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Steers - slow service, bad processes


I have just returned from ordering 5 cups of filter coffee at the Midstream Steers. Waited 15 minutes.

Staff took the order and filled the cups in-between taking and filling orders for other customers. No problem with this process but 2 cups of coffee stood cooling while she waited for the milk to heat up. Having filled the cups, she then proceeded at tortoise pace to search for stirrers and sugar packets. Could she not have done this while waiting for the milk/coffee to heat?

I won't return to Steers for snacks and drinks for my stafff. There are other options.

Regards from

Catherine Boshoff

Steers - uncooked burgers

We had stopped for a late lunch at Steers at Ultra City south just after Samrand off ramp and ordered 5 burgers and mikshakes. The first burger to be eaten was done rare and the management had changed it. They had apologised and said that they were using a new cooking method. My pregnant wife had the centre of the burger uncooked, my 10 year old ate a rare burger. My burger was uncooked in the centre. This was R320 wasted for a terrible meal that made us ill. Steers is not going to see us anytime soon!!! Please find attached picture of one of the uncooked burgers

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Steers - bad customer service

I am currently Steers Seapoint, this is the worst experience I ever had in a Steers store. The person assisting me, named Nicky is so rude, unfriendly and bitter. I can't believe she is working in an...

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Steers - ice cream full of water and ice

We love Steers and often buy their food, however by now we have learned that the quality of Steers Food in Uitenhage differs from Steers in Port Elizabeth and Despatch. We have complained at the Steers Uitenhage Management with regards to their Soft Serves for one example. Go to any other Steers and you get a creamy texture, Steers Uitenhage's softserves are always watery and full of ice particals. This is an absolute scam as it seems they are trying to stretch their product, however in the interim are hurting the brand. I have heard the same complaint from numerous fellow Uitenhagers. What is the use of having the services in Uitenhage if you have to drive to PE anyway if you want promised quality?

Steers - bad bad bad

Tonight, 15 November 2012, I decided to get my favourite ribs for dinner for us as I am feeling under the weather and not in the mood for cooking. So I ordered a dubble rack @ R114.95 from Steers Life Style Centre in Centurion for delivery. When I received the ribs and opened the box, there was exactly 7 bones with the toughest meat ever on it. I took a photo as I couldn't believe I just paid a R114.95 for 7 pieces of bone!!! Steers was always my favourite place to get ribs, but the portions are not what they say and the prices are rediculously expensive! Don't thinks I will EVER buy from Steers again!

Steers - poor service and food

Good day
Today I went to order the Special for R10 (for today only) ONLY to be told that they do not have that Special anymore, I have to order the normal Special. I went to Steers for that specific order not the usual order. I then already told my Kids to get an ice cream. I ordered the ice creams as well as the normal special with chips. I waited and waited and could not wait any longer as I only have 1hour lunch. After a while I asked them to deliver rather. When my food arrived it was ice cold and the chips as well as the patty was burned. When I was standing in the shop still their was a few people actually asking for their money back as they also could not wait so LOOOOOONG. The one Lady called the Owner/Manager of the shop and explained to her decently her situation. The Owner/Manager was very rood. This is most definitely not the way to run a Professional Business. I wanted the special.

Steers - rib burger

Good day
The service today regarding the special as advertise on tv (Rib burger for r10.00) was a total disaster. I spend more than 2hours to search for a steers that I actually could get a rib burger and every where around faerie glen (Pretoria) it was sold out. My question is: how do you advertise a campaign like this word wide without having enough food for everybody?
Never the less my manager was even more furious because our lunch ti'me is 30minutes only. I had to apologise and feel that if there was enough food prepared for everybody this problem would not have occurred.

I need a voucher to make up for this inconvenience and know that i'm not the only one that's unhappy regarding today's experience. Kindly contact me via e-mail: [protected] Za. I'm working in a call centre and therefore request communication/feedback via e-mail please.


Worst service ever i orders two Ribster Burgers from the steers at Bara city and they gave me two dry steers burgers .


I agree with Vennesa
my wife went to Pine slopes Shopping centre in Fourways at 10:00 am to buy rib burger specials - no stock
we went there AGAIN at about 7:30 pm - a notice on the window stating "No Stock"
how can Steers run a country wide promotion if they have NO STOCK - you are not allowed to advertise if you can't deliver
i will NEVER supports steers again !!! Hope they go belly up !!
Siegmund Visser

Steers - burger

On Wednesday the 13th of June 2012 I went to Steers Gonubie and purchased 16 rib burger specials I could not believe my eyes when I opened them at home A dry bun with a rib patty and a slice of tomato a few crumbs of onion If that is Steers's def of a burger I will never buy a burger there again. I will be ashamed to sell something like that for R10 and then they say the normal price is R25 sorry to say but they will not see me or my friends again

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Steers - king steer burger pattie not cooked

Spent just over R40 for a King Steer meal, only to discover that the pattie was still raw inside... absolutely disgusting & totally put off.

Why is there no pride taken when in the food industry especially, do these people have passion for what they do or just do it coz its their job????

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Steers - rude cashier & supervisor

Please refer toi invoice chk 9836, order number 36
Processed by cindy p on 22/07/2017 at 19:48.

Complaint: gross disrespect towards customer. I order two original burgers with one chips upsized to large and one kiddies meal. The service was of such poor quality that made me wonder on what principle and criteria does steers hire staff. The salesperson does not listen to what the customer orders and give what you did not order, when the supervisor is called she only tells you, "but it is only a r4 difference' voids the order and when they packed my food in the bag, it is being thrown into bag. I lost my appetite, but still took the food as my family requested me for the"real good food" from steers. When I opened the bag at home, I had to rearange the burgers and chips. Is this really how one should enjoy a good burger?

My husband and I were both hungry after a long day at the doctors and were both looking forward for a nice big boy rump steak (Which cost r94.90 for one). When we received them: it looked like small non-chewable minute - what ever - you could not even call them minute steaks. They were definately not what was said on the menu: "tender rump steak". After complaining to the waiters, the lady that was in charge for the day did not even come to listen what the complaint was about. They still let us pay the full amount of r94.90 x 2. It was horrible meat - the blockman from the butchery where they get their meat from should be fired!! The meat was so "non-chewable" - maybe it was an ox or some animal that was hit on the n2?? Surely there must be a policy of non-payment for service like this?
Renate filter [protected]) or email [email protected] Za

I buy steers basically every second day for lunch... Firstly I havent been able to order their chicken snack pack as they tell me they dont have chicken for over 7 months. Secondly the person taking the order over the phone either cant understand english or cant hear me so it takes me 10 minutes to order. Thirdly when my order gets delivered 45 mins after I ve placed it its always missing something or they dont give me change. Basically steers service is shocking.

just very very bad service, workers dont have a clue what is going on in the front and i can see there is no management on the floor or kitchen to see what is going on with production..everyone behind the counter looks so lost.orders pileing up and no one knows how to disspatch them in tme..making customers very pissed off and impatient because even we can see what the problem is

On the 14th of august 2017 I made a purchase from Steers Brackenfell, the amount is was supposed to be charged was 51.90 which I paid using a credit card but when I checked my statment i saw that not only had the amount of 51.90 been deducted but a further amount of 99.95 I only signed the slip for the correct amount and no slip was presented to me for the 99.95. I reported this to the manger at the store and she requested that I send an email of my bank statment to them showing this double charge which i did I have followed up twice on this and to date have not been remibursed. This is fraud and is not acceptable, I would like head office to comment on this.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Steers - un professional staff

I ordered a Chicken cheese burger on the 10 march 2011, with chips and coldrink,
Firstly i have to compliment the driver, his service was wuick, and he was so friendly, However i cant same the same for the cashier that took my order, apart from havng to repeat everything i said, they still didnt give me the option of hearing about their special, the only time i was reminded of this was when i got my reciept, as this is advertised on there, I was really interested but now to get the oreo ice- cream i need to buy different meal comboe, IS THIS HOW YOU GUYS make so much of money, IT sure feels that way to the customer behind the counter..
The name of the cashier ws : isabel, at the woodmead branch, maybe you guys should send her for some customer service training, that way theres extra advertising for the promotions steers has, with out paying thousands of rands on the stupid ad's you come up with...
that something to think about right?

I went to steers Woodmead 13 June 2012 18:00 and ordered a wacky wednesday meal the store was busy and i made payment, waited an hour and fifteen mins for my order, after waiting such a long time the manager informed me that the store was out of stock, i was refunded my money but lost time and was unable to buy from another store because it was such a late hour i could'nt find any other stores open, am irate as i lost so much time waiting on an order that could not be delivered

hi can you be my friend

Steers - vegetarian for 26 years and given a beef burger

I was extremely hungry and decided to stop at Steer to get something to eat. I went to the cashier and ordered a Veg burger as I am a vegetarian for the past 26years. I told her please be careful a...

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Steers - selling awful chips, oily and with terrible taste

I usually do not buy chips from steers in boulders – shopping centre, as their quality is not great at all. I love steers chips and usually get them at the steers across the road. Today I asked a friend to get me chips from steers and forgot to tell her not from boulders.

Any way she got me my chips from steers boulders and as per usual they were oily and tasted just terrible. This is bad for your reputation steers. Get steers boulders to get their act together and provide the same sort of quality the other steers do!!!

Steers - wacky service instead of wacky wednesdays

I got to Steers(Braamfontein) with 2 friends of mine to order 3 Wacky Wednesday's. What annoyed us was that they took 30 minutes just to prepare 3 Wackies, of which were almost burnt or perhaps dry. And another thing was that when we reached the office, we discovered that it was 5 Wackies and 1 Chicken burger that we didn't order. Or maybe was it because they saw that they took longer than normal just to prepare Wackies, and so they replaced it without informing us with a Chicken Burger.

When we enquired, we were told that they were still waiting for the burgers being prepared. Yet what puzzled us most was that the guy who placed an order after us, ordered a King Steer Burger meal with Ice-cream, but he got his first! After he placed the order, we saw him wearing a Steers staff shirt, perhaps that's why he got his order in time as he didn't even spend 10-15min @ the shop.

I trust and hope that it was the last time that we got some *WACKY SERVICE* instead of Yummy Wacky Wednesday Burgers from Steers(Braamfontien).

Your instantaneous response would be much appreciated with regards to the above.

Steers - shocking piece of chicken in kid's meal

On Saturday, 29th August 2009, we stopped for lunch at the Steers just outside Kimberley at the Engen 1-Stop garage, just before the N12. Both my children ordered the smaller kid's meal with the piece of crumbed chicken (R24, 95). I have never seen such a small thigh in my life!! It must have come from a baby chick but certainly not from the usual size chicken!! It was also cooked beyond recognition, dry and hard as hell!! The only edible piece of meat that came off of this 'thigh' was about the size of my small pinkie finger. The manager apologised when we showed him the 'chicken' and he very kindly did not charge us for the kids' meals!! My point is this... Firstly, how can such a well-known and well-liked fast-food franchise offer such poor food quality to children?? Secondly, where are Steers buying their 'chickens' from?

Murren1, lol normal farmers are 'factory' farming. You don't think you get a 4-10 pound bird in 6 weeks because they naturally grow that fast, or that big, do you?

As of 2009, the last time I checked the numbers, 78% of all chickens world wide were made using 'modern' methods... aka what you call factory farming.

Close to 100% of all fast food and chain restaurant chickens are made/grown that way

Do steers support factory farming? Or do they get their chicken from normal farmers with proper meothods?

With a few exceptions the chicken you eat today is significantly larger than it should be. Chickens are filled up with fat, fillers, and hormones till they literally can not walk and often will starve because they are so fat they can't get to the food laying inches from them.

companies like Nature's Promise offer normal size chicken, but for many of the Americans who are used to giant size portions they can not even recognize a proper portion.

Combine that with the cooking times for these types of places are standardized and employees are not checking the food they are checking the timer it is easy to see how a normal size portion would quickly get over cooked. Resulting in an even smaller size portion that is dried up and appears to be such a poor quality piece of food.

The most plausible reason for your food was as follows:
Back at the chicken house, early morning, the workers come to pick up the chickens that are roughly 6 weeks old. They grab them quickly looking for chickens about 4-5 lbs, but somestimes they grab chickens that are smaller because it is dark and they are working through hundreds of chickens in a space that is barely big enough for the chickens to stand in. So to clear space they will grab smaller ones that are closer to the goal size. This gives them space to walk around and get to the bigger chickens that are 4-5 lbs.

One of those smaller chickens found it's way to your kids meal. It was probably only 4 weeks old and why it was smaller in size then you are used to.

Steers - re-heated food from yesterday or older

Last year, I took my wife, kids & in-laws to Grand West. We had a great time, but we unfortunately couldn't say the same about the food at Steers. I got a luke-warm burger that was obviously heated up from the day before (possibly even the week before!). I asked the rest of the people in our group, and they all agreed that their food was equally as bad. I politely told the manager that my burger tasted old (the beef patty only), and she kindly agreed to give me another one for free. I was let down again when I tasted that the new burger was another 're-heated burger from last week', just warmed up for longer. I threw the half-eaten burger in the bin and vowed not to eat there again. A few months passed and then a couple of months ago, my colleague offered me half of his Wacky Wednesday burger for lunch (bought from the Pinelands branch). It was awesome! My faith in Steers quality had been restored once again! However, it was short-lived when this evening, my wife bought Steers for our family for supper (from the Parklands branch), and once again, the food was dry, tasteless and a complete let-down.

In the future, I will try my best to avoid the Steers outlets.

On sunday the 26th may 2014, i went to the steers at about 20h45 and found the steers closed however there where people inside the shop. Tried to enquire on why the shop was closed since it was 20h45 and the sign on the door indicated that they closed at 21h00 but was ignored and told i can tell the shop owner if i wanted to, i requested to speak to the manager since i was not impressed with the attitude but the person who came to see me as a manager told me they were closed and if i had a complain i should call their toll free number. I was really disturbed by the attitude that these employees displayed on that day.

How can i be assisted? I want these employees to know how they should treat a customer.

Steers - steers doesn't know the weight of own menu items

So, I decided to order take aways from Mr Delivery. In order to make up my mind as to which fast food outlet I wanted to order from, I wanted to know that the weight of the Mega Ribs is. I started trawling the internet, but even Steers' own website did not display the weight. I then phoned the Steers Customer Care line and asked the operator. She put me on hold and after a while got back to me saying that she can't answer my question. In short, not even Steers knows what the weight of the Mega Ribs is. So, my question is, should I order a menu item at R 99-95 if even Steers is clueless as to whether they are serving me 200g, 500g or 1kg?

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Steers - bad food/service

Referring to the Steers branch in Crossings Centre, Nelspruit.

Firstly, The spare ribs & chips they served gave me a serious case of running stomach two hours after I consumed it, which shows that their hygiene is not up to standard, and their cooking oil is old.
Secondly, they should train their pathetic black staff members properly, to serve STEAK KNIVES with spare ribs, and not blunt kitchen knives.
Thirdly, as they are categorized as a restaurant, and they make 100% profit on their cool drinks, the least they could do is to serve it in a glass with ice. They are the only Restaurant franchise in SA who refuse to do it.
Lastly, they should please get some proper white supervision in all their branches, because the black staff members are clearly incompetent.

Thank you

Unhappy Steers Customer.


My 12 year old daughter bought a steers chicken burger on Sunday evening from Suncoast Steers.She was with her older brother at the time.The bun smelt awful so as the burger. When she got back to the counter, the worker at steers refused to give my daughter a refund, so her brother intervened and asked Mr Scelo Mthembu the worker of steers, "Why ain't you giving a refund"The worker become abusive&assaulted my son.The incident was taken up with Suncoast management, which is being investigated. None of this would have happened if a refund was given, knowing it was Steers fault. The worker never had a name badge to be identified. Had to ask another worker for his name.My children also noticed this worker had no head gear, gloves and he was handling the food, he also handled money. Also noticed a raw animal hide bangle on his hand, that is exposed. His general appearance is not hygienic.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Steers - done in by steers bothasig

On the 16th of August 2009, I decided on the spur of the moment to use a little of our scarce cash and spoil myself, my husband and our 3.5 legged child. Yes, a little doggie. We do not have small children and she is as precious to us as any child to caring parents.

My husband, suggested we get something for Queeny as well, as she does not normally get to eat any fast foods at all. I ordered 2 Steers Chicken Combo meals and an additional piece of chicken for her.

When I ordered this, and the chicken, there was a lot of talking in their language amongst the woman behind the counter and the ones in the kitchen, after I had mentioned it was for our pet. The person behind the counter even looked out to see what she looked like.

Long story short, when our order was ready, the person behind the counter, checked the food and repeated the order to the one doing the cooking.

She had handed over one meal combo and suddenly started "faffing" about in the kitchen, after about another minute or two, handed to the front the other meal and a burger container, which i assumed contained Queenies chicken.

We decided to eat at home, and upon arriving, i discovered that the one container had written on it King Steer Combo and the and the other Steer Chicken Combo. As a habit, from a previous run in with Kentucky, I always check the food out. I opened up the one in the Container marked "King Steer Combo" and noticed that the chicken was so small it barely made the edge of the roll. The Chicken Combo was in fact hanging over the sides of the bread.

On further investigation, I found that the chicken on my burger had in fact been cut. The puzzle pieced fitted perfectly as I put Queenies piece of chicken next to it.

I am, needles to say, pretty p-d off about this, as we can't afford take aways on a regular basis and this was supposed to be a treat.

I dont give a damn if their opinion of me buying my "dog" a piece of chicken was whatever they had spoken about in their language. The fact of the matter remains, I paid good money for the order I had placed and they, for whatever reason cheated me, by making me pay for an extra portion of chicken, even though it was taken from my burger.

I will never do business with Steers Bothasig again, unless I receive some form of apology, and I will, like so many other people taken in by places like these, tell everyone I know, so as to make them aware. Its their choice to buy wherever they want to, but hopefully this will put them on their guard for any future "mishaps", which in our opinion was nothing but theft.

David and Ella Russell
email: strove.[protected]

Aug 26, 2008

Steers - poor service

I order a breakfast pita from veronica this morning and I sad I wanted the eggs very soft, she told the person who was suppose to prepare the meal and they started laughing because I sad very soft and it was infront of other customers, I mean she could have corrected me if I sad it wrong insead of laughing and to make things worse I asked how long it would take for the meal 2 be ready she sad "akitsibi" I dont know, I mean it was my first time ordering there and I wasn't inpressed. I would love to hear from u as soon as possible.

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