Sonic Drive-Incustomer service

I have had several disappointing visits to my local Sonic drive-in. The slots are abhorent. Rarely, can I pay at the point of purchase because the card reader is completely dysfunctional. Waiting for an excess of 20 minutes or more should yield hot fresh food. Not so, an afterthought is delivered, with not a second of customer service.

I recently placed an order and did not have any cash on hand. I asked my server if she could apply a tip when she ran my card. A manager came out and went to her personal vehicle, parked next to mine. She proceeded to look at me and say, "[censored] white folk." My server returned and informed me her manager provided her with my suggested tip.

I work in a customer service field and understand the climate. Aberdeen really doesn't have a lot to offer, food wise... Sonic is an awesome breakfast, lunch and dinner option to Aberdeen residents. I just hate that it 's potential is not being fulfilled. I work in Amory, MS and frequent the Sonic the often, leagues above Aberdeen.

Food for those thought.

Aug 25, 2019

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