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I go to subway on greenspot about 7 times a month.

Tonight I went to subway and oder sanwich and ask for water and the girl said their were no water cups so I ask for a cup just for water and she said I have to buy a drink to get cup so eat my sanwich with out water

I will never go back to that store again rhere is a jersey sandwich just down the street fro from now on I am going to jersey

  • Updated by s j ferrin, Sep 02, 2019

    vey bad service at subway on greenspot in highland

Sep 02, 2019
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  • Ev
      Sep 03, 2019

    They have to pay for the cup. Those cups cost money. It would be nice to have cheap water cups but not every place does. Since you wanted to use a cup, I think you should have been the one to pay for it. I don't want Subway factoring in the price of cups that customers refuse to pay for, into the price of subs themselves.

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