Taco Bellpoor customer service

C Aug 01, 2018

On August 1 2018 at around 745am I went to drive through of Taco Bell on W. Franklin Blvd Gastonia no. No one answered drive through speaker so I pulled up to window no one answered window all lights were off only three cars in parking lot which were employees. I pull around and call three times No answer until third time and o asked what time y'all open which I knew it was 7am and the girl sounded startled and said 7am. So I go back through and they go to take my order my drink of choice was tea but I was told they hadn't made the tea yet her exact words were the nozzles are dirty and I haven't made it yet so I choose a soda instead. Pull up to window she unlocks window she Informs me it'd be a second to get her cash register draw ready then she takes my payment and tells me to pull around and wait for food to be cooked. So I waited about ten minutes then she unlocks doors to restaurant and she brought food out. So basically I sincerely do believe your employees where still closed and not intending to open until 8or later. It was one excuse after another. I think she knew she got caught. These employees names from what I could read on badges and receipt are Shayla and Courtney G. My name is Casey Mantooth [protected]

Taco Bell

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