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terrible experience!

SBI Online facilities are a completewaste of time. None of their sites, 'onlinesbi' and...

mental torture after payment

Hi! This is a totally disgruntled guy here who has suffered a lot after having paid all my dues to the worst credit card company I have come across-sbi cards and the worst set of people working for it. I have cleared my payment in the month of august 2005 and after all these years they send people home asking for a settlement. I hold cards of all major companies for the past 15 years and this has by far been the worst experience in this regard. I would request people to be careful when you are applying for a card from sbi becoz initially they are very sweet to you later they take the life out of you and your family.

  • Na
    Nasir Ali Khan Jan 23, 2008

    In response to your Advocate Notice vide no. QL/150/JAN/08/9735 dated 01/08/2008 I would like to bring down various concerns into your kind notice regarding the outstanding dues against my Credit Card No. 4317575705927136 which has been communicated many times through your Helpline as well as made it clear when received the call from your office:
    (1) I possessed the card on Oct’06.
    (2) Till March’07 Statement, the account was clear as all the payments were made on time.
    (3) The purchase worth Rs.180 made on 11/03/2007 which was projected on April’07 statement got delayed as I was on tour. The due date was on 26/04/2007.I received the call from your collection agency on around 1st week of May’07 regarding due payment and mentioned that failing which the interest charges will be levied on the same. I paid Rs.190 (Projected on June statement) on the very next day which was collected by one of their lad.
    To the surprise of mine the interest charges of Rs.712.25 were levied on the transactions of worth Rs.29569.00 made in between 11/04/2007 to 22/04/07 although the due date of that cycle was 26/05/2007.
    After receiving the statement of May’07 I called your Help Line cell for the clarification of such interest charge and since she was also not clear of the same she got it cleared with her senior and informed me. The moment I knew these reprehensible charges I blocked my card immediately as I didn’t want to use such card where the facts were being concealed to the end user and later trying to en-cash the un-ethical charges.
    I have following concerns which need to address in the direction to get the outcome:
    # Such charges were concealed at the time of collecting the documents and were being informed that the interest will be charged only on the outstanding dues.
    # Had been I defaulter my Principal Amount would not be zero. The entire amount projected in your statements is of Cumulative Interest only and there is no single rupee liability on me of SBI.
    # If my intentions were being wrong I would not blocked the card and might used it abruptly without paying a single penny.
    # Though repeated reminders and asking for the proper justification I could not able to get the proper and satisfactory response from SBI.
    # Even your Helpline Cell was not aware about these charges, how could you assume that customer would know about such hidden charges which are quite ridiculous and outrageous.
    I was always being a regular payer before this issue and I condemn paying such hefty amount just for the heck of the delay payment of Rs.180.If I will not get proper or satisfactory response from you I shall be bound to go to the court for the harassment and misconduct by you.
    I hope for a professional and appropriate response from your side to close this issue ASAP.


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rude behavior!

Name of Bank : SBI Branch - Darya Ganj New Delhi-110002.
Purpose of Visit: Opening Saving Ac in the Bank and some Investments (Fixed Deposit, and in SBI Mutual funds and SBI Life
Date & Time of visit: 19/01/08- 11:30 am.

When I went to the bank I asked the person who were seating on the customer support counter. I asked him please give me the forms for opening the saving ac. he seemed to reluctant to reply me because he was busy in gossiping with his friend with a cup of tea, I again asked him could you please provide me the forms and details. Then very unwillingly he look at me and asked what you want I said I need the forms and I also want to know to know some details on investments. He replied me come on Monday I don't have forms, and today is no time I asked him what is the working hrs on Saturday he said till 1'o clock I said but right now is 11:45.

Then he replied take the form form guard, after a long marathon of talking finally I manage to got the forms when I come to him again for asking what documents you require and I also need some clarity on investments. He said what documents you have, I asked him what documents your require please tell me he then got anger and replied me you not have the complete documents I am sure I said no I have please tell me what documents you require. then he said if you have the documents then it will not use because the person who will take this documents is not in his seat and because it is almost 12:00 so the cashier will not take the money as well. His whole behavior now made me very disappointing and sad and I decided I will not invest or open any account in SBI.

But the whole incident make me understand why most of the person like private bank then a government bank and the reason of private banking is growing.


  • Su
    Subha G.H.S. Rao Feb 04, 2008

    Maybe if you spoke English properly to the cashier he would know what your were trying to ask. English-as-a-second language courses are available throughout the country and I highly recommend that you take it to prevent furthur embarrasment to yourself.

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  • Pr
    Pro Indian Sep 20, 2008

    Went to school in India and the US lived in the US for over 15 years, I am being subjected to the same rude behavior by Indians employed by Bank of America. This happened in North Hills area of California. The customer service pieces of work both south asians were very rude to me until they saw my account balance. Then the money I had on deposit with them made them be very pleasant to me. These pieces of work from India bring our culture whereever they go. Indians have no salvation unless and until each and ev ery one of us conciously try to change our behavior and respect each other as fellow human beings.

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blocked card got misused and I am forced to pay for the same

I had lost my SBI credit card no. [protected], on 17/06/07. I have reported the same with SBI call center on 19/06/07 through my office landline phone (copy of my phone statement enclosed with this complaint). When I reported the loss of my card I also enquired if there was any misuse of my card and I was assured that there have been no purchases made against my card during this period. So I had put a request to block my card immediately and I was assured that the card has been blocked that time itself. As a policy of SBI cards they record all the conversations made with the customer care executives and hence they should have the recorded proof of this conversation as well.

There was a misuse of my card worth Rs. 29185.50 between a period of 19/06/07 to 21/06/07, mostly between 20/06/07 and 21/06/07 (Copy of internet statement attached, this is what I have picked from their website). As I had already reported the loss of my card and blocked the same so I was not worried regarding the misuses. I was not even informed by the bank regarding these misuses and I believe they did not even bother to block my card at all. The card got blocked automatically on 21/06/07 because of misuse at the ATM with wrong PIN (that is covered in the copy of internet statement attached).

I came to know about this only by July end when I called SBI customer care to enquire about the outstanding balance against my card. Since then I have complained to SBI, sent all the information regarding the misuse multiple times but have received no response of any kind from SBI Cards.

Meanwhile I have been getting continuous calls from the SBI call center/recovery agents and they are forcing me to make the payments.
In order to avoid any unwanted situation with their recovery agents I have been continuously making the minimum payment against my card. I have been continuously trying to resolve the issue with SBI. But looks like all my efforts are going in vain as they have rejected my plea and are not giving any kind of response.

Now the pressure from the recovery agents has become unbearable for me and I want consumer court to step in and resolve this issue for me as I am levied with heavy interest every month by SBI as I am making only minimum payment as this is not what I am suppose to pay.

  • Vi
    vikram jeet Jul 31, 2008

    The manager


    I vikram jeet and my card no.5264685324614369
    sir my card is block due to late payment sir last3month before i have an acciedent and my right arms is fakcher and dr. sugg me proper rest for three month
    so i am only one earning member in my family sir i have also pay the min amount yesterday 30th july
    by cash and book no.241307 receiptno.12065327
    sir unbloked my card

    vikram jeet

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harassment on phone even after settlement

SBI cards collection agencies keep on calling even after settling the account and having a proper receipt towards settlement.

Customer service contacted, compliant launnched, no rsponse or action,

receipts copies submitted to local DSA, no response.

1 and half month of harassment over the phone.

please help

  • Hr
    H R BAID Jul 09, 2008


    MY CARD NO IS 4006661016681863



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mistake or fraud??

I am holding my salary account in ICICI Bank.
I transferred an amount of Rs 10000.00 from my ICICI bank account , to my SBI A/c on 1st, Dec, 2007. The amount has not yet been credited to my account.

I informed the same to the ICICI bank customer care and was informed that the funds has been successfully transferred on December 01, 2007 with reference number 579355 to State Bank of India through EFT.

I was suggested to co-ordinate with the branch for further assistance. On 20th December SBI, Dhakuria Branch informed me in written that they have not received any such ammount.

Now it seems that I have lost Rs 10000 or some mistake or fraud on part of the bank.

  • Vi
    Vivek Jain Jan 04, 2008

    My wife and I have lost considerable sum of money due to negligence of ICICI bank. ICICI is a rogue bank who will tell lies and cheat openly. SUe ICICI bank and go after this rogue bank. Unless we all do that it won't get a lesson.

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  • Na
    Nabarun Mazumdar Jan 31, 2008

    I faced similar situation. I transferred some amount from Citibank to SBI Dhakuria and the amount was not credited. Citibank issued one confirmatory letter (On citibank letterhead)which I had shown to the branch manager of SBI. The branch manager acknowledged that it was their mistake and credited my amount then and there. I advise you to please follow the procedure and meet the SBI branch manager and noone else in the branch. Most of the staffs of that branch know nothing and they will just harrass you. Ask for the confirmatory letter from ICICI bank and show that to the SBI branch manager. If it does not solve your problem then talk to the SBI service branch or straight lodge a complaint with SBI grievance cell or RBI. Best of luck.

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  • Ka
    kamala kant Yadav & Mahade Sep 19, 2008

    I along with my Uncle open an account in SBI Meja Branch in the year 1983 and after 1997 account was operatin by my uncle only. In the year 2003 official of SBI Meja refuse to pay him saying that his Signature is not tallied and this was due to lost of his eye sight. he has tried his best to get the money but all the time he has been refused to pay the amount.and due to this act account was not operated. In this time i (Kamala Kant Yadav)was out of station due to my job. After my arrival when i ask the manager to operat my account he refuse to pay my money saying that account is dead. and not refunded the money in the account. My Account No. is Saving Account No. 2752

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payment dispute

The AVP,Customer Service
State Bank Of India,Card(SBI Card)

Dear Sir,

Sub:- Account dispute
Ref:-A/C No -[protected]
I may please beb allowed tyo bring following points to your knowledge. That, I had several correspondences through Email with your Manager ,customer Service in respect of above referred account which belongs to my son Sri Diptiman Mukherjee. Some disputes are still persisting which needs to be resolved for which your Manager,customer service advised me to contact yoyu.
In this connection you may kindly refer my earlier mail dated 17 August 2007wherein, all the expenditures against the above said account had been shown by me and I clearly indicated my disagreement towards the bill figuring Sr No 06 i.e. expenditure of Rs 16549 at Viswa Ratna Hotel , Guwahati. My experience says once a customer denies his bill then it becomes the duty of vendor to supplement the same with the help of supporting documents. But in this case the dealing was different. Instead of co operating me your Manager has started telling me the rules and regulation of VISA. I NEVER SAID THAT IT WOULD NOT BE PAID BUT,WE REQUIRE THE PROOF OF EXPENDITURE.Now I shall explain why such doubt generated in my mind which encouraged me to check all the bills from each clients.
(1)In a case against above referred account, in the statement of September 2007 Rs 61.80 has been charged for cheque collection. I immediately asked to furnish the details of cheque which was not possible because no such cheque was issued by my son. Same was rectified after two months after compounding the interest as per your Visa formula in a concealed manner without accepting their own fault.
Till such time what I have said that is regarding to my son;s account,now please come to my own account([protected]),which I gladly started because it was told by your agent that this is part of SBI. Initially your service was very good; your all activities were transparent. Your game started from September,2007.
(2)In the statement updated 12.9.07 the out standing amount shown as Rs 2880.55.I immediately protested and it was corrected to Rs 2348.82(refer status20.9.07).
(3)In another case against credit of Rs 6615 ,you charged pre-computed interest, Flexi pay processing fees etc(refer unbilled transition dated 12.9.07).When I shouted, this was rectified(vide your mail dated 21.9.07).
(4)In another case I paid Jeevan sathi .com Rs 1041 through credit card but my outstanding amount reflected as Rs1041x2=2082 i.e. just double the actual amount(refer status dated 2.121.07).To prove the actual expenditure I had to submit a copy of bill taken from Jeevan
All I have narrated above to show that it is your practice to charge excess bill and if customer remains silent you started mounting pressure on him , the same you started with my son.
To sum up the matter I once again want to mention that regarding the above referred account I cannot pay the amount if you do not show me the bill and voucher of Rs 16549.Another matter I think is required to be brought to your knowledge which is relevant and taken by your Manager to solve the dispute. In his mail dated 19 Oct ,2007 he send me local phone No 033 [protected]/3982 5772 to contact local payment Assistance unit. I tried twice but, unfortunately no one was there to lift the phone In his mail dated 20 December ,2007 he again gave another set of local number based at Bhubeneswar (I do not understand how Bhubeneswar could be the local office of Ranch) to sort out the problem. I immediately contacted your representative there(at 2.15 PM on 28.12.07) but he was too busy to talk to me. He assured me to talk to me afterwards which am yet to receive. This I am telling because there was all out efforts made by me to resolve the dispute but your office is not interested to solve it rather, there is a hidden intention to stretch it as far as possible to increase the interest part. I also want to mention you that I have paid excess amount and it’s interest as well as principal has reached to Rs 21293.87 and you have to pay it back if, you can not substantiate the claim of Rs 16549 by providing documents.
Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

(T K Mukherjee)
F/O Diptiman Mukherhjee
Vigilance Department
Darbhanga house.
CCL ,Ranchi 834001

  • Di
    dinesh mishra Jan 12, 2008


    My Application no. is S0002803368, some 25 days ago, but still neither iam able to track the status nor I have received your card.
    Kindly look into the matter.


    Dinesh Mishra

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  • Ra
    Ramesh Rathod May 28, 2008

    If SBI card or other debit card is issued but not use upto three months or whole year then Should I pay any charge/fee to any card's company ?

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  • An
    Anis Salim Jul 23, 2008

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am in reciept of your notice ref no QL/150/JULY/LOT1/PT1/08/3076 dated 6 july 2008 however as i was out of station and in delhi during the period i recieved your letter in hand today on 23 july 2008

    To brief a bit i had send a couple of dispute emails and lettters to the dispute cell in delhi, I have even had phone conversations with SBI executive who had send me dispute letter forms which were duly send to SBI office of which i did not recieve any reply.

    This is a dispute on refund of flight tickets purchased from which has not been settled as of now.

    I had been praying to be contacted by the SBI officials to settle the dispute and here i finally get a Legal Notice

    I have even tried calling Mr.Rahul Chattarjee on 09990517218 at around 1:30 Pm but the phone gets disconnected after few rings

    I will be very thankful to you if you can communicate a local kolkata address of the SBI where i can go and settle the issue myself or ask any one to communicate with me on phone at +91 98311 43494

    Hoping a positive feedback

    Thanks & regards

    Anis Salim

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non delivery of watch

I had placed an offer of Giordano wrist watch which was on sbi card offers .The receipt number is [protected].
Rs 399 has been deducted from the account but deals4all have not sent any mail regarding the same.The customer support of deals4all is not active and 24hrs busy.When called to main office they dont respond properly.Many a times they take mobile numbers promising to get back in half an hour but all in vane.Its almost one month finished from the date of ordering i have not recieved the watch as though.I had sent sent many mails to [protected] but no reply.From a week im trying to call the numbers given by the customer care viz
please take this complaint seriously and get me justice.
thanking you,

  • Pr
    praveenkumar Aug 16, 2008

    i praveenkumar booked mobilephone on 26/07/2008 and receipt no 000025627 and i didnot receive any conformation from your end please go back to this complient do needfull to me.

    thanking you

    yours truly

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regarding the unfair bills of my credit card no. [protected]

Dear Sir / Madam,

This is to bring to your kind attention that, the bill of my SBI Credit card is totally unfair (Rs.8209.00 on 18 Nov, 2007). Because after getting the Credit card all I have used is -- I have bought only an Indigo Air ticket on 27.08.2007 for Rs.2874.00. After getting your card I've categorically denied several times to your health insurance offers by calling to your customer care. And the customer care did confirm me that, all the insurances offer were deactivated from my account.

But I did not understand why did you send me the bills with absurd amounts--- on 18 Sep, 2007 Rs.7092.96 instead of Rs.2874.00 and so on next months.......... on 18 October, 2007 and 18 Nov, 2007. I reapeat once again that I only bought only an Indigo Air ticket on 27.08.2007 for Rs.2874.00 by using my SBI card and so the billing amount on 18 Sep, 2007 was supposed to be only Rs.2874.00.

I called to your customer care several times to correct the billing amount and all the times they promised me to do that, but again there were no results. So, last time I called again to your customer care with the same request on 04.12.2007 and they took a new request no.[protected] and promised me to correct the billing amount and asked me to pay the basic amount Rs.2874.00, which I only used with your credit card. And on 05.12.2007 I have already made the payment of Rs.2874.00 through the internet banking of HSBC Bank.

In these circumstances, I beg your kind attention to correct my bill amount as much I have used and and unblock my card as soon as possible.

with kind regards,

  • Sk
    S.K. Chakaraborty May 23, 2008



    I am S . K . Chakaraborty living at Rahara uttarpara, 24 parganas(N), kolkata-700118. I am a central government emploee retired from C.P.W.D under the ministry of works housing supply in april 2002. I want to cancle my SBI credit card(4317575304928576) and credited all balance to me and my wife's SBI account and send me a clear information about the cancellation. I am realy fed up for the poor service. Otherwise I will go to Consumer's forum and explain my problem totaly.

    I hope that U can understand my problem, and take a Concrete step against this.

    Thanking you,

    your's faithfully,

    S. K. Chakaraborty
    235 Uttarpara
    State- West Bengal
    Kolkata-700 118
    Contact No:-033-2568-1072

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I have been a SBI card holder since a year, and i would say SBI is one of the worst banks i have dealt with. They dont know how to talk and behave with their customers. In one single day i got more than 5 calls asking me to pay the due and moreover they'll never call on time, they will delay for a month, after a month they call and ask for 2 months payment. I would request each and everyone not to deal with SBI cards or their banks. If you try im sure you would come to this website and lodge a complaint like me.

  • Vi
    vijay Nov 17, 2008

    I agree with 150 % SBI card, it has happend with me right now. I did a transaction amount for 140000 and left the check before 3working days of due date. They have collected lately as well as informed. Even they have approaced very aggressive manner. The next day they were collected 14000 check and assured no further charges. but today they sent me one sms says that you ill have to pay 460 rupees for late payment charges.

    See how they have made foolish and cheating with professionally.

    Please don't buy a credit card from SBI.


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getting harressing calls from the bank

I was using SBI Credit Card, and found some discrepancies in the statements starting from the month of November 2006, which I voiced out in various mails to the company but with no positive response. This year (2007) in the month of May, after innumerous calls and mails, Mr. Harkesh Wahi, said to be Manager (who claimed to look after SBI Cr. Card Division in Gurgaon, Infinity Tower as well as Janak Puri, New Delhi branch) finally made settlement from the company with a total payout of Rs.20,000/- (I did got settlement letter from the Bank).

First installment of Rs.5,200/- cash (paid in the month of May 2007) and than five equal installments of Rs.2,960/-. The last installment has been paid in the month of October 2007.

Since the payout of my final installment, I have been receiving harassing calls from the representatives stating to make payments. It seems there is no coordination between departments of such a reputed Bank that even after issuance of settlement letter from one department, and even after getting all the cheques cleared from customers bank, the other department is not aware of it. It seems that a customer is just taken for a ride?

May I request everyone out there, helping the consumers rights to kindly help me out in this matter.

  • Kb
    K B Mahajan Aug 02, 2008

    Dear Sir,
    I had applied for a Platinum Card though I was assured of at least a Gold ( Visa) card. My reference No. is SB08214021011.
    What I have got is a Siver Cards. It has yet to be activated.
    Before it is activated I request you to please cancel it and send a Gold Card to me.
    I wait for your reply.

    KB Mahajan
    New Delhi.

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  • Ad
    aditi Sep 26, 2008

    i also have a very bitter experience towardsthe SBI call centre. in fact i have credit card of hdfc too but i have never faced any problems with them till now.the call centre representatives of SBI CC s are very rude, dyscourteous and ignorent to our problems. i had to call them several times when i was not in india and wasted money over their call centres. they are not flixible, do not check your past cridit records b4 talking to us and jus try to escape work in shadow of some rules. when we ask them to put their senoirs on line they are reluctant to do so...why?..they are gonna lose many customers this way.

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insurane without approval from customers

I have asked for any insurance with SBI Credit card and neither approved them when a call was made. But they have added two insurances to my card and are forcing me to Pay Rs.4500/- and for past 6 months I am trying to make them understand it is not my fault but now including all late payment and interest charges they are forcing me to pay Rs.8500/-. They have even went to an extent issuing a legal notice.

wrong billing

Though I am paying in time, for last two months I have been charged the late payment penalty.For the current month payment I have recieved the statement on 30th Nov.2007 and the payment due date shown on the statement is 23rd Nov.2007.So please do the reversal of previous penalties and current month due date for pament.

  • Am
    AMOL LAKE Dec 01, 2007

    Though I am paying in time, for last two months I have been charged the late payment penalty.For the current month payment I have recieved the statement on 30th Nov.2007 and the payment due date shown on the statement is 23rd Nov.2007.So please do the reversal of previous penalties and current month due date for pament.

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  • Ch
    chandan prakash Dec 04, 2007

    wrong billing pls contact or send me customer care no.


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  • Su
    subramanyam.o Dec 29, 2007

    Sub: Stop the Bills sending to my address and stop the Interest
    and penalties. I am not responsible for your bil payment regarding your
    insurance with out intimation and with out my permission.
    Ref: SBI Credit Card number: 5264685314544535 of O.Subramanyam.

    The problem which I am facing with your behavior of harassing with your customer (i.e. me)…Your bank people was done forgery my signature and debited to my account without my permission.
    I am O.SUBRAMANYAM about ten months back one of your representative insisted me to take the credit card, I also had a good faith on SBI bank .Being with that reason I had chosen to take your SBI Credit card.
    But according to my knowledge I need a PIN to operate this credit card, but till date I have not received any PIN from your concern yet and I am not using your SBI credit card.
    In the September month I have received a message on my cell phone containing that I have to pay Rs.3,629.35. For the Insurance done at SBI Insurance. I rejected the insurance and intimated so many times to your irresponsible customer care executives. and Wrote a letter (Before due date) regarding insurance rejection and dropped the letter in your SBI Credit card payments dropping box at TIRUPATI …………… so many times and so many letters are sent to your bank. But there is no response. I wrote the letters to Delhi, and Chennai and send it through Courier also regarding this matter.
    With this mental tension On 18-9-2007 I have met with an accident and I was admitted in the Remidy hospital - Tirupati for treatment since three months. My hospital expenses is Rs.10,000/- above. (I have the evidence also) (Since three months I am not getting my salary also and I have barrowed from Vasavi silks – Tirupati Rs.25, 000/- above for my treatment and other exp.)
    So I am unable to communicate with you regarding this matter. So many
    times I have Informed to your customer care (1800 1801290) But there is no response.
    But I am receiving so many messages like “your outstanding is with interest and penalty Rs.5,255-06.”
    I am unable to pay the total amount, Please cancel my credit card and send me one letter without balance immediately. Other wise I will give a police complaint or I will give a layer notice on your bank people and give this matter to press also.
    Thanking you
    Yours truly,

    (O.Subramanyam.) CC to: Chennai office, Mumbai Office, Tirupati office

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  • Ke
    Ketam N Nanavati Jan 25, 2008

    To,the Manager,
    Sbi card,

    my card No. 4317 5750 7984 8165 . i m suffering from wrong billing since last oct.2007's bills.
    1. my old card no.4317 5750 2694 9256.aug 2007 bill fully paid in time by cheaque dated 16/8/07 of Rs.12634.02 ( due date 22/8).
    2. then sap.2007 bill is nill ( o.02 Rs. and min amount due is shown o.o1 ) of same card no.
    3. then oct 2007 bill of Rs. 1926.20 was received . but it was wrong. i was complainent on phone to the custemer care at 10th oct.2007 and corrected bill amount 1252.04 was given to me.which is paid by me at 13th oct. via Atm .

    after oct.2007, my card was changed and New card No. 4317 5750 7984 8165 was issued to me.

    in Nov.2007 bill, again wrong annual fee charged. i was complainent at 22th nov to the custemer care via phone. and registered complaint No. 0063260043857 and from custemer care person, said that corrected amount of bill was 979.24 - 842.70 = 136.54 was charged , which was paid by me on 26th nov.2007 via internate payment.and my bill was paid fully in time.

    then again in dec.2007 bill. wrong interrested bill reversel amount Rs.437.45 was charged.which was totally wrong. i was complainte on custemer care at 15th dec and person from custemer care was agree with my complaint and he was corrected my bill from 3015.45 less 437.45 = rs 2578 and my complaint registration no. 0063490087225 given to me and, i was paid the same at 26th dec.

    then again in jan.2008 bill, there is no used of my card, then also Rs.460.64 is charged to me . which is totally wrong. and when i complaint the same, person from custemer care is not ready to hear me and say that bill is right.

    then what about my previous registered complaints? and if this type of wrong billing is sanding than i dont want to continue used yr card.
    so please note my complaint and reply me on my mail or my cell no. 094261 35568 with in 2 days.
    my bill last date is 31 st jan.

    so please notice my complaint and corrected my bill .

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  • Ve
    vedprakash mishra Aug 23, 2008

    last four month statement is not received and my credit card is damaged its magnet strip is removed so please give new card for my working process
    my card no:5264685315140341

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  • Nr
    Nripendra Kumar Sep 17, 2009

    The same thing is happeing to me .I am having credit card no 4006661015946176. There is no drop box at Kannur - kerala, so I am paying through my account at Lucknow
    Since last two months i.e Aug & Sept the statement is debited by Rs 600/=each for LATE PAYMENT, WHERE AS THE CHEQUE WAS DEPOSITED IN TIME. The cheque amount was credited in the statement just after the due date of payment.
    I totally agree that SBI Credit card is worst, and most surprisingly they don't even replyto the e-mail although they acknowledge the e-mail sent by me.

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  • Sr
    SREENIVASULU A Jul 03, 2010

    Wrong billing credit card no;4317575554544503 in the month of jan&feb 2010 that is before and after repayment date SMS message min amount variation

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home loan emi

Sbi kolkata not deducting emi from last five months against home loan.
They can suddenly charged interest with actual emi.

A/c. No. [protected]

  • Lu
    Luben Kumar Apr 29, 2008

    We are running an organisation called ADAIKALAPURAM MISSIONARY SOCIETY.We have account in State Bank of India(0938) in Tiruvannamalai, Tamilnadu, India.
    My donar agency sent 5566 euro on 1.4.2008 to my account through SBI KOLKOTA Bank, by ABN AMPRO, Armsterdam.But This amount not credit in my account No.10860238906, SBI.Tiruvannamalai till this date 29.04.2008. Kolkota Code:SBI N I N I B B 106.
    Luben Kumar

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  • Go
    Gopal Saha Jul 20, 2008

    I tried to sent this e-mail a lot of times to SBI, Barasat Branch, Near Barasat Thana, but could not succeed. So you are request to instruct your local branch manager to do the following, as I am facing tremendious problem.

    Hi. This is the qmail-send program at
    I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
    This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.

    <[email protected]>: does not like recipient.
    Remote host said: 550 sorry, [email protected] mailbox <[email protected]> is absent on this domain (#5.1.1)
    Giving up on

    --- Enclosed is a copy of the message.

    I, Shri Gopal Saha, Savings Account No.11217034488, I have been your customer long time, and a resident of Nabapally, Barasat. Now I am in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh for last two months and I have to stay here for long time. I brought my pass book and cheque book. One day I tried to withdraw money from my cheque and submit it to the teller counter of SBI, Itanagar, the person check it and told me that your cheque No. was not entered in the machine e.i. your cheque No. was not stored in the manual. So, u contact SBI, Barasat and do the needful and then come.

    I therefore, request you that Cheque Book No. 443026, of 25 leaves, Cheque Sl.No."443026" to "443050" may kindly be authorised as earliest as possible. As I am facing so much problem, These are not good habit.

    Yours sincerely,

    Gopal Saha,
    S.B. A/C No. 11217034488.

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loss of sbi atm-cum debit card

I Desh Raj Saini serving in the Army at present posted Jammu. I have Saving Account in SBI, Jammu Cantt(Satwari) since 08 Mar 2007. SBI Account No

I have received ATM-CUM-DEBIT CARD No [protected] received from SBI, Jammu Cantt.

I have lose of my ATM card my house. Please block my ATM-CUM-DEBIT CARD immediately.

Please issue new ATM-CUM-DEBIT CARD

My Correspondance Address

Naik/NA DR Saini
166 Military Hospital
PO- Satwari
Jammu Cantt
PIN-180 003

  • Pa
    pavandeep kaur Feb 15, 2008

    i m pawan deep kaur my atm - cum-debit card no is 6220180516100015945 valid from aug2007 . i forget my password so kindly let me no how to apply for new password .

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  • La
    Lakshmi Narayana G Sep 02, 2008

    I Arvind Singh Yadav serving in the Army at present posted Jammu. I have Saving Account in SBI, Jammu Cantt(Satwari) since 15 May 2007. SBI Account No

    I have received ATM-CUM-DEBIT CARD No 6220180236700109937 received from SBI, Jammu Cantt.

    I have lose of my ATM card at Market . Please block my ATM-CUM-DEBIT CARD immediately.

    Please issue new ATM-CUM-DEBIT CARD

    Thanking you for the act of kindness.

    My Correspondance Address

    Sep/AA Arvind Singh Yadav
    166 Military Hospital
    PO- Satwari
    Jammu Cantt
    PIN-180 003

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giordana watch

I had orderd a Giordana watch as per the svheme offerred by SBI card. I placed the order on 5th Nov. SBI has billed me for this transaction. But I have not received the watch as yet. I contacted SBI customer support more than two times they gave me a number of the deals 4 all, but no one picks up the phone there.

SBI card cutomer support is alos not giving any help in this regard.

This looks like a fraudulant tie up that SBI has done with Deals 4 all.

Can my issue be redressed..



  • Vi
    vijayan.p Nov 30, 2007

    I too ordered for the same product on 5th Nov. SBI has billed for this transaction. I have not received the watch yet.


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  • Vi
    vijayan.p Nov 30, 2007


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  • Ji
    Jiyaudeen Sep 14, 2008

    Yes, I have order a polaroid digital camera a month ago but i didn't reseve it yet. Even though i have been contineusly dailing to the SBI & compact international (deal for all). The biggest tragety is they have debited from my credit card on last 22nd aug. by this issue SBI playing a frod issue


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till I not received online trading watches

I am Ramesh R I used SBI credit card past 3 Years. Last month SBI gives online trading offer via...

draft money not credited back

I taken easy money draft (dd no. 939586. rs 10000) from sbi credit card. (card no:...4696) dated on 12/03/2007. I have not drawn that dd and sent back that dd to 'the remittance department,10th floar, dlf cyber city, dlf infinity tower, guraon-122002. through courier on 17/04/2007 through pafex courier (courier no: [protected]). but the dd amount of rs 10000 not credited to my account. since from april I made more than 500 calls to sbi credit card customer care department but my problem is not solved yet. sbi recovery department calling me regarding the payment. they are extremely rude and abusive and they are harassing me. every day I am getting more than 15 calls. they are keep on chrging the interest now due amount become 180000. I sent mail to manager of sbi credit card but no use at all. please help me regarding this.

  • Sa
    Sawani May 09, 2008

    I have faced exactly the same problem! I am wondering why we cannot do anything about it!!

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sbi-ge fradualent acts - don't agree to pay by cash for settlements

Beware and record all happenings while making the settlements with SBI Credit cards, please don't agree to pay by cash by all means. Due to SBI poor services, i gave the intimation to close the card, but this was never done and no information from them, after few months i received a statement stating i need to pay 11,000/- for a transaction which i never made. On enquiring with sbi customer care i came to know that the card was not blocked and my account was not closed and this transaction had happened due to a theft in my home in which i had lost most valuables of me. as i was not in india at that time, i was unable to file an FIR at that time. On my return, when asked for the settlement amount for the transaction happened without my knowledge, they asked me to pay 20,725/-, then after 2-3 stages of negotiation, i agreed to pay 13615/- only tht transactional charges and its interest, excluding their expensive late payment charges for 6 months. I gave a cheque to them and when asked for the settlement letter, they promised it will be couried to my recorded communication address. But i seldom received any of such letter from SBI, when i tried to contact the SBI credit card officer, who himself claimed as manager to whom i have finalised the settlemnt was speaking as if he never knows me and my case. I then intimated this to [protected] and other greviance nodal officers in chennai, for which i received no responses from any of those. Then later after 3 months i started receiving harashment calls from SBI collection department, To put a full stop to this issue i asked for the settlement amount for second time, this time also they told outstanding as 21,623/-. But They (Geetha(SBI-Timehouse, Rajaji road, parrys), Sunil (SBI-Timehouse, rajaji road, Parrys), said their bank is fair enough to offer an pre-approved amount of 11,000/- against the settlements, when i requested them to solve the issue legally, so that i could also get a chance to express the harshments and other things happened on behalf of SBI, then finally they asked for an settlement amount of 4,000/- for which i agreed , hoping to solve the problem. Then they asked me to come personally to SBI-Time house only with cash of 4,000/- and informed settlement letter will be given on spot of payment being made. I had a belief of them and went to Time house at 3PM for settling the issue, Geetha showed me the settlement letter in which Sunil, had signed in . then i gave the cash payment, she gave the settlement letter, when i was about to leave , she asked for the settlemnt letter saying she needs to take a photo copy for their evidences, i gave the letter back and she asked me to wait outside her cabin and told she will come in 5 mins. But even after 30 mins she never came, when i asked others, to my shock they told she already left the office at 5 PM. Then i refused to leave their center, and at 7 PM sunil(SBI-GE), came to meet me on my compulsion, he then promised me that this will be solved and i would receive the letter within 24 hrs of time. But this never happened and after that meeting, now today their same harashment calls continued after an sucessful year after that incident. I have all evidences, Including video recorded while sunil was talking to me and more than 30 emails i have written to [protected], have recorded their promise calls in my mobile, but of no use until and unless i initiate this issue legally, which will happen in shorted time. So beware of SBi while making your final settlements as most of collection agents are well trained culprits. Now today they told i have an outstanding of 21,635/-. I don't know how many times i have to make the settlement for SBI. Get the settlement letter first, mentioning the cheque number and always have the evidence of cheque cleared from your account.

  • Va
    VASUDEVAN .K Sep 14, 2008


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  • Ra
    Ravi Mar 04, 2009

    All the user of the SBI card, as i had a settlement the third party from the SBI card named naresh from nagpur come to my house and settlement was done on 5430 Rs, with the three installment of 1810 rs, Still the person from the SBI didnt gave me the settlement letter of above mention Rs. and gave me of 9000 Rs settlement lettre ane assured me to be gave in next month, He didnt came again, and the over due in now on 27000 Rs. As per the term and condition the third party so appointed, shall adhere fully to the code of conduct on debt collection. Still he didnt came and collect the due.
    Ravi Kalsait

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beware of sbi and ge nexus for recovery of credit card dues

Hi dear friends

First of all we all must be very careful that "SBI" is no longer in the lines of credit card business. It has taken over or surrendered to the American banks like "GE" and "CITI BANK". They are using their crafty network to collect money and send rowdies to collect their dues. In the name of SBI thses banks are enxentign their tentacles every where.

As rightly pointed out by one of the credit card consumer forum president Rs 6000/- crores were earned by these credit card business only from Interest and service charges.

Further don't listen to them when they phone.

While, on record, banks refuse to admit that they’re aware that many recovery agents cross the line, off the record, spokespersons say using abusive language or threatening customers is the only option at times.

You please record those people vocie if oyu have a voice recorder. If you have digital camara taken those intrude your house or your any primises.

What you can do

If you’re harassed or intimidated on phone, tap the phone and get the local police to record a non-cognisable offence

In case of a physical assault, file a first information report
If the harassment continues and the police do not cooperate, approach a lower court and file a case under Section 190

The State and District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum is also an option where consumers could file a case under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, and ask for interim relief and compensation for mental harassment.

one of the recent vedict for credit card users view.......

THE State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Chennai, has asked Standard Chartered Bank to pay Rs 20 lakh to a couple for deficiency of service. The bank has been given two months to pay the compensation to the complainants, Capt A. Ranganathan and his wife, Mrs Lakshmi Ranganathan.

In its order, the commission comprising Mr Justice A. Raman, President, and Mrs R. Vanaroja and Mr Pon Gunasekaran, members, said it found the claim of Rs 20 lakh as compensation by the complainants "quite reasonable considering the nature of insult and onslaught committed by the opposite party to the self-respect, dignity and honour of the complainants."

Action against recovery agents


If you are not a defaulter, and your bank, finance company, cell-phone operator is harassing you to extort money through recovery agents then follow these steps:

1) Note down the telephone number from where the call is originating.

2) Try to get the name of caller.

3) If he visits you personally, ask for his identity card of employment in the institution from which you have subscribed the services.

4) If he is not the employee of the institute, you have no liability to deal with him as you have no contract/agreement of service with him.

5) immediately complain in writing to the Senior Inspector of the police station in your locality informing the telephone number and the name of person.

6) Complain to the head of institution- like Chairman, Managing Director, CEO, etc. about the incident and their defective services.

7) Complain to the Banking Ombudsman, if it is a banking institution.

8) Complain to the Chairman, Reserve Bank of India, who is responsible for all the banks in India.

9) Enclose the copy of the police complaint when you complain to these officers.

10) Write to the media.


1) Recovery through agents is illegal.

2) Banks are not supposed to divulge your financial details and your address and telephone number to a third party.

3) Third party cannot represent your service provider for such crucial and sensitive information.


1) Do not give any money to recovery agents as you have no contract with them.

2) Give money to your service provider only against proper receipt.

3) If any recovery agent calls you to any place, don't go alone, take the police with you and get them arrested. Plain clothes policemen will accompany you if need arises. If there is any emergency, dial telephone number 100 and inform the police control room your location.

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