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Complaints & Reviews

ruined vacation

On May 25th, 2008, I compiled a vacation package for the family and the air travel was purchased with Spirit Airlines. The original departure time was set at 5:25am, arriving in Orlando at 8:30am. The return flight time was 7:25pm, arriving in Puerto Rico at 10:15 pm. Everything was set, or so it seemed. The departure date is Sep.11th, so I decided to enter their site and verify itinerary since I'm only a day and a half away from flying, to my unfortunate surprise the airline decided to change my flight times without notifying me. This change has affected my vacation plans totally. The new arrival time has us at the airport in Orlando at 5:25pm, the park that is included in our vacation package closes at 6:00pm, by the time we get to the hotel and pick up the park tickets, we missed the entire day. Then the departure time from Orlando was changed to 11:50am, another missed day. The options I was offered were to either change my days of travel, which would leave my family without a hotel room unless I added additional costs to my package adding the extra days. Or getting a refund, leaving me with a day and a half to purchase other tickets with another airline, which on such short notice would be costly. What aggravates me the most is the fact that I ordered and paid in full my family's airfare over 3 months ago. In my contract that was sent via e-mail it states the penalties I would incurr if I were to change or cancel the reseravtion, yet it doesn't mention what would happen if the changes or cancelations were on their behalf. My family and I planned this vacation for over 3 months, they changed my plans and didn't notify me. A whole family was affected due to negligence and poor business tactics. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

ripped off

I did a first reservation with Spirit Airline, the computer tells me the reservation expired because I waited...

sneaky - website/system glitch?

I decided to purchase a ticket for $474 Boston - Colombia without using their $9 club and $12 thing.. Then after I entered my personal/contact information(passport, etc) and hit "Continue to Check Out" button, I got a session timeout. Ok so I said let's try again and rebook. Guess what happened, their website increased my ticket price to $40 more from my previous price. Sneaky eh? So, I did not like that and I did not purchase the ticket.
I read other complaints and one of the major issues with this airline is their website. It has lots system errors and it's quirky. I would not trust sharing my personal information with them. I won't be surprised if someone hacked their website.

$9 fare club

I emailed this to 100 people in my address book and sent a copy of it to Spirit Air as well. I'm...

unauthorized credit card charge

I canceled my service with this company last year, now they are charging me again for an annual contract! this is a scam. you can tell its a scam because they are getting so many complaints they don't even take calls anymore! just email! I will never fly with these people again!

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underhanded business practices and zero remorse

I'm a travel agent and I just booked my first and last ticket on SPI-RAPE AIRLINES!!! I will never subject any of my clients, friends or family to their customer-no-service, rapist mentality again!

I should have known to leave the site and book elsewhere because to get the reservation done, it too 4 tries - page kept crashing and sending me back to the starting point!

Then you get to a page that quotes what you think is what you'll pay for the travel and once you enter your credit card info, and hit continue - THAT MAKES THE 'SALE' FINAL (excuse me, but is that not supposed to happen in the "CONFIRM!" phase of things which happens to be the LAST STEP showing on their website...???!!!)

The ### don't give you the choice of not buying the ticket once you become aware of the baggage charge: they collect each phase of the rape separately, by the time you realize you have to pony up another chunk for baggage it's too late - YOU JUST BOUGHT A NON-REFUNDABLE TICKET on the previous page!!!

After the credit card info screen, aka the RAPE SCENE, you are carted to the "LAST CHANCE TO PRE-PAY FOR YOUR BAGGAGE!" screen where you are offered the opportunity to add $15 for the 1st piece of checked luggage and should you require a 2nd piece of checked luggage--ADD another $25 to the $15 (so, now you're at $40 over the price you were quoted initially!
...mind you--their website clearly stated that the price for checked luggage (up to 2 pieces) was $10 EACH, but the calculation was done based on $15 for bag #1 and add another $25 for bag #2.--according to the rude agent in INDIA who hung up on me-"the cost has changed ma'am, the site has not yet been updated." (I asked if the customers were to pay for the company not updating their site and he explained that whatever the calculated price showed was what I had to pay, pretty much END OF DISCUSSION!)

Once you've gotten past the inital shock of your ordeal, gone to the ER, had your rape kit processed and scheduled your counseling session to deal with the DINNERLESS DATE-RAPE that you feel just took place, then comes the part where SPI-RAPE Airlines coughs up a nice one and spits it right in your face!

Ladies and Gentlemen:
If you want to sit in the middle of two strangers, by all means you are given the honorable option of paying a mere $5 to select a center seat (BLUE ZONE!)

If you happen to need to sit in an aisle/window seat(GREEN Zones) for whatever reason, the PRIVILEDGE of selecting your own seat will cost you $10 dollars in addition to what you've already paid!

And to anyone like me who's over 6 feet tall and needs to sit in an exit row for the extra leg room...GET READY--as if life's not already challenging enough--sitting in an exit row, YES, AN EXIT ROW (designated RED ZONE), you know the one where you have to speak English fluently per FAA regulations so that you may assist others in the event of an emergency) will cost you $15 MORE.

YES, THIS IS ON TOP OF THE un-"FARE, " the "BAGGAGE CHARGE" and of course any applicable taxes and fees!

To be fair, I must say that there is a note on the site regarding free seat-assignment that may occur at check-in, but as my poor sister said "WHAT"S TO SAY THEY WON'T MAKE YOU SIT IN THE TOILET THE WHOLE WAY THERE!?!!" They've sure treated their customers like crap to this point, so that would be NO SURPRISE!

I should also note that the baggage and seat payment screens both crashed and reverted me to the initial pages twice before I could get payments processed - way to go SPI-RAPE what else don't you properly maintain!?!!!


YOU HAVE MY WORD! Just in case your Outlook proficiency didn't do an adequate job - WE WILL NOT TO LET YOU DOWN: THE WORLD WILL BE TOLD!

1 days ago by Alex [send email]
Spirit's poor customer service is almost a joke. The Indian people that you speak with on the phone are barely literate, and the woman I spoke with, "allison" just put me on hold and then hung up on me when I told her the calculations she was giving me to modify my ticket didn't make any sense.

I will never fly this ### airline again, and suspect they'll file for bankruptcy shortly. No American will ever put up with this pathetic customer service. What a shame! Spirit used to be a fun and well run airline.

  • Ch
    Cheated out of my trip... Apr 07, 2009


    I actually told my husband I was calling the police to file a report because I had just been raped!!! The same thing happened to me!

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system doesn't work, no cust svc

10 reasons to avoid flying SPIRIT: 1) online system often returns bogus results 2) online system detects clicks even though it gives you an error saying system is down - result: paying duplicate fees for baggage check-in 3) after disputing these duplicate charges w/my credit card company (the Spirit Mastercard) because no one will answer the phone at SPIRIT, I received a letter from the credit card company explaining that my $60 duplicate charge was not that at all, it was the annual charge for the $9 fare club of $29.95. go figure. 4) in trying to understand why my frequent flyer FREE SPIRIT account balance shows zero miles after having used the credit card for 9 months and flown on one trip to the Caribbean, the customer service rep at SPIRIT told me I needed to call the credit card company. After I explained that it shouldn't be the credit card company who keeps track of my miles; it should be the airline, I reluctantly called the credit card company. They indeed had my balance for all charges but of course had no record of the actual flight miles. Oh, the SPIRIT rep told me I needed to call the credit card company if I wanted to redeem miles too, by the way. 5) that same cust svc rep also told me they didn't have a customer service dept for their FREE SPIRIT account members. her ultimate solution to each problem I presented was to look at the topics on the help screen on spiritair.com 6) the quality of customer service from the phones to the ticket counters to the flight attendants is poor at best 7) the fares they advertise are most often not available 8) all Caribbean flights stop in Ft Lauderdale and the concourse serving SPIRIT is terrible, hot, has too few restrooms, and only one restaurant of poor quality 9) their phone system often just hangs up when you are on hold 10) employees aren't informed

unauthorized charges

I purchased a ticket for my brother back in May and they charged me 9 dollars for the club and $11 for travel guard insurance because I forgot to uncheck the automatically CHECK boxes! Then today I see a this on my card statement 07/15/2008 9888CKCRD 07-14CLUB SPIRIT PR [protected] FL $39.95!

Call spirit no one can tell me anything but points me to writing them a letter and it takes 4-6 weeks to cancel! NICE JOB SPIRIT! - you have been awarded the WORST Airlines STILL IN BUSINESS!

change in destination without notification

I purchased a roundtrip ticket on spriritair.com from SAT to ISP on 10 Jun 08 for travel 23 Aug. By accident I found out that Spirit is discontinuing service to Long Islip. I called customer service and asked for a refund of 738.00 and since I was cancelling it was my fault. I stated I was not the one who changed destination. The agent stated my credit card would be credited with the amount along with the voucher for checked baggage that I purchased. Checking my itinerary, spirit airlines has me going to LaGuardia. My family does not live in the city and it was not my choice to fly there. My choice was Islip and that is what I paid for and now I am being penalized because they changed the destination. After reading all of the complaints, I am afraid that I may have donated over 700 dollars to cause not of my choosing.

  • Ne
    NewYorkbound Jul 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a roundtrip ticket on spriritair.com from SAT to ISP on 10 Jun 08 for travel 23 Aug. By accident I found out that Spirit is discontinuing service to Long Islip. I called customer service and asked for a refund of 738.00 and since I was cancelling it was my fault. I stated I was not the one who changed destination. The agent stated my credit card would be credited with the amount along with the voucher for checked baggage that I purchased. Checking my itinerary, spirit airlines has me going to LaGuardia. My family does not live in the city and it was not my choice to fly there. My choice was Islip and that is what I paid for and now I am being penalized because they changed the destination. After reading all of the complaints, I am afraid that I may have donated over 700 dollars to cause not of my choosing.

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lack of customer service and transparency

I booked a roundtrip flight from San Antonio, TX, to Orlando, FL, at least two months prior to my July 4th trip to visit family. I also purchased pre-seating from San Antonio to Ft. Lauderdale, as well as from Ft. Lauderdale back to San Antonio (since these were two of the longer flights), paying $10 per seat. Two of the three ticket agents at the San Antonio Airport were very rude to and impatient with every person in line. The ticket agent I approached was in such a hurry to see everyone she failed to print out my boarding ticket from Ft. Lauderdale to Orlando. When I found my seat 7D (the one I paid for, front aisle), it was dirty, along with my entire row. There were cookie crumbs everywhere. After waiting nearly 7 hours at Ft. Lauderdale just for my short 45 minute trip to Orlando, there was confusion as to whether or not gate H2 was an Air Jamaica or Spirit Air gate. The ticket agent from gate H1, with no sense of urgency, grazed his way over to H2 and rather disparagingly announced for Spirit passengers bound for Orlando to wait a little longer because our plane was an hour late. I approached the same ticket agent and asked if he could print me a boarding pass. Before I could explain myself why I needed one, the "gentle"man was quick (and loud) to ask how I got through security without one. After explaining the San Antonio experience, he motioned for me to follow him to gate H1, all at a snail's pace.

For my return home, the ticket booth inside OIA was outrageously long. I ended up using the skycap service, although I had no bags to check. This time, however, I got both boarding passes. This time, however, I noticed for my flight from Ft. Lauderdale to San Antonio, I was not sitting in the seat I paid for. I purchased seat 6D (front aisle) back in May. That's what my itinerary stated from the date I purchased my seats and tickets until the morning before I left for the airport. My boarding pass now showed I was sitting in 16B (middle-back, and in the center). Spirit Airlines' website makes not mention of re-arranged seating assignments if a flight is full (nor does the website have any contact information available). But it does state pre-purchased seats are non-refundable. I'd like my $10 refunded to me because 16B is not the seat I purchased. But more importantly--since more than likely I will not be getting $10 credited back to my account--is the fact that Spirit Air has a lot to work on in customer service and a better explanation of their policies. They need to be more transparent. I suppose I get the service I pay for... discounted quality at discounted rates. Never again will I fly Spirit Airlines, and I will do my best to ensure everyone I know stays clear, or risk being treated like something less than a human being.

bag check-in pricing, confusion over credit card acceptance inconsistencies

I experienced much confusion and stress departing and returning from vacation on June 21-28, 2008. My first compliant was that I had to pay $40 to check two bags leaving the US to go to St. Maarten. and $50.00 returning from St. Marrten.

No one contacted me or informed me beforehand that bag check- in would be higher upon my return to the US. When I asked the ticket agent how would I have known rates went up during my vacation, she murmured something about checking the Internet. Why would I have reason to check the Internet, and specifically the Spirit Airlines web site while on vacation? I was able to pay for the $40 bag check-in using my credit card. Upon my return to the US, the St. Maarten ticket agent told me I had to pay for the $50 bag check-in by paying CASH only. Between the two of us, my husband and I barely had that amount of cash on us. We just made it, with the use of some dollars and change.

One other inconsistency, was my being able to use cash to pay for a soft drink on my way to St. Maarten, but only by credit card upon our return. We as the customers, were not considere4d at all in terns of making our travel smooth. There are too many inconsistencies and lack of communication between Sprit Airlines and customers. If we had not had the exact change, that woo would have been a problem.

It is my opinion that the bag check-in rate I pay going should be locked in as the same rate returning. Recognizing whether or not the customer can afford to pay these in-the-middle-of-vacation increases is definitely not considered.

items stolen from checked luggage

On April 27th, after returning home for a Spirit Airlines flight from Ft. Myers, FL, I discovered (2...

lost money!

I try to take a flight with this airline (Spirit Airline) Fort Lauderdale to Orlando. I went to Fort Lauderdale Airport, I was 20 minutes late because in the information for the ticket don't told me that I mus to be 4 hours before for checking. When I arrived, I spoke with the represented of the Airline, she suggest me " You can take the train". When I come back, in the Airport of Orlando told me that I lost the return and I must to paid again. I don't understand why I must to paid again. The only answer if that I lost my ticket for roundrip.

I hope never take this airline again, sometimes we try to find something inexpensive and we lose more...

terrible customer service!

Recently, I purchased a round trip flight from FLL to ISP. The price was a great deal; however, when the party arrive to catch the flight, they were told that the flight was full and that Spirit would have to bump them to another flight. The flight that was booked was to leave at 7:05AM and the next available flight was at 4:00PM - WHAT AN INCONVENIENCE! On top of that, they charged our company an extra $130 for their mistake, which we tried to dispute but the Spirit representative said she had no choice. Since this all took place, I have been trying to reach Spirit Airlines for three days on their 1-800 # listed on the website and what do I find, to my surprise, I am not able to get through. I have tried many times during the day and the phone rings busy. I then called the airport directly and they said they could not get through to anyone at Spirit.

I will never use Spirit again. Their customer service is absolutely horrible!

  • Le
    Leslie B Jul 05, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Spirit Airlines, by far, has the absolute worst customer service department I have ever dealt with. I had a problem with the way one of their new policies was introduced. I have talked to several other people who had the same problem with the policy so I know it wasn't just me. Not only did I have to wait over one hour on a non-toll free line for a customer service rep, when I finally got through I was basically read a script from the rep in answer to my question and then hung up on. Also, in my search I could not find any type of e-mail address. They are so unaccessible it's pathetic. Needless to say, I will NEVER fly Spirit Airlines again. And I am a frequent flier with their airline so imagine how they treat first timers! I'm not quite sure how they stay in business and now that they are charging extra for luggage, hopefully they will not be for long. They should at least be accommodating if they are going to take basic services away!

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  • Li
    Lisa Dieker Aug 08, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Okay we had several people fly on this horrible airline and here is all that occurred.

    1. two of the folks had their flight canceled the day they flew (Sat.) and were told they either left in 3 hours or waited until Tuesday and missed their trip to Machu Picchu.

    2. We arrived and had no luggage - called everyday and everyday told it arrived - made long trips to the airport (had a driver check) and bags NEVER arrived. We had about 40 people on our flight who did not get bags and they will not deliver them. We also met several people in the airport who were there to pick their bags up that arrived from 7-10 days ago.

    3. Day we were leaving told it arrived got there early and it did not.

    4. On the way home none of us could make the connecting flight with the fares they sold use just over $500 each so not free. They told us we would be fine and then when we landed there was not enough time to check our bags after going to customs because the lines were over 3 hours long. I group that flew in on Thursday got home instead of at 8 am at 6 pm. The second group who arrived on Sunday were told they could not get home until Tuesday so they had to drive home.

    Now the missing bag has required 22 phone calls, a form was finally sent on 7/19. A claim was made with the Better Business Bureau on 7/20 but of course no one has called as no one cares.

    I fly about 25,000-50,000 miles a year depending on the year for the past 15 years. The entire flight was a nightmare and my family will never fly again (oh by the way they actually charged us $10 for the bag that never arrived and will not refund that amount).

    Spirit has no business being in business.

    On a happy note we stayed the Hotel Delfines which we absolutely loved and enjoyed every minute of our time in Peru that did not involve dealing with this airline.


    Okay it gets even better - I got a phone call last night at 11 pm and they found my bag supposedly - I could come to the airport this morning and pick it up. I had to go anyway and when I got there it was not there.

    Later in the day I got a phone call that some lady in a suit (me) came to pick up my bag and was all mad it was not there when indeed it was and it would be delivered to my home.

    Well it is amazing it was delivered to my home but no wonder I did not know it - it was not our bag. Someone had written our name and address on a bag tag and put it on a bag that was NOT ours - it was a different brand of luggage and when I opened it to make sure that they did not put our stuff in a different bag it was filled with expense items that obvious belonged to someone else. If you are missing a nice watch and some great men's polo shirts and new tennis shoes then your bag is in Orlando. The delivery guy got mad that I would not sign as it was not my bag - Also called the insurance agency immediately as my guess is this will be used by Spirit as another scam to say they found our bag and refused it - It amazed me that someone else would put a bag tag with our name, address and phone number on a bag - BEWARE - We are worried they will use this to not pay a claim.

    Scarey too that they let bags fly with anybody's names and stuff - that may not even be passengers on their airlines - plan to report it to the National Transportation and Safety Board - Any other suggestions as we are REALLY not happy.

    However, the venting online has helped some - thanks for reading and fly anything but spirit.

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  • Je
    jean brewer Aug 17, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It all started Tues Aug 14 on a flight to Orlando from Ft Lauderdale
    what was to be a half hour turned out to be a three hour nightmare
    There was a horrible noise coming from under the plane, as we continued down the runway. When the stewardess was asked what that noise was she replied what noise. She was making believed she couldn't hear anything
    Just we were asking her and her replying the captain's voice came over the speaker (only to say he was turning back) Until the maintenance crew looked over the airplane.

    Then after the stewardess was really rude to a spanish woman because she the confided in my husband that she couldn't understand a thing this woman was saying she turned her butt to her face.

    And started to tell us what was going which really wasn't much or at least she thought so. After three hours later we ended up leaving on the plane.

    Did I mention how safe I felt (Not safe at all). Then on the way back it was just as bad a half hour flight ended up being another three and a half hours. I bought the tickets on line from one of their specials they were 29.00 each way.

    Now I believe that old saying ( YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR ). I will never take another flight on SPIRIT AIRLINES).

    PS I guess when your flight is suppose to take off and there isn't anyone at the ticket counter that was the last straw they didn't even have the guts to have someone there to answer questions. That is a real bad sign.

    I deal with the public all the time and that wasn't any kind of customer service.

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  • Ne
    nelson Aug 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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price scam

Spirit Air is a Price Scam! I purchased 3 tickets online for my family to fly from ATL to Orlando 3 weeks to departure, only to find out 1 day before that Spirit had "no record" of my reservation. I had a confirmation from their Website indicating 'Reservation Complete' and "your CC will be charged, and your Website Reservation ID number is XXX!" They did offer however to re-book the reservation for me at double the price (the current price rate!)

I thought isn't it convenient to bump folks from the Sale Price flights because of 'Internet technicalities' and charge them full price when they are in a bind to just Book a Flight!!!

  • Al
    Alex Sep 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a similar situation. I decided to purchase a ticket for $474 without using their $9 club and $12 thing.. Then after I entered my personal/contact information and hit submit, I got a timeout. I said hmm I only spend two minutes. Ok let's try again and rebook. Guess what happened, their website increase my ticket price to $40 more from my previous price. Sneaky eh?
    I read other complaints and one of the major issues with this airline is their website. It has lots system errors and it's quirky. I would not trust sharing my personal information with them.

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no name change on ticket!

I purchased 16 tickets on line from Spirit on my credit card for a group going on a medical mission trip to...

1 comment Saltillo Airlines

cancellation of air line ticket!

I am extremely dissatisfied in the way Spirit airlines dealt with me as a customer who was stuck in another airport in another city. As far as I can see their philosophy & mission is to make money, not to provide caring /adequate customer service. I called Spirit airlines when I thought that it might be a possiblity that I wont make the flight to florida. I spent friday night March 14, 2008 in the airport due to the system being down and unfortunately the passengers were placed on standby to florida from houston. My flight on Spirit airlines was on Saturday March 15, 2008 1:30pm. I called them the morning of the 15th and explained the situation and I was told there would be a $80.00 fee to change the ticket. However, I still had hopes to make it on time. When I couldn't get on the 10.15 am flight I called and I was told it is too late and that I had forfeited my ticket. What a rip off and injustice. It is obvious they don't care about the customers. I missed my mother's 70 th birthday party. They can't give me back one of the most important day in my mothers life. I now know what a horrible airlines Spirit is and hopefully they will go under with the continued customer complaints. They are forgetting that people make their business. I have seen better company go out of business and they are not exempt.

  • Ca
    Cathy May 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They along with travelocity are terrible. And no one ever answers at their customer service line! EVER. I tried for hours on end. They SUCK.

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I recently purchased 2 tickets from Spirit. While on board flight 933/934 from DTW to PBI and back my friend and i were very shocked at the lack of professionalism displayed by the flight attendants on board. They were very rude and unfriendly to passengers and i heard that comment from at least 10 other people, completely unsolicited. Their comments to passengers were very condescending and had a scolding tone to them.

The only other time i used Spirit my luggage was lost for 4 days so i would have a very hard time recommending your airline to any of my friends or relatives. I would have to be really desperate to ever fly spirit again.

Rod Griffon.

charge for ticket said not available on website!

I am so disappointed with Spirit Airlines and the way I was treated that I will never book through them...

terrible experience!

I book a ticket on spirit airlines for my brother and his wife coming from olando to st thomas but had the wrong city they were in tampa, so i had to cancel the ticket and purchase another one that cost was $587 and was told, that they will credit my cc. They never did this! Was march of 2007, still waiting!

  • Da
    David Bensadon Jan 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just had one of the worst travel experiences. So many problems, it is tough to put in an email. Flight from FLL to LGA, over 2 hours delay departure on the outbound and return. Arrogant flight attendant's service, treating passengers like idiots. Best closure for this trip: our stroller was delivered broken and Spirit said they could file a courtesy claim (whatever that means) but that they would not reimburse anything for the broken stroller.

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  • Ra
    ravenhair Jun 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Unfortunately, I had a bad experience flying with Spirit Airlines as well. I had a flight leaving LaGuardia on Thursday flying to Ft. Lauderdale. I did not have an assign seat coming back so I requested one since I was at the airport. Spirit Airlines can give you an assign seat online, but for some reason when the confirmation number was entered... it did not accept it. So, I was told by the little girl at Spirit (get this)my flight was non existent! Of course I am frustrated and annoyed since she kept accusing me there was no record of my reservation coming back from Ft. Lauderdale. Needless to say... she was not at all sympathetic or concerned about not having a return flight for me. After her and I going back and forth, she tells me the printout shows I purchased the ticket throught cheap tickets and to call them about it. She was a complete idiot! The printout shows the confirmation-which she couldn't locate in her system AND the bottom of the printout shows
    www.spiritair.com. Hmmmm, looks like cheap tickets url...right?? Of course, I am asking her if she can read what the bottom says and she claims the word "Cheap Tickets" on the top of the printout is the correct url address of my purchased. I had no patience anymore, my flight was leaving in a half an hour out of LaGuardia and I had no return flight! I finally asked her to get a Supervisor because she was completely useless as far as I was concerned. This Supervisor, who looks about in his late 30's comes to where the little girl was standing. I explained to him the situation and he goes into the system to try to find my return flight home. He too, tells me there is no record of my flight reservation.He claims my credit card shouldn't have been charged. Then he tells me the ticket was purchased through Cheap tickets. I had no patience at this point. I am showing him A)the confirmation number of my return flight reservation and B)the bottom of the printout url's address was www.spiritair.com. The end result, I had to buy my return flight AGAIN because apparently the people they hire at Spirit Airlines in New York have an education level of 8th grade! The Supervisor and the little girl couldn't care less about my troubles and gave me my confirmation for my return flight. I ran for the gate since I had about 20 minutes to go through security and make the flight. I should have looked at the information the little girl wrote...but I didn't for obvious reasons (the little girl looks about 18 by the way).

    My flight coming home story gets better. I get to the airport yesterday and check in. The woman tells me there's no record of my flight reservation in her system. By this point I was going to lose it and probably would have gotten kicked out of the airport(Anyone would feel the same if you were in my situation)I took out the confirmation number the little girl wrote for me(please note the Supervisor from Laguardia booked my flight, I showed him my boyfriend's flight information so we can be on the same flight coming home)and gave it to him. She tells me my flight was for today...by this point, I did not know how to react. She calls her Supervisor and were trying to help me get on my flight which was yesterday. Luckily for me, the 2 woman were pleasant and got me on standby. I made the flight and got home last night. I will NEVER fly with them again. All because they were less than Jet Blue by $15?? Not worth it. I rather pay more. I love flying Jet Blue. I called today to Spirit Airlines and filed my complaint with them. They claim they will credit my ticket from the initial purchased. I will have to see...

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  • Ro
    roni newman Jun 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been trying for weeks to find out my credits in spirit airlines and cannot contact anyone. Please advise how I can go about getting this information.

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  • Sh
    Shehla82 Jul 22, 2011

    Spirit is the worst airlines ever to travel. They try to take your money anyway as possible. I called the airlines to purchase my tickets and they toll me that my 2 yrs. old son can be on my lap and that I did not have to purchase a ticket for him. I flew from LaGuardia airport to Fort Lauderdale with no problem but on my way back from my trip the lady at the counters said that my son is not 2 yrs. old, he is 2 1/2 and that I would have to purchase a ticket for him for $249. First of all who says that the kids age is 2 1/2??? When I was purchasing the ticket the lady on the phone said as long as your son is not 3 yrs. old yet he is fine. Of corse I flipped out, called the manager she took for ever to come out and when she finally did she took no exception or no understating as if money grows out of a three... It was their own employees mistake to tell me the wrong information over the phone and I had to pay for it.

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