Taco Bellpoor service and poor food handling!!!


I ordered a bean burrito and a steak challoppa...I Received a beef challoppa instead so returned to drive thru to explain and they replaced my order but I noticed no sour cream on my order as i origianly ordered it so I then advised them of this so then I gave order back to them again for the second time so they proceeded to open my challoppa in front of me and the manager put his finger through my food with his glove on mind you and says there it is right there...well I didn't see it and thought that It was so disgusting to put his finger through my food. I took my order and left and I felt that it was so unprofessional that he had fingered my food and never once apologized for their mistake. I am so upset over the whole ordeal I will think twice before eating at taco bell again anytime in the near future...

  • Updated by Rayna graham · Oct 21, 2017

    Poor food service and ect!!

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