Spirit Rescheduled But Was Cancelledbeing told my flight was leaving at 1am when lga closes at midnight.

T Aug 15, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

Flight #331 Originally leaving at 9:59pm, was rescheduled for 1am departure.

I had a flight cancelled that was suppose to depart at 9:59PM from LGA - ORD. I was told when I called customer service that my flight had been rescheduled from a few hours departing at 1am and landing at 2:40am. I immediately called the rent a car place and added a few more hours because I was in New Canaan CT with my 7 year old daughter for a Baptism.

Needless to say after my daughter and I drove in to New York for an hour, at 10 at night. Then took the shuttle from the rent a car place to the airport, there wasn't even anyone at the counters. The airport was completely closed at Midnight. The reason I was there was to see my baby niece and be there for her baptism. During this event I was checking my phone for updates and even called to verify this. I did not want to drive an a hour and then by stranded for my first trip with my daughter at midnight. Worse case scenario.

Now it is midnight and I there are no flights the next day by Spirit. So now I found the closest hotel so I could get my 7 year old to bed, get in a cab and head there. How did this even happen??????? I have emails, app updates and called!!!

I already received my refund and wanted to know how your customer service could even tell me that my flight leaves now at 1 in the morning, in an airport that closes at midnight? I also ran into 4 other people that had the exact same thing happen to. Some called and some went by the updates Spirit app that stated we land at 2:40am. Either way I was stranded at midnight with my little girl.

I always stuck up for Spirit and never had a problem, I sure hope I wasn't stupid on all the Facebook Pages/Groups defending this company? I have been dealing with some health issues and had a biopsy. I did call a few weeks ago and was told to send an email. So my timing is off a few weeks. Looking forward to hearing some answers to my email, that customer service said to send.


Tamara Dore

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