Sonic Drive-Inrat food

J Aug 18, 2018

ordered thru drive thru 2 all american hot dogs with mustard, relish and onions...
paid for order got around corner to eat and it was smothered with ketchup with about 20 extra ketchups in bags- after i had asked them to not put on ketchup..
so i drove around second time and they were like "ohhh, we're so, so sorry.
we'll make 2 more. They made 2 more but the bread looked like rats had been eating the bread and the hot dogs we'rr never cooked- they were ice cold. the onions looked like they were thrown in dunpster and then put back on...i went around again and tiold those studid [censored]s i wanted my money back . They got that part right. what a bunch a [censored]s working at sonic. you lost my business and every one i know.
why dont you close down now because its just a matter of time youll be like subway, sears, kmart, toyr us, your're not gonna last--

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