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Sonic Drive In on Joe White Blvd in Myrtle Beach gave me an incorrect order. Receipt and Order received was incorrect and staff did not care! Staff at window should have involved Manager and been more service oriented. Staff obviously require Customer Service training and Management should be involved with Refund request and customer issues.
Requested refund and ordered from adjacent competitor (no problems).


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      Aug 21, 2019

    The Las Vegas, Nevada "Sonic" at 377 N. Nellis Blvd continues to fail at customer service and, has also been OVERCHARGING customers for their pretzel twists with cheese. This is the ONLY Sonic that has been consistently charging 50 cents EXTRA for the cheese, which is supposed to be included in the $1.99 price. I brought this to that store management's attention and was refunded the 50¢, BUT they, again, tried to charge me the additional 50¢ upon my next visit. I cancelled the order when they refused to remove the charge. Also, the last time I actually purchased the pretzel twist, they handed me the food, THEN asked me to hand them back the food. They explained they had accidentally given me a burnt pretzel, which they had sitting on the counter to be thrown away! WHY ON EARTH would they put TRASH FOOD on the counter, rather than dispose of it immediately??? Please, for your own safety, steer clear of this particular Sonic until they get better management and better trained staff!

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