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Suntrust Bankscredit card charges

First... telephone communication WITH TWO Suntrust representatives.. totally Failing... must be in Central America or Southeast Asia.. Disgusting...

The Goal .. was to block a credit card charge... by a company? .. who has been blocked in the Past... and With whom I have had NO business or any Transactions..

The alleged charged was placed against a Credit Card Number which was replaced more than a year ago... and for which all claims should be disallowed...

The first SunTrust agent, male, hung up on me, , when I protested that HE was trying to justify the Claimants charge to me...

The Second Agent, female, suggested that the only solution was to Cancel the Credit Card Account and number I now have.. --- which is Stupid and unacceptable..

I hung up.

This is the Not the first time I have complained, resisted and Rejected the claim by TruthFinders.com, with Whom I have had NO business, transactions or communications, who are apparently Crooks, but are they supported and blessed by SunTrusts Consumer/Client processes and struggles??

Time for Sayonara... for SunTrust, after 15 years... ?? Annuities and All ??

Totally ... not... OK...

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    • Updated by Russell Ayers · Dec 06, 2018

      The two persons who answered the 800 number were on "telephone"??? lines that were barely distinguishable.. and ... it seems part of the Cheap systems that Suntrust and Others use, for "Small-pay" employees ... who are quite OK in their own right... but... conspicuously ... not much available...

    Nov 30, 2018

    Suntrust Banks — notary service

    Went to SunTrust for notary service on the property that was being sold. We called ahead of time to make sure...

    Nov 30, 2018

    Suntrust Banks — notary service

    Went to get notary service for a property that is being sold we have an account and also called and checked...

    Nov 15, 2018

    Suntrust Banks — home equity line

    I have had a home equity line of credit with Suntrust bank for over 14 years. There have been numerou...

    Suntrust Banksvisa prepaid gift card

    I was bought this card in September. It had a £25 amount on it -although it cost £27.50
    I used it once for £6.00 .have never been able to use it again . It is part of the gospendit group . I cannot register the card - as it says there is an error, which means I cannot ring them as I'm told which phone number did I register ? It's a con !! I want Visa to replace this card with one I can use !!
    What can I do ?

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      Suntrust Banksoverdraft fees

      I had a transaction for $5.05. I had $3.65 in my account leaving a red balance of $1.40. They charged me a $36.00 overdraft fee the next morning because of the $1.40 balance. If this isn't highway robbery, I don't know what is...How can the government allow these unfair business practices go unchecked?...I am outraged and will close the account as soon as possible.

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        • Updated by Wicked Practice · Oct 26, 2018

          Tired of wicked blue collar thievery!

        • Updated by Wicked Practice · Oct 26, 2018

          Highway robbery that goes unchecked only promotes wicked business practices

        • Ch
          charona Jul 17, 2019

          i hope you got a lawyer and sued them for billions. it is illegal for a bank to charge an overdraft fee unless you are in the negative.

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        Oct 23, 2018

        Suntrust Banks — check cashing

        I went to SunTrust Lake Miriam Square in Lakeland Fl to cash a check from a company to myself. I have a...

        Oct 23, 2018

        Suntrust Bank — service

        I've been a client with SunTrust since 1980. I go past 5 different banks to get the SunTrust in Radford...

        Suntrust Bankscar payment refunded to the wrong party

        My name is Chrystelle Bitteng. I was a co-borrower on a car loan with my mother who was listed as the Primary. Since the loan acquisition, we have not gotten along. I basically made all the car payments by myself. I was able to refinance the car, with the help of a power of attorney that she gave me then to handle all matters related to the car loan.
        The issue here is that the final payment I made on the car before the refinance quicked in, and the new finance company paid of the car, was refunded to my mother's name. Not only that, the gap insurance refund was also made to my mother's name. Thing is, i do not get along with her anymore. She doesn't respond to any of my messages and does avoid them on purpose. I tried all I could to fix this issue with suntrust and even my mother, no one is giving in. I believe this is how suntrust rewards it's customers for paying their loans on time, by refusing to understand their issues and blindly applying a very « stupid » principle that forward all refund/documentation to the primary signer on the loan, although that signer is not the borrower and will not be making payments on the loan. I'm just really disappointed and frustrated with this whole issue. So now I have two checks, each for $662 and $338 that I cannot cash out. That's a hell of a lot of money to go to waste like that.

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          Suntrust Bankscheck you sent me bounced now I am charged a fee

          There is no where on the face of the check that says the check must be cashed by a certain date, when I called to complain about it, I was told a check could be reissued but you can not reimburse me for the 6.00 this is crap, its your fault there was nothing on the check saying it would bounce if not cashed etc etc etc

          Some customer service you have there, glad we no longer have anything with your bank and will NOT be recommending you to anyone!!!

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            Oct 09, 2018

            SunTrust Bank, Smallwood Shopping Center Waldorf MD — teller

            On Sunday, 7 October around 3:45 I visited the SunTrust Bank at Festival Shopping Center, Waldorf MD. When I...

            Oct 08, 2018

            Suntrust Bank — none delivery of check and lack of service to resolve.

            Lost check (recent) details below. Lost check (years ago) still unresolved. Details upon...

            Oct 06, 2018

            Suntrust Banks — online banking

            I have been banking with Suntrust for more than 15 years and I am out of country and live in Seoul, Korea now...

            Oct 05, 2018

            Suntrust Banks — release of funds

            In a beneficiary of unclaimed funds that Allison dukes CFO IS supposed to be in charge of releasing and I'm...

            Suntrust Bankschecking account

            I am a very new customer with suntrust bank (5-6 days) I downloaded the mobile app to deposit money into my account due to not having my debit card yet. On October 3rd I deposited a check via the mobile app and was notified via email on October 4th that the check deposited into my account. I proceed to log onto my mobile account but only to see that suntrust closed my account without notice after my money posted to my account. I don't know if this is some type of scam or not but I need my money. I have no access to any funds because they're in the suntrust account. Customer service is refusing to give any information saying that I should wait 5-7 business days for a letter in the mail. I WANT MY MONEY NOW. I'm looking to take legal action if I don't get access to my account and funds IMMEDIATELY

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              Ex SunTrust Bank Tellermistreatment

              SunTrust started out as a good place Until you show your not a dumb African american than it's a problem I've worked my tail of at that company and can't move up I've even worked full time with the impression that I was receiving it only to be told oh ur will happen in 2 weeks only .And SunTrust has no open door policy as soon as the employee says something the use that to let the employee go even though the employee put in proper notice and was in process of transfer but I know I wasn't going to move up in the company and really felt that I was on my way out due to me not expecting anything.

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                Sep 22, 2018

                Suntrust Banks — I am complaining about transfer service

                - at 10/09/2018 i received email from suntrust bank by email address ...

                Sep 21, 2018

                Suntrust Banks — customer service process

                I have this SunTrust account # [protected], since 2007, established in Miami Fl. I have been a resident of...

                Suntrust Banksonline banking

                Opened a new account on 9/8/2018 and was sent a email for the registration for online banking. Was not able to access it kept getting a error message the system was busy. I have been calling into the market Street Johnson city, the 37601 branch for 2 days and keep getting forwarded to a managers vmail. Whom has a recording that she will be out of the office until the middle of September. I am hesitant about banking and trust after setting this small being unresolved

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                  Sep 08, 2018

                  Suntrust Banks — dispute

                  About two weeks go I called SunTrust to inform them about some payments that was not authorize. So they put...