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Sleep Number Corporation Customer Service

Sleep Number Corporation

1001 Third Avenue South
United States - 55404

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 888 411 2188(Sales & Customer Service)
1 0
+1 763 551 7000(Head Office)
2 0
Mon8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Tue8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Wed8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Thu8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Fri8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Sat8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Sleep Number Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Sleep Number Corporation / sleep number adjustable bed that cost $6000.00

Shirley Hessler on Oct 31, 2018

I am not happy to find out after six years of having my adjustable bed, that the adjustable part that raises, loweres and massages, is not part of the sleep number company and it's not even under warranty! 😡 the company is pruitt something and i've never been so rudely talked to...

Sleep Number Corporation / your delivery team and customer service or lack of!

Richlang on Oct 16, 2018

We ordered a $4, 600 Queen i7 bed. We waited 2 weeks for it to be delivered and I took the day off to be there. When they came to deliver it they said they couldn't get it up my stairs, I would either need to get a King or remove my railings on my stairs. Not knowing how to or wishing to...

Sleep Number Corporation / our son and our accounts got tangled together by sleep number and it has caused nothing but problems

NanH on Sep 29, 2018

Our son bought a Sleep Number 360 P5 queen bed in Columbus OH. He told the salesperson he wanted to be set up with his own account even though my husband and I are past customers, His account was put under ours and it has caused nothing but headaches. My husband and I bought a Sleep number bed...

Sleep Number Corporation / product/delivery

Sarah Arias-Peralta on Sep 5, 2018

I was so excited to finally purchase a Sleep Number Bed and FlexFit3 mattress. I placed my order on 8/25/18 and was given two options for delivery, the 5th of Sept. or the 15th of Sept. I chose the 5th (today) and received an email confirming an eta of 9am-1pm. I took the day off of work...

Sleep Number Corporation / new bed does not work properly

jerry ceppos on Sep 2, 2018

My very expensive Sleep Number bed arrived yesterday. It had an early-generation base that did not work. My mechanically astute installer finally got it to work through a temporary fix. I have asked for a new, current base. (Does anyone test this stuff? And who decides who gets old...

Sleep Number / omg, we had massive mold problem cause by the sleep number mattress!!

annqc on Aug 29, 2018

8/29/2018: No leak, no water anywhere, the only thing new is the sleep number mattress in the room. When I told my hunband it could be the mattress, he thought I was crazy. Then I googled it, and so shocked that many others have the same problem. The black mold was ALL OVER the wood bed...

Sleep Number Corporation / sleep number ie

Debcapi on Jun 20, 2018

This is our second sleep number bed which we had for 14 years. We purchased this bed in August of 2017. The problem we are having is if we adjust our sleep numbers below 35 the bed is too soft and we awaken with back pain, if we adjust over 35 then we both experience joint pain. I called...

Sleep Number Corporation / sleep number bed p5

Cheryl Munroe on May 19, 2018

I've had a sleep number bed P5 for less than a year now (I purchased the bed in July 2017). I have had 2 major issues up to this point; both the same issue. The head of the bed gets stuck in the up position, and won't go down. The message on the remote tells me there was a power outage and...

Sleep Number Corporation / laura ingraham advertising

cathleen conlon on Apr 1, 2018

If it is correct that you have stopped advertising on Laura Ingraham's show, you will never see mee as a customer. Ms. Ingraham gets paid to give her opinions and in the case of David Hogg apologized for what she said. That should have been the end of it. Mr. Hogg refused her apology...

Sleep Number / customer service, delivery

Wes Dupre on Sep 14, 2017

My wife and I ordered a Sleep Number mattress and base in August. The personnel at our local Sleep Number store were very knowledgeable and helpful and we had a very satisfactory purchasing experience. We were told our bed would be delivered in early Sept. and we would get a call prior to...

Sleep Number / Customer service

Marissalee on Sep 7, 2017

My boyfriend & I are in the process of moving into our first apartment, my boyfriend was telling me about a sleep number mattress that was supposed to be one of the best especially from this company; we were furniture & mattress shopping when we came across the sleep number store in New...

Sleep Number / sleep number bed

Leellen on Sep 5, 2017

I need a firm bed. I keep it at 100 but one side (the side I sleep on) just is not firm even at 100. I'm miserable with this bed and when I've called customer service, I'm given tasks by the operators to disconnect the bed and reconnect and or swap inflatable mattress sides... or other...

Sleep Number / delivery personnel of sleep number was awful

Lamorindad on Aug 2, 2017

I’m not a Sleep Number customer and will never be one. Their delivery truck trespassed on my property and damaged a bridge and utility wires and pole, and their only excuse for such reckless and irresponsible behavior was that they were misled by the GPS, while actually the GPS was correct...

Sleep Number / bedding

Sondra Hertz on Jul 9, 2017

I purchased bedding from Sleep Number telling the salesperson when asked that I want it firm. He sold me a soft mattress saying that I could make it firmer by raising the numbers. That didn't work and they came out and changed the foam inside. That didn't work and we have heard nothing...

Sleep Number / new sleep number bed from qvc

Tonya N Chris-Lovelette on Jun 23, 2017

We ordered a sleep number from QVC on May 21st. It was delivered on Jun 13th after we called and complained multiple times for it arriving so late. We were told to expect 7 boxes. We received the 7 boxes, removed our old bed, and put the sleep number together. At the very end we realized...

Sleep Number / financing

marthurg on May 25, 2017

We bought a bed from Sleep Number with 60-month terms. However, Sleep Number instead set us up for 18-month terms with GE/Synchrony. I did not learn about this until further down the road and investigated my account. I found they had been charging interest past the 18 months. Shame on me...

Sleep Number / C2 double twin with dual temp

maryannhoye on Jan 25, 2017

I have had to make four or five service calls in a little over a year; EVERY time I'm on hold for between 20 and 40 minutes before I can begin to talk with someone. I would have called sooner after a problem but can't deal with the wait times. The phone message ALWAYS says "we're...

Sleep Number / sleep number sheets

njwillia on Jan 10, 2017

We purchased 2 sets of sheets for our split king size sleep number bed when we bought it in September 2017. The top sheet on both sets have torn in several different areas of the sheet, we have washed it as directed, the bottom sheet is in tact, with no problems. I am very disappointed in thi...

Sleep Number / Customer service

Francisco Cedillo on Jan 7, 2017

A year ago I bought a split king comfort adjustable bed so my wife could sleep and rest in comfort because of a stroke she had a few months before. We got the bed a month late, the sheets came a month later. Over a month ago I went to a Sleep Number store and ordered 2 more set of sheet...

SleepNumber / 100 day refund policy

Karma on Sep 27, 2016

We have purchased a bed from this company Sleepnumber. Their customer service representative said that in case we are not satisfied with our purchase we can return it back within 100 days for a refund. The bed was nothing like we expected, it wasn't comfortable at all. Comfortable bed...