Shopbop Complaints & Reviews

Shopbop / customer services sucks!

Dec 07, 2017

I places an order 2 weeks ago, and Shopbop charged me immediately after the order confirmed. However, after that, nothing happens...The order said estimated delivery on Nov 30th, but it has not been shipped yet. I emailed to them 4 times, but no reply. Phone is always no response. Live...

Shopbop / I want a refund

Dec 05, 2017

I received an order and it turned out it didn't fit me. The quality was ok, had nothing against it. I called them to find out what exactly I had to do to return the item (you know, all companies have their own rules for this). They said I had to ship it at my expense, but the shipping cost will...

Shopbop / terrible

Sep 27, 2017

I placed an order, waited for it to arrive for one month to open the box and realize you sent me wrong items???? I quickly emailed them about the mistake and they said they will refund only after I ship the items back. They were impolite and rude. I felt so awful when talking to me. Teach your... / They are nothing but scammers!

Feb 21, 2017

I bought two items from and had to return one item due to incorrect size. Customer service rep said that they were not able to send me a replacement and offered a refund and I agreed. That was better than nothing. I paid for the return shipping and sent the incorrect item...

Shopbop / I did not receive what I ordered

Feb 08, 2017

I was a first time customer and received the most terrible service you can imagine! Made an order and purchased a shirt from their store and received an incorrect order. Of course I contacted their customer service and asked for a replacement. Shopbop customer service rep asked me to...

Shopbop / I will not buy from this site!!

Nov 23, 2016

I have ordered a dress from and never got my order. I contacted customer service and I was hoping to get some help and support, but these people did not care about me and my issue. The worst thing was that they claimed that I did receive my order. They said that they...

Shopbop / The worst shopping experience in my life.

Dec 15, 2015

I purchased a bag from Shopbop. But I didn't received a confirmation email and they kept me waiting for it for the whole week. I was pretty nervous. Then I finally got a message from Shopbop and it was a relief, everything seemed to be fine. Few weeks later my bag arrived. But it was in...

All Sale Shop / No communication and order as well

Apr 12, 2014

I bought several items from the company All Sale Shop, but after I paid for the order with my Visa card, these ### stopped to communicate with me. Yes, they provided the identification number, but it was fake and showed nothing. It was impossible to contact them, and I have no idea what to...

Shopbop / They will pay for delivery but they do not for return

Mar 07, 2014

If you decide to return something here, watch out. This is where they get you. They will pay for delivery but they do not for return and they don't tell you. If I had known I would have gone with another website that pays for the return. There are a ton of these stores online where... / Shopbop lies to me

Feb 26, 2014

I ordered several items from shopbop earier this week and was expecting my items to arrive before an event. I didnt leave time for shopping because i got a confirmation of my order and assumed everything would be here. They assured deliver in 3 days but 5 days later, I received my order. I could...

Shopbop / Charged wrongfully


I spoke with a customer service respresentative, Misty, who informed me that Shopbop received my return but I was deducted $30.00 because the box was damage and had the return label affixed to it. Footwear returns and exchanges must include the original shoe box in its original condition... / Horrible Service!


I placed an order and was informed that they were sold out of the size i ordered and i would be shipped either the next size up or down. I stated i didn't want the dress in a different size, so just return my money and they refused to do so because i placed an order for a FINAL Sale!...