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T Oct 13, 2019

I will never use the Sonic app again. I have used it 9 times & 4 of those times I have had significant issues, one that has not yet been resolved. The first time was on 6/26/18, back when you couldn't pay for your order from the Sonic app unless you put money on a Sonic gift card. So, I reloaded my Sonic gift card from the app so that I could use it to pay for my order. However, when I went to pay for the order using the gift card I'd just reloaded, I received an error message and ended up having to pay using my credit card at the stall. I contacted customer service and was told the stall I was in had been offline and unable to support the mobile app and that my issue was escalated to their Mobile App team with no ETA on a resolution date. No compensation was offered for my inconvenience.

The 2nd time was on 7/16/19. Again, I reloaded my Sonic gift card to pay for a mobile order, but every time I tried paying for my order with that gift card, I got a message that the payment was declined, so I had to use my credit card at the stall.

The 3rd time, on 7/17/19, I went to Sonic again and tried to pay for an order using the money I should have had on my Sonic gift card from the day before; however, it stated I had a zero balance. Yet again, I had to pay for my order using a credit card at the stall and immediately contacted customer service again. I was messaged back the next day stating I needed to uninstall and re-install the app, then restart my phone. I tried that, but it did not work, so I contacted them again. I was given a phone number to a company called Heritage to request the remaining balance on my mobile account be transferred to a physical card. So, Sonic was no help to me - I was told to take my issue to a 3rd party contracted with them for them to deal with. Again, no compensation of any kind was offered for my trouble. On 8/09/19, over 3 weeks later, Sonic emailed me and let me know in 7-10 days they would refund my debit card.

The 4th & final time was on 9/21/19. This time I was able to use my credit card to pay for my mobile order without having to reload my Sonic gift card. I put my order in, checked in at the stall at Sonic, used my credit card to pay on the app, but it said "payment processing" and then the app disappeared from my phone. I restarted the app and checked recent transactions, but the order did not show up, nor did it send me an email as it usually does immediately when an order goes through. So, I ordered the exact same items for the exact same amount at the stall and paid using a different credit card at the stall. An hour later, I received an email thanking me for my mobile order! I then checked both of my credit card accounts and saw I had been charged 2 times. I called the store I'd ordered from and explained the situation and for them to please refund my credit card, but the woman on the phone said she did not see a mobile order from me. I then contacted customer service and gave them all the details. Three days later, on 9/24/19, they asked for more info (again), which I immediately provided. On 9/27/19, almost a week later, they stated my refund request was being escalated. On 10/08/19 I contacted them again asking when my $10.32 would be refunded to me. On 10/11/19 they contacted me back, stating they were unable to locate my transaction using the information I provided. Frustrated, I sent them screenshots showing the transaction from my Sonic app, but I have not received a response yet. I have no idea how on earth it is so difficult to see that I placed an order through their app that was never fulfilled and just refund my money! I realize it is only $10.32, but it is the principle behind it! They have $10.32 of mine that does not belong to them!

After all these difficulties, I will never use the Sonic app again! It is not worth the hassle, and I have discovered first hand how lousy their customer service is. It should NOT take this long to resolve an issue. Furthermore, I own a business, and I would never conceive one of my customers having an issue, especially so many issues, and not offering them some type of compensation. Heck, not even a free drink or $1 off my meal - nothing. I know I can't be the only one having all these issues with the Sonic app. Get it together, Sonic! You're better than that!

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