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SunTrust Banks reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on May 30, 2007. The latest review Overdraft Fees was posted on Apr 7, 2021. The latest complaint freeze my account by suntrust was resolved on Jan 29, 2018. SunTrust Banks has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 301 reviews. SunTrust Banks has resolved 65 complaints.

SunTrust Banks Customer Service Contacts

+1 800 786 8787 (Lost or Stolen Card)
+1 800 382 3232 (Online Banking, PC Banking, Bill Pay & Mobile Banking)
+1 800 447 8994 (Report Checking Account Fraud)
+1 800 443 1032 (Loss Mitigation, Bankruptcy Filings, Real-Estate Owned & Short Sale Inquiries)
+1 877 596 5407 (Credit Bureau Disputes)
1 Park Pl NE
Atlanta, Florida
United States - 30303-2904

SunTrust Banks Complaints & Reviews

Suntrust Banks — would not accept deposit

The Teller would not accept my deposit because it was in my son's name. I spoke with the manager who also...

Suntrust Banks — dispute overturn

In May 2018, I called Suntrust bank to make a dispute claim in regards to a services that was never...

Suntrust Bankscustomer service

I was informed that if my account goes negative and I put the money in my account by 8pm that day I would not get charged a overdraft fee. The lady was rude and talked to me like I was a child. Even tho the transaction didn't show on my account until today they charged me an overdraft for it posting yesterday. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS AWFUL. She told me I need to track what goes into my account better. I explained to her an emergency came up so I had to use my card and I planned on putting the money into my account today so I wouldn't get charged an overdraft fee. The lady kept telling me to refer to their website on how to manage my account. I have had suntrust since 2012 and I have NEVER had this problem.

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    Suntrust Bankschecking account fees

    I have had a checking account with your bank for 15 pls years. Throughout those years as i'm sure you can see I had some financial pitfalls that allowed your bank to acquire multiple overdraft charges etc. I left this account opened and left a small balance of $50.99 in the checking account. Others in my family and workplace keep talking about pinnacle financial partners bank, because I would always get frustrated when visiting a suntrust branch, due to never having enough employees and the wait time being horrible - taking 15 min. Just to walk into a branch and cash a check. Also employees are always rude and act like it's a bother for them to wait on you, zero customer service skills at all. I opened an account with pinnacle they have no atm fees anywhere, at any atm, no checking account fees and pays interest even on a small balance checking account. Today, I look at the suntrust account and you have taken $10 each month since january, which was the last time I used that account and now the balance is down to $.99 - I called customer service and emily the supervisor advises me there is nothing she can do and will not refund any of those charges. Per policy!! Wow, it is so sad that you do not value a 15 plus year customer more than the $50.00 that you have taken from my account with your fees!! This is so sad for a big company to take advantage of the little people with your fees. I would encourage everyone to go to pinnacle financial partners for all your banking needs and leave suntrust and all of their rude customer service people and most of all get away from all their fees!!

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      Suntrust Banks — fund transfer

      I received emails from your branch Metro centre, 1100 G street, NW Washington DC, 2005 International...

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      Suntrust Banksoverdraft protection fees

      Ever since I have had my new job for almost 3 months, I have deposited my payroll check into my account on Fridays. However, on 7/6/18 my boss became sick and I did not receive my payroll check till Tuesday (7/10/2018). On Monday (7/9/2018) 6 items posted to my account and I did not have the funds to pay for these transactions. I was charged 6 $36.00 charges for overdraft protection which I can not afford. I received 2 courtesy refunds. I talked to the branch, a CSR and a CSR Supervisor to explain the unique circumstances that occurred and received no help or any type of understanding. I was told they can only do 2 courtesy refunds a year and nothing more. There is no one else to go to in order to complain or have your case reviewed. I have never had any additional charges on my account and they reviewed my account to see that I have made a payroll deposit every Friday but again I was told over and over again"sorry there is nothing we can do as this is our policy."

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        Suntrust Bankhas all of a sudden decided to place a hold on $2,800.00, then $2,400.00 on x9618.

        On July 6, 2018, I wrote a check for $3, 000.00 from my Navy Federal Credit Union checking account to be put into my SunTrust checking account (x9618). I did a mobile deposit of that check and the next morning the money was showing available (in total) in my SunTrust checking account (9618). On the morning of July 9th, I noticed that $2, 800.00 of the funds were being withheld from my account; for some reason??? Understand, I make similar transactions every month and I have never had funds withheld??? What is going on??? The money is in my account and then it's gone???... I went in my suntrust online account on july 9th to pay my bills and the money was not available... It sure is a good thing I didn't pay my bills on the 7th; before you took the money out of my account - I would have been overdrawn until the 11th.

        I am beyond upset, since the entire $3, 000.00 was taken by SunTrust out of my Navy Federal Credit Union account on the morning of the 9th and after half a dozen long conversations with SunTrust, they still refused to make my money (which SunTrust had possession of) available to me till the 11th.

        I have been a excellent and loyal SunTrust customer for over 12 years. After this "absolute" nightmare, I will be considering closing all my SunTrust accounts and taking my business elsewhere. You obviously don't care about customer service‼️


        Charles M Dumont
        103 Braeburn Lane
        Kingsland, GA 31548

        [protected]. (cell)

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          Suntrust Bankshandling of accounts and charges

          This hasnto be the worst and greedy bank i have ever frequented. This bank, no offense to thr innocent cs reps, purposely holds charges pending so they can go through when the funds in your account is depleted so you may get the 36 dollar charge..I also love the change of days for thr ext overdraft fees and my personal favorite...The credit reversal! i. So angry with suntrust right now because somehow, even though i received a new card, netflix of a companies was able to charge me! i did not update the card. I spoke with netflix and apparently banks can update that information for you . I have the time and date this occurred. I am definitely, absolutely 💯 percent changing banks as soon as my husband returns from his military deployment. I have banked at suntrust for several years and there is an issue about or if not every other month ... You arent taken seriously and someone moving thier account is nothing to suntrust because i believe they have an embezzlement problem! dont let anyone set up an account at a suntrust . Especially if it is complicated to switch by the john hancock of one person.

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            Suntrust$36.00 charges and lack of helping to keep the account from being charged excessive charges

            So I just check my account and these people have charged me another $36 dollars! They only give out 2 courtesys a year are you seroius?! And on top of that the issues on my account werent my fault but, some were I own that. Now this bank within 5 days this [censored]in bank has made $252 dollars off of me! Now i'm broke and have nothing to work with... This terrible and disappointing! I have had nothing but issues with them for the last 8 months and i've been with them since I was 16yrs old and i'm 31 now! How things change I see.. I am switching banks I am fed up!

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              Suntrust Banks — issues with suntrust blocking my online purchases and other purchases

              I have had numerous issues with SunTrust blocking my charges ..I can't even call a vendor n buy something...

              Sun TrustI need to receive your email

              Dear Sir/Madam, 27 June 2018

              I'm Moshe Pinchevsky, The owner of Sun Trust account 0000 CD [protected].
              I am a citizen of South Africa, my ID number is: [protected].
              My current passport number is: A05854831
              My previous, expired passport number is [protected] (expired 30 January 2017).
              My present contacts:
              Tel: +[protected]
              Mobil: +[protected]
              E-mail: [protected]@icon.co.za
              SKYPE: thepinchevskys

              Lately I have to phone to your bank.
              Telephone identification takes a long time, and sometimes it is simply impossible.
              I hereby apply to you with a request to provide me your e-mail where I can send copies of my South African passport with a valid US visa, my South African identity card and other necessary documents.

              Best regards
              Moshe Pinchevsky

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                Suntrust Banksmaturing cd's

                SunTrust Wrong Doing / Shorting CD Interest By One Full Day Before/At Maturity
                I recently cashed out 4 blocks of Five Year Term CD's in Chattanooga, TN at a branch office. During the 5 year term there was several times the monthly interest of 3 blocks in the same principal amounts would be shorted by a mere .01¢, that indicated to me SunTrust algorithm calculations is more than fine tuned. One day before the 5 year maturity of my CD's I received the monthly cumulative interest check. The next day, the day of them maturing, I went to the branch office to cash them out and inquired as to why I received the monthly interest check one day before maturity (dated one day early) and was informed by the manager that was the date of them maturing. I quickly showed them the "original" purchase receipts/contracts clearly indicating there maturity, and no where on them did it say there would be any day shorted at maturity. I filled a complaint with the Federal Reserve who forwarded my complaint to SunTrust and some 6 weeks later received a call from one of their representatives that "poorly" attempted to tell me why, saying, the interest is calculated on a 365 day premise. Being the case, they still shorted me a full days interest on all 4 Five year term CD's. I ask, had I come in the day before to cash them out, since I had received the last months interest check dated "one day early", would I have been penalized for cashing them out one day early... and was "clearly told yes"! Bottom line, I'm sure they are doing the same thing to many other CD depositors and are without doubt cheating depositors out of a full days interest and SunTrust has the one days use at a high rate of return on the backs of "all" CD depositors. What a rip off and clearly indicates SunTrust Banks "wrong doing"! I currently have 2 checking accounts I will close, one I'm not receiving any interest and one that's only earning a penance of a mere .03% and I'm sure they are yielding at least 5%. I have banked with SunTrust Bank for some 30 years, including all the buy outs previously from the original American National Bank. In submitting my "wrong doing complaint" I'm sure if I attached all my "original" documents that I carefully retained until cashing the CD's out last month and any other per say "required documents" it would put the entire burden on my back to support my "warranted" wrong doing complaint while all the time, SunTrust has records on file of the transactions and it would end up becoming a moot issue all over again and still I would end up on the short end of the stick like no telling how may hundreds/thousands of other CD depositors being cheated out of one full days interest on CD's that mature.

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                  Suntrust Banksatt: william rogers, ceo


                  On 4 June 2018 I moved from one city to another in Texas. I changed my phone number to a local number. Two weeks ago I called and requested to upgrade my checking account to Select and my ATM card from standard to Gold. No problems were encountered. I later received the PIN number in the mail with a note stating that if I didn't receive my new card in five days to call customer service. Today I called customer service because I haven't received the new card. This is where the problems began.


                  #1. The first representative I spoke with couldn't speak English well enough for me to understand everything she said.
                  #2. I think she said my phone number was not in the public record, therefore she couldn't reissue me a replacement card.
                  #3. I asked for her supervisor and this persons name was Alexis. She told me that the first representative had attempted to send a text to my phone and it had failed due to not being in the "public record", therefore she couldn't reissue me a card. She stated that I could however, order one thru on-line banking. I had the on-line app up on my PC so I asked her to walk me thru the process. She stated that she couldn't and would connect me with the on-line expert.
                  #4. The online person, named Clary, stated that its not possible to order a replacement card on-line only a new pin.
                  #5. She went on to explain that even though I had changed my phone number and address on on-line banking and thru a customer service rep two weeks prior on the phone I am permanently barred from making changes to my account because my phone number doesn't match what is in "public record".
                  # 6. Clary had no idea how long it would take for my new phone number to be in the "public record" which she explained came from city, county, state and federal governments.
                  #7. She offered no solutions. I asked for her supervisor and she then said she was the corporate supervisor for the call center and any escalation above her had to be submitted in writing. She gave me an address in Cookeville TN, Im writing a letter to Will Rogers in Atlanta. I will explain I have been with Suntrust since 2004 or 2005 and even though I live in Texas planned on staying with the bank. Today's events leave me no choice but to close my account, all because I simply changed my phone number. Unbelievable but true.

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                    Suntrust Banks — cashing check

                    I went to cash a check that was made out to me personally. The manager was doing my transaction and her...

                    Suntrust Bankscustomer service

                    I spoke with Rafiet who was the supervisor on duty. I called from number [protected], my number on file, at 4:27pm ET to dispute overdraft fees on one of my three accounts. I was not satisfied with Rafiet's answer and requested to speak with someone else, anyone else. After several protestations from Rafiet, he put me on hold for an unacceptable length of time. When he came back, he told me that he was the only person I would be able to speak with and then hung up on me. During the entire transaction, he made no effort to understand my perspective as a customer who trusts and uses the Suntrust app to give me reliable information. As someone who works in customer service, I find this level of service completely unacceptable, especially from someone who has been banking with Suntrust for a decade or more.

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                      Suntrust Banks — savings withdrawal issue

                      Relating to Suntrust Branch --- South elm eugene/Florida Sts --- Greensboro, nc today 6/19/2018 Been a...

                      Suntrust Banks — credit card fraud

                      SunTrust is truly a quaiz ligitimate Bank my account suddenly had a ton of charge as in $1K each month and I...

                      Suntrust Banks — lack of help when a kfc lady stole my debit card

                      May 14th I went into hell this woman within 27 min after stealing my card ran up almost 700$$of charged in 9...

                      Suntrust Banks — short sale promissory note

                      Attention: suntrust lost mitigation/short sale inquiry Date of incident: 12-18-2012 Client number...

                      Suntrust Bankschecking account rip off the disabled

                      A warning about their practices. I opened a checking account to receive a $250.00 bonus. A few days after the opening I received a email statement that was for a different account. I immediately called and informed them that I only wanted the select checking with a the bonus of $250.00 I filled all the requirement and asked about the bonus and promised a return call that I never got. That same month they applied not just one, but two overdraft charges, while the funds clearly there by giving me a 4:00 am alert wake up call. I was there at the 9:00 saturday morning opening. I finally got the refund, but they reported to the credit bureaus about overdraft charges that lowered my score. They informed me the bank is the only one that could correct the error. I'm disabled and need to "warn" others about this matter. What's really humiliating is they sent a email to rub it in about the same offer, that doesn't apply if you have a account. I guess that's salt for the wound??

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