Taco Bellworst service and took 3 days to replace meal

J Aug 12, 2018 Review updated:

Boy at regsiter named andrew made crude sexual comments to woman ahead of me in line and then proceeded to talk to me and everyone else in restaurant as though they were a burden to him. I was there to pick up a replacement meal from 3 days prior and after waiting for 15 minutes they advised me they forgot the fryer was not on and it would be another 5 minutes before I would recieve my meal that id already attempted to get twice before. The lady wrote my name down 3 days prior when is called to tell them my food was cold and incorrect. The first time they said the fryer had broke so I told them id come back the following day. I did so and this is when the rude kid at the register tried to claim my name hadnt been written down until two ladies walked up and recongized I was the same woman whose name they had wrote down. They were behind on orders and all talking very crudely to each other. They said they would get my order ready and that is when I waited for at least 15 min just to be told they forgot the fryer. I feel I should be compensated for my time and discomfort that Andrew caused. I dont even want to go back tomorrow to try again to get my meal. Please make this right!!


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      Aug 12, 2018

    odd how the fryer was off all 3 days

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