SonicVery slow and coffee spilled on me

Went to stall #4 about 8:00 am, ordered one cup of coffee. At 8:15 saw that everyone before and after had gptten their orders. paged attendant to say i would drive around to the drive thru and pick up my coffee. did so. She apologized for being shorthanded. two more minutes and she handed me two cups on the house. went to put one down and the lid popped of spilling 135 plus degree coffee across my belly and into the console. I got a blister on my finger. a hot belly and now the window switches on my console wont work. the attendant saw this and handed me a wad of paper towels as well as my scream. I videod all these facts as well as temperature and will hold onto it until i hear from sonic. the attendant should also confirm it. I like sonic coffe but have gotten several complaints to share including an attendant at the drive thru that had my coffee sitting on the counter and decided to take a break with a car behind me. My Name is Harvey Edwards a 64 year old retired veteran phone #[protected]

Aug 28, 2019

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