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Complaints & Reviews

customer service

In October 2009, I bought a round trip ticket on Southwest Airlines and was given confirmation # NHR26T. I...

refund money credit from last year

I'd purchased a Southwest Airlines ticket on 3/10/2009 for $126.80 confirmation # JB27JW parts of the payment I used to pay for this ticket were: 1) a refund credit from confirmation# J4F677 for $63.00 2) a refund credit from confirmation # 225HYJ for $28.70 these two refund credits would be expired on 7/3/2009 if I don't use them 3) I also paid with my credit card for $35.10 for the totals of $126.80
On 5/22/2009 I called and cancelled the ticket since I couln't make the trip, I used $30 credit from $126.80 refund credit to pay for part of my niece's travel, so I still have $96.80 credit in my account, this amount would also be expired on 7/3/2009. I called Southwest Airlines the 1-800 number again around June the 20th, 2009 and asked if I could extend the $96.80 credit that would expired in July and were told by Southwest Airlines ticket representative that I would have a year from July 7/3/2009 to extend and I will need to pay $50 for extending the expired ticket, as always I believed what the representative told me as I
know in the past their policy for extending credit is always within a year and I've done this before so I wasn't worry. Last night I called the 1 -800 Southwest number to extend the credit since I will need another trip in April and can use the left over credit, after being on held for 30' the representative told me to call the Customer relation corporate number instead to extend my credit. I called the Customer relation [protected] this morning and was waited for almost one hour to get someone on the line.
This guy named Stewart told me all my credits were expired in July 09 and I had 6 months from the expired date to extend since this is Feb 11 all my credits were lost. I told him that not what I was told, I was told by Southwest ticket representative that I have a year from the expired date to extend, no matter what I'v tried to explain to him, he was rude and arrogant, he kept trying to hang up on me he told me that I was misinformed by Southwest representative and the case is closed he won't give me any credit back. I asked him I need to talk to a supervisor to get to the bottom of this matter since I didn't know they change the rule from a year credit extending to 6 months and didn't even notify me
even the Southwest 1-800 number people told me it's a year. He refused to transfer me to a supervisor, he said he is a supervisor and can't help me. I told him I'll report this incident to Channel 7 he said and I quoted " Go ahead and report to Channel 7, say hi to them for me"
THIS GUY IS A JERK!!! he shouldn't be representing Southwest Airlines at all, what kind a customer relation is this?

  • I can't believe you're spending all this time and energy for less than $50 (after you pay the $50 to extend your credit). Time to move on with your life...

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  • Ma
    Maggie Pham Feb 11, 2010

    If it was $10 I still fight. It's the PRINCIPAL!

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  • Fr
    frequentflyer80 Apr 19, 2011

    I had a similar thing happen, and I agree that it's the principal. Also, Southwest has really gone downhill. I used to fly them as much as possible, and now I fly them as little as possible. Just not worth the headache, and now their planes are falling apart too!
    Maggie, of course the "airline customer care manager" is going to say that, since he/she doesn't actually care about your care, but rather how to maximize profits without losing business or getting sued.

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unaccepteable customer service

After years of almost hassle free air travel throughout the United States, we are utterly appalled and disgusted at the way we (and several fellow passengers) were treated as NEW and paying customers of AirTran Airlines. The fiasco that was Flight 884 from Nassau, Bahamas to Orlando, FL on January, 3 2010, was a shocking and disappointing experience. It has forced us to file an Official Complaint in regards to the blatant lack of customer service expressed by the employees of AirTran Airlines.
On November 4, 2009, my brother David and I booked a round trip flight to Nassau, Bahamas to be a part of our best friend’s wedding. After months of shopping around, we decided to choose AirTran as our carrier. Traveling often, especially during times of heightened security, we normally stick to the airlines that we TRUST and feel most SECURE with, but we went against our intuition and chose AirTran. It was a grave mistake. We had a decent flight to Nassau on January, 1, 2010, however the returning flight was a complete nightmare.
Upon arriving at the airport we immediately noticed a line of passengers outside leading into the terminal. We entered the terminal though another door and realized that it seemed to be an issue with our flight (884) to Orlando. There were four AirTran employees talking to a group of passengers at the kiosk. We waited thirty minutes and noticed that the line hadn’t moved any. We then began to ask other passengers in line if they knew anything about the delay. No one had any information although some had been waiting for over an hour. After forty-five minutes, passengers began to get a little uneasy because no AirTran employee had yet made an announcement as to what the issue was or provide any updated information. We were basically stuck in the terminal, luggage beside, with NO progress and NO information. After another forty-five minutes an employee finally tells us that the plane has a maintenance issue and that we will not be making the flight that evening. She continued to announce that they were working on accommodations for the night, and went back behind the kiosk as we all tried to ask other very important questions. Of course, frustration ensued.
At this point, we now have limited information, dealing with major changes that directly affect our future schedules, and NOT ONE AirTran employee has even attempted to facilitate our questions and concerns -OR- show any level of empathy or compassion. Only the people at the Kiosk were getting questions answered and they had been there for over two hours. The rest of the passengers in line were completely ignored. No one came over to say calm down, everything’s under control, we apologize. Nothing. It was obvious that they were very confused, unprepared, and wanted to avoid the tough questions. Several of us then asked to speak to the manager. An employee told us that the manager was in her office and could not come to speak with us at that time. Initially, we had no problem with that. We waited almost another HOUR before they finally began moving the line. By now, the other airlines have begun to close and we are the only group left in the airport.
Extremely frustrated and still waiting, we noticed that NO OTHER employee has uttered an apology other than the young lady that made the initial announcement. [STILL NO SIGN OF THE MANAGER]. A group of passengers ahead of us went to the manager’s office in hopes of speaking with her. SHAMEFULLY, she did not come to the door after they knocked several times. We never received an apology from her. She never came out of her office. That is completely unacceptable!
After awhile, we finally made it to the kiosk to learn that there may not be a flight available until that WEDNESDAY. It was Sunday. While processing the fact that we are stuck for three days, two employees grab their belongings and leave while several people are still waiting to be helped! It’s now only two employees working! After receiving the hotel vouchers, we became aware that there had been a shuttle available to take passengers to the hotel. By the time we made it to the kiosk the shuttle was full and had already departed for the hotel. We asked an employee how would the remaining passengers ( about 15 of us) get to the hotel. She explained that she doesn’t think that there will be a second shuttle. We were forced take a TAXI to the hotel for $20 (which we were responsible for). Absolutely disgusting!
The next day AirTran managed to find a flight to Orlando departing at 7pm. We met in the hotel lobby and took the shuttle back to the airport. Upon arriving at the kiosk, we were told that we would not be making our connecting flight to Dallas, and that we would be spending another night in Orlando. We were so angry and frustrated that we were almost numb to the continuing problems. We receive our tickets and headed through security towards our gate. Around 6:30pm they announce that the scheduled 7:00pm flight is delayed and the expected departure time is now 8:30pm (even more problems). Noticing that the restaurants were beginning to close, we asked an AirTran employee if the food vouchers (that AirTran provided) were redeemable here in the airport. She explained that they are only redeemable in the American airports and that we would have to pay cash there. We literally almost LOST IT! By the grace of God, a passenger over heard the conversation and pulled us to the side and told us that Duncan Donuts was accepting the vouchers. After eating, we asked the employee why did she lie to us. She said that she was unaware that we were able redeem them there. It was again obvious that absolutely NO ONE knew what was going on. That led to yet another very long, angry, and frustrating night with AirTran. We made our connecting flight the next morning and ran away as fast as we could once we landed in Dallas.
As young entrepreneurs, we both are fully aware of the importance of customer service. We are also aware that problems happen; some completely unpreventable and more severe than others. However, we VALUE our customers and hold each other accountable when problems arise. Unlike AirTran, we understand that it’s not so much about the problem itself, but more about how you REACT and MANAGE that problem. Effective management and customer service attempts were both COMPLETE FAILURES on the part of AirTran Airlines. We feel completely disrespected and worthless as customers. AirTran has made it clear that they do not care that we CHOSE to purchase their service. We will never do so again. This was the ABSOLUTE WORST service that we have ever experienced from any company and are both saddened at the thought that unknowing people are aimlessly booking flights at this moment. We have teamed up with fellow passengers in attempts to make our disastrous experience more known the public. No one should ever choose to pay a company and then be treated horribly by its employees. We truly LOST out on the opportunity to have been a part of an airline that puts forth an effort to treat their customers with respect and dignity.

  • Ti
    Tim Oct 09, 2008

    I had a similar experience to "Disaster" on this website with AirTran in Atlanta on October, 2 2008 with my wife's bag that she has been using on many airlines without a problem for several years. They were not so rude as they were unwilling to bend on their judgement that the bag was too large. While they stated the limit was 61 inches and that her bag was 63 they was a sign on their counter that said 62 or less. I showed them that you could even get a 61 measurement on her bag which is a soft fabric bag when it was laying on it's side. With it being so subjective and the fact we were unaware of the rule and had used the bag before I stressed to the manager that it was poor customer service to charge me the now $39 charge and lose me as a customer than to let it go. I made the point that I could have 2 50 lb. bags under 62 inches and pay only $25 dollars for the extra bag if I wanted to game their system. The lack of logic in their pricing policy was lost on her and she chose to charge me the $39 knowing she would lose me and others for life, as a customer. During the entire episode that lasted 30 minutes I never raised my voice and treated them with complete civility and respect. Often that works better than making a scene but not with these people.

    It seems obvious to me that there has been some training, coaching or even incentives for their reps to charge this fee if they can get away with it.

    I also made the point that AirTran and other airlines were getting it so wrong by nickel and diming their customers and continuously changing the rules and rates. We know they are hurting from high fuel prices and need to increase revenue, so why not just raise prices of the tickets slightly rather than make customers jump through hoops trying not to get "burned" by thier ever changing rules and restrictions.

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  • Pe
    Peg Nov 05, 2008

    I arrived for a flight from Bwi to Burlington Vt on Monday Nov.3.We arrived at 2:00 for a 2:48 flight that was on my printed itinery we went from the check in counter to security to gate when we arrived at the gate it was about 2:35 or 2:40 the plane was gone!no agent or anything to even tell us we missed the flight.We actually waited for over a half an hour before we realized there was no flight.
    Apon check in we were not told there was a possibility we would possibly miss our flight.I lodged a COMPLAINT WHEN WE FINALLY LANDED A DAY LATE at Burlington and the staff could not believe that this had happened, Gave me the customer complaint number which I just called and spoke to agent Chris number464 was the most rudest person I have ever dealt with!Yesterday our flight was at 2:43 and they were in the air at 2:38.I have never heard of an airline that leaves so early usually they at least stay at the gate till the time listed.NOT AIRTRAN BEWARE!!!THEN it your fault and they do nothing At all for your inconvience.

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  • St
    Steve Deason Jan 12, 2010

    I am an A+ member but my recent experiences were anything but. I booked with a long lead time to get the flight I wanted at a good price. Then the flight was cancelled and I was rescheduled to arrive 8 hours later. When I called to complain I was offered $50 toward my hotel if I would fly in the night before. The biggest issue was the notification was two weeks prior to my flight so too late to switch to another airline that would have gotten me there when I desired. That is what I paid for and what I think I should have gotten.

    Also on this same flight I left something on the plane. My error totally. When I realized this I reached for my card to call them as surely they take care of "members". There is no phone number on the card. My wife spent hours on hold and with run arounds and gave up. I did likewise getting told to call the airport only to have the airports tell me to call Airtran. Customer service doesn't exist for members, it must be really rought for others. I will definately think twice before flying Airtran again.

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airtran staff

I am so livid at the moment. First of all, my anger began months ago when I first booked my flight from Detroit to Orlando (with a layover in Atlanta) and was unable to get a seat confirmation.

My fears were realized today Dec. 22, 2009, when as I arrived at the ticket counter to check my bag (and check in with my family) that I encountered problems that ultimately caused me to miss my flight (AirTran flight to Atlanta 143).

Yes indeed, it was tight timing, but I arrived at the gate to find a very short line and three AirTran staff members doing absolutely nothing but chit-chatting and staring at the four of us. One gentleman was assisting in checking the four of us in, but was taking absolutely FOREVER. Let me break it down:

-first of all taking the money for the checked bag
-getting cash for the checked bags
-tagging the check bags
-trying to find seats for all of us.

My first irritation is when another person was called over to help changes money for the checked bags. That's when I overheard the gentleman checking us in say, "The three of you (referring to the idle AirTran staff) could be tagging, while I'm doing this."

Then my absolute favorite, was when after that, the guy checking us in seemed to fumble around for several more minutes trying to find seats for my family, to no avail, he says to another staff member, "Can you help me?"

A snotty heavy-set woman punches on the keys and says nastily, "ya'll better get in line the airplane door closes at 5:30 a.m." I didn't mind the announcement, what I was pissed about is that this warning came, AFTER all of the fumbling. WHAT THE HELL???!!!

No surprise, at 5:35 a.m. when we got the gate I was told there was nothing they could do. REALLY??? Considering you took a millennium to [censored]ing get through a virtually empty ticket counter.

So, I am now waiting on stand-by for an afternoon. If your plan to fly AirTran, I advise other to heed the warning and apparently get to the airport 5 HOURS ahead of time just in case their staff [censored]s up and makes it your fault.


  • Re
    Really? Dec 22, 2009

    This isn't even a complaint. You are stupid and obviously showed up for your flight late and are blaming AirTran.

    I recommend just staying home. Traveling seems difficult for you.


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terrible airlines

Trying to board a flight after being held up at a security checkpoint, I went to the gate with my family. Both I and my daughter are disabled and when I went to get a early boarding card for both of us, there was no one at the desk as all the agents were now preparing to board the flight. As we worked our way to the front of the line and attempted to board, the gate agent told me I could not board now. I told him I was disabled and he looked at me and asked me what was wrong with me and informed me that I "didn't look disabled" because I wasn't in a wheel chair. I looked at him and asked him if he was serious and now everyone was looking at us. He motioned me to go forward and as I called for my daughter, he told her she could not go with me. I told him she was disabled too and he asked, "what's wrong with her...she looks fine to me." This was about enough for me and I told him it was none of his business and he could either let her on or we would both get off and wait. The other agent just looked over and motioned us to both continue boarding.

I have only run into this one time before and cannot believe this gate agent and how poorly they treat people. This is completely unacceptable and is one of the reasons I will never fly this airline again. The other is how once you get on the plane, everyone is rushed to try and makeup the time lost from the plane arriving late. Being a retired AF pilot, I know how long it should take to do a walk around and pre-flight checklist and there comes a point where safety gets compromised. There is too much pressure to get back on time and the crew makes it seem like it is the passenger's fault if they takeoff late.

How about some customer service and accepting responsibility Southwest? This is NOT the same airline I flew 10 or even 5 years ago.

  • Ag
    Aggravated shopper Dec 15, 2009

    I think the above comments are a little harsh, not all disabilities are something you want to openly talk about for an example having to carry a catheter or even some other what could be deemed private. Just because a person appears "normal" doesnt mean anything. An artificial leg or many eye problems are considered disabilities yet the person may appear "normal".
    I do understand however the airlines wanting a little more info because what is to keep any person from claiming handicapped just to board early, so they probably have procedures they have to go through and its probably not the agents fault.
    I am not sure on this as I do not fly but when you purchase your ticket can you let them know you are disabled (I know buses, hotels etc this) and this could be avoided completely. But like I say I dont know if airlines do this.
    If the complaint is specifically about this gate and not the airline as a whole could you tell us what airport this happened at.

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  • Sorry you had such a poor experience... I know first hand, from having worked at the airport, that some people say they are handicapped just to get on first. However, then, on arrival, they suddenly have no issues any more and manage to walk off in a hurry. People lie and that tends to hurt people who really hare disabled... Whatever your situation is, I think they did the right thing in the end by letting you on, however it could have been done more gracefully.

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  • Di
    DianaSigston Dec 21, 2009

    Irish! I could not get over your analogy of this complaint, it almost appeared at first, you were Beth. After looking through more or less 30 of your 140+ comments I noticed you side with the company the person complains about. I will bet 98% of the time you side with the company that is complained about. You are negative, insufferable and discourteous to say the least. You filed a complaint saying you were accused of stealing a VCR accidentally!? You want people to believe you!? You have an ID of IRISH. I know there are black irish, never the less, I never seen an African American that is IRISH. Is this a game to you, or do you have a problem??

    Most of your comments have thumbs down. I also have noticed Trevor also follows your comments.

    I was compelled to comment on IRISH. I would not doubt if there is a complaint on IRISH

    -1 Votes

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passenger put on wrong plane

My friend, a cancer patient, was a board an AirTran flight from Kansas City to Fort Lauderdale, via Atlanta. In Atlanta, she rushed to board her connection to FLL, they directed her to #11. At gate 11, the gate agent looked at her ticket, did not scan it but waived her aboard. She could not find her seat (now we know it was because that seat did not exist on that particular airplane), so again, she consulted a flight attendant. They told her to "just sit here." She stowed her bags and put on her iPod (therefore unable to hear inflight announcements). A few times before flight she removed her headphones and once heard the attendant asking for a standby passenger to disembark (the plane was oversold by one passenger). When she got to her destination, she realized she was in Jacksonville, not Fort Lauderdale. AirTran Customer Service was closed. She was on her own!! Since AirTran doesn't fly from JAX to FLL, I bought her a new ticket on Southwest for early morning travel ($145). She was able to find a distressed traveler rate at a local motel ($45). These two expenditures combined is more than I paid for the original ticket, and finally, after a week of complaints and several calls to corporate, a $50 voucher is all I am being offered. This is an insult, they can take the voucher and shove it. Instead, I will dedicate my life to putting AirTran out of business. DO NOT fly this airline!!

scam and lies

Airtran Airways new improved truth equals this company defrauding customers. It is hoped that potential customers of Airtran Airways read my experience before booking a flight with them to avoid being cheated and defrauded as I have been. Details are as given in the correspondence below.

My first contact with Airtran Airways follows: This submission is made to formally request return of $39.00 inappropriately taken under false claim that my luggage was oversized. Your employee said the bag measured 63 inches overall and weighed 41 pounds. The Airtran Payment Receipt for the collection of this amount is as follows: Date: 21 Mar 09, Confirmation Number: E7EJMZ, Receipt/Auth #: E7EJMZ-02, Received: Cash $39.00, Received by Agent: 200879. Your agent said her name was Mitzi. I informed her I had never been told this bag was oversized before by any other airline. Regarding this, she said that in November there were size changes put into effect. I asked her for the changes, and she said under those November changes the maximum overall size was 62 inches. She let me measure the bag and it was between 61 and 62 inches. She was told this, but it made no difference. Before the return trip I found the manufacturers specifications. Samsonite's published dimensions for this bag are 30.5x21x10 for a total of 61.5 inches. Please return the $39.00 to... Thank you for your help in getting this matter resolved.

In response Airtran wrote: Thank you for contacting AirTran Airways. I apologize for any inconvenience this situation has caused you. We want to make travel as easy and effortless as possible. I regret if we failed in your instance.

Our intention is to openly and honestly communicate our policy with our valued customers; therefore, our complete travel policy is provided on the following page link: (
In an effort to provide consistent service to our customers and in compliance with Federal Aviation Regulation, our agents are instructed to verify the size and weight of checked luggage. Our company instruction includes the correct procedure for bag measurement and fee assessment. When looking at your itinerary, confirmation number E7EJMZ, it is documented that the bag was 63 inches when checking in at the Columbus Airport.

I apologize for any inconsistency you encountered during your travel. However, it is not uncommon for passengers to utilize the expansion options on luggage for one flight, causing the bag to measure larger on one segment than the other. Nevertheless, these comments have been forwarded for review and correction if needed. Unfortunately I am unable to see the luggage as it was presented at the Columbus Airport. While I sincerely regret any inconvenience this matter caused you, please understand that the baggage fee was applicable on your outbound flight. Therefore, I must respectfully decline your request for reimbursement. I apologize for any disappointment this response may cause you. Your understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated. I hope we have an opportunity to serve you on a future AirTran Airways flight.

My last correspondence with Airtran Airways stated, I have been patient and had hoped the forwarding of my comments would generate positive result of getting my inappropriately taken $39.00 returned. However, as this has not happened, I have additional comments regarding your response.

Luggage expansion was not used and never has been used. Only about 65 percent of the bag storage capacity was used as overall weight of 41 pounds indicates. Hopefully, it is agreed there is a relationship between bag weight and need for expandability feature. With another bag set on top of my bag lid, it would concave in due to the empty space inside my bag. Place my bag on the floor lid down and it goes flat to the floor for the same reason. Your agent never did this. Yet you say AirTran Airways instruction includes correct procedure for measurement and fee assessment. This indeed was not my experience. Instead, what I observed was a procedure to accomplish fraud against customers, and your response shows this to be a corporate philosophy.

If I do not have the $39.00 in hand by May 18, 2009, I will put the details of this situation on the internet for all to read. This will be along with the many other derogatory comments about AirTran tactics already there. People need to be warned of AirTran Airways fraudulent and costly tactics against them.

To the above input Airtran Airways maintained its position and the $39.00 has not been returned. To save yourself from a similar situation, and avoid having to deal with people who have no qualms about lying, cheating, and defrauding you, just don’t use them.

awful airlines

After arriving for a flight at 4:00pm 8/13/09 on Airtran which was suppose to leave at 5:55 to find the flight is now delayed we finally boarded. We sat on the runway for 2 hours not leaving until after 7 (which we were suppose to arrive in Atl. at 7:30). (I even asked could I get off the plane after the first hour and they said 'NO').

My connecting flight was to leave at 10:10 to Los Angeles.. we did not arrive until 10:15 (connecting flight gone) and they said they could not put me on another flight until 11:55 the following day.

They offered no comps, no hotel, no food NOTHING. I asked could they just send me back to Philly where I originated since they had 1 more flight out that night and they said if they took me back that I woul have to pay my own way to LA .. they would not even comp that.

After begging they finally gave me a discount voucher for a hotel, still costing ME 60.00.

reckless infliction of emotional distress

Based on my research this is not an isolated issue. Using a basic Google search I have found that there is someone else who has had a very similar experience with the same person at the LAS airport.

This incident happened on August 12, 2009. I flew from SWA Portland, Oregon to Las Vegas on 8/9/09. For my return trips I was booked on flight 1325, confirmation number NPRXIX from Las Vegas to Portland, Oregon on 8/12/09. Disabled with a back injury and mental disability (Recognized by the ADA) I was discriminated against and humiliated without regard to factual evidence. Had this happened in Oregon before flying to Vegas I would have had the choice to go home and not take the flight. Instead this happened where I would be stranded in Las Vegas with no idea of how I would get home to my underage daughter which caused extreme anxiety for me.

An attendant supervisor came up to me while I was seated in my wheelchair at the gate waiting for my flight with people on each side of me and across from me. I was not able to remember her name, but this happened at gate C5. She had short Dark hair and was thin. She asked if I had 2 tickets for my flight. I responded that yes, I had one for myself and my husband. She then said I needed to have 2 tickets for myself for the flight to Portland. I was baffled because I had never experienced this before. I didn't know what she was talking about. She said that it is the policy of Southwest that I purchase another seat. No explanation why, so I had to assume it had to do with my size. Of note, I was approached immediately after my husband had left my side to go purchase food at the airport. I explained that I fit in the seat just fine as I had flown from Portland, where I live, to Las Vegas without incident. She said that she was sorry I wasn't told before, but that I
would not be allowed on the plane without the purchase of an additional seat. At this point I started having trouble breathing and having an anxiety/panic attack. I called my advocate, a close family relative, to speak for me because I became unable to speak or breathe freely. My advocate explained to the supervisor that I have a mental disability and that she was advocating for me. The supervisor gave the same stonewalling to my advocate and returned the phone to me. As soon as I was off the phone the supervisor came back...even after being told that I had a mental disability she insisted on pushing me further. I informed her that she needed to stop and leave as I was having an anxiety/panic attack brought on by her judgments of me that were unfounded in fact. She persisted and I explained that she needed to leave again. All of this took place, not in a discreet and compassionate way as described on the SWA website, but rather with reckless abandon. She had no regard what so ever to my mental disability that she had been informed of by my advocate or that this was being handled in a very public manner. Finally after asking for the third time for her to leave she did. My husband returned after getting food to find me in tears unable to catch my breath. He went to talk to the supervisor who gave him the same rude and uncaring attitude. My husband asked to speak to her supervisor to which she replied she does not have a supervisor and there is no one above her. My advocate was on the phone with SWA customer service during this time explaining the issue and reiterating my mental disability and anxiety/panic attack. On the phone the agent stated that since my husband was sitting next to me this should not be an issue. They agreed to call the supervisor. They got back on the phone and agreed to have a different supervisor come over, but said that the persons name was Scott.

Razzy T arrived and with an expressionless face and a tone to his speech refused to listen to me at all. We again called my advocate to talk to him explaining that I needed him to talk to her instead of me. My advocate needed to speak for me due to the severity of my panic attack at this point. Razzy refused to talk to my advocate. Razzy refused to let me have the phone near him so that my advocate could hear what he was saying. Razzy repeated over and over that it was a judgment call that based their opinion that I needed a second seat. I again explained that I did not require a seat as the arm rest goes up and down just fine. Razzy continued on with no regard to the fact that I was having trouble breathing and in a full blown anxiety attack that is clear to everyone near me. I told him that I could not talk to him anymore due to my anxiety/panic attack. He continued on and still refused to talk to my advocate who I needed to speak for me due to my attack. I could
not breathe, I could not speak and I was falling apart in the middle of the airport, again with people all around me. Razzy would not leave. I repeated that I was done talking to him because he would not listen to me. My husband asked him to leave. In his same tone and expressionless face he repeated that I needed to purchase an additional seat. I informed him that he was discriminating against me based on disability. Especially when it was clear that he would not look at the evidence and refused to talk to my advocate. My advocate was necessary and on the phone with me during the entire conversation and heard everything Razzy T said. I simply had the phone up to my ear so that she could hear. Therefore, we do have a witness to the treatment I received. I kept telling Razzy to please talk to my advocate, he continued to refuse. It seemed to me that he did not want to resolve this matter in any way other than to force me to buy the 2nd seat. My husband repeated that Razzy needed to talk to my advocate. He didn't seem to want a witness to the mistreatment, but my advocate was able to hear the entire conversation and will attest to what she heard. The way I was treated was unlawful and unacceptable treatment in regards to my disability. I was in a wheelchair and clearly having an anxiety/panic attack. Not only the disregard for my mental disability, the fact that it was CLEAR that I was having an anxiety/panic attack, but also the humiliation of this being done in front of the entire waiting area. Nothing discreet about that at all. Finally he left me full hysterics and I couldn't breathe. This was now the worst anxiety/panic attack I have ever experienced in my life. I felt like I was going to die.

By the policy stated on the Southwest Airlines website, if the arm rest can go up and down it is NOT required to purchase a second seat. If SWA is going to have that as the definitive gauge then there needs to be a way to show that, not left up to the "judgment" of others. When it is left up to the judgment of others it creates a precarious situation allowing for discrimination and bias judgments. Especially when it turns out to only be manufactured in the agents head, as was this case and the previous case involving Razzy T and another passenger. Fitting between the armrests was not an issue. I got from PDX to Vegas without incident. I needed to get home to my underage daughter.

The plane started boarding and we had our preboarding slip and were escorted onto the plane. Razzy and the other supervisor were not around. I had hoped that the issue had been dropped and I could finally just return home. Once seated we took numerous pictures of me seated in the seat with the armrest down. Furthermore we took video of me seated moving the arm rest up and down without issue. Razzy told the gate attendant to then take me OFF the plane. The gate attendant, who was very nice explained Razzy had requested to speak with me and have me removed from the plane. We cooperated. I get to the ticket desk and Razzy does not say anything. I try to show him the pictures proving I fit in the seat. He refused to look at it. My husband tried to show him the picture. Razzy does everything NOT to look at the evidence. He refused to look at it always diverting his eyes. He made it clear that he made a decision and no matter what he was not going to listen or cooperate with us. How is this compassionate? Razzy then said again that I had to buy the 2nd seat. Razzy was clearly discriminating against me based on his own personal opinion, which was inaccurate based on the policy set forth by SWA of which we had proof.

Even after I had proof that I fit in the seat fine...the arm rest going up and down without issue. Razzy REFUSED to look at the evidence...People were getting on the plane at least as big as me with NO extra seat. This one man who was larger than me got off the flight that had just arrived...I talked to him and his wife. He was not required to buy an extra seat either. I was targeted and it was clear I was targeted. We have pictures of other "customers of size" with their permission who were NOT required to buy that extra seat. More and more evidence we had the less Razzy paid attention. Razzy REFUSED to look at the video and photo proof. Razzy refused to listen at all to me, my advocate or my husband. So I spent 7 hours in panic mode unable to remain calm...because of someone's opinion. 7 hours that turned into many more hours. Razzy admitted several times that it was based on a JUDGMENT call on his part. This was a judgment of discrimination. Razzy and the other supervisor pushed me over the edge with no regards to the fact that they were further contributing to a disabling panic attack. These anxiety/panic attacks are real and cause pronounced physical issues.

What happened to me was wrong, discriminatory and offensive. It was discrimination based on the personal opinion of 2 people who had no intention of listening to me. Not to mention that I was in a wheelchair...standard wheelchair and I fit in it just fine...they harassed me over and over even after I told them they needed to stop due to my having an anxiety/panic attack in the middle of an airport...This was the most traumatic experience of my life...and it was completely unnecessary. I was constantly harassed and with reckless abandon pushed into a disabling anxiety/panic attack that I was admitted to the hospital upon my return to Portland. Is this the kind of service that one should expect from SWA and it's employees?

We booked a later flight out of a different gate at LAS. I spent the entire time at the airport and the plane ride home in a full anxiety/panic attack and uncomfortable. I have never been so humiliated or treated with such blatant disrespect and disregard of my disabilities by ANYONE in my entire life. This was a clear reckless infliction of emotional distress and harassment that was completely uncalled for and not within the policies of SWA listed on the website.

This isn't about being asked to buy a second seat...if I didn't fit in one seat I would have understood. But I DID fit, exactly according to the guidelines on the SWA website. This isn't about whether or not they were right to approach me. Although I would say it is hard for SWA enforce a policy some of the time and expect people to accept it. Based on my research others have had this same experience with Razzy T. Clearly this is not an isolated issue. This is about the complete and utter disregard for my disabilities as they continued to harass and intimidate me in the middle of the airport and the lack of discretion and compassion in which this was handled. The blatant disregard for the unnecessary emotional distress caused by these 2 SWA supervisors. Not to mention the fact that they refused over and over to look at the factual evidence that would have resolved this matter. The fact that I fit in the seat. But instead I was removed from the plane to be further
humiliated and pushed further in my anxiety/panic attack to the point it was disabling. The thought of being stranded in Las Vegas and being unable to get home to my underage daughter was so overwhelming. I am a plus size women and I do take up ALL of the seat, but I do not need the room of more than one seat. My body STOPS at the area in between the 2 seats, thereby only needing ONE seat by your own policy. My bottom half is smaller than my upper half. But SWA policy clearly states that it doesn't matter if my shoulders take up 3 seats only if my hips do. When the issue escalated and we were given no options for going above the supervisor and their insistence on pushing the issue to the point of a disabling anxiety/panic attack it became a more serious issue. This never should have escalated to the level it did.

The way this was handled from start to finish was not within the "discreet" nature described on SWA's website. The mission statement on the SWA website states, "The mission of Southwest Airlines is dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit." This is far from what I experienced with the supervisors on August 12, 2009. Furthermore, the constant harassment and humiliation over several hours by Razzy T and the other supervisor pushing me to the disabling point of a panic attack is not showing that SWA cares about it's customers.

On August 28, 2009 I received a response from John in customer service. No apology for the mistreatment I received, only stating that they were sorry with the inconsistency of the enforcement of the policy in Portland. Again, SWA can't "sometimes" enforce a policy and expect people to just accept it. I appreciate that my 2nd seat is being refunded, but this matter goes way beyond the 2nd seat purchase as you can see by the information above. (Note: I am still waiting for the credit to my account for this 2nd seat). The refund of the 2nd seat is not sufficient in this case. As a direct result of the behavior exhibited by these supervisors there is now a hospital bill, the prolonged reoccurring anxiety and psychological effects this has had and the suffering as a result of this experience.

  • Tr
    TrainguyNCL Sep 07, 2009

    Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

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  • Vo
    Vonhousemann Sep 07, 2009

    There are insensitive people in every organization, regardless of the mission statements found on websites. I'm a somewhat frequent business flier, and I can't believe the abusive attitudes that airline boarding representatives have to deal with from the traveling public. No doubt some of them tend to get insensitive after awhile - as a psychological survival mechanism to make it through the day.

    It sounds like your only recourse is a lawsuit, but I'm not sure how helpful your "advocate" would be - whatever or whoever that is...

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  • Li
    lilvixen69 Sep 15, 2009

    If you were so concerned about getting home to your underage daughter, why did you leave in the first place?

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  • Tg
    Tggrscornr Oct 10, 2009

    Lilvixen- Wow that is a seriously judgemental comment. It was a business trip... So you must think it was OK for the airlines to strand us because we shouldn't have gone? Give me a break!

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  • Fr
    FrankLorenzo Aug 01, 2010

    Lose some weight, it's not SWA's fault you eat too many cheese burgers. And if you have some mental disability, why are you traveling all around? Stay at home. Quit whining

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unfair to the disabled

Being disabled I ask for first bording, get a blue pass from southwest ticket counter and stand by the door after seeing a white guy bugging the ticket taker named kevin to let him on first because he had art work that couldnot be put in cargo or in the over head storage, he let him go on with two black ladys one with a wheelchair. ' southwest' only one person can go on with that disabled person unless they have kids so now all three get on the plane when I get on the plane the first row are full. So I file a complant to southwest and told the what happen on line ask them to call me. Two weeks later I get my i'm sorry e mail saying that it never happen and they would never do that but geeeeeee five other people I was with saw the hole thing. So for all disabled people spend a little exter money and take a airline that cares not southwest unless you have art work...

lost luggage

Southwest Airlines has the WORST customer service in the market. They lost my luggage over a month ago and I am still fighting with them. They are extremely rude and could care less about customer service. Save yourself the trouble, fly another airline. It will save you money in the long run. You won't have to replace all of your clotes and other items you travel with.

  • I must totally agree! Southwest airline is the worst airline I have ever flown. I am on vacation as I am typing this at 4:00am. Can't sleep, due to lost bag! My husband and I checked in 3 bags. When we arrived to our destination, only 2 bags were there. How this happens is definitely unknown. Wow! I have so many items in that one bag, it actually has everything I needed for this trip! I was told to go ahead and purchase what is "NECESSARY" but anything over $50 would be sent to the corporate office for review in order to be reimbursed for my lost items. WHAT??? Now remind you, my bag cost $199.00! So we are not including my items. I could only purchase underwear. Just enough for the duration of my trip. Victoria Secret is much more than $50. But supposedly SW carries insurance "UP" to $3, 400. Really?!?! My trip has been nothing but misery. How can someone have a miserable time in Vegas? Well I have, thanks to Southwest Airlines. I have worn the same shoes I flew here in. Now today we will be returning home, without my bag, that contains over $1000 worth of merchandise. I did not enjoy this trip at all. This airline does not care about the consumers! Just say they first said they had located my bag on Saturday, then on yesterday, I was told my bag still hadn't been located. So which one is it!?!?! Wow Southwest! Really!?!?! Thanks SW for the worst trip I have ever experienced! Maybe next time I will fly another airline. Didn't have this problem with Delta, Northwest, nor American Airlines! Word from the wise, "Revise your company's policy on lost baggage!"

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do not ever fly airtrans airway!!!

I had a ticket from St. Louis to Seattle (with connecting in Milwaukee) AirTran Airways Flight 515 on July 25 2009, with flight insurance purchased. On my way to the airport there was an accident on the highway, so I was stuck for 3 hrs...missing my flight.

I got to the Airport, and the AirTrans customer service reps took over 1hour and a half TRYING to figure out how to put a customer on standby for another flight...when they couldn't figure out how to, they FINALLY called a supervisor who told me I couldn't be put on standby now, because all the flights for that day had left.

After almost TWO HOURS of trying to figure out how to even DO THEIR JOB!!! they made me miss any standby flights, and their supervisor didn't even say anything about how UTTERLY INCOMPETENT those clerks were!!!

All they cared about was they got their money, which they're OBVIOUSLY NOT spending on employee training, and that is the ONLY reason I missed a standby flight!

I am NEVER flying with AirTran Airways EVER, and will be telling anyone and everyone to not use them either! Faced with a problem that was clearly, utterly, and obviously the fault of the poorly trained staff, the Supervisor made absolutely NO effort to take care of a paying customer. Completely unacceptable!

  • Ob
    obscurium Oct 26, 2009

    The problem was you being 3 hours late for your flight. The rest is nonsense and anyone with an ounce of common sense can see this is you refusing to take responsibility for your own actions and blaming someone else for a situation of your own making.

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airtran treats you like trash!

I boarded my Airtran flight from Washington, DC to Orlando and I noticed that no one was there to greet me. As I walked down the isle, the seats did not look comforting. We took off on time. About halfway through the flight, the flight attendant came around with drinks. The flight attendant deliberately dropped the drink onto my lap. She went to the next person with no apology. I cleaned up and sat back down for landing. The landing was hard and gave me a scare. Overall Airtran is a crappy airline with bad service. My advice is to fly with a better airline like Midwest Airlines, and not waste your money in Aircrap.

  • Ai
    airline fanatic Aug 27, 2009

    Agreed. Often referred to as airTRASH. Horrible airline, seats are TOO crowded (and I am a regular sized person, fit into a size 6 jeans, women's) and I notice that inside the cabin, one side of the aircraft tends to shake more than the other. Very scary. Also, seems like the employees don't care about the customers, maybe an inside issue. Bad treatment of employees= bad customer service.

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lost luggage/customer support

Southwest airlines is great until there is a problem. When there is, forget about getting it resolved. I recently had my luggage lost on southwest. My bag had medications and a few other things in it other than clothes. I was told, I should have had better sense than to check my bag with medicine in it and if I needed to get it filled, I should pay to go to an emergency room and have a doctor see me to get the prescription filled. I was then basically called a liar about when I had called in and what was said. Their customer service is the worse I have ever seen. I know as soon as I get home, I will never

  • Pa
    Pat Almanza Jan 29, 2008

    Southwest Airlines lost my luggage and then sent out rude letters to me calling me a lier and saying that I lied about losing my luggage because I had lost luggage on another carrier.

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  • Valerie Jul 21, 2008

    I bought 2 tickets on line for my sister and niece. I typed the incorrect last name for my niece. I called southwest. They charged me $64 to make the change. It took a few seconds but the charge was $64. I have only taken one flight with Southwest, I will never take another.

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  • Su
    susan Feb 20, 2009

    That is not just a "southwest policy" can thank the folks at Homeland Security. What SWA did for you was cancel the old reservation and book you on a new one, using the old funds...but at the current fare. Did you fail to notice you were not charged a change fee? You can't change names on an airline ticket once it is purchased. You MUST rebook the reservation and a new purchase made. In addition to that, you receive an email within about 40 seconds of booking the flight. Had you done that immediately, the mistake would have been caught, and the lower fare was probably still available. The problem with your situation is that you don't fly enough to understand how it works, yet you certainly know how to find a complaint board.

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  • Tl
    TLynnS Oct 11, 2010

    I was on my way to Iraq (deploying for 9 months) and stopping in Little Rock, AR to visit some friends. I checked two luggage bags with Southwest Airlines. When I arrived in LR, only one bag arrived. The bag that did not arrive, had all of my uniforms and precious belongings to include items that were unreplaceable. This was in July, I still have not received my bag nor any type of reimbursement. I did have a small jewlery box with my jewlery in it but that doesn't mean it is ok to just take someone's bag. It seems everytime I leave from the Phila airport something happens. Back in 2006, I flew with American when my mother passed away. Since I had many of her things with me, I decided to check my laptop right before I got on the plane thinking its right there but no, to my surpirse when I retrieved my laptop bag, the laptop was gone. The luggage bag really bothers me because I had the only pictures of my mother from when she was young and of friends would think that whoever has it would've at least turned in the pictures. What is wrong with this world? I will never fly Southwest again.

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  • Gl
    glenda1993 Feb 21, 2011

    Lost luggage with brand new stuff in it with tags and extras. Total was $1145, sending me a check for $790, guess they need that extra 30% to keep going. Never fly anyother airlines but looking into it now. My luggage, 2 pieces was lost, even though I saw it come off plane in Indianapolis but never made it to Chcago. And that little mistake costs this consumer $355 dollars (plus my airfare). How cheap is that. I put this posting on Facebook and here, soon to follow any other website I can. Southwest, I know you don't care but I am a little person fighting the uphill battle against big corporation. Best to tell everybody you know and then some. Thinking about putting a banner on my car and driving around Chicago with it. SOUTHWEST DOES NOT REIMBURSE YOU FOR ALL YOU "LOST" LUGGAGE. DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO KEEP THE AIRLINES GOING...

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  • Ra
    RAY.B Nov 20, 2011

    you have that right. Southwest is great until you have a problem. Their customer service is a joke.

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  • Am
    Amy brown72 Mar 09, 2014

    It's been over a month now and still no word on my dad's luggage. He came to Nashville to host karaoke for my son's 18th birthday party and they lost his luggage!!! Are you freaken kidding me!!! WTF southwest??? Not a happy Mom at all!! To make a long story short, No karaoke party, Dad lost $9, 000 just in karaoke stuff! That's not even including his clothing!! He also had all his medication in his luggage. I know I know you DO NOT put medication in your checked in luggage but he did. He was here for a week so we had to go to the VA hospital and still there all day long to get new medication and VA hospital is 50 mins away! This happend Feb 7th 20014 and we still have not heard a thing from southwest. My dad hosts Karaoke for a living for the veterans and now he has nothing to do karaoke with!!! REALLY SOUTHWEST!!!

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lost, stolen or delayed luggage and poor customer service

Tuesday, june 30, 2009 Southwest airline negligence How many of you have you taken a vacation or traveled...

Southwest Airlines

awful experience

I flew with Southwest Airlines last week. It was a direct flight and when I arrived to my destination I discovered that several items were missing from my bag.

My luggage was not damaged so I didn't even think to check the content before I arrived at my hotel.

The missing items were clothing and a bottle of perfume which was hidden inside the bag. I remember packing the items because several of them were gifts and I wrapped them.

I contacted the Southwest Airlines but they could not help me because "it was more than 4 hours since I arrived and my luggage didn't show any damage".

Next time I fly I am sealing my bag.

children flying alone

My grand-daughters ages 8&12 were going to fly from orlando international airport to albany, ny, a non stop...

screaming infant

Took Southwest from Florida to New York. It was the worst experience of my life. Some stupid family from India had a infant that screamed for 2 and a half hours straight. It's a crime that parents are not required to purchase a seat for their infant, but the rest of us ###s have to suffer 2 and a half hours listening to the little ### screaming for the whole flight. Flight rules should allow the rest of the passengers to toss the kid and family out the door of the plane. The loser parents didn't even bother to try and quiet their child nor did the flight crew even speak with the parents. I hate this airline and that ### family.

  • binder Jun 16, 2009

    "Stupid babies need the most attention..."

    Meh, I don't like babies either, crying or not.

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  • Na
    natalie Jun 17, 2009

    sounds racist to me and dumb too. like purchasing a seat would have made the baby cry less.

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  • Al
    alissa81 Jul 21, 2009

    how do you kick someone off the plane mid flight?

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  • Ke
    keither Oct 02, 2009

    Its against the law NOT to allow babies on board. What should southwest have done?

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  • Li
    lilvixen69 Oct 19, 2009

    Personally, I think "Pissed" should be banned from flying all airways. Anyone with an attitude like that toward children (and others in general) should not be allowed out in public.

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  • As
    A sympathiser Oct 19, 2009

    I'm sure you were a screaming infant once, and people like you thought the same way about you! I am Indian, I was also an infant (don't remember if I screamed or not), have also traveled with a child for nine plus eight hours, and wished I could exit mid-flight because I had travelers like you in front of me complaining about my son kicking the seat, yet, wouldn't take my offer to change places.

    Life is full of challenging situations, and if you let stress get to you, you are the one that suffers. If you want to learn some techniques to become more stress resilient, check out

    A sympathiser

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customer service

I travel somewhat frequently, probably making 15 to 20 round trips per year. Given the current economy, high fuel costs and decreasing margins I fully understand the precarious position many airlines are faced with. Airline employees seem to be stretched thin and often deal with impatient and sometimes rude customers. I sympathize for them and treat them with respect. That being said, I’ve never experienced such total disregard for customer service and disrespect from an airline employee as I did on Thursday morning, May 28th 2009.
I arrived to the San Francisco International Airport AirTran ticket counter at 6:25am for a 7:00am flight. I did not have bag to check and tried to print a boarding pass at the electric kiosk. However, it was not working. I looked to the counter agent for help but notice she was arguing with another customer. She stated because he was within 45-minutes from the scheduled take-off she could not print him a boarding pass. I asked if they were walking about Flight 46 to Atlanta and they were. At this time, I told her I did not have bags to check and needed help with a boarding pass. She told me the airplane doors / gate were closed per AirTran regulations 45-minutes prior to take-off and I too would not receive a boarding pass. I told her I have never heard of such a rule and I travel quiet frequently. My requests to speak with a manager were ignored. I then asked her to print the boarding pass and let me try to make the flight. I would return if I missed it. She told us (the other gentleman who she was arguing with), we would have to fly stand-by and I would not reach my final destination until the following day. She entered me into the computer at 6:32 (per AirTran’s records, after several minutes of arguing). I told her I needed to reach New Orleans the same day and could not wait until tomorrow. I was told I was wrong for showing up late and missing the flight was my fault.
At this point, I walked to the Southwest ticket counter located next to the AirTran counter. I inquired about a ticket to New Orleans arriving same day. I then purchased an 8:35am flight through Denver arriving in New Orleans at 4:15pm. The ticket cost me $395. I also asked what Southwest’s check-in deadline is. Southwest will check customers in up to 10minutes from takeoff. In total frustration, I made sure to sarcastically thank the AirTran agent for ruining my morning and causing me to buy an unneeded second airline ticket. She did not care the slightest.
After the security checkpoint and on my way to the Southwest gate, I stopped by the AirTran gate (to Atlanta) and found there was 15 minutes left in boarding. I explained my situation to the gate agent and manager, named Diane. They asked if they could print my boarding pass and put me on the original Atlanta flight. I thanked her but explained I just spent $395 on a new ticket and was worried Southwest would not refund the ticket if I took the AirTran flight. Diane then refunded the first part of my itinerary ($129), offered a $50 future voucher and a $10 food voucher. I thanked her and asked if there was anymore she could do considering I was still out of pocket another $266 despite her refund. Unfortunately, she said she was doing the best she could for me. I thanked her again and waited another hour for my Southwest flight. They asked for the ticket counter agent’s name. Unfortunately, I did not recall the agent’s name.
My above interactions are unnecessary and unacceptable. Further frustrating me, while writing this letter I reviewed the check-in requirements sent to me via AirTran’s confirmation system. The requirements DO NOT mention a 45-minute check-in deadline. They clearly, state 30-minutes PRIOR to scheduled departure. The counter agent was incorrect in stating the check-in requirements. She didn’t even know the proper AirTran rules for which she was trying to keep us off the plane with.

Ticket Counter Check-In Requirements
AirTran Airways recommends that passengers arrive at the airport 90 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of their flight. Due to security requirements, passengers and their baggage will not be accepted at the ticket counter less than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of their flight. Please note the minimum check-in time may be greater than 30 minutes at some airports.

To use the $50 voucher I have to buy a future AirTran ticket. There are plenty of options when flying and I would rather not give AirTran my future business considering my travel experience.
It is too bad one person can really ruin an experience to this degree. My trip is complete and the return AirTran flight was without problem. Agents and attendants were kind and responsive. Diane, the manager on May 28th was also sympathetic and responsive. However, my initial experience at the ticket counter and the fact I am still out $266 is unacceptable. I appreciate the partial refund. It is better than nothing but I am really unhappy I am stuck eating the Southwest ticket. I would really appreciate AirTran, reimbursing me for the Southwest ticket or refunding the rest of my original itinerary.

  • Le
    Leya Parker Jul 11, 2008

    DO NOT EVER FLY AirTran...Tried the twice and we will not give them another chance!!!

    I am sorry that I never wrote this story about AirTran and I am sorry that I tried to use them again. We were successful in avoiding the airline up until now but ended up using them to save money, which ended up costing me more money in the long run due to their inability to measure luggage accurately. Don’t ever travel with a duffle bag b/c they will expand it regardless if there is anything in it or not! Here is the really bad part of the trip…6 of us were flying to Denver on a ski trip in April 2007 from Jacksonville Florida. We flew through Atlanta. The passengers included two minors and four adults. We stopped in Atlanta and the minors were hungry. The girls were hungry, so we asked the agent at the gate if there would be time to get something to eat. She said yes but be back at 9:00 am for your flights. My husband and I got on the plan with all the carry on, the other two adults and kids walk across the hallway to the Atlanta Bread Company to grab breakfast to go. While they were getting something to eat the ticket agent gave the four seats away and one seat was given to an AirTran employee. The woman at the ticket counter said that her computer said 9:01 am and the traveler said that her Rolex show 9:00 am on the dot. Even if the time on the computer and the time on the watch were off by 1 minute we still cannot figure out to this day how the ticket agent was able to process 4 passengers in 1 minute. The flight attendant felt terrible and agreed that what was done at the ticket counter was inexcusable. The 4 other people in our party were not did not get on our flight and were put on the next flight. The ticket agent treated us like dirt bags to the point where other passengers were upset. I never ended up writing to the airline or posting anything on the internet because I wanted to put it behind me. Unfortunately, it all came back to me this morning when I dropped my daughter off to fly from Jacksonville to Detriot on AirTran. The same rude treatment…I already posted the story about the mistreatment from the ground attendance with respect to my daughter’s bag.

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  • Li
    lilvixen69 Oct 16, 2009

    "Please note the minimum check-in time may be greater than 30 minutes at some airports."
    I notice that conveniently you chose to ignore this part of the statement. Is that because it doesn't support your complaint?
    Just show up earlier next time! Is it really that difficult to understand?

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unauthorized bank debit (unsubscribed)

I subscribed to Grant Funding Source and two other sites because the website that carried it stated that upon ordering THREE products, I would receive two free Southwest Airlines tickets. But after completing the orders, the website deceitfully instructed me to go to the next page and subscribe to THREE MORE sites and then I would receive the airline tickets. I realized that it was a trick to try and get me to order everything on the site, so I IMMEDIATELY UNSUBSCRIBED, which means that Grant Funding Source was NOT authorized to take any amount of money out of my account.
I did not realize that the unsubscribe request had been ignored until I received a directory and training CD in the mail on 05/19/09. I called both the CUSTOMER SERVICE number: [protected], and the CONSULTATION SCHEDULING number: [protected] on the card that came with the CD, but they were closed (I will call them again upon opening).

  • Ke
    keither Oct 02, 2009

    Your complaint doesnt belong here. Your beef is with Grant funding source, not southwest airlines.

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