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Resolved fraud and scam!

I was formerly a t-mobile 'Sales Support Agent.' My job entailed fixing the mistakes of other sale...

no customer service!!!

Metro pcs has no customer service and crappy phones. When my daughers died we had to drive to the local corp owned metropcs store. They could no provide a replacement and told us to drive to the next store 34 miles away. That done they were suppose to get us a replacement phone. A week later we try to call to see in the phone is in but guess what... They dont have a phone number! I was able to get our local store but was told they dont have the numbers to other stores. They gave me a 888 number to call. That operator said they dont have numbers for the stores but I could call the 888 number (Naturally, that means I would be redialing the person i'm talking with). They could not even give me a phone number to their corp. Offices in texas. Rather, they want me to drive 68 miles round trip, most likely to be told, that our replacement phone is not yet in - especially with the high cost of gasoline today! Think about it - metropcs is a cell phone service provider. They are trying to tell consumers that they have no phones in their stores? Mind you though i've been lucky here so far because i've gotten around the non-human answering system. But for those who want to complain and let out the anger, here's an alternative for you I had to dig up with a little research: roger linquist, president, director and board chairman, 8144 walnut hill lane, suite 800, dallas tx 75231. You can also try mark stachiw, vice president and secretary, braxton carter, vice president and director, or christine kornegay, vice president all of the same corp. Address in texas. Oh by the way - according to their 2007 corp. Annual report on file with the florida department of state (Public records) the phone number written next to the endorsers name (Catherine kornegay), is [protected].

  • Me
    Metro Sucks May 07, 2009

    45 Minutes and Counting... Apparently they have removed all staff this late at night. So I'm setting things on a nice timer. Basically, because of the recent inability by MetroPCS to process credit cards, people have been unable to pay their bills on time. I, of course, being the average client, fall into this category. So I tried to pay online and suddenly, after days of trying, I get disconnected. Sucks. So I go online figuring they're now excepting credit card bills...and ... nothing. It doesn't recognize my account number. GENIUS!

    If that wasn't enough, their "new" automated system is back to it's old tricks again with a new twist. They now target your phone to see if you've paid your bill. If you have then you can continue as normal with the system. If you haven't, many options for you have been removed. About the only option available is to hang up or pay your bill. I love how the system tells you "I can help you faster, but if I can't, I'll find an agent for you." What garbage!

    **Here's the big hint of hints...Call 611 from your MetroPCS Phone. Keep saying "activate phone". It's always been a nice little backdoor to speaking to a live person; however, we're now at an hour an counting on hold waiting, and still no live person.

    So I figure I'll harass them for the next few days, chewing up their CSR queue and timing their efforts.

    Go forth and harass away! BTW, I finally after 1 hr. got ahold of a CSR...definately a noob. Aparently Metro gave everyone new account numbers...ROFL. So with new acocunt number in hand, I reminded them I had already paid and would need my phone turned on and gave the girl my Confirmation Code. Then she asked me for a credit card. WTF! I already paid and she's asking for a creidt card! While I went to go get it, she hung up. ###! I very angrily called back and waited. "The Average wait time is 9 minutes...20 minutes in this time and still no CSR to yell at. Think I'll do some research for flaming them tomorrow. 5:04AM Phone working now!

    Oh, and BTW, I found a different number for their headquarters in TX. Their address/phone is:

    2250 Lakeside Blvd.
    Richardson, TX 75082
    (214) 570-5800 or (214) 570-4641

    Investor Relations
    Keith D. Terreri, Vice
    President Finance and
    Jim F. Mathias, Manager
    Investor Relations
    www.metropcs.com (click
    on “Investor Relations”)
    Transfer Agent
    American Stock Transfer &
    Trust Company
    59 Maiden Lane
    New York, NY 10038
    Website: www.amstock.com
    Email: [email protected]
    Telephone: 1-800-937-5449
    Independent Public
    Accounting Firm
    Deloitte & Touche LLP
    Legal Counsel
    Baker Botts L.L.P., Dallas
    Stock Symbol
    New York Stock Exchange:
    MetroPCS Management
    Roger D. Linquist
    Chairman, President & Chief
    Executive Officer
    Thomas C. Keys
    Chief Operating Officer
    J. Braxton Carter
    Executive Vice President and
    Chief Financial Officer
    Mark A. Stachiw
    Executive Vice President,
    General Counsel and Secretary
    Thomas J. Bolger
    Senior Vice President, Human
    Douglas S. Glen
    Senior Vice President,
    Corporate Development
    Herbert "Chip" Graves
    Senior Vice President, Market
    Operations, West
    Malcolm M. Lorang
    Senior Vice President and Chief
    Technology Officer
    Robert A. Young
    Senior Vice President, Market
    Operations, Northeast
    Christine B. Kornegay
    Vice President, Controller and
    Chief Accounting Officer
    John J. Olsen
    Vice President and Chief
    Information Officer
    Keith D. Terreri
    Vice President Finance and
    Board of Directors
    Roger D. Linquist
    Chairman, President & Chief
    Executive Officer
    W. Michael Barnes(1)
    Former Public Company
    Chief Financial Officer
    C. Kevin Landry(2)(3)(4)
    Chairman of TA Associates,
    Arthur C. Patterson(2)(3)(4)
    Founding General Partner of
    Accel Partners
    James N. Perry, Jr.(2)(3)(4)
    Managing Director of Madison
    Dearborn Partners, Inc.
    John Sculley(1)(2) Partner in
    Sculley Brothers
    Walker Simmons(1) Partner in
    Wachovia Capital Partners
    (1) Member of Audit Committee
    (2) Member of Compensation
    (3) Member of Finance and
    Planning Committee
    (4) Member of Nominating and
    Corporate Governance


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breach of contract, poor service

Before moving back home to Louisville I decided to purchase a cell phone service for my boyfriend and I. We went with T-Mobile. At the store we were explained that everything with their plans was legit. We went with the Flex Plan. Originally, I only purchased 700 Whenever minutes which was suficient. With the plan we also received free mobile-to-mobile and nights and weekends.

It wasn't until I was frustrated with running out of minutes and tired of adding money to a Flex Acct. for more talk time that I raised our plan to 1000 Whenever minutes. Not very long after raising our plan we found that T-Mobile has been having technical issues with our area and the timezone issue.

Even if we are out of minutes our phones should still be able to call one another. We can not! We should still have free nights at 9 pm. We do not get that until early hours of the morning. So basically from the beginning we have been billed for minute that we used talking after 9 pm and to one another, which should have been considered free.

They have broken the contract I signed! The plan I wanted to buy I have never received and I cannot cancel until I pay $200 for each line. That is $400 dollars for two phones that have never provided the service they were meant to. Also I am not even allowed to lower my plan back down to 700 minutes which was a lot cheaper. I am stuck and they will not help when they caused all of this. Now they say we are billed correctly but we are not. The only solution they say: Keep a journal of all calls and for how long... I have a daughter, job, and college. I DO NOT have time to keep a live journal of my calls.


  • Ra
    Rachel Padgett Mar 31, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just wrote this complaint but the above phone number is incorrect. Please contact through email. Thank You.

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scam and fraud!

I am in the Navy and am required to move around a lot. I also do a lot of traveling inside the US visiting family and friends. My T-mobile phone only works in a few spots of the US. I always see others with version and Cingular using the phone, but mine has no antenna. I thought maybe I could get a new phone (with another 1Year contract) and that would fix my problem. I was wrong. I now have a cell phone that works less than 35% of the time while these other folks walk around me using the cell phone all the time. I will make my move to cingular after this contract.

  • Valerie Jun 03, 2016

    I have been a tmobile customer since 2002. I purchased a sidekick slide for my son march 2008 and my son has been complaining about the phone starting in june 08. The phone is fully charges and the next 10 minutes the battery is dead. I purchased 2 new charges from tnobile june 08, those two charges do not work properly and I refused to purchase new battery and new charges after spending all this money on these accessories and they don't work. I went into the tmobile and a very unprofessional guy was in there and called me ignorant. I had my son with me and I told him he was un professional and I walked out the store. I do not want tmobile anymore at this point. I am dissatisfied with tmobile and I am going to tell my family to not renew there contracts with tmobile.

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  • Th
    thomas damico Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    some one using my name to get phones

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fraud customer service and policy!

My story started with my wife getting me a Black Berry Curv through T-Mobile (my cell provider). I received...

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erasing of all info

Fax: [protected] Attention: Robert Dotson, President and Chief Executive Officer RE: ...

refusal to assist!

The company refuses to stand behind their product or offer any type of assistance to their customer I have the insurance and still was not able to get my phone fixed in a timely fashion. I was told that I was a lair and dropped my phone that I needed to file an insurance claim since I had not dropped my phone I was told it was a warranty issue. When I went to the local "warranty" replacement /service center I was insulted and told it was not something they were going to repair. I called the customer care to obtain a corporate number and was told they had only an address and no contact number. To me as a customer service agent myself this is extremely poor customer service.

The service in and of itself is horrible, the customer service only makes it ten times worse. I would not recommend this service to anyone and have in fact filed a complaint with the better business bureau.

  • Ro
    Rodney Feb 24, 2009

    They also change their plans without any prior notice taking services from you thay you paid for. When you call to get those services back they tell you that you have to pay the higher rates to get them back. They also over charge some people for the same services that others have.

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Resolved overcharged!

I have been a t-mobile customer since 2002. I receive no credit for that at all. you have to purchase their...

Resolved scam and cheating!

It all began on 09/15/2007, I called T-Mobile to inform them my fairly new cell phone was not working. I was told that I had to take it in to the store to check for water damage, etc. and to see if it was replaceable under warranty.

On 09/26/2007, I went into the T-Mobile store and the representative there by the name of Herby helped me and checked the phone and stated it was defective. He then contacted T-Mobile and was told that I would be receiving a refurbished phone with return label to send back original.

10/1/2007 (Approximate) I received my refurbished phone in the mail. Guess what? My replacement phone for my original defective phone was also defective. I was so upset that I did not want to deal with T-Mobile at that time.

10/15/2007 Called customer service to inform them that the replacement phone they had sent was also defective. Was informed that I had to take the phone back to T-Mobile store to check for water damage, etc. I then informed them that I did not have time waste and continue to go to the T-Mobile store for their mistake. Mistake of not making sure the replacement actually worked. I told them that I would have to see when I would be available to go back into the store. I was told that it was fine and had time.

10/31/2007 Went in to T-Mobile store to check phone again for defectiveness. At that time I was really upset since I paid full price for the phone $450.00 with taxes, and was getting a refurbished phone. This did not make sense! I was offered a new cell phone but the replacement cell phone is actually cheaper than my phone and did not have the capabilities my MDA does. After much dispute with the T-Mobile clerk she contacted technical support. I spoke to a supervisor who was very rude and did not help at all. He stated all that he could do was replace the replacement. I would then be on my third MDA. Supervisor told me in front of T-Mobile clerk over the phone that he would send out replacement and once I received it to return the original phone, and the first replacement.

11/15/2007 Contacted T-Mobile that I had not received replacement and was waiting to receive the phone to return the original and second replacement. Was then informed that it would be sent out as soon as possible that there was a back order on the phone and did not have refurbished ones in stock. How can you not have inventory on a phone you have sold. I hung up.

12/21/2007 Called T-Mobile again and was told that a replacement was never sent because I did not send in my original phone. I did not send it in because I was told to send back the orginal and the first replacement when I received the new replacement. I couldn't believe all the chaos. At that time I told the representative that I would be sending it in that day and she said it was fine. Never once did she say it was too late to send phone back and receive a credit for the restocking fee. Was told that I would receive credit on of before 12/30/2007.

12/24/2007 Tracked the phone they received it on 12/24/2007 and called in the same day. I was told that it was still in the process.

12/31/2007 Called T-Mobile and was told that I would not be getting the restocking fee back and that I would have to pay $505.36, may I mention the phone cost was $399.99 plus tax approximately $450.00. So how can they charge $505.36 for a phone that was never that much to begin with.

First, he stated that I was being charged the restocking fee because my phone had water damage. I then stated, 'how can it have water damage when a T-Mobile representative at the T-Mobile store checked the phone for water damage and stated that it was just defective there was no water damage and she called it in to get the new replacement.' He then sounded confused and changed his story.

Then he stated that I had passed that return time frame and would have to pay this restocking fee. I explained all the issues I had and was told by the representative that there was no one, I mean no one, at this time, that could reverse the charges. I then told them how could they charge $505.36 and keep the phone. The guy did not know what he was talking about. He stated, 'you have a refurbished phone that we sent to you that is why you're paying the restocking fee.' I then stated, 'no I'm paying the restocking fee because you're showing I did not send back the original phone which is a lie because I did and I have a tracking number from UPS to prove that someone there signed for it. The restock fee is a charge that is placed on the account if you do not return the original phone that was replaced by the refurbished phone that you sent. It's basically charging you for the replacement.' He argued for a while and I then asked to speak to supervisor.

The supervisor understood what I was saying but he then stated that there isn't a way to get the phone back. Once they receive that phone it's hard to get it back. How in the heck can you profit twice from me. 1. You have my original phone which works better that the refurbished phone they sent. 2. I have now paid for the restocking fee for the phone I sent back. I then asked to cancel my services but you know what happens then. They threaten you with the cancellation fee of $200.00.

I'm not going to give up though, I've paid this restock fee which really hurts your pocket when you have an $750.00 cell phone bill and $505.36 really isn't yours.

  • Ma
    mae Oct 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    did you have this resolved? and may i ask how? i'am currently in the same situation as you and I've been calling and calling t-mobile and been arguing with them.

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billing issues!

Have a complaint on T-Mobile. I called on 01/06/2008 to see why my bill was 710.00. I have been with them for almost a year and never had this problem. The rep told me to look on my statement at the overages and call back if I see a problem. I did just that and even emailed them. I called today spoke with Cindy in Corporate Office advise her of situation. All she did was keep getting an attitude with me instead of resolving the issue. I was suppose to have T-Mobile to T-Mobile calls added to my account in May when I did a different plan. I was told that my Favorite 5 can only be updated every 30 days even if your T-Mobile phone states that it is updated. Now the other calls which I was responsible for would be taking care of. I called again and the lady Jessica just made arrangements with me to pay the balance just not all at once. This company is a ridiculous wireless service. They treat their customers very rude. You would think they would show some type of courtesy since it is their fault and I have been a customer for almost a year and never had a billing issue or balance that was this high.

  • Ju
    Juvenal caceres Jun 02, 2015

    no se si esto se pued en el idioma español, super cansado del mal servicio de T-mobile...servicio al cliente pesimo parece que uno estubiera hablando con una maquina, hacen que lo escuchan a uno y no...todos los meses hay algo para reeclamar inventan costos y llamadas que jamas se han autorizado y llamadas que jamas se hicieron...le colocan a uno servicios que jamas se autorizaron ...arreglan y el proximo mes lo mismo

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billing disputes!

We have been battling with T-Moble regarding charges contact from ER Solutions regarding payments that are...

misleading phone plans

I have been a customer with T MOBIL since 2000, I have problem with the sales representative, not obeying my request for a one year plan. I verbally told the rep. I wanted a One Year Plan, and she signed to a two year plan. This Rep knew exactly what she was doing, keeping me focused on her people skills and not on what I requested. I added two phones on the family plan I specifically told the rep I not sure about responsibility my family would have with these phones, so I need a One year contract. I know these reps get a rate for each plan they sale, but when it comes to being hustled, as if I was buying a phone on the street by a T MOBIL REP, I am out shocked. A big company like T MOBIL have turned their companies representation over to the common sale rep, who is not thinking of the companies rep, but who they can trick to obtain their quota for the month. Shame on you T MOBIL and I WILL MAKE A SPECIAL EFFORT TO LET ALL WHO WILL LISTEN TO LOOK OUT FOR THOSE HUSTLER REP IN THE T MOBIL OFFICE.

  • Jo
    Joung Kim Jan 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am writing in regards to the terrible experience I had with T-Mobile’s customer service and their breach of the contract that we agreed to. I have been a good customer with T-mobile since 2001. I renewed my contract on December 21, 2007 after a sales representative coaxed me into a 2 year contract by saying that they would give us 4 phones, the “Samsung Beat” with our contract. She said that if anything was wrong with the phones in the first month, then they would send replacements without any questions. On December 27, 2007, we received the phones and found that one of the memory cards was not functional and the battery did not last long. We called on December 30, 2007, and the representative told us that she would send another phone to replace the old phone and that we would need to send the old phone back to them. We received one new replacement on Jan 2, 2008. The following day on January 3, 2008, we sent the old phone back by UPS.

    On January 9, 2008, I called T-mobile because my other family members were having trouble with their phones as well. The communication during phone calls was not clear and it was hard to hear the other person on the line, the calls would be dropped and the battery would last for one day and then fail. This was a common complaint among are family members who were using the new phone, the Samsung Beat.

    When I called T-mobile on January 9, 2008, a customer service representative answered the phone. I explained the situation to him and he said that I had to send the phone into the company and then they would have to fix it and send it back. I explained that the other representative had sent me a replacement and I had sent the old phone back to the company the next day. Also, in the first 30 days, the phone is supposed to be replaced with a new one, not repaired. He refused to listen to me and was very rude as he told me the only way to remedy the situation was to repair the phone. He put me on hold for 30 min and would come back no information and he made me switch phones so he could do useless testing on the phone. There was also loud laughter and noise in the background and it was evident that the people in the office were not doing their jobs.

    I asked to speak with his supervisor who came on the phone after another 30 minutes. He refused to give me his name and his ID number because the conversation was being recorded and he said his information was in the account summary. This made me doubt that he was the supervisor. He was ruder than the previous salesperson and said that I needed to send back the phone and there were no other options. Then he proceeded to hang up on me.

    I could not believe the poor customer service that T-mobile gives its customers once they have signed a 2 year contract. They treat their customers with disrespect knowing that they have their business for 2 years. The incompetence of the customer service representatives was also appalling as they would put me on hold for long periods of time and return with no answer. The lack of professionalism was even evident at the manager level as the manager refused to give his name and as he hung up on a customer. I have never experienced such rude and unprofessional business practices. As a customer, I could not believe that T-mobile would have the audacity to behave this way considering that there are so many cell phone companies that I could switch my service to.
    They also did not honor the contract with the phones. The original sales representative told me that they would replace the phone immediately within the first month if it was not working properly. However, the representatives last night said that I had to send the phone back to them so they could repair it. This is the most absurd proposition I have heard from a cell phone company who knows that customers rely on cell phones heavily. Therefore, to give up a phone while a designated time of repair is not given may mean that it could take weeks before a phone is returned. Also, it would allow the company to refuse any replacements by sending the phone after 30 days allowing them to deny any responsibility thereafter. It is evident that all of our family members have had complaints with this phone and therefore it is not a single phone problem. Does T-mobile realistically believe that we should give up all of our phones while they continue to charge us for service fees?

    They failed to uphold the agreement in the contract of replacing the phones within the first month for defects. They also provided terrible customer service which was appalling. Their unprofessional conduct should not go without repercussions and they should be reprimanded for their unethical business practices.

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  • lizzet burnie Jul 19, 2009


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  • Da
    David Mich Apr 30, 2011

    Only a few months back, in our second year of service agreement, we found on our bills some sneaky charges on phone equipment warranty even though we never ordered the warranty. I had to call to complain before they removed the charges.

    A few months after we signed our service contract, the agent told us that we could switch from the Five Faves option to an any-time minute option and save, but she didn't tell us that there would be a service charge of some $70 for the switch!

    More recently, we ordered a web-access service for one of our three family lines. The agent offered to give us one month of free web access service for the other two lines. We thought this offer was only for one month of service, and was free. So we accepted it. Little did we know that it was actually a long-term service, just free for the first month. We were conned into believing that it was for only one month. We wound up being charged for two months of service for two lines for something we didn't even know we had. Consumers Report rated T-Mobile service as high, but my experience has been that it is definitely the worst of all. They give you sneaky, incomplete information to trap you and hit you with unexpected charges.

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rebates not recieved

I signed up with T-Mobile in June of 2004. I got what I thought was a decent plan at $39.99 for 600 minutes per month, a one year contract, and a Samsung phone which came with a $50 mail in rebate. I sent in all the paperwork and never got the $50 rebate. After a few aggravating months, I stopped calling T-Mobile and accepted the $50 loss. In September 2007, I decided to upgrade my phone, which also came with a $50 mail in rebate and of course I had to extend my contract with T-Mobile for another two years. I received the phone in a timely manner but with absolutely no paperwork, for the rebate, nor the charges for the new phone. I called T-Mobile days later to see why I haven’t received the bill or rebate forms and was assured that I would receive those in the mail. I never got them. I called T-Mobile again and was told to wait until the charges were put on my credit card and then to call their office to have the rebate forms sent to me. Well, it wasn’t until late November 2007 that my credit card was charged for the new phone. I called their office on December 2, 2007 to discuss this with them and the representative that helped me told me that I had to call Young America (the company that deals with all their rebate offers) to have them mail me the rebate forms. Now the representative at Young America (Lewis #493366) tells me that they cannot mail me any rebate forms, T-Mobile has to do that. So I call T-Mobile once again. This time, their representative (Jenna #0150409) tells me that they cannot mail me the rebate forms either. WHY AM I GETTING THE RUN AROUND? I don’t understand, so I request to speak to a supervisor or another representative that could better assist me and all she does is say, “I understand how you feel, but there is nothing that we can do.” I also tell her that I was given the run around when I first signed up with T-Mobile and that I refuse to let them do the same to me again and that now I am just requesting that T-Mobile credit my account for $50. She refused to that by saying again, “I understand how you feel, but there is nothing that we can do.” T-Mobile is simply refusing to send me the rebate forms and if they ever do, then I will be denied the rebate because I didn’t file it in a timely manner with the company. T-Mobile has seriously disappointed me. I will never recommend them. I will make sure that I tell everyone about how T-Mobile has no regard for their customers.

Resolved customer care?

Below are the exchanges I have had over the past few days with T Mobile Customer Care. Unfortunately I did not make a copy of my original complaint to T Mobile, which is replied to below.

----- Original Message -----

From: customercare AT t-mobilesupport.com

To: Brett

Sent: Sat Nov 17 08:45:06 2007

Subject: Re: My T-Mobile.AccountManagement

Dear Brett,

Hello, my name is Beckee. I am so very thankful that you have taken the time out of your busy schedule to contact T-Mobile! I will be more then happy to assist you, as we at T-Mobile always want to leave you with a long lasting impression of T-Mobile's World Class Customer Service! I see from your email that you are upset because of the handlings of the account yesterday as you were both unable to verify the account and have it unlocked. I am very sorry that this has happened, as I know how frustrating it can be when you are unable to access the account! I will be happy to look into this for you! Brett, I am truly sorry as I know just how annoying this is, but the account has not been verified. If seems that a PIN number has not been added to your account so we will need you to create one. In order to do so, I need you to verify this account with the following information: Account holder's name: Account holder's birthday: Address listed on account:

Please verify with the above information and as well include a PIN number to add to the account. This can be 1-10 numbers (numbers only). We will then add this to your account so that you can verify it in the future with no problems! If you have any more questions Brett, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care Center by calling the toll free number [protected] or by dialing *TOGO then SEND on your handset. You can also reply to this email and a Customer Care Specialist will be more then happy to assist you! Thank you again Brett for contacting T-Mobile and for being a loyal customer! We value our customers as without you, we would not have won our 6th J.D. Powers and Associates award! It is because of you that we strive to make our company the best! Kindest Regards,

Beckee F. 7284550

Customer Care Specialist T-Mobile USA

----- Original Message -----

From: Brett

To: customercare AT t-mobilesupport.com

Sent: Sat Nov 17 09:38:29 2007

Subject: Re: My T-Mobile.AccountManagement

Beckee or whomever receives this,

The information as presented below is incorrect. Locking the account was my mistake but it was fixed yesterday morning with my first phone call. Now I will get to the real matter at hand. The REAL problem came from an attempt to add money to my daughter's Sidekick from Thursday night. When I input all applicable data and my contact phone numbers the next screen said you were having technical difficulties and were sorry. As I found out with my third or fourth phone call to customer care this was because my credit card had to be verified. I also found out from the 8th person I spoke with that you have a 4 hour timeout for verification and if you are busy and don't get to a request it still timeouts without any action being taken. I asked why I wasn't called and the third person I spoke with said you have to abide by telemarketing rules. I then asked why my cell phone wasn't called. He didn't have a response. This was the same customer care rep that told me the $100 option I chose Thursday night isn't applicable to the Sidekick. (if it isn't applicable then why is it an option for her account? Makes you wonder) I then got back online and chose the $50 option. The exact thing happened with the error screen. I called back to inquire and it was at this time I was transferred to and thru 3 reps. I requested to speak to a supervisor more than once. I was hung up on during one of these. I finally spoke with Allan in the verification department who was my 8th care rep in an hour of trying to find out why I could not add money to an account. It is my impression that I was lied to which is evidenced by the different information provided by 2 people on the $100 option and by the statement you have to abide by telemarketing rules so my phone wasn't called to verify the credit card. I told Allan that if this Sidekick wasn't a gift to my daughter I would just throw it away. There is no reason I can see for me to have to go through what I did yesterday morning. In fact, my very last line requested a phone call to discuss this issue and T Mobile figured it would be easier to modify the issue at hand and send an e-mail instead. Now, do you think there is a reason for me to be frustrated and to have a fabulous long lasting impression of T Mobile? It is back in your court. What do you think the leadership of T Mobile would make of this? I do not think this is in line with the core values of the company. Brett

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Dear Brett,

Hi my name is Tom, thank you for taking the time to contact T-mobile. I understand you are very upset over an issue you experienced when trying to add a $100.00 refill to your daughter's prepaid service account and you asked a few questions. I will strive to provide you with world class customer service. We realize how important this issue is to you Brett, and I will be happy to help you out today. I understand your frustration with the refill issue you experienced and I sincerely apologize for that. I have reviewed the prepaid account and it reflects a refill of $50.0 was added to her prepaid account a couple of days ago. I am not sure how I can help you, but I will answer the questions you have provided as best as I can.

1. When I input all applicable data and my contact phone numbers the next screen said you were having technical difficulties and were sorry. As I found out with my third or fourth phone call to customer care this was because my credit card had to be verified?

This information was not available to us for a review, but I believe this information was provided to you by the prepaid service center and it sounds correct.

2. I also found out from the 8th person I spoke with that you have a 4 hour timeout for verification and if you are busy and don't get to a request it still timeouts without any action being taken?

Again this is not information we have available to us, and I believe the prepaid service knows their system better than we do. I am not sure if this was correct, but it sounds good as an answer.

3. I asked why I wasn't called and the third person I spoke with said you have to abide by telemarketing rules?

This is definitely a correct statement, and I am sorry we are not able to call you to address your prepaid refill issue.

4. This was the same customer care rep that told me the $100 option I chose Thursday night isn't applicable to the Sidekick. (If it isn't applicable then why is it an option for her account?

This is definitely confirmed mis-information, and I sincerely apologize as she is able to add a $100.00 refill to her prepaid service account.

5. I requested to speak to a supervisor more than once. I was hung up on during one of these. I finally spoke with Allan in the verification department who was my 8th care rep in an hour of trying to find out why I could not add money to an account?

Again I apologize your call was disconnected with the prepaid service center, and for future reference you can add a refill by contacting the prepaid refill center by pressing *ADD and send on the prepaid handset.

6. Now, do you think there is a reason for me to be frustrated and to have a fabulous long lasting impression of T Mobile?

I definitely see where you are coming from and I would be upset as well if my call was mis-handled and I was transferred around from one agent to another. Again I apologize!

7. What do you think the leadership of T Mobile would make of this?

This is a very good question, and regrettably I am not upper management and I am unable to comment on how they would handle your concern.

If you have any further comments, questions, or concerns feel free to contact us at anytime. Reply back to this E-mail quoting this case number 1018197, or please call back at [protected], *TOGO send from your handset.

Thank you for choosing T-mobile. We appreciate and value your business and loyalty since December 2006 Brett.


Tom G. Agent rep ID# 7284055

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You are just as incapable of addressing this as the last. I will send this to T Mobile management to address as well as any other pertinent business tracking agencies which report on the customer service received. Brett

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    Email Customer Care Oct 11, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    T-Mobile has outsourced their email customer care to a company named NCO. NCO's center in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada has been where ALL your emails have been coming from for a long time.

    Now they have sent all the emails to the PHILIPPINES! Get ready for your email and webchat customer care to be coming from Filipino people! HAHA. I thought T-Mobile would never go offshore? They do through NCO. You thought your customer care was bad before?!

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shaddy charges


After spending over 1 hour with 2 of T-Mobile representatives namely John & Josh whose ID numbers are P12447565 & 4837530 respectively, I was so dissapointed in the type of service T-mobile if offering.

Both of them could not explain to me as to why T-Mobile is charging me close to $ 60.00 on SMS's that I didn't even make.

Surprisingly Josh who claims to be a supervisor with T-Mobile even told me that he would gladly cancel my service while I was still on the line with him. If it's true that T-Mobile records conversations with customers for quality assurance purposes, then I hope you will be able to listen this my conversation with these T-Mobile representaives.

After endlessly explaining to them that I don't know any thing on these dubious charges, all Josh told me is that I have to pay.

When I opted to talk to his surpvisor he said that the supervisor wasn't in at that moment.

If this is the type of training that T-Mobile is offering to it's representatives then this Corporate is doomed.

I know that what I pay T-Mobile is just a drop of sand in the ocean, but it adds up eventually. So for a "supervisor" to say that he would help me there and them to disconect my line just sends shivers down my spine.

Again all I'm asking to revise my bill & take out those "yahoo mgrs" with a code of "4701".

Bye the way John naively told me to call "Yahoo" & said "Yahoo" would be in a better postion to help me.

Again I'm extremely disappointed in the type of service I received tonight 11/14/2007.

Dissapointed "Customer"

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    Robert Mar 26, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been a customer since 98 and until recently have never had an issue with Tmobile. I was mislead by a Tmobile representative into believing that it would be in my best interest to switch my plan to one that had less minutes. I was told that adding on tmobile to tmobile would end up saving me money but that was not the case. After spending an hour on the phone after receiving a $500+ bill, I was told that there was nothing they could do for me. I HAVE BEEN A CUSTOMER SINCE 1998. I am surprised to see that my loyalty has not been recipricated.

    I hope that small commission percentage was worth it.

    Goodbye Tmobile...Hello AT&T

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missleading sales and service

Today i contacted tmobile regarding disconnection of my service. I spoke to
Don the financial specialist and then Kelly in your Kansan office who is also another financial specialist. He could not help me so he transfered me to kelly who could not hear me and said she was going to call back but did not.I have four issues with t-mobile but i honestly do not expect to get them handles as you have no interest in customer service it's all about the money with tmobile. This is illustrated in the many other complaints that exist for your company.

1. Service. In the past 2 to 3 months your service has degraded. Calls are periodically not being delivered and are going straight to voice mail, which will eventually show up. This is happeining to other tmobile customers that i know in other states.

2. In July of this year i changed with my girlfriend and her daughter to a family plan. I was told i had to zero balance before this could go into place at the amount of about $ 740.00 i was told at this time that i had a zero balance. Two weeks later i get a bill for over $ 800.00 dollars, when questioned you support their answer is that it was an outstanding amount and we should have been told about it. This is wrong is was paid up.

3. In August i get a bill and i was expecting a bill for $ 180.00 because we had changed to the family plan back in August and most of our calls are between the three of us. But instead i get a bill for about another $ 600.00 saying that we have gone over the plan. This is impossible and your system is erronous, i have timed calls and recorded them and your system is not accurate.

4. I was in Canada at the end of September. I just checked on the internet that i had roaming charges for 630 minutes. I know this is expensive and this is why i keep my calls short. There is no way that i have over 10 hours of talk time i was only there for 4 days.
i moved 2 months ago and notified your office. I have not recieved a bill since then.

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    Sanchez Marketing Sep 17, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Tmobil has the customer service, disconnecting my services every month or every two weeks when the amount they give me is incorrect. They charge deposits for all three lines almost every other month because of the wrong amounts they tell me my bill is going to be and its not. Reconnection fees all the time for all three lines. Im very pissed off that I kept getting adjusments and refunds because of their lies but the amount I was always paying wasnt going on the monthly bill, just paying for the reconnection to have it on for a couple of days..Im livid that they even gave me a 30 day grace period and they still turned it off before the period was over..PLEASE help

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out of warranty fee scam

I received a phone when I started up the plan. The phone had terrible reception and often cut out. The...

defective items and poor information from customer service reps

My main complaint with this company is that they totally screwed me on a phone that i upgraded to. I originally purchased a blackberry a little over a year ago. I was able to upgrade after the year of the service so i did, i upgraded to the sidekick id (i originally wanted a sidekick a year ago but they were not in stock) I paid over $100.00 and added an additional 2 years to my service contract to do this.

I received my new sidekick and for 2 days it was stuck on the activation screen so i called and they had to trouble shoot for me to get it to bypass this (the phone is completely inactive while on this screen, so i had no phone for 2 days) once this problem was solved i was able to use the phone but i noticed that all of my calls had this really high pitch sound in the ear piece and the sound would cut in and out in the conversation (i had perfect reception by the way)

So i called into tmobile and they did some trouble shooting and i went along with it and gave it a day or so and it still did the same thing as before and so i called back for a 3rd time now and they advised that i needed to replace my sim card. In order to replace the sim card you have to go to a tmobile store (the nearest one is 45 min from my home) I had to wait until the weekend to do this seeing how i have kids and work and all that good stuff during the week.

I went to the store and they advised that the sim card would cost me $20.00 and then an additional $20.00 to have the information transferred to the new one from the old one. So i refused the new sim and tried it on 2 other tmobile phones that i had and i had no issues on these phones so in conclusion it was the phone that they had sent me.

I called back to the t mobile tech support and advised and they wanted me to do more trouble shooting and i refused and demanded a new phone be sent to me. They agreed and sent out a phone. The phone they sent me is a used phone and it works worse than the first one i received.

My point is that i paid for a new phone and i have not received a phone that works properly yet. I don't think i should have to settle for a used phone seeing how i called in from day 1 on the new phone.

On top of that this same month i called in and advised that i was going on a cruise and that i needed to know how the rate would work on this cruise. The rep asked where i was going and i told him to the Bahamas and Cococay. He told me that the cost would be $2.99 a min. I received my bill and it was $322.00 instead of the normal $118.00 a month. The charges were $5.99 a min and they charged me for roaming and texting after i was told by tmobile it was included in my plan.

How do people get away with this. What is a person to do??? Advise smb!

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    Kevin Sep 17, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    T-Mobile tries to hide behind every bush they can to avoid replacing a phone. 99% of the time when they replace a phone, it's with a refurbished phone. The only way you can almost guarantee a new phone is going to a store and watching the reps open a box in front of you. I've had more problems with Tmobile phones (mostly ones that have MP3 players/Memory Card Slots) than I've had with any other electric devices. It's more of a hassle when you have a Sidekick/Blackberry type data devices because they require you to send them back first and they'll either fix them or send you a refurbished one (where other problems are most likely going to arise) They told me they wanted me to pay $20 dollars to ship me out another SideKick Slide, on top of the price of gas to get to the post office and the price of the shipping back the defective unit. If you complain about that issue enough they should waive the fee for you esp if you mention that you are going to go to another provider because you are having so many issues with THEIR units and are given so much of a hassle to get repaired or replaced and the lack of service quality.

    All I know is that I've had tmobile for 2 years and when I get my tax return in March/April, I'm going to cancel my service (unfortunately a whopping $600) plus the last months service :-(and go with Verizon.

    They are trying to make up for poor service quality with the hype over new phones like the BlackberryPearl 8220 flip phone, the HTC Dream (not official name yet) and the TMobile Android (not official name either) that are all expected to be available by year end. This is kinda like a suck-up to the public for crappy services. Don't know if it'll work or not tho.

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  • Xt
    XTmoblefan Jan 24, 2009

    I agree whole heartedly and have had similar experence with TMobile. I entered into a contract with them for a Sidekick - Internet (texting only) for my grand daughter. Problems began within two months. From the service plan being changed to Cell phone and changes of 0ver $300. for text messages. I expected TMoble to investigate how this could happen. No calls made during that time... So it certainly wasn't my grand daughter! But settled for a credit.

    Then the Sidekick stopped working - Power issues. The phone was taken to local Tmoble centers. Charger replaced. Was told that the device had water damage. If the device was not dropped in a puddle, sink or other pool of water. I needed an explanation of how this could happen.

    I'm at the point my credit (current Score 800) is being jepardized by this one internet only account.

    The Customer Service experience really depends upon who is at the other end. While I had to call numerous times to get changes removed while the Sidekick was unservicable, on two occasions the young ladies were quite helpful. However, on two other occasions, I was treated very disrespectfully. My questions were ignored and the Customer Care persons acted like collection agents verses dealing with the ongoing equipmenr issues. a reasonable company would offer equipment options and not threats to charge you for the remainder of the contract.

    I have been a Verizon customer for over 10 years. Had thought about moving to TMoble until these issues unfolded.

    I'd love to hear from other Sidekick customers...

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lousy coverage areas!

I cannot get a signal in my own house... unless I manage to stand in certain areas of my house (never exactly...

false charges

I am being charge for a cell that I never used. I have never had a cell phone from t mobile. First letter was for $758.58 now they to pay half and call it paid in full

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    Pamela Kuma Apr 10, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I had something similar happen to me. Probably a year ago and a little over a year, I turned in my 7500 blackberry and found out later that I was charched a whopping over $200. When I called to investigate, I was told I had dropped my phone in water hence it was damaged. Mind you, the only reason why I turned the phone in for an exchange was because he charging port on the blackberry was not connecting properly with the cable causing my phone to die. It could not be charged. When I called and made the complaint, I was informed that it was a well known problem and that I should send it back once I received the new one. I did just that. After trying to explain it to them that there was no way possible for me to have dropped the phone in water and then sent it their way, they still cut off my service until I paid it off.

    Recently, roughly about two months ago, I encounted the same problem again. This time, I went by one of the T-mobile stores for them to double check it and confirm that it was the port. Nothing else was wrong with the phone. When I called T-mobile, I made sure I said to the representative that nothing was wrong with the phone except the charger was not connecting to the port on the phone. I also mentioned my past experience with them. The moist generated on the cell phone while UPS is transporting the phone from one destination to other is unavoidable. Needless to say, I am being charged over $200 for the phone I sent back.

    This is fraud by T-mobile. How many people are returning their blackberries with same issue and are being charged 200 dollars. Imagine the amount of money they are illegally making off people who using their services. They don't make it easier for you to drop it off at a T-mobile store for them to package, knowing very well that the moist is inevitable and that is their money making outlet.
    I am going to contact Help me Howard to help me. Once this is done, I will not USE T-MOBILE AGAIN.


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  • Gi
    girl66216 Feb 13, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been a customer for over 15 years and had my smart phone for about a year now. I never fully used my 200MB data limit and frequently used 10% or so or my allowed amount. Last night, when I was asleep and my phone was charging, my records showed data usage of 250+MB. I called customer service and was assured it was some kind of a fluke and that a credit will be given to me since this was my first request. However, when I was transferred to next customer service agent I was told that the only way for me to avoid paying for extra usage is to sign up for a higher data plan. When I asked to be told which internet sites I allegedly "visited" to generate such significant data usage I was told that they do not have those records. I believe this is an illegal skim by T-Mobile to get people sign up for more expensive services - first they manipulate your phone/their records to claim you used excess data and then they "force" you to sign up for more expensive services under the disguise of doing you a favor. I know I did not use the phone so either T-mobile (or its partner) sold me me a defective product that connects to Internet without my permission or T-mobile manipulated its data systems. I am seeking people in similar situation so that we can possibly obtain legal representation for class action litigation. It will not cost us anything and should teach T-Mobile to respect its customers and not to falsify the data usage.

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