Spirit Airlinesemergency cancellation

P Aug 16, 2018

We had a flight scheduled for next Thursday 8/23/18 to Ft Lauderdale / Miami
an unfortunate situation my brother in law was diagnosed with cancer the problem
is he lives alone due to my sister passing four years ago so there was nobody
to take him for tests, consolation, etc we were told no way we could get a credit even though we
called you 8 days before our flight . We live near Cape May & have been using your airlines
for 5 years we are even in a program so we are very very upset with Spirit plus
when telling or neighbors who also have homes in Florida ( we have a flight with you in November)
they couldn't believe it & said you were rotten to the core.
It is very inconvenient for us to travel to Philly to fly down to Florida guess what we are so
disappointed & upset we might just do that.

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