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L Aug 18, 2019 Review updated:

We visited steak n shake in Bellbrook, OH on 8/18/19 around 6 pm for dinner. We were seated right away and ordered taken right away. When our food came out our server accidentally gave our food to another table. She apologized and we said it was ok. She said she put our order back in and it would be a few mins. another 10 mins go by and another server walks by our table to the other table that got our food the first time and she looked puzzled and returned the food to the kitchen since they already had their food and OUR food. so another 20 mins goes by and our server comes back out and asked what we had ordered so we gave her our order again. finally
we got our food and ate and went to check out and asked for the manager. the lady said she was the manager and walked away. i said i wanted to explain what happened and all she would say to me is "I only made your food once". I once again said nicely, I want to explain to you what all happened tonight and she put her hand in my face and turned around and walked out. I followed her back to the grill (on the customers side of counter) and asked her for her name. she ignored me. I asked her for her supervisors name and turned around and said "I dont have to tell you anything." and once again I asked her for her name and she ignored me so I got my phone out and she turned around and said "if you take a picture of me I will call the cops on you". I finally left. I have NEVER as a customer been treated so poorly by a manager. She totally disrespected me and did not want to hear what i had to say about our visit. I expect that this manager to be at the very least written up for being so rude to a person that just asked to explain what happened. in my opinion this woman has no business being a manager . i expect to hear back from someone higher up then this manager within the next 24 hours so i can formally have my complaint addressed properly.
Linda Mason
If i do not answer my phone please me a message as i can not use my phone while working thank you


  • Ev
    Everywhere Aug 18, 2019

    You should have just taken her picture. So what if she called the cops. What were they going to do? Ask you to leave. That's it. And well boo-hooo because Steak n Shake has the worst food and service of any chain restaurant. So really, why would you care.

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  • SubSquirrel Aug 19, 2019

    I think Linda is female and not a little boy. She may have been disrespectful but customers pay the bills. Staff has to bite their tongue and remember that the customers give her a job.

    I’ve never been a waitress but have worked with the public. I kept my mouth closed and figured that one customer out of hundreds would not ruin my day.

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  • SubSquirrel Aug 18, 2019

    Well, Linda, I don’t think that they read this board. As for calling the cops because you took a picture, I can’t think of any law that states that you cannot take a picture unless it’s an invasion of privacy. She wasn’t in the bathroom so I think you’re clear on that charge.

    The responses you were given indicate that you weren’t polite or asking nicely. Your attitude came shining through and they chose not to deal with you.

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