Steersdainfern square fourways

On the 02 October 2019 at 1:05pm i called then to place a order for one wacky Wednesday and three caramel ice creams,
the cashier i spoke o took my order down with my name as well as two contact details work number and cell number. she then advised me that the food will be here in 45 minutes i waited and waited until 2:15pm no one cam no phone call i then decided to call them back they put me on hold and called the driver after few minutes the lady came back and said she cannot get a hold of the driver!!! imagine how "professional" is that?

she then said she would call me back to give me feed back she didn't at 2:35 i decided to call back and ask whats happening she then spoke to the manager and the manager came to the phone very unprofessional he answers the phone as if this is a backyard tuckshop!!! i am so disgusted in the service... he said he would then rather do another order it will be here in 20 minutes i left it as soon as i dropped the call i received a call from our receiving department at work to say i have a order i was shocked at the speedy response when i got to receiving the driver gives me the slip the the total is R126.00 I asked him why is he coming at 2:50pm when i ordered at 1:05pm he had some silly answer and said his been waiting for me at receiving for 30 min which is a big lie. he then decides to take the box out with the food he brings my burgers only no ice cream at all and i asked wheres the rest of the order he couldn't answer me!!! oh also to mention the manager said i should not pay the R15 for delivery when i told him that he refused out right to give me food!!! while having this argument another delivery guy came form steers with the correct order however i had to be in the middle of two drivers fighting for my food and the money!!! i waited a full two hours for a simple wacky Wednesday and three ice creams, i called the manager all he could say is sorry sorry i mean serious they are not professional at all

all i can say it was the last time i ever ordered from Dainfern fourways again poor service is an under statement!!!

Oct 02, 2019

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