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hair color left on too long

My first complaint is concerning getting Wave Nouvea in June and not having any curl definition at all. When...

horrible haircut!!!

My daughther went into this shop on August 14, 2010 to get her hair trim. She is starting her senior year...

hair was not done properly

I went on 7/9/10 to get a perm. I still have the really says perm. Where is my perm? No one...

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unprofessinal, long unjustified waiting

Hi, I m a doctor, and very rarely a complainer, I get my hair cuts at the saloon where I live but this time we were driving near lexington going back home (2 hours away from Lexington) and it was Sunday evening, i did some shopping at wallmart and thought to have a hair cut because the hair saloon where I live will be closed by the time I get there, but unfortunately I made a big mistake. There was no waiting customers a head of me, I signed in at 4 50 pm and waited, there were 2 hair stylist already working on 2 customers, finally around 5: 10Pm, one of the hair stylist said she needs to take a lunch break, and told me to wait for the other stylist, who in return told me it ll be only few minutes, well the few minutes turned out to be 40 !!!, I had to wait until 5 50 pm until finally she finished, although the first stylist returned from her lunch break and did nothing except staring at me. When it was finally my time (after waiting 1 hour, without any customers ahead of me) and I naturally complained about all of this unexplaied waiting time, the first stylist (who went on lunch) was very rude to me, and she gave lame excuses (such as I did nt aknowledge my presence, although I signed my name like u should do, and she saw me and told me I m going on lunch break and I should wait, and kept staring at me when she returned) and she said I can simply leave (after 1 h of waiting ).The hair cut took her only 5 minutes as they closed at 6 pm

By the way both of the stylists did nt have name tags on, and they did nt introduce their names and did nt even call my name to have the service.

Thank for your attention


I had hair down to the middle of my back, and wanted to get a long bob. The place I usually go had a 3 hour wait, and I wanted to get my hair cut before I lost my nerve. So, I went to Smart Style in Walmart. I told the girl that I wanted a long bob, just below my shoulders, and she said okay. So, after telling her no several times to wash my hair, I finally caved in and let her. She did not dry my hair, and while ripping her comb through my hair, my shirt got SOAKED. So, then she says, "I'm going to try this style on you, you will love it." Without even asking me if it was okay, she started cutting my hair. My hair is 4 inches shorter than what I wanted. While she was, once again, ripping her comb through my hair, she ripped one of my earrings outs, and said "Oh well, we'll find it later..." While she was drying my hair, she hit my several times in the head with the dryer. She then hassled me to let her flat iron my hair, and honestly, my 5 year old nephew could have done a better job. At this point, I was extremely irritated, so I paid, and left. When I got to my car, I looked in the mirror, and noticed that she did the worst job cutting my hair. It looked like I had cut it myself at home, with a pair of scissors. One side was a lot longer than the other, she put in layers, which were at least 2 inches apart. When I put my hair into a pony tail, it was obvious that she did a horrendous job. I later found out that the girl, who's name is BROOKE, that cut my hair, did not have her cosmetology license, and was just apprenticing. Had I known this, I would have NEVER let her touch my hair.

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rips off 78 old woman

On February 9, 2010 my mother (78 years old) went to the local Wal-Mart Smart Style to get her hair done. What a mistake. She told the Manager, Debbie that she wanted a color and cut. The color was 44.95 and the cut was an additional 17.95. Then said mananger asked if she wanted highlights. My moms previous stylist had done 2 colors and did not charge extra. She did not know that it was extra so she said sure why not. At that point you would think the MANAGER would tell her it was an additional $49.95...five dollars more than the first color but she said nothing. At the end she charged her $113.85 for a job which my 14 year old granddaughter could have done. The color was awful and uneven. The cut was miserable at best. I went to the store to confront her and she blew me off saying she was not willing to do anything to help me. I have called the corporate complaint line 3 times. Each time they promise to call back in 30 minutes. No call backs. Not to wonder. Seems corporate is as miserable as their shops/managers. DONT USE WAL MART STYLE SHOPS.

nightmare conclusion

Hello, I am writing this review today in conclusion to my last review ( Smart Style Nightmare- Lebanon, Va). Since that review has posted it has been brought to my attention that my child’s hair was ruined intentionally, by a cosmetologist whom does not believe in allowing preteens and teens to have highlighted hair. The cosmetologist has been going to all of my review sites stating her opinion of how it is so very wrong for teens and preteens to dye their hair. She has also been posting comments of slandering, cursing, swearing profanities, and telling lies about my daughter and I.

At this time I would like to ask everyone whom is posting comments on my and my child’s behalf to stop and take that time to pray for Anita and her family. I would also like to ask that you do not go back to these review sites and continue to read the comments that she will surely write to upset everyone. If we all quit responding she will have no audience to perform for. So please pray for them all and god will handle the rest.


3-03-10 I requested a perm at a north Austin, TX Wal-Mart Smart Style salon and was charged $75 due to the "length" of my hair. My hair is not even shoulder length and extremely thin. My hair came out straighter than it was. The stylist, Kay, said I must have done "something" to it and refused to refund my money or do anything about it. I asked at other locations and was told the correct price was $44.95 . I have used your salons in the past, but am DEFINITELY NOT satisfied this time. I have returned to this salon requesting help several times and have been told by this stylist that she did not have time that day to "re-do" it and to come back another day. She continues to stall me. Please help--either refund my money or something. I am assuming that you will stand by your company and assist your customers regarding their satisfaction. Please note my e-mail address below, as I am not on my PC.

Thank you,

Connie Williams
2600 Gracy Farms Lane #115
Austin, TX 78758

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    secret stylist31 Jul 08, 2010

    The 44.95 is for hair that is EXTREMELY short. Like boy-haircut short.
    I probably would have charged you 64.95, but that would still be with me being nice.
    The price you were charged was correct.

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my scalping

On Saturday [04/o4/10] I got my hair cut at Smart Style . I purposely brought in a picture of the style I wanted and figured I give this place another try after one bad experience with them. Rena proceeded to cut all my hair off and created a style that does not closely resemble the style I asked for. I was charged $ 17.85 for this cut I was given...I took a shower and don't even have enough hair to comb. I am very upset and would like to get reimbursed somehow. I definately, will NOT go back there, nor will friends and family everybody that saw my hair was astounded when they saw my loss of hair especially compared to the picture I brought in. I was told well your hair will grow as a matter of support by my friends and family but...I am so embaressed I don't want to leave my home.
Thank you, [protected]

horrible customer service

When my daughter called and asked if she should make an appointment, she was told that they don't take apopintments, but she could come in at 6:30. We arrived at the salon at 6:25 and was told by the stylist, who was also covering the desk that it would be a 40 minute wait. I told him what stylist we wanted and noticed that she was with a client. I asked him why the wait, we were told to be here at 6:30. He went on to say that they don't take appointments and there'd be a wait. I asked him if they don't take appointments, then why were we given a specific time to come in. He very rudely said that he didn't tell us anything. I told him that it was a female and she told my daughter to come in at 6:30, he said, " oh let me check". He then left us at the counter, never returned to speak to us, I noticed through the mirrors that he had started sweeping the floor. I then went over to him and said, "were you planning on coming back to the counter to resume our coversation?" To which he replied, "what else did you want me to say, there's a 40 minute wait." I said that it appeared that he was going to check with the other stylist and come back and speak with us. He very rudely said there's a 40 minute wait, and that there's nothing else to say. I then said to him that it would behoove him to not give out appointment times, if they don't plan on honoring them. He snickered something under is breath and walked away. We came back in 40 minutes and the stylist that we were wating for was shampooing another customer and just starting on her head. The rude stylist from before says he's ready for my daughter, I politely said that we were waiting for the other stylist (who had done my daughter's hair before). He then went over to her and said "oh, that'll be about a 45 minute wait, then" (What!) He knew that we were waiting for that particular stylist and good customer service would have been for him to take that client, since he knew we were coming back in the original 40 minutes to see the other stylist. Now he wants us to wait another 45 minhutes for that stylist? This was a horrible experience. He was rude, unprofessional and had ablsolutely no, manners or professional courtesy. I politely told him that I would be contacing his supervisor the next day and walked out of the salon. Needless to say, we will not be going to that salon again.

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    Pat 2015 Sep 01, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Between the middle of July 2015 & August 2015 I attempted to make an appointment 4 different times. I was given very lame excuses. Such as there are only 2 stylists, it is school starting weekend, or there will be a 2 hour wait when the waiting area was empty. I feel that this is very poor customer service. I feel that just because I am a senior & am on oxygen they did not want to assist me. I will never use this salon again.

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negligent stylist causes major hair loss

I took my 12 year old into Smart Style salon in Lebanon, VA to have the top layer of her hair lightened . The stylist "Anita" applyed bleach to sections of the hair that was not supposed to be lightened. She put black streaks in my childs hair we did not ask for. Then, She left the bleach and dye on my child's head for over 4 hours, resulting in major hair loss and damage. When Anita tried to dry the over-bleached, over-processed, fried white and black hair, it started falling out. She then decided to try to color over the fried white hair to make it look better. She claimed she would use black dye but instead used bright red. My child left the salon 6 1/2 hours after Anita started the process( at 11:18 pm ) with a shower cap full of conditioner on her head because her hair could not be dried or combed without falling out. This negligent stylist then had the nerve to charge me $125, wich her manager later refunded. My daughter had to have nearly all of her hair cut off and the remaining hair is extremely damaged, even after many deep conditioning treatments. Smart Style has not fired this negleigent stylist. If you like having hair stay away from this salon. We learned this lesson the hard way!!!

negligent stylist causes major hair loss

stylist had no idea how to cut my hair

Wanted one and 1/2 inches of hair trimmed off. No layers. Instead stylist trimmed 4 inches off and lots of layers. Had to return same day to get manager to recut hair. Manager at time of first haircut was instructing stylist how to cut my hair. Stylist was asking manager for information on what to do. Thought it was odd for her to do that but figured she should know how to cut hair since she was on the job.
When I returned Manager wanted to start haircut all over. Still not satisfied. Looks awful. Gapped. Short. Was letting hair grow out. Have to start over now.

lost my hair and ruined a sweater

I went to smart styles for the first time ever and as results i came out with alot less hair i look like a zebra i wasted from 12pm to 7pm in a salon to get a foil . i went in blond and wanted to leave that way with a darker foils . This women had no business doing hair she took nearly 3 hours to foil my hair that was the first time .the moment she got the last foil in i was hurried over to the sink to get rinsed out she knew she over processed my hair all the blond has fallen out in the back yes people i said fallen out i was still in the salon when that happend i questioned her about why my hair is like cotton and in my hand and she told me its normal to see hair get all mushy and look like that you just had to rub your fingers together to see it was turning to hair paste . she ruined my sweater its no longer all white its now pink and yellow from the bleach and color was all down my back she made me walk to the bathroom in walmart i was so ashamed and embarresed to look like that going to *** the sweater so they can dry it so i sat there with a black cape on freezing my butt off for 3 more hours while she decided to refoil the crown of my head totally not what we talked about . i kept asking if it was ok she wouldnt even turn me so i could see in the mirror . first two hours she was so rude not even talking to me or short anwsers my husband came there after 4 hours and asked whats taking so long he nearly choked on the words oh my god . so at that point i had a bad feeling why she didnt turn me around . when i first sat down the lady said to me Im not brushing out your hair heres a brush . i was like wow thats weird but did it anyway . she asked me how do you want your hair cut and i said i wanted layers but she started to cut just the bottom on my hair and cut right away 5 inches off i seen the hair hit the floor and i was in shock at this and told her do not layer my hair her reply was well least its all one length . If she was smart it was already one length . she never cut the top of my hair i went home to do that myself She had the nerve to say wait let me flat iron it

i was thinking ok you have seriously ruined my hair you think i need more hair trauma with a hot iron . i wish you can see my hair at this moment no one would go there . i asked her is this how you normally do hair she said no I said NO then why do i look like this . And how much do i have to pay for this mess she said whatever you have to pay 14.95 ok so i paid and she wouldnt even look at me . 14.95 i still had to pay for what im going to have to live with for a long time till my hair grows back and its black gray pink orange yellow purple . i had to cancel a show for work and cancel tommorrow to go to canada Thank you for letting me vent just learn a lesson from this people . stick to the professionals.

bad haircut

I recently went to smart style located in the port charlotte wal mart for a haircut. I explained that I wanted a trim about 1 inche taken off all around.

When I left and looked closely at my hair in the car mirror, I discovered that my bangs and the back of my hair was uneven. The stylist was just cutting my hair so fast and she did not do the checks that other stylists do to see if both sides are even. Now I have to wait about 6 weeks for this bad hair cut to grow out. I know that I could have went back with my receipt but at this point, I did not want anyone if that salon touching my hair.

bad perm

I went in to get a perm on November2, 2009. I was told it would take a couple hours to complete because I...

disregard for customer request

I usually have good results from this salon in Walmart, Chehalis, WA. I signed in and should have done the same as everyone else and requested one of the two stylists, there were 4 others before me who requested the same stylist. I just put a ? mark on mine and got the 'manager' to do my hair. I told her I've been growing my hair for a year but couldn't stand the hair resting on my neck anymore. I told her I wanted a bob and that I like full hair. I thought she would be a little more careful in what I wanted and understand that it was a big deal after a year of growing my hair that I'd want a careful haircut. She just snipped quickly and disregarded a photo I brought in, made my hair totally flat too. She was talking the whole time to the other stylist about all the benefits she didn't know they got at the salon, like she didn't even care what she was doing to my hair. I won't go back again, especially since she was a 'manager' and should have been alot more professional. She just didn't care.

working for smartstyle

Working alone. No break, 8 hours, Supervisor never anserwing her phone, no manager, no bathroom break...

overcharged/ bad cut

I took my 13 year old daughter to get a haircut here, I asked the "STYLIST" if she knew how to stack and just...

awful salon

I experience the most dreadful time in visiting this salon. I was already much delayed in cutting my hair and was making me look ugly, due to the load of work it was very difficult to remove time. It was on Thursday when my friend informed me that there was a seminar on our product and delegates from many other companies would be visiting our office, I had to cut my hair to look presentable. Before going to the office the next day I decided to go quite early. I went for a hair cut arriving at 8:45 being the first one there I insisted the Manager, to cut my hair. Imagine my surprise when several women came in after me but got served first. I demanded the explanation and she very coolly says that they are my regular customers and therefore they need to be done first. I made her realize that I too was an old customer who was dedicated to this salon from past 3 years, but she said that their dedication is thrice more than my. This was awful. Now I know it is a policy to hire stylists that can bring clients with them, but they should follow the same sign-in policy the rest of us have to. I was totally humiliated after this verbal abuse in front of many customers. The up side is I had to do my hair with another employee who was still a trainer. I was in a fix as I was getting late for office and at the same time it was very important to have a hair cut. I had to give up and get it done. The essence of my complaint is that the importance of your customers is generated from how long its been that they are their customers. I think its enough now I better hunt for another salon.

  • Se
    secretswithinme Jan 28, 2010

    I have worked for this company for almost 2 years and if the regional manager knew about how you were treated something would have been done. I personal want to apologize for what they did to you. But i do want to correct you on something. when you are hired you are state licensed so there was no one in "training" as you have said. maybe new to the salon but she was not in training..

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not worth working for

I am currently working for this company but I will be resigning Monday. When you are hired, they tell all kinds of lies to get you thinking you can make a lot of money on minium wage. Since I've been working there, I have not had a decent paycheck more than $300.00. You can make commission but it is damn near impossible to make it. And they way you get paid every 10th and 25th of the month is so confusing! From the way they tried to explain to me you get "advance pay" which usually shows up on your paycheck stub on the 10th of the month. They tax you on your tips so a little advice, if you don't want to report your tips to the IRS don't let customer leave tips on their credit or debit card. This job is best for those who are just out of beauty school and are looking to get more experience and for those who do not have responsibilites such as children, car note, bills, etc. The prices are so undercharged and when you have clients who want the whole works (cut, blowdry, flatiron, and style) they complain about it and think they get all that done for $14.95! Get out of here!

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