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Complaints & Reviews

irresponsible employees

hello sir, this is ankit from patna, is really annoying the way your employess respond to open up a single account.they are making me visit from past couple a months..we have only 1 branch in whole locality nd is really a big time trouble if you feel to visit sbi, hanuman nagar branch for sort of is not at all we have just couple of branches in complete k-bagh locality.and even if they make us face sort of problems then what should we do particullarly?it seems k-bagh main branch do not open accounts for students, as they said me that am not elligible to open up any account in the branch because am a student, even though i fullfil your all demand of documents nd all..plz advise...

ankit prashar

discontinuation of card without assigning any reason and after taking annual fees.

This complaint is against state bank of india mumbai credit card section which are known as the biggest bank but with so small and dirty services. the complaint address is taken from their web-sight but alas it bounced back, the customer service centre at [protected] is so irresponsible people. please try to make it public and advise if you got any machinery to do so β€” thanks

Subject: failure notice
From: [protected] tue, 18 jan 2011 23:52:10
To: you and others
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Hi. this is the qmail-send program at
I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
This is a permanent error; i've given up. sorry it didn't work out.

<[protected]>: mailbox not found
Remote host said: 550 no such user - psmtp

β€” enclosed is a copy of the message.
from s. r. sathi verma mobile no. [protected] mumbai dated 18/01/2011
Credit card no. [protected]
Your campaign for credit cards:- you have left your gang at malls. at infinity mall, andheri west mumbai your gang man canvassed me to buy the credit card. said - no annual fees, no hidden cost and many benefits-wow.
And I applied for the card. your team took at least 2 months to deliver the card as against promised within 15 days - first lie.
And I committed a buy of initially for inr 471.00 but the bill came for inr 846.00. with great difficulty I contacted your another gang man at call centre who informed that the gang man at mall was not well trained. what a coordination.
I was promised to redress and I was told to pay inr 812.00 and they would activate the card within 7 days for further purchase. I paid immediately.
And against the promise I received the message over my mobile from vmsbi card on 13/12/2010 @ 17.58 that"they will not activate the card" without assigning any reason.
Since then I have been trying to contact the call center @ [protected]/[protected]. they hold me at least for 2 to 3 minutes and then they disconnect without reply,. it has repeated many times and finally no communication.
But see the miracles msg from vmsbi card dated 21/12/[protected]@ 18.05 congratulation for bonus marks earned. again dated 23/12/2010 about one time password and one more dated 25/12/2010 informing about credit balance.
Wont you conclude that (1) your gang men have made the entire concept of credit card as full joke. without activating the cards they are extending the various messages of concessions that (2) they are so obstinate to discontinue the facility without giving any reason. that (3) if not interested for any customer service why this all nasty show at various public places for campaign of credit card. its not a fooling business to public. (4) if not interested why have confiscated my annual fees. are you not a looter and robbers. think of if you do to one lac people you would loot 375 lacs ruppies from them. and finally if you feel your gang involved in such a nasty game is having a little shame please return my inr 375.00 as annual fees and say good bye.
If you avoid as your gang is now avoiding me shamelessly I would forward the case to banking ombudsman for his consideration of this case.
Please reply to [protected] like a responsible person and not like a hired man of oursource at your earliest.

transaction declined but amount debited

I have gone to ATM center to receive money of rupees 2000.00 on 08/01/2011 First it said that your transaction is under process but at last it said the time is out without receiving the said amount of rs 2000.00.After that it is noted from the mini statement the said amount of rs 2000.00 is debited from my account.The ATM center ID is S10C000947059(opposite to dinesh hospital at vellore vellore district Tamilnadu 632001) The transaction time is around 13.00 hrs.My a/c no is [protected] of Indian bank Katpadi.My card no is************9219.My mobile no is +[protected] and my Address is no.15 5th cross street Jothi nagar katpadi Vellore-7 632007
Hence I request that my amount of rs 2000.00 Which is not received from ATM machine may please be credited to my account early.Thanking you sir.
Yours sincerly,

  • Pr
    Pradip Mohanty Jul 12, 2011

    Respected Sir,

    Myself Pradip Mohanty I am holding an account (Bank A/c. No -
    30436323274) in State Bank of India, Dehurda branch, Orissa.

    I was withdrawing money from a ATM (Digha, Purba Medinipur, W.B) on
    dated 30/06/2011 at 7.16 pm and 15000.00 Rs. was deducted from my
    account and I could not get any cash but I was received one ATM slip
    at the time of using the ATM machine and clearly mentioned on slip
    that “unable to process”. Please find attached the soft copy of slip
    attached with this complaint request.

    I have launched a complain against this more than several times in SBI
    Dehurda branch & SBI Digha Branch as well as complain in SBI customer
    care in Web & SBI regional Head office Orissa over the phone. But
    nothing happened from the date of Incident (30/06/2011).

    I personally met with the Manager Mr. Goutam Sharkar (SBI, Digha
    Branch) and Manager Mr. Amulya Ku. Maharana of the Dehurda branch,
    Orissa. But nothing happened from the date of Incident (30/06/2011).
    Both manager’s says" Forget that money ...we cannot do anything for

    Please note:- Mr. Goutam Sharkar (SBI Digha Branch, W.B) has told me
    that money transaction has been drawn from the account and your matter
    is closed But transaction time and ATM machine has mismatch with my
    proof (ATM Slip) & Bank proof. I have already requested him for camera
    checking. But they are saying camera has problem.

    Now if I try to call the manager of this branch he says” We cannot do
    anything for you & close this issue immediately.

    So please suggest me what to do???

    Hope I will get the justice from you and you will take some actions as
    early as possible.

    Waiting for hearing from you…


    Pradip Mohanty
    Address:- At- Chandipur, Po- Kakhra, Ps - Bhograi
    Dist - Balasore, Orissa - 756039
    Contact No:- 09937758907

    Email address:- [email protected]

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unlawfully sanction of housing loan and thereafter disbursement of whole amount of loan on same day without having regisrty of plot

About 5 years back ( dt.28.09.2005), I had applied for the sanction of house loan in the prescribed form without any documentation to SBI Main branch Korba (CG) as registry of the plot was due to be done in favour of me. Surprisingly, the bank manager sanctioned the loan of Rs.5, 50, 000/= against construction of house and that too disburse the same( full amount) to the builders on same day i.e. on 28.09.2005 without any works in single instalment. The builder had started the works of construction after vigorous persuation and complaints to the bank but since the builder had received the full amout of loan without any works, he left the site uncompleted and I am facing lot of problems as bank management is pressing hard to deposit EMI which I have stopped to deposit after notice of this to the bank authority since last 3 years . I am regularly complaining against the bank authority for their unlawful act of sanction of loan and thereby disbursement of loan amout since last 05 years but result is big zero. Please help me if possible.

no action on request for transaction rights

I opened an NRE account with SBI's Jawahar Vyapar Bhawan New Delhi branch in September 2010. I was already operating a saving bank account with SBI's Shastri Nagar Meerut(U.P.) branch along with a full fledged internet banking accounting.
I had requested to the Jawahar Vyapar Bhawan branch that i needed internet banking along with this NRE account and that this account should be connected with my earlier internet banking account.
I was given internet banking but NO transaction rights. In fact the internet banking account for the earlier account also are now without transaction rights. Despite repeated requests both verbal as well as written, I have still not been given the same. It has been 4 months since i first requested for the transaction rights for my internet banking. The bank officials seem to be clueless about the problem. What do i do ?

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fund transfer problem

dear sir,
my SBI SB A/C NO:[protected] at ambattur branch chennai 53 now iam wroking in oman now my salay amount send to my SB A/C then i transfer the mony by onlinesbi to my famaily mempers in tamil nadu but now not transfer the amount
the onlinesbi persinol banking ask high security passward enter the high security passward but not excuted it shows invalied passward but its right passward then one moreproblem Iam transfer the amount 9nos but now I have 4 nos A/CS
high security pass wardonly remining 5nos passward is not remambaring iam furgat it so please help me to transfer the amount to my famaly members account thank you

my SB A/CNo10402863070

False promises for selling credit card

This complaint was earlier posted on the 11th Nov 2010 on, but till date there has been no response.

I was approached by someone(name not known) from the SBI credit card department in the month of October 2010 and was told that there is a special offer for my company 'Fleet Management India Pvt Ltd" for the management level employees and SBI is providing SBI Gold cards with no annual or any charges. I was also told that some of my colleagues have already subscribed for SBI cards.

I trusted the person and asked him to send his representative to my office address. The representative came and asked me to sign at a few places, collected my visiting card and said he will fill up the rest. Again I trusted.

The next day, I received a call from the SBI card department for verification of my application and was asked if I agree to the joining charges of INR 500.00 to which I refused and told her that I am being issued the card under an offer. She told me that there is no such offer and she would check with the concerned sales dept.

I gain received a call soon after from the same guy in sales and he again told me that you agree to the charges as the verification department does not have the latest information and he will make sure that the charges will be waived from his end when the credit card is processed.

To this I again trusted the sales person and this time when i received the call from verification department, I told her that I agree to pay the joining charges.

I was shocked to receive the credit card since it came with an add-on card in the name of my wife for which I had never requested. Further, my wife's name is wrongly printed on the card.

I also received an sms later informing me that there is an outstanding amount of Rs 551.52 which is the joining fees and I have to pay that.

Immediately, I called up the SBI card customer care (around the 15th Oct 2010) and lodged a complaint regarding the outstanding charges and the wrong name printed on the add-on card and also that I never requested for an add-on card and I was told by the customer care that my case will be resolved on Monday (18th Oct 2010). I had also requested an immediate cancellation of card since I have been cheated but all seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

Since then I am still waiting for the SBI customer care to call me back and resolve my problem.

Today (04th Nov 2010) being the last date of payment for the outstanding of Rs 551.52, I have paid through net banking to avoid unnecessary harassment of added interests and penalties.

I request you to intervene and stop the sales department from misguiding unsuspecting clients by resorting to false promises.

I also want the bank to roll back the charges I have paid and cancel the credit card since I have been defrauded.

I also wish to cancel my SBI credit card after the false charges are refunded.

Capt Anupam Maiti
mob: +91 [protected]

  • Vv
    VvvvYyy Dec 22, 2010

    If it went bad in less than a month, you should have taken it back to the store with your receipt & returned it for another one.

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loss of envelope containing e banking id and pw


I am having a SB A/C with BITS Campus, Goa Branch of State Bank of India and my SB A/C No. is [protected].

The envelope issued to me by the Branch containing e banking ID and Password has been lost some where and inspite of my best efforts, I have not been able to trace the same

It is therefore kindly requested that the same may be invalidated and I may be sent new ID and PW at my permanent address given in the application form. My email ID is [protected] My mobile number is [protected].

I may be intimated accordingly

With regards

Yours faihfully

Kumar Mayank
SB A/C No. [protected]

mobile banking super flop

state bank of india's mobile banking is a great flop.i had used this service for top-up recharge for my mobile phone, though the amount got debited from my SB account immediately, it was never paid to the mobile company. Further, to add insult to injury despite my best attempts SBI never bothered to re-credit the amount back to my account. I wrote so many reminders on SBI website but all fell on deaf ears.
SBI gives the worst service, negligent in duty, not bothered about customers at all

wrongly raised bill amount

Authority of Consumer forum

Here with i like to know regarding fraudulent behavior of company GIFT 360 intially they show the price of product code 2428, 15696/- rupees with monthly EMI 1308 for 12 monthes but as they charged from SBI CREDIt card rupees 17491/- rupees that is as per their rules are changed without prior to any notice and information please help me and punish this type of company.
All the details are attached here withs.


I am Deepak kumar singh My SBI a/c no is [protected]. I have lost my ATM card. Please block my ATM card immidiately.

  • Sa
    satyavathi Jan 08, 2011

    my name is satyavathi studying B.SC final year i lost my ATM DEBIT CARD two days back, so that please block my atm card. and i want know where i get new one.

    MY ACCOUNT NO.30501635495
    MOBILE NO.09951489965.


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  • Gn
    g.nirmala Jan 25, 2011

    i lost my ATM DEBIT Card two days back, so that please block my atm card. and i want know where i get new one.

    my name : G.NIRMALA
    Mobile No: 09500149392
    My Account No: 10306176893
    please do the need gu
    g nirmala

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  • Lo
    lovesh khandelwal Feb 15, 2011

    I am Lovesh khandelwal My SBI a/c no is 10504805920. I have lost my ATM card and my atm card no, is 6220180466100272205, Please block my ATM card immidiately. My mobile no. is 09893671780

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  • Sn
    sn murthy Jun 07, 2011

    my name is narasimha murthy saragada mca final year i lost my ATM DEBIT CARD two days back, so that please block my atm card. and i want know where i get new one.
    MY ACCOUNT NO.31237729716
    MOBILE NO.9494166346

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  • Ve
    verma pankaj Jun 08, 2011

    R/sir /madam
    i m pankaj verma i lost my purse with my ATM card and some other documents... I contact my damua Branch distt chhindwara and they said i have to give a written request to issue a new card... as they said i gave the request in the last week ok may 2011...

    But since then i did'nt received any intimation or a new ATM card from SBI... Can u help me to find out a solution to this problem...
    my a/c no-011281102793
    my cell no 09179854453
    I agree its the worst service...

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  • Hu
    HUNASHIKATTI M.S. Sep 18, 2011

    Block SBI ATM Card
    Respected Sir,
    I lost my atm card numbered 6220180026300022444, issued on saving a/c 11120065017 SBI Branch, Baihongal so kindly block my atm card . Please send the confirmation to my mobil no. 9449382696.
    or email id : [email protected]
    Thanking you sir.

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  • Sa
    Sangappa Mar 24, 2012

    Respected sir...
    i m Sangappa D Chitti studying JSS College Dharwad. i lost my ATM card and some other
    documents...| so kindly block my atm card and please send the confirmation to my mobile. and i want know where i get new one.
    MOBILE NO:9731474958
    BRANCH: Tavaragera
    MY ACCOUNT NO: 62212779186
    ATM Card no: 5044352021800012224

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  • 42
    422ab Aug 30, 2013

    I am Anand Prakash My SBI a/c no is 11441388567 . I have lost my ATM card. Please block my ATM card immediately.

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pension a/c not been transfered

Pensioner type : Central civil
PPO No : [protected]
Pensioner Name : Smt Chhaya Bose
A/C No : [protected]

I am holding a saving cum pension a/c no [protected] at SBI MNREC ALLAHABAD(Bank code 2580).
As i was staying alone, due to my health problems i shifted to my daughter's place and transfered the saving cum pension a/c from SBI MNREC, ALLD to SBI INDIRAPURAM GHAZIABAD (Bank code 5226) on 18th Mar 2010.

Now i would like to draw your attention towards the problem facing by me after transferring the a/c from SBI MNREC ALLD to SBI INDIRAPURAM, GZB that i havent received my pension money from APR 2010 till date.

After inquiring from SBI INDIRAPURAM, GZB i got to know the following points:

1 All the pension papers and the original copy of PPO has been sent from SBI CPPC, Lucknow to SBI INDIRAPURAM, GZB on 27th Apr, 2010.

2 After seeing no acknowledgement from SBI INDIRAPURAM, GZB a reminder has been sent from SBI CPPC to them on 3rd Jun, 2010.

3 After the reminder has been sent, i got
to know that it involves SBI CPPC, Chandni Chowk, Delhi for the Link/Delink process.

4 Again a reminder with all the details mentioned has been sent by SBI CPPC, Lucknow to SBI INDIRAPURAM, GZB and SBI CPPC Chandni Chowk Delhi with the problem statment.

5 After inquiring from SBI CPPC, Lucknow, i came to know that the pension a/c has to be delink from SBI, CPPC lucknow and needs to be linked with SBI CPPC, Chandni Chowk Delhi which involves technical process.

With all these, now i request you to kindly see this and direct that SBI CPPC, Lucknow & SBI INDIRAPURAM, GZB and SBI CPPC Chandni chowk to communicate with each other and start my pension immediately .


Kindly look into this.
Awaiting your reply.

Chhaya Bose
Age 65 Yrs

  • Sm
    S. MEGHESWARI Dec 02, 2010

    my landline number 04565-224482 is not working 20 days. local exchange complained not in service please service immediatly

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  • 94
    9411053906 Jan 16, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Mb
    m.baig162 Mar 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I, Mohammed Azmathulla would like to inform you that I am not receiving my pension for last 3 months, despite submitting my 'Life Certificate' in 1st week of Jan11 as requested by SBI Bank. I use to receive my pension for last 4 years now. But its a second time that i am facing the same issue with my pension not being credited at expected time. Pension is the only source for me in thess old days and i am facing a lot of financial difficulties in last 3months. Despite contacting SBI branch managers many a times, they keep saying 'It'll be credited next month by sure', which is not happening for last 3 months.

    My details are as follows:
    Name: Mohammed Azmathulla
    PPO No: 59042115991
    SBI AcctNo: 10279079309
    SBI Branch: SBI, Kukatpally IE branch, Hyderabad, India.

    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,
    Mohammed Azmathulla.

    *please give response to email id--> [email protected]

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atm card not deliverd

hello sir,
I am(rachit rastogi) a customer of sbi, branch :aonla, branch code:611. district bareilly(u.p). Sir my atm card is broken before three month ago .I surrender broken atm card and official application. my account no. [protected] . and not satisfactiry answer till date.

with regard
Rachit rastogi

atm card not deliverd

  • Ra
    rachit rastogi Nov 25, 2010

    hello sir,
    I am(rachit rastogi) a customer of sbi, branch :aonla, branch code:611. district bareilly(u.p). Sir my atm card is broken before three month ago .I surrender broken atm card and official application. my account no. 11628582767 . and not satisfactiry answer till date.

    with regard
    Rachit rastogi

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  • Bi
    binod kumar nayak Aug 28, 2011

    hello sir i am binod kumar nayak my ac no is 31312572408 sir i was open an account at joranda branch before 8months but my ATM no delivered yet so please do something

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special home loan offer 2009

I had had a special home loan of ammounting rupees nine lacs twenty five thousands only from burdwan, rasmeccc-cum-sarc through the state bank of india, burdwan branch on 29.01.2009 under special home loan offer. my loan account number is [protected]. on that time it was told to me that under "that" sbi special home loan, sbi life shall be auto covered i. e I do not have to pay for sbi life. till that time I want to know the actual fact, whether money is required for sbi life to the officials verbally and through e-mail. but getting no response from their side.
Let me know the actual fact i. e. should I have to pay for sbi life or not?
Partha sarathi sengupta

charges reversed by sbi & put my name in cbil

Name Rajendra Suresh Dakhale
Mobile No [protected]

This is with reference to my earlier complaint as follows The Charges Reversed by SBI but now my name is appearing in CBIL because of this charges written off by SBI

Kindly requesting you to sort out this issue at the earliest

June 9, 2007
The Manager
SBI Cards

Ref : Rajendra Suresh Dakhale
Sub : Cancellation of credit card due to deficiency of Services
Credit Card No [protected]

Dear Sir,

I Mr Rajendra Suresh Dakhale residing at 63/3108 Vartak Nagar, Thane – 400 606. My Mobile No [protected]. I am not at all satisfied with the services which is provided to me from SBI cards resulting that I would like to cancel my Credit Card with immediate effect.

I have paid Rs 17, 768=62 ( Seventeen Thousand Seven hundred Sixty eight & Sixty two paise by Cheque only. I had issued a cheque from my Saving Account to SBI Card. Cheque is debited in my account on 21/07/2006 as per the Bank Statement from The Mahanagar Co-Op Bank Ltd. From August or September onwards I am getting calls from SBI Payment Services Pvt Ltd Delhi for the Payment They are asking me the payment of the amount which is paid by me in july only. after fighting with them for a month or more I am able to convince them about my case. Till that time every day I was getting calls from different executives. In December I got call from SBI Andheri that your payment is outstanding they are also asking for the payment which is paid by me in July 06. worst part is that they came to my residence for the payment unfortunately I was in office but when I came to know that person from SBI came for payment I immediately called him & tell him the truth. Next day I went to Bank & collected Bank Statement as well as the certificate from the Bank mentioning that the 17768-62 is debited to my account on 21/07/06 and credit send through RBI Clearing to SBI Andheri Branch after two days Mr Mangesh from SBI andheri called me & told me that your cheque was in suspense account now it will get credited to your account. Today is February 23.2007 even 7 days before I have received the bill from SBI cards and asking to pay around 4000 to 5000 for the Interest or something. You tell me sir why I should pay the interest & what about the wastage of time & energy which I have spend to convince to sbi card’s useless people ( They help me after 5 months ). So many times I ask for the senior persons no or name to explain my problem but he didn’t give me the no his mobile no is [protected].

In future I will not go for SBI Card neither I will suggest my friends & relatives reason is that I have got such horrible experience from you people.

Even after paying money, SBI executives were after me like a . ( I don’t want to write ).
You tell me a single reason why customer like me should not launch a complaint against SBI to appropriate authorities. I spoke to Mr Mangesh and asked that why sbi is again sending me the bill and asking for the interest or charges. He has only one answer Next month it will clear.

Now from Two months I am following up this case with Mr Rakesh ( from SBI Payments Services – andheri ) but still I am getting the Bills from SBI .

Please clear this issue immediately otherwise I will hav to go to appropriate authorities due to deficiency of Services against SBI. ( At your Cost ). Please treat this as request or warning or whatever but sort out my issue immediately.

Now hv applied credit card to HSBC but they hv rejected my appl. Sir, Again I am requesting you to do something in my case.

Even on 01.06.2007 I am following up this issue with Rakesh but no response.

I have send my complaint letter to SBI on 2nd June 2006 & received acknowledgement No from But on 9th june I have received call from SBI Borivili Branch [protected] Executive Name Amit Verma . I think your system is hopeless you tell me what reply I should give your people.

Ranendra Dakhale
(Unsatisfied Customer )

loss of pin

Sir I K.Kanthamma d/o K.Appala Raju of SKBR Govt Degree College, Macherla, Guntur Dist, AP . My SBI Prepaid pin was lost my card number is [protected] so please send a new PIn to draw my schlorship
my cell number is [protected]

  • Ch
    cherry.e Jan 29, 2011

    did you got your new pin from sbi

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  • Ni
    nimu725 Jun 17, 2011

    I am murali krishna my prepaid sbi card is damaged tell how to apply to replacement card.

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  • Gm
    g.mahesh kumar Dec 27, 2011

    my name is G mahesh kumar, I have a ezpay card in dec 2010 but still not activated and my web is not working
    I got scholar ship but i didn't get money from the card, please activate sbi prepaid card
    mycard no;4216870111930721

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pension not getting proper

Respected sir,

I am jivani mahendra kumar devraj bhai (defence pensioner from army) & my pension account at state bank of india, main branch, jamnagar a/c no [protected]. now, I am not getting proper pension asper one rank one pension scheme. I was getting basic pension rs 4114/- pm as per consolidated pension under sixth cpc as on 01.01.2006. presently, I am getting basic pension rs 5290/-pm. but as per revised pension with effect from 1.7.2009 in respect of pre-1.1.2006discharged pbor-army (table-11), who was getting basic pension rs 4114/-pm is intitled for basic pension rs 5405/-pm. so please resolve the said problem and revert..

Thanks and regards

Mahendra jivani

  • Ma
    mayur dharsandiya May 07, 2011

    sbi cppc branch telephone no not working, i have 2 telephone no. of sbi cppc branch ahmedabad 1. 079- 25391174
    2.079-25320061 but in both line audio tape says please check the number you have dialed.

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  • Mr
    Mrs Saroj Lata Prasad Oct 22, 2013

    I am Mrs Saroj lata Prasad Family pensioner ( W/o Late Col L D Prasad) with SBI Fathegunjcamp, Vadodara (A/C No-30349497842).I have earlier also filed on line Complain on 5 th, Oct, 2013 & a written complain thru my Vadodara bank regarding less crediting of my family pension w.e.f June 2013 instead of Rs 24756.00, only Rs 3000/- is being credited till date .Reason was not intimated to me for the same.As i am staying alone & am totally dependent on this pension request you to kindly look into the matter for the needful please.The details of PPO No-M/Prov/272/84.& the Letter of Principle Controller of Defence Acct (pension) Allahabad no N.O.G-1/M/F- 19146/ L/ vol-1 dated 7 May, 2008 is there for the reference pl.
    Thanks with kind Regards.
    Mrs Saroj Lata Prasad.

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false statement & harassement

Dear Sir,

I have applied for a credit card from SBI during 2007. Though I have not applied or given any consent for any Policy, they have sent me a Insurance policy of SBI Life. Though I have tried several times by talking to the customer care of SBI creditcard to cancel the policy still they have not done the same and charged me the amount. Despite of my repeated complaints they are not taking any corrective action and Now I am receiving several calls that they are going for legal action. Till today I have not used the card for any transaction.

Please suggest what to do in this matter, as the credit card company unnecesssaryly harrasing me.

amount missing

My state bank savings A/C no is-[protected]. My salary is deposited here. my salary was deposited on 8/9/10 and the bank has debited the whole amount without showing any reason.The bank should investigate the matter and deliver justice without delay.

banibrata mukherjee
SBI A/c No:[protected]

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    logesh May 05, 2011
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    Respected Madam/sir

    I made a request for a withdrawal of Rs200/- in SBH bank ATM, madavakam -chennai,

    My previous balance 764.00 (24/04/11) then withdrawal the amount of 200/- on (29/04/11)
    but i was shocked when i saw the balance in the slip, i got debited Rs 300/- please kindly do the needful and revise my balance as early as possible, this problem is 2nd time in last 2 month kindly take action,


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branch manager

mai omhari thakur, harikirtan mohalla bhatni, deoria(up)
mera SBI A/C=[protected]
mai SBI home loan ke liye 3 maah pahale apane SBI branch manager( Mr. JUBRAJ SINGH) se mila, inhone sare niyam bataye, usake anusar mane saare paper taiyar karake unhe diya, lekin ab we bewajah tal-matol kar rahe hain.aisa bhi nahi hai ki bank se mera lenden sahi nahi hai, bahut thik hai. Aaj date-15-09-2010 ko jab maine dubara is vishay par bat ki to we bole ki nahi ho payega.maine puchha kyo? to bole ki '' bas aise hi main aapka loan nahi karuga. mane kaha likhakar den ki is kami se loan nahi ho sakata. to we bole mai kyo likh ke dun.
ath mai SBI ke sabhi adhikaryo se nivadan karata hun ki ya to mujhe home loan ka tarika batayen, ya apane SBI ke lok-lubhawan prachar ko band kar de.

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