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Emirates NDB Bank reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Oct 23, 2008. The latest review Request to revert back the loss, international transaction issue - 1015770370401 was posted on Dec 29, 2020. The latest complaint fraud cases was resolved on Sep 12, 2012. Emirates NDB Bank has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 43 reviews. Emirates NDB Bank has resolved 12 complaints.

Emirates NDB Bank Customer Service Contacts

800 100 (Priority Customer Services)
800 754 7777 (Saudi Arabia)
+971 600 540 000 (Customer Service)
+971 43 160 333 (Priority Customer Services)
+971 60 054 004 (Collection Related Queries)
+44 207 838 2222 (United Kingdom)
+966 112 825 566 (Saudi Arabia)
+65 64 387 868 (Singapore)
P.O. Box 777
United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom
Emirates NBD House, 25 Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 7LY

Ground Floor and First Floor, 5 North Avenue, Maker Maxity, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East), Mumbai – 400051

Saudi Arabia
P.O. Box 8166 Riyadh 11482, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

50 Raffles Place № 21-06, Singapore Land Tower, Singapore 048623

Emirates NDB Bank Complaints & Reviews

Dec 29, 2020

Emirates NDB Bank — Request to revert back the loss, international transaction issue - [protected]

Complaint Numbers [protected] [protected] Dear Sir/Mam, ICICI Account No. [protected] On 26.10.2020, I...

Emirates NDB BankCustomer service

This is the worst bank customer service in my whole life. If Bank people don't know what to do ask them to connect some senior who knows things. They are saying they dont know. I contacted Emirates NBD Bank Staff and Customer Care so many times. I have issues with my account. My card was blocked and im not able to withdraw. Yesterday one person said without even checking my account is closed. Today they are saying its working.

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    Oct 27, 2020

    Emirates NDB Bank — Mis-selling

    Dear Team, I zuneid Yousuf, customer of ENBD am surprised today morning when I got a message from the bank...

    Emirates NBD BankCredit Card

    The bank has a terrible service records. I requested copies of my Master Card statements for January to March 2017, but the bank just could not provide me with the statements even after I visited one of its branches in the UAE.

    I wasted many hours trying to get those statements by calling the bank's Call Center.

    Stay away from opening an account with terrible bank!

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      Emirates NDB Bankcustomer service

      Jul 14, 2018
      This is the most horrible bank to work…
      This is the most horrible bank to work with. The employees of this bank are the most arrogant in the whole world.

      I am closing all my relationships with this bank asap after working with them for five years as HNI customer.

      abhay chordia
      5 reviews
      1 star: Bad
      Jun 30, 2018
      As usual horrible banking enbd..
      As usual horrible banking enbd... customer service kept me waiting for 30 mins... dealing with NO ONE. When I went to her all she was doing was WhatsApp. Unbelievable. That's why I have allready stopped working with them longback... hate them

      They are good in rolling eyes... unprofessional answers etc... next five years they will go down. Will short their stocks.

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        Dec 15, 2019

        Emirates NDB Bank — customer service

        I really feel the need to make public my horrible experience with Emirates NBD to warn customers to be very...

        Dec 06, 2019

        Emirates NDB Bank — credit card charges

        I never requested to cancel the credit card .Even though bank cancelled my credit card and charged me...

        Oct 29, 2019

        Emirates NDB Bank — settling balance and closing credit card

        Dear Sir/Ma'am, I'm no longer a Dubai resident and found out a month back, that I now owe AED1, 817.80 from...

        Emirates NDB Bankstaffs behavior and clearance letter

        The Grievance Cell,
        Emirates NBD,

        Dear Sir / Madam,
        This is to bring your attention to the issues faced by me related to my Credit Card
        (i) Liability Letter and
        (ii) Clearance Letter
        Firstly, I had put a request for the Liability Letter for my Credit Card bearing No. [protected] on 4/9/2019 at the ENBD Branch Near Karama Post Office. I was informed by a Lady Branch personnel that the same will be issued by working 10 days from the date of request. I went to the branch on 22/09/2019 to enquire about my Liability Letter as I did not receive any communication about it. I was mislead by Mr. Dipin Yashodharan in Karama Branch that they do not find my request in the system in this Branch, instead the request had been raised at Galleria Mall. I had never visited Galleria Mall so I did not have any clue howcome it was appearing in the system. There could be a possibility that the lady who accepted my request, her Employee Code could have been tagged to the Branch at Galleria Mall. But as a customer I do not find a reason why I should be assuming these things, it was the Branch staff's concern and not mine. However, he gave me the liability letter dated 12/09/2019 on 22/09/2019, which is valid for only 13 days in total. Again I need to understand if the letter is valid for only 13 days why is it given a validity for 15 days. Make it clear by mentioning only 13 days or whatever working days. Even though I submitted the Liability Letter, but, by time the cheque could had been issued, the validity of the letter expired and I had to reapply for it, again costing another fee for it and it's been 2 months this process is happening. I failed to understand why I was not informed or communicated about the Letter since it carries a very short term validity. Mr. Dipin kept on arguing that my number was not updated in the system so I was not intimated.
        For clarification, I have been receiving messages each time I swipe my card, isnt that enough for the system updation. Again, if the system is not updated with my number for any reason, how can that be considered as my fault? I was literally feeling harassed by him for no reason. Just because I was in the dire need of this Letter, I was totally lost and could not understand why the unnecessary hassles were created for such a normal request. Mr. Dipin was very rude and arrogant. I felt if he was treating a learned youth like me this way, I could imagine what kind of treatment a senior citizen or an ignorant person will receive on such enquiry. With such experience, I refrain myself from having any kind of dealings with ENBD if this is the treatment the staff gives to its customers.

        (ii) Clearance Letter
        Atlast, after all the chaos, I deposited a cheque at ENBD's Jebel Ali Branch on 19/10/2019 for AED 6660, issued by Emirates Islamic Bank against my outstanding dues.
        Till date, the cheque has not been cleared and neither the Customer Care is able to help me trace it nor the Branch is aware of any such deposit. Its been 5 working days and the cheque has not been cleared yet. I want a justified reason as why it will not be credited to my credit card account with effective value date and if not, why should I be charged interest on the outstanding amount till the date of the cheque clearance? As a genuine customer, why am I suppose to bear the interest for a liability for which I have already made the payment? I really do not understand why there has been so much of delay in clearing a cheque. Other Banks have been keen on clearance of the liability of their customers, but ENBD has altogether a different approach. The process is instigating the borrowers to flee with the money instead of clearing their debt. I have been dealing with other banks such as ADCB, Noor Bank etc in the UAE, but my experience has never been this bad with them as much as it is with ENBD. The service is so poor that I have started to spread a word among my circle that do not avail any facility from ENBD, it will just give you nightmares for no justified reason. This is the worst bank of the UAE with my experience and please train your staff and improve your processes. Even the developing countries Banks have better processes and pleasant staff to deal with as compared to ENBD based in UAE.

        I request you to clear the cheque against my dues asap and issue me a Clearance Letter so that I could get rid of your Bank.

        Yours sincerely,

        Sanoj Kumar

        staffs behavior and clearance letter

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          Emirates NDB Bankcredit card duplicate

          Dear Manager,

          I have current account with ENBD and I'm interested to apply for credit card.

          I want to complain about ENBD's Direct Sales Agent as below :
          His Name : VIPIN
          His Mobile No. : +[protected]

          Initially He provided me wrong commitment and information about Easy Installment Cash Facility in the Card saying my eligibility in the card upon the issuance will be upto 90% of the card limit.
          After getting the pre-approval by the bank but still I didn't receive the card physically because they didn't receive my security cheque yet, he informed me that my availability to apply for cash transfer is 50% of the card limit.
          Then on 29 September at 17:42 PM, i requested from him to cancel my application totally due to wrong commitment. He replied to me by SMS saying Ok.

          After that I resubmitted my documents with another direct sales agent with the same bank since the agent provided me the full and proper information which really i need.

          Today I received a call from the direct sales agent saying that my application declined because of the DUPLICATION for my application on the system.

          Today I called VIPIN to double check with him for that duplication issue . He is FORCING me to reapply with him and when i request him today to cancel my application which is pre-approved on the system, He told me that the credit card cancellation process is going to take very long time to reflect on the system.


          - Doesn't understand CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE CONCEPT.
          - Doesn't have knowledge about his banking products.
          - Doesn't have loyalty to his customers
          - Doesn't deserve to be one of ENBD's DSA

          Awaiting for your immediate action please


          credit card duplicate

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            Emirates NDB Bankcredit card refund

            I purchased a ticket on British Airways with my ENBD Visa card and a week later was informed that British Airways pilots were going on strike so they offered a full refund. British Airways processed a transaction of Canadian $1675.77 on August 17th, 2019 and refunded Canadian $1675.77 on August 28th, 2019. ENBD debited my credit card with AED 4, 786.37 on August 17th, 2019 and credited my card with AED 4, 475.72 on August 28th, 2019. The difference being AED310.65. I called the priority banking center on September 13th and spoke to an agent explaining the situation to her. She was extremely rude and asked me to contact Visa for the refund of AED310.65. I insisted to speak to a Manager but she did not transfer me. I asked her to check for the refund and get back to me in 24 hours. The next day she called me and said too bad the refund cannot be made. I'm at a loss here and do not know who to contact for the refund. I now Banks put a surcharge on the exchange rate for every transaction. British Airways have refunded the entire value of the transaction. What do I do next??? Visa Card ending in 3425.

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              Emirates NBD Banklack of customer service

              So it seems that Emirates NBD collection department is used to ignore customers all the time, they always reject my calls or never return them back. Last time I went to Collection department I needed to talk to my previous account manager which made me wait for 45 minutes and when I asked if I was going to wait longer they told me every one at office already left . It was frustrating because I'm trying to close my credit card which is already paid as per the settlement plan but they want me to pay all over again. Not fair at all!!! I wish there was someone who can actually take their job seriously to help me out. ( worst bank ever)

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                Jul 15, 2019

                Emirates NDB Bank — the service is the worst ever I see in all of my life

                The worst service ever I have an issue since I opened my account from 2 months untill now not solved and the...

                Jul 11, 2019

                Emirates NBD — delayed remittance and worst customer service

                I made two International transfers to an University in India for Hostel and Academic fees on the 15th and...

                Emirates NBDmetlife wealth builder

                I moved to Dubai 2 years ago, and was looking for a long term investment. Emirates NBD pushed me to Met Life Wealth Builder suggesting that I could get my money out at any time. Looking at a plan in which I have invested 44, 000 USD to date, Only 8, 200 is currently available and to get that I need to pay a 2, 000 USD processing fee. Emirates NBD never gave me an official document to keep and you can find nothing clear on line.

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                  Feb 17, 2019

                  Emirates NDB Bank — mastercard platinum credit card belong to emirates nbd bank

                  Emirates NBD credit card seller, where he lied to me and told me there are no renewal fees on the Master card...

                  Emirates NDB Bank — collection department

                  The worst people work for this department. They take more than the payment they required. They loot money...


                  Emirates NDB Bank — credit card

                  I have been using their services for over 6 years. I have my salary account with them & also use their...


                  Emirates NBD Bank — banks

                  I would like to ask the following You cannot have a debit atm card if you have a joint account (according to...

                  Emirates NBDbanking

                  I have had a terrible experience with emirates nbd from the start. I was met by modar faizal in barsha branch (Now transfered to police acadamy branch) and was sold a lot of cheap talk; we are the greatest bank and I will give you a priority account based on your salary (Have since been receiving emails that my salary is not sufficient).. We are the greatest bank and can offer you an spg credit card and I will waive the joining fee (Have since been slapped with a 1500 joining fee on which I raises 2 cases however nothing was done, just call center talk).. We are the greatest bank and I will get you a loan within 3 working days (Handed all required documents to nbd on 6th june and am still waiting for the funds with a different excuse every day).. Seriously I so so regret changing over from hsbc.. Biggest mistake.

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