Taco Bellunethical behavior

D Nov 22, 2017

- 11/22/2017 -

I've been a fan of the Taco Bell restaurant in my home town my entire life.. until today. Earlier this evening, my sister and I attended this location to grab a quick dinner for her and myself, my brother-in-law, and 4 yr old niece, and for some reason.. that was an issue, according to an incredibly cantankerous employee. Let me explain, we placed our order in the drive thru, and as usual for this particular Taco Bell, we were left sitting for 30-45 minutes, waiting on what was really just a few of their burrito boxes and and about half a dozen crunchy tacos. Not to mention, we were one of only three cars in drive thru at this time! The wait, however, isn't the reason I'm filing this complaint, my issue is with the employee who verbally attacked my family for ordering "too much food". I've never met this human being in my life, and for all I know, maybe they were having a crummy day, but when a loyal customer (or multiple loyal customers, in this case), are being patient about someone's tardiness to fulfill their order, that should never, ever be met with a loud "Jesus [censored]ing Christ, whoever orders this much food should [censored]ing kill themselves", and "they're [censored]ing mother's a [censor]" once the customer has arrived at the pick-up window. Two weeks ago was the four year anniversary of my mother's death, so naturally I was very upset over it. As this remark was made, the worker who opened the window asked for our money, and I asked "Are you kidding me? is that attitude really necessary? I'm sorry my being hungry and expecting you guys to do your job is too much to ask". The girl in the back made no response, but the girl who made the food exchange was incredibly friendly and apologized on her behalf. So finally, after all this wait, my family still being hungry, I held back my anger, apologized for my snippy demeanor, paid for the meal, and reluctantly took the food, but I wound up not being able to eat because of how upset I was. Frankly, I'm not even sure an "I'm sorry" will be enough for me to forget about this incident, but I suppose it's a start. I've heard horror stories of poor customer service from here in the past, but I never held it against this place because I've always been treated with respect. Now I know better than to ever eat here again, at least until I know I won't be treated like garbage. Thank you for providing a model example of what a hateful, petulant human being is in this day in age, Becca (

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