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Reviews and Complaints

Taco Bell verified

I mean, everything? is that an option? cuz it didn't pop up...

Absolutely awful staff, I mean, every, single, time either:
- the food is wrong
- takes too long
- has an attitude problem

Today it was attitude. It's like we're (as customers) interrupting their night. Greeted at the drive thru speaker with "go ahead." As if it was a challenge.

Order given.
Pull up, told a total, window closed.
Window open, card and drink, turns away to enter the order.
Card given, drink given, window shut.

Bag out the window, "here you go." Window closed.

No "Any sauce tonight?".
No "Have a good day."
Nothing. Literally every time.

And what's the response back? Don't come? Seems like I'm only punishing myself instead of anyone inside.

Write a review? And have the staff be told about it, then continue on as normal, or seek to retaliate by further demoralizing them, as if to stand up and justify the attitude because someone was critical of the service?

Fire the whole staff.
Install a manager that's worth a damn.
Hire a staff that gives a [censored].
Or close it.

It's like every time I have a good experience, that person quits or gets fired cuz I never see them again. The girl tonight is a frequent offender. Not even sure if this is her name on the reciept (Clifford B) but she's definitely the mascot for the attitude in the building.

Far from my only complaint, but reached my level.

Not looking for a gift card, or an apology.
Looking for change, anything less is hallow.