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I am a former employee at Subway in Centennial, CO and ended up quitting because I was embarrassed to be associated with that place and the sloppy mess they made of customers sandwiches. The staff there was miserable to work with because of their unprofessional behaviors. When I first started there I read the Google reviews of that location and most of them were negative due to employee behavior, poor quality subs, and the dirty dining area. After only working there a few days, I completely understand why they got bad reviews. I was speechless at the way these two male employees spoke to the manager and all of what they got away with and still keep their job. I had previous experience from when I managed a Subway 4 yrs prior. I was proud to work at the one I previously did because we held our crew and the food we served to a high standard. It was always busy because word had spread about the good service and nicely made subs. When I started with the current Subway I brought that same standard I had when making a sandwich and customers voiced their appreciation for how it looked. The manager moved me to the cashier position while her and this arrogant, lazy employee made the sandwiches. I was told that I cared too much about the quality of their food rather than getting them out the door fast. I worked the register for a few days and would cringe when I would watch them making subs. They were fine with sending a paying customer off with a sloppy, falling apart, sauce all over the outside of the bread, very poorly made sub that the guest was gonna end up wearing because of all fixings falling out once they unwrap it. I could clearly see the displease on the customers face while watching that hot mess being made. I had to quit because I was too embarrassed to be wearing a Subway uniform after witnessing and working with such lazy, rude, disrespectful people and it being accepted from management. I understand why it's rare to see hardworking, professional employees at Subway. We don't last because we are over shadowed by bad management and the terrible crew that has zero consequence. I've read the reviews on Subways all over the country, and all complaints are the same for those Subways. I just don't see how they will stay in business in the future.

Oct 08, 2019

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