Taco Bell / family pack of 10 tacos union avenue store, memphis, tn

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Ordered family pack and I believe the total was about $14.00. When we started to eat them, we found that we had only taco shells with a smear of onion/gravy and really nothing else. I paid $14.00 for empty taco shells. Very disappointing.

We had gotten them before and there was more of a mixture. I will never stop again at The Taco Bell on Union Avenue in Memphis, TN.

In the past, I have gotten food from the store on Estate which was actually food...instead of a bag of taco shells.

Please investigate the store on Union.

I was so disgusted with the food, tired and hungry that I don't have the receipt. I don't have the money to spend on "nothing".

Thank you.

Jun 01, 2019
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  • Ma
      Jun 01, 2019

    IF they had onions and gravy they were NOT EMPTY. Liar. You did not spend money on nothing liar. You spent money on tacos with onions and gravy.

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  •   Jun 01, 2019

    What did they say when you called? I mean you didn’t just post here when your fourteen dollars was wasted, right? Common sense says not to just post here but to call so you can get a reply.

    You didn’t get proper tacos. You didn’t get empty shells. I’ve never had tacos but I thought they had meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, meat sauce and accoutrements. Onions and gravy sounds like meatloaf.

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