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M Aug 08, 2019


My family and I have just moved across town and over the past month we have frequent your Anderson Location.

Normally we dine in and the experience is normally great the host and servers are polite and courteous, it is evident that at this location there is an emphasis on pleasing the patrons in the dinning room. But those unfortunate ones who order carry out or go through the drive thru get a totally different experience.

On one occasion my wife and I go into order carry out and had to wait over 35 mins to get all of our order. It was 12:00 in the evening, there were maybe 5 tables in the dining room being served. I order my food and shakes, immediately following me 3 more couples order food. My wife and I get some of our order after 20 mins the young man taking my order forgets that I ordered shakes. As I wait for my 2 shakes the other 3 groups get their food. After an irate angry woman yells and screams about how long the wait is. Finally, I get my shakes with a matter of fact and very ingenuine apology.

Another time I go to this location: I'm thinking things are going to be ok, I'm just ordering two shakes for me and my wife. There was only car in front of me in the drive thru, I waited 20 mins for those shakes. I was amazed and couldn't believe how long this took, when I finally got shakes there was no conversation, I was given my shakes and didn't even get a "have a nice day". That was just a terrible experience.

Today was strike 3, my daughter comes to me and ask dad whats for dinner I think to myself preseason football is on and I don't feel like cooking . I think fast food will work and she asked for Steak & Shake and I honestly got a terrible sinking feeling in my stomach ( I think OMG this is going to take forever) I said ok baby girl lets go.

As we get there I noticed there was no one in the drive thru, I start feeling a little better but I was soon to be let down by waiting at the speaker for 5 mins before anyone acknowledges that I'm there and that was only because I asked if anyone was there . A female voice says to me "please wait" I wait another 5 - 7 mins before I'm addressed and that's only because I said "hello" I order my daughters favorite the # 9 The garlic burger meal with a sprite. I get to the window a young man takes money with no greeting or thank you for my patience and I sit for another 10 mins….I get my food and the young lady is not smiling and looks like shes is upset about giving me my food and asks me with the nastiest attitude " Did you git yo Sprite? I shake my head no…. she gets the drink and just closes the window.

This location is not only hurting your BRAND they are destroying it, I would never pretend to ever tell someone how to run they're business but as a consumer I can say this location is consistent is being the worst customer service I've ever seen in my life . I don't want a thing for free. I just want your brand repaired …. Please send someone to this franchise and see if what I'm saying isn't true. Ignore me and lose business and allow customer experience to be the worst in the city.

Thank you for time

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