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+1 800 1500 4444 (International)
+1 855 860 3081 (Wedding + Gift Registry Support)
3250 Van Ness Ave.
San Francisco, Wisconsin
United States - 94109
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West Elm Monroe Couch

Bough a Monroe Couch Chaise from West Elm on Jan 9 2020. This was delivered to me on March 2 2020. When delivered the legs were shaky and were shown to the delivery team, they clicked a picture and said new legs will be shipped to us. September we filed a complaint with West Elm for the manufacturing defect and asked them to check the ouch. After in home inspection we were told that it cannot be repaired as it is a manufacturing defect. The couch was returned in December and we still have not received a refund from the store.

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    West Elm Return

    I have called customer service only to be cut off twice. I need to return a chair so I can get a refund. Chair is nothing like described and is inferior quality.
    Customer service only need to arrange collection in order for me to return and receive a refund.
    They will not do this so I am unable to start my refund process.
    So unprofessional. This needs to be resolved asap!!

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      West Elm Not honoring sale price

      I purchased a coffee table October 8th 2020 with a "white Glove" delivery scheduled for October 27th. Today is November 23rd 2020 and I still do not have the item OR a revised date of delivery. During this period (7 weeks) the item has gone on sale twice. The first time 20% off November 5th, the second time for "Black Friday" sales. I asked them, since my order had not been received to honor the sale price and this is the response I got, "Please know that all of our sales and promotions are managed by our Corporate Marketing Team. Sale pricing and promotional offers are based on many factors, such as purchasing history, stock allowance and future purchase orders. I regret to inform that we do not know when the next promotional sale will be. I apologize for any disappointment or inconvenience that this information might cause. We appreciate you reaching out to us regarding the difficulty you experienced with your promotional code/sales price adjustment. Our representatives are unfortunately unable to apply a promotion, sale price adjustment to an order that has already processed. No prior/future orders or orders that are already placed can be adjusted. " I immediately asked to speak to a Supervisor. I repeated this request November 11th & 16th and no one has responded. I want 20% off the coffee table I've already paid for and been waiting 7 weeks to get and I want a reliable updated delivery date.

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        West Elm Order number [protected] two extra large planters

        The original order was placed in August and was told delivery would be October 26. then it went to November 2 then changed to November 9 then changed to November 14 now changed again to November 20.
        I live in new jersey and the planters are going to Florida. I had to change my flight schedule three times. and causing me to pay more money for the flight change. I believe that this is totally unfair and would never order from west elm again.

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          Oct 06, 2020

          West Elm — Dining table/online order

          Ordered a dining table online August 20th. They confirmed the purchase and a few days later I got an...

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          Aug 19, 2020

          West Elm — Liz, the general manager at West Elm in Alexandria VA

          Last week, I purchased patio furniture from West Elm. I scheduled delivery with West Elm for a 1-5 p.m. time...

          West Elm Cheap merchandise/henry sofa

          I purchased a Henry sofa on-line thinking West Elm was a quality line. I paid hundreds for delivery and waited forever for the item to be "manufactured" and shipped. FOURTEEN MONTHS after it was delivered the filling in one of the seat cushions has shifted creating a permanent dip/dent that cannot be smoothed.

          I contacted customer service and was told by more than one person there that the warranty is only good for 12 months. They suggested a company I should contact to see if I could find a replacement cushion. In other words, it was my problem.

          I live alone and weigh 130 pounds! This sofa has hardly been sat on by anyone but me.

          Don't buy this cheap furniture!

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            • Updated by Betty Panama City · Aug 19, 2020

              I forget to add that even though I spent $1, 300 with West Elm in April 2019, they claim to not be able to find my name or anything about my furniture purchase and delivery in August 2020 when I contacted them. Unbelievable. I can show them on my VISA statement when I made the purchase but they don't care because they aren't going to help me anyway.

            Mar 16, 2020

            West Elm — false advertising

            March 14, 2020 I tried to place an order on a sofa for our daughter because their website advertised 25% of...

            West Elm customer service

            I have never had a worse experience with a company than I did with West Elm. I ordered an expensive dining table- and it was delivered incorrectly 4 times. I spoke to numerous customer service employees over the course of two months. None of them were able to rectify the problem or know the best course of action. Even after I found out that the problem was with the SKU number in the warehouse and asked that the employee double check the item before shipping- it was still wrong multiple times. I requested a call back from a supervisor which I never got. The 4th time it was delivered wrong I just gave up and kept it. I have spent hours on the phone and taken time off work for delivery. I am extremely upset and disappointed I did not get the table I hoped for or ordered.

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              Aug 31, 2019

              West Elm — their delivery company is terrible and no one takes responsibility

              He called my fiancee again at 1.03pm and said that he is leaving. I called and said i am on the bus and just...

              West Elm west elm - cranberry delivery, nj

              The Cranberry delivery team/guys DO NOT follow insturctions when making deliveries. I gave the delivery team specific instructions & thye were completley ignored. I was actually being yeld at by a young punk telling me "the customer" how & where he delivery's items to peoples homes. Well, this item I ordered was a surprise for my fiance& he ruined the entire surprise by not following the delivery instructions given via email, text & over the phone. HORRIBLE delivery companybeing used for a reputable company! I canceld the order & will now look else where.

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                West Elm eddy reversible sectional

                I hate this couch. Hate it. It looks crappy right away and the supposed benefit of having a reversible sectional is ridiculous. It moves out of place and constantly needs adjusting. The cushion slips down and the movable piece is just that...always moving. So much that it ruined our carpet in that spot from all the friction. What a dumb idea. We bought it as we needed something right away and it was on sale and looked okay but after living with it a year I can only wonder. why!?

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                  West Elm customer service, overall experience

                  I am writing to express some concerns regarding an experience at the downtown Milwaukee store and the subsequent events afterward. On February 10, I called the store on water street in Milwaukee to ask if a new table was in stock because I was in the area and would pick it up, if so. She put me on hold for about 3 minutes to check. She gets back on the phone and says they do, so I ask her to have it ready for me as I am on my way to pick it up. She asked if I would like to pay for it over the phone and I said I would, but I have a reward to use, so she said I would need to do that in store. I arrive at the store 5 or so minutes later and let them know I am there for the table. She (an older lady-mid to late 40s/early 50s, tall and slender with glasses) calls back to ask for status and they say they are still looking for it. About 5 minutes pass and another lady (shorter with a southern sounding accent, if memory serves, mid 30/early 40 with dark hair) who I assume is the manager, comes up and says they are sold out. I say well I just called and was told there was one in stock. She matter of factly states, well we don't have any more. A little frustrated, I say, well can you order one and have it shipped to me? She says they can and tells the original lady I was dealing with and spoke to on the phone (tall, slender with glasses) to place the order. Never once have they apologized for the inconvenience of telling me it is in stock or having me make a trip to the store, but I proceeded with the order. When it comes to pay, I give her my reward card for $25 and she asks if I will be using my west elm card. I told her I do not have one. She then replies accusingly, well how did you get the rewards? I say it is my husbands card, as he does most of the shopping for our homes. She says, well you can't get the rewards without the credit card. I say, Does it say that on the reward? To which she replies, I don't know. Unbeknownst to me, she continues to run the order without the discount. She then asks me to sign for it. And I told her to cancel the order. She says she cannot because it has already processed and that I would need to call customer service to cancel. She was kind enough to provide that number, but again no apology for any of the inconvenience. The next night, Monday February 11, I call customer service to cancel my order. I worked with a wonderful woman (louella or louellen) and she was able to waive the shipping and told me if I could get my husband on the phone (due to work, during the week he is at our Chicago home) she could process it using his card. We did a 3 way call and everything was supposed to be worked out. While I knew the item was on back order, I kept checking on the shipping status. At one time it was March 9, then March 12, then March 15. I worked at home on these days to make sure I was there for delivery (I know it was estimated delivery, but figured one of the days had to be right). Occasionally it would show as in process. Finally this morning I call customer service and they tell me there is a hold on the order. The lady tells me to call fraud protection or something like that [protected]) to get it resolved. I call and the man on the phone tells me he just needed permission to rerun the card. I approved that and now I wait. I am not sure why no one reached out before then. This is not a life or death matter so I am very patient and I worked retail during college and know how stressful and unfulfilling it can be at times, but I just felt this overall experience deserved to be shared. I can usually let small indiscretions go, but the way I was treated in This store was unacceptable. I typically go to Crate and barrel for my shopping needs, but made a few purchases at west elm over the holidays and got on the mailing list. I thumbed through the new catalog when it arrived and immediately knew this table fit a look we want. After this experience, I really do not see myself shopping at west elm again. Those 2 ladies in the store were not very professional or friendly and have likely lost me as a customer and today we cancelled the order AND our west elm account. Shame to lose loyal customers over $25 and shipping costs.

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                    West Elm refund for defective coffee table

                    This concrete coffee table developed hairline cracks fo I returned it. What a nightmare getting it picked up, but nothing compared to the nightmare of getting a refund. It's been gone two months, i've made 5 phone calls, and still have no money! While they are perfectly pleasant on the phone, always apologizing, they do nothing!!! I don't want another gift card, I want a refund.

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                      West Elm — drake sectional

                      This is second sectional from this company that has not last for even months. This company doesn't care about...

                      West Elm — Upholstered bed

                      I ordered a bed from West Elm on May 5th. It is now November 8th and I have not received it despite the fact...

                      West Elm delivery

                      I was quoted Oct 11 delivery for a bed frame I purchased for my kid to go to college. I still have not receive it yet. I paid $230 for "white glove" delivery and assembly. Close to that date, I call to cancel the order but can not because the order is in transit. We have to swap the bed to him and properly swap back when the bed frame arrive.
                      I don't know about the quality of the product yet but the delivery is not good. It will cost me more money later on to swap the bed for my kid from out of town. As a customer, I should not pay the delivery charge that is not deliver on time as promise.
                      Order Number: [protected]
                      Still waiting as of 10/18/2018

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                        • Updated by Khnbmt · Oct 23, 2018

                          It is Oct 23 and still waiting...
                          What is the purpose of complain board if no one reponse to my post and every time I call to find out about the status I got the "We don't know" answer. Very upset with the undeliver promises and $230 delivery charge for bad service.

                        West Elm — not refunded for returned items

                        Order number 723894 was returned via post office on 7th September recorded delivery. The cushions ordered did...


                        West Elm — halsey sectional and delivery and customer service

                        I was quoted 4-6 week delivery for a section I purchased and received the item 9 weeks later. I paid $275 ...


                        West Elm — refund

                        I returned a Rug to west Elm at the begging of July 2018. I have repeatedly called regarding the refund...


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