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My daughter was flying back to her home in norcal with an 11 month old and and 3 year old toddler, I always help her to the gate because they are handfuls. Well at 10:35 am october 23, 2017 at john wayne airport the attendant not only told me that the airport was too busy for me to go to the gate to help my daughter, but was the absolute rudest southwest employee I have ever encountered. As I was walking back by her after watching my daughter struggle through tsa she gave me the most ungodly smirk I have ever witnessed. I want her taken off check in counter, put her in luggage behind the scenes, or fire her butt. We fly southwest many times a year all because normally we have the best service ever! Now my blood is boiling over!!!


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      Jan 17, 2018

    If your daughter can't take care of her own children, and only two at that- she shouldn't be flying with them in the first place.

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