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Crate & Barrel / Euromarket Designs Complaints & Reviews

Crate & Barrel / Euromarket Designs / frustrated

Lori Bovay on Nov 14, 2017

I purchased a Set of 5 Glass Canisters, October 2nd SKU number: 560888 $131.75 worth An expedited shipping was picked My question: where's my order? The point is that I contacted your customer service several times, but unfortunately they were absolutely useless and unhelpful. I must...

Crate & Barrel / Failure to deliver couch or reimburse moving expense

KZW on Apr 27, 2017

RE: Order #: 60171804426; purchased at Tampa, FL, store: We ordered a couch at Crate & Barrel's Tampa, FL, store on February 25, 2017. The price, $1, 598.77, included delivery. When the couch arrived at our condo building on April 19, 2017, the delivery men said they could not get it into...

Crate And Barrel / Delivery, management, quality

fourwinds6 on Nov 14, 2016

Crate and Barrel severely botched the delivery of a large quantity of furniture I ordered. Items were broken, splintered, parts did not fit together, delivery personnel could not rectify issues, and Crate and Barrel associates and managers were unable to assist me. I took a few full day...

Crate & Barrel / Poor quality

995Jezy on Nov 11, 2016

We bought a sofa from about six months ago and it was very expensive one. We paid over $2000 for it thinking it was high quality product. We used it only for six months and it broke. We did not sleep on the sofa or something like that. It was in our living room and...

Crate & Barrel / Customer Service and Credit Information Gathering Procedures

RobertB2016 on Jul 13, 2016

My wife and I ordered this sofa from the Lenox Mall Atlanta store and recently discovered that the order is going to be delivered late. I want to emphasize that WE discovered the lateness when WE called to check as we had not heard anything for over four weeks! We discovered through...

Crate And Barrel / Beware of returning furniture if you have pets

Kalina on Jun 1, 2016

I bought two blue Margot chairs but decided to exchange one of them for a different kind. I was told - no problem. I was told to cover the chair I wanted to return so I did and even put it in a spare room to make sure that it is in perfect condition. The new chair arrived and the Margot...

Crate & Barrel / Outdoor Furniture - wrong size

Reviewer41644 on Sep 2, 2015

I ordered a substantial amount of furniture from them (about 6, 000 worth) and they immediately notified me that some items were backordered by 2 to 3 weeks. I place my order anyway and then I was shocked to discover that they billed my CC immediately for the entire order before they even...

Crate And Barrel / Poor customer service, avoid shopping here

Reviewer20976 on Aug 28, 2015

I ordered couch using their website in July and i was told the delivery would be made in two weeks. As soon as i ordered the email i got suggesting that the couch was back ordered and pushed to early September. I called end of august to check the status and now they say it would be late... / Possibly that the order hasn't been sent at all

Reviewer35859 on Aug 15, 2015

We bought dining set and two wooden gifts from the company We bought the gifts, but the seller sent the email, where he warned us that the delivery of the dining set would be delayed. He told us that they haven’t received the set and it would take 4 day... / The seller refused to change defective items

darioCAM on Aug 9, 2015

I bought different décor items from the company I bought them, when there was sale and it the seller assured me that I would have the chance to change the items, if there were any problems. But when I really faced problems, because the items were defective...

Crate And Barrel / delivery

monica gray on Jul 13, 2015

am waiting on hold (recording said 22 minutes) to go over for the nth time this problem: couch and large seat ordered, told 8-10 weeks. Couch came, was told "chair not on truck", they would contact. Was given a delivery date, stayed home from work, called at end of scheduled time, was told...

Crate And Barrel / customer service

PattyOConnell on Jun 25, 2015

Purchased Willow Sleeper Sofa from CandB online mid-April. Price tag: $2399+delivery fee. Delivery scheduled for June 9th. When the delivery truck arrived, I was informed that the couch had only three legs and could not be delivered. I had to contact CandB twice to inquire about next...

Crate And Barrel / Worst store experience ever!

msganga on May 6, 2014

I was in the Yorkdale Shopping Centre store in Toronto. I had approached a sales associate to ask about a print that had been marked down on the website and whether she could check if the price had been lowered in store as well. This associate rudely dismissed me. When I approached a...

Crate And Barrel / Terrible customer service

sbigl on Nov 8, 2011

They charge high prices and despite claiming otherwise do not stand behind their products. We spent over $5000 and a lot of the furniture started having issues after a couple of months. Their response was "this is a naturaul wear and tear. There is nothing we can do about it."The manager in Atlanta was uninformed and rude.

Crate And Barrel / Ridiculous

Dntaylor on Sep 17, 2011

I ordered a simple black dining room table in November and I am still waiting for it after I was promised it would be delivered in early December. Still here I sit with no table. Each time I call back to check the status of the delivery, the date continues to change. I am still in...

Crate & Barrel / BAD SERVICE

Mandi UK-CANADA on Aug 24, 2011

Below is the review I left on their site - WORST service ever - Rude & apologies with fake promises The product range is fantastic, this Mirror in particular has been a beautiful addition to our home, and the image on the website does not do it justice. The service however in short, was fake...

Crate And Barrel / Dissapointing customer service

fairplay1 on Jul 28, 2011

I ordered the desk and the book cases. I've been waiting for them to be delivered for two weeks. Guess what. I didn't expect them to be delivered to 6 different packages with two different delivery services. I tried really hard to rearrange the delivery schedules but I heard that...

Crate And Barrel / Dishonesty in Reviews

mknelson on May 13, 2011

I wrote a bad review on Crate and Barrel 's website for the Era Console table. It was never posted and did not contain any innappropriate language. They are a dishonest company and appear to only post the best reviews.

Crate And Barrel / No confirmation to an email order on hold

Mark E. on Mar 13, 2011

I placed an order with Crate and Barrel earlier today (Sunday). It was an eCard (gift card) for $250.00. I received no email confirmation of the order, which puzzled me. I did get an Order number on the web page as I submitted the order. I finally called customer service just now, 5 hour...

Crate & Barrel / Quality, returns policy, customer servrice

Crate & Barrel continues to drag out their customer service complaint process which my wife and I made with their delivery of a flawed Eiffel Chair ($2000) and just a plain bad-egg Streeter Chair ($1200) that sits horribly and is completely unlike (in basic comfort) than any Streeter Chair...