Steak 'n Shake Enterprisesunacceptable service at store # 586 at 1501 w algonquin rd, rolling meadows, il 60008

J Sep 14, 2018

This is the first time in my life I have ever written to any place about poor service. I just never go back to the place if things were very wrong but I really love going to steak 'n shake and would hate to stop going.
Here is what happened yesterday september 13 2018.
Not expecting poor service I did not start to record things right away.
At approximately 5:16 I entered the store and stood next to the register at the order area.
Nobody notice I was standing there for about 5 or 6 minutes, then the grill man shouted to some one near the milk shake making area that I was waiting. After another 5 or 6 minutes that grill man took off his gloves and came to assist me. It was now 5:26.
I ordered 2 hershey special dark chocolate shakes like I always do.
Since I was taking them home I requested no whip cream and no cherry and flat lids.
During my entire time there only one person entered or left the store and that was a ups man that only used the restroom and then left.
As you can see, if you look at the register information no one paid between the time I came in and the time I left which was 5:38 when my 2 shakes were finally given to me.
I was there from 5:16 until 5:38 for 2 carry out shakes. I can understand slow service when it is busy or when the place is understaffed, but there was only two tables being occupied and there was one tall gentleman serving those customers and there was at least 5 people working the kitchen area. 2 were working around the grill, one was working the drive area, one was making shakes and there was one short woman but I was not sure what she was doing.
Then I get home and not only was there no semi sweet morsels in my shakes but the the shakes were not as chocolate as they usually are using the hershey semi sweet syrup.
Thank you
Jerome Handel [protected]@gmail.Com
1405 E Central Road Unit 421c
Arlington Heights IL [protected]

unacceptable service at store # 586 at 1501 w algonquin rd, rolling meadows, il 60008

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