Singapore Airlinesunethical behavior to disabled wheelchair passengers by airport staff.

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On 02Aug18. my sister aged 72yrs. and i aged 70yrs. checked in at melbourne airport traveling to singapore on flight sq 238 and mel. to hyd on flight 474.
i have a sight impairment and physical disability and my sister has a severe physical disability requiring a leg brace. both passengers had confirmed wheelchair assistance.
after checking in at mel, staff assigned to assist wheelchair passengers were rude questioning passengers as to why they needed wheelchairs and made some passengers walk. my sister and i were taken by wheelchair only up to security check-in and told to walk the rest of the way to the aircraft. after security check-in other staff noticed us struggling to walk, came to our assistance, got us wheelchairs and took us to the aircraft.
on arrival at Singapore we were loaded onto a buggy with great difficulty and taken to a service room. to continue our journey we were made to stand outside the service room for a long time and wait for the buggy to pick us up, with wheelchairs and attendants standing around doing nothing. same difficulty was endured getting on the buggy, same as mel left at security check-in and told to walk to the aircraft doubting and questioning my disability, only after insisting we were taking by wheelchair to board our flight. cabin crew were excellent through out our journey, polite, attentive and very helpful and we thank them very much for their compassion and excellent service.


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      Aug 09, 2018

    Shame on you SIA - this is purely a racist bias against Indians.

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