Taco Bellmy order is always wrong


By this point I should have learned my lesson and stopped going here, but it is close, I always order my daughter soft taco's with no lettuce, it is correct on the screen so I expect it do be correct when I get it nope 5 out of 6 times I end up having to drive back to get it correct, then I end up with cold food which is gross, tonight messed up again receipt clearly states no lettuce but still got lettuce, plus my ice tea smelt like sewage my lord did they not notice it when they poured it!!? So I go to read yelp reviews wow blown away 2 out of 5 stars, how are they even open still, plus another customer had the same problem with her drink months ago, and it is still happening hello health code issues. Manager said tonight since he transferred to this site it has been nothing but complaints, someone needs to step in and fix these issues. Once in a while a mistake happens not here it seems to be the norm so either poor training or your employees just do not care.

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