I will never shop at Neiman Marcus again.

Neiman Marcusstop canceling my orders

Dear Neiman Marcus administration (or whatever it's really called) I am asking you to stop canceling my orders without notifying me. It is very irritating.
I have been trying to order one item I urgently need. And unfortunately, your store is the only store that has it. So please stop this mess.
I wrote to you many emails asking to call me back. I would also call, but your employees never pick up the phone.
I was provided no reasons for cancellation. So maybe I will be heard and this terrible mess will stop.
Who knows. I believe in miracles.

Neiman Marcus — messy

They don't work properly. Their customer service is dumb. Lazy and unorganized. Takes them forever to answer emails. I think there's only one person in their customer service and...

Neiman Marcus — not honoring promotions

This company does not honor its promotions. I did the gift card with purchase promo and was entitled to a $50 gift card. Basically, i never received it. No one contacted me to let...

Neiman Marcus — oribe gold lust shampoo

I was at the Roosevelt field mall shopping and decided to do some shopping at neimanmarcus and proceeded to purchase the gold lust repair shampoo by oribe at high price point of...

Neiman Marcus — purchase/return/misleading information

Sunday July 9th I along with my husband when to the mall looking for a men flip flop, he stopped a couple store didn't find what we were looking for, them decided to stop by...

Niemanmarcus.comthey sell defective item with dubious inventory management

I made an online purchase through for pick up at store on March 3, 2017 . Store Pickup WN7985719683. I saw the jacket in the store previously and I knew what the coat was like. The coat was supposed to have a core coat with a hood and a shell coat. I checked the item if it is correct item at the store, thank God. The coat did not have the shell part. Returned on the spot. I was told it was hopeless to find the missing piece from the warehouse. Disappointed I came home empty handed.
Sometime later, I found the same type of coat on on April 19, 2017 Believing that the warehouse found the missing piece, I ordered again. This time, I have it shipped to my place. The product came with missing piece again. No outer shell! It looks like Nieman sent me the same defective product I sent for missing piece. I took it back to the store complaining how it can happen again.
On April 28, I found the same type of coat again. I called customer service this time to order the product. I was assured warehouse will check if the item has two parts(core jacket and the shell jacket) before it was sent; I also emailed the request. I received the order today and Nieman sent the defective coat AGAIN! Be aware is not doing inventory control at all and DO NOT BUY anything at this online store. You cannot trust what you get. WHY DO YOU WASTE CUSTOMER'S TIME unless you deliberately hope customer not to catch the mistake and take the defective item?
I made fool of myself and waste tons of time( which amounts to money to me) dealing with this merchant. When I complained, they offered $100 discount on other comparable coat. ( The coat price was $897).
I rather share my experience with other unassuming customers so that my time would help warn others.

Neiman Marcusrude and unprofessional service

I wanted to return my dress because it did not fit. Neiman Marcus support service was highly unprofessional and they were not able to answer any of my questions. I asked what was the return process but they refused to tell their return address. Their rep wasn't friendly and spoke in a rudely manner, and when I asked to talk to their manager they refused to give me his contact details.
This was my first experience with Neiman Marcus and I can say that they need to do something with that customer service because it impossible to deal with them. I personally will not be buying from them again and I am not happy about that. I wanted to buy more staff from Neiman Marcus, but I changed my mind. Never again.

Neiman Marcusonline customer service gave false information and run around

I live chat with a Neiman Marcus online customer service rep immediately after placed an online purchase to request two small shopping bags to be enclosed with the shipping. Just when I thought my request was taken care of, there was NO sight of shopping bags when I received the packages. Called the online customer services just to be told they do not provide bags and can't guarantee the store would honor my request for my online purchase! STRIKE 1 for providing customers with false information and zero resolution! After putting me on hold a few times to check with her supervisor, the rep still provide no solutions. Finally, after I requested the name of her supervisor, then the rep reluctantly transferred the call to her boss. Karen, the supervisor, started out stick to the same answer: no bag, no resolution. She said the live chat rep told her that I requested to "upgrade shipping"! SERIOUSLY?! Later, Karen said she doesn't know who answered my chat! REALLY?! STRIKE 2 for treating customers like they are a fool. Finally, Karen told me the in-store customer service will be more than happy to fulfill my requests of two shopping bags and offered a 10% discount. Honestly, I can care less about that 10% discount after so much time wasted and energy burned. Just gave me a honest straight answer to begin with! STRIKE 3 so much so for Neiman Marcus Online "Customer SERVICE"!!

Neiman Marcus — neiman marcus on line shopping refuse refund my shipping cost and staff misleading

My order and return summary Order date: january 21, 2017 Order number: wn8324234289 Return authorization date: february 1, 2017 Return authorization number...

Neiman Marcusproducts and services

It was so hard to communicate with your department. they are no idea of the basic bags style and bags names. seriously, im kind of disappointed. your store carrying a lot of luxury bags but no idea why a minor mistakes can be make.

I would like to buying Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium Leather Satchel Bag but every time when i purchase the bag, it automatic change into a different bags. THIS IS THE ISSUE . I am not buying L62RZ Crossbody Hex Bucket Bag-Smo, this is a bucket bag not PS 1 medium. I am buying Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium Leather Satchel Bag. They are two different style of bag. if you dont know then please google it and see the pictures.

This is the Proenza Schouler 'Medium PS1' Satchel; but the orders that i had was⇄
They are two different bags, sigh,I was so piss off letting you guys playing around like a ball between the your department and the customer department.

come on, this is a top retail still making a mistakes on the luxury of bags name and style? are you seriously?

products and services
products and services

Neiman Marcus — credit card / customer experience

Hello, about two months ago I applied by phone for a nm credit card . The process was fairly quick and response I was approved . I immediately asked for a credit increase since I...

Neiman Marcusinadequate customer service

I ordered a Roland Mouret dress on November 24, 2016 at discounted price of $1, 587.00 (original price was approximately $2, 000) by calling Neiman Marcus' customer service. Since this is an expensive item and i wanted to be sure it fit, I specifically requested and ordered a UK size 8. The customer representative confirmed my order of a UK size 8 and NOT a US size 8 would be shipped to me.

I received the dress on November 29, 2016, however, the dress was a UK size 12. By the time I received the wrong item, the same dress in UK size 8 were sold out . I called the Neiman Marcus customer service and explained the situation. My request has been escalated to the manager of customer service department. Peggy Cartusciello, the manager of customer dept., told me that the dresses were sold out and offered me two alternative options: Option 1: she will make arrangements to have the wrong dress picked up from me or Option 2: Neiman will absorb up to $500 if I find a similar item (dress) from Neiman (in order words, they don't compensate me for anything if I order something from a different vendor, sort of like a store credit exchange).

Both options are not fair and are unreasonable options to the consumer who relied on an affirmative statement from a Neiman Marcus representative. Furthermore it was Neiman Marcus that made the mistake and has an affirmative duty to its customer (the counter party to the sale agreement) to make him/her whole. In other words, Neiman Marcus is supposed to compensate me for the full value of any difference between the item I ordered on November 24 and the replacement I chose regardless of whether the replacement I found was at Neiman Marcus or not. The options offered to me are inadequate and fail to mitigate the damages and fulfill its end of the bargain.

Neiman Marcus offers some of the the most well known merchandise in the US and is supposed to provide the highest-quality customer support that goes along with the high quality goods they offer. I am disappointed with the solutions and request that Neiman Marcus rectifies this situation and fulfills its end of the bargain.

inadequate customer service
inadequate customer service

Neiman Marcusshame!!

Neiman Marcus is the worst company I have ever dealt with! Their products are not bad, but their support service is a complete nightmare!
I purchased a pair of shoes from this store and received wrong size. Of course I contacted them and asked for help, but I received only short replies which made no sense. They said they'll resolve my issue any time soon and promised to contact me back later. After one week of waiting I contacted them again and received the same reply. What a shame for such a reputable company!

Neiman Marcus Chanel Fashion Valley San Diego — unethical behaviour

The Chanel boutique inside Neiman Marcus ( Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego) is a joke. Lack of customer service skills. First off, they pre-judge you. They sometimes will not...

Neiman Marcus — dior counter

I was planning on purchasing eye shadow from Dior and was unsure between two color palets. I ask the consultant if she can put some on to see how it would look. She told me only...

Neiman Marcus — jewelry

In 1988 I purchased a 'Burmese ruby' ring from The Precious Jewels Salon at the Bal Harbour Florida Neiman Marcus store, for $195, 000. The invoice says: "One Natural Burma Ruby...

Neiman Marcusthey wasted my time!!

I've ordered really cute shoes from and paid extra money for fast shipping. I waited and waited, but nothing showed up, so I contacted Neiman Marcus and asked about the status of my order. They said that my order was cancelled because my shoes were out of stock and offered me to pick something else. I did as they said and they promised to deliver them as soon as possible. Well, weeks passed and the same thing happened. When I reached them for the second time they said that shoes were no more in stock. What?? They did return my money and that was very nice of them, but I just wasted my time and I'm not satisfied!

Neiman Marcusthis company is completely unprofessional!

Received my order but the size was wrong so I went to the store to get a replacement. The sales person claimed I received the right size, but in the end she finally agreed to re-order. So we ordered another pair of shoes and they came two weeks later. The size was wrong again but the sales person assured me that they are supposed to be tight. I didn't want to argue so I just took the shoes. Got home and tried them on again. They were too small and not comfortable. Went back to the store asking for a refund, but they refused to give my money back. I want nothing to do with Neiman Marcus ever again! At this prices you expect excellent service and quality. This company is completely unprofessional!

Neiman Marcus, Tyson's Corner Virginia — returns/customer service

My wife and I have been loyal customers for years. Our annual spending at this particular store has been quite large. Recently, my wife had returns and they were refused. When we...