Taco Bellfood, service and management

A Aug 02, 2019

I just left your Taco Bell Restaurant located at 6040 Long Prairie Dr., Flower Mound TX 75028 (972) 874-9352. I drove through the drive thru to purchase a burrito supreme. The teenager in the inter com asked me 3 times what I wanted and kept repeating the wrong item. He finally said burrito supreme, that's all. I said yes. Then a lady came on and asked me what my order. I told her a burrito supreme. She said then you need to pull up. I said I can't there are cars in front of me. Finally after about 5 minutes, the cars started to move up. I got to the window. The teenager again "$3.78 had a crispy tostada?' I said "no I had a burrito supreme." The lady behind him looked at him with hate and disgust and look at me and shook her head. I handed the teenager $10.78. He opened his register in confusion, she reached over and punched something on the register and said it's $3.68. He then gave me $7 back in change. I said I thought she said $3.68? he just gave me a blank stare. I then said you owe me 10 cents. she then pushed him away from the register and yelled (profanity in Spanish. I know Spanish. I'm Hispanic too) to someone to hand her a burrito supreme. She handed me a bag with a burrito. I asked for a water and my 10 cents. She was upset. I then drove off. I opened and bit the burrito and I don't know what it was but it has rice and spicy sauce in it. It tasted awful. I drove back and asked for my money. She apologized and offered to give me a burrito and I said no I didn't trust her food. order 238634 cashier IVERSON A

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