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Complaints & Reviews

Flight Reservations — Air India is not refunding full money on cancellation due to Coronavirus situation

I always trusted Air India for travel but it seems like I should change my mind .
I paid $1473.55 for round trip to India . Air India is not refunding full money even in current situation due to coronavirus .
After lot of calls and emails, first they replied that there will be no refund and then somebody from Air India said I will get $400 and I will have to contact cheapoair for getting refund. When I called cheap air, they said they can refund only $16 . They said that airline will do it . Cheapoair and air India converted me into a "tennis ball". Nobody is taking responsibility to refund the amount . Then finally I called cheapoair again and they asked me to pay $100 to get a refund of $949 from airlines . I did that but still I am in $600 loss after all this frustrating calls and emails .

Air India should refund full amount if they really want to encourage no foreign travel to India. Why we should pay for this ?

On board entertainment not working and hygiene very poor

Booking ref:311856
My email:[protected]

I flew on AI111 from Delhi to Heathrow on 14th March 2020. My husband and I were allocated seats 51D and 51E. When the flight took off I noticed my headphones for the onboard entertainment were not working.
I informed the air hostess, who checked and said she would report the fault and there was nothing else she could do. I spent the whole flight without any entertainment.
I spent £611 for a service and unfortunately this was not forthcoming on their behalf. I now wish to be compensated for the inconvenience caused.
Another concern was the hygiene of the aircraft. I am sure you can appreciate with all the health issues that occur this should be addressed. I have photographs if you wish to see them.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Kind regards,
Mrs A Sandhu

On board entertainment not working and hygiene very poor

refund from air india

I booked AI tickets over the phone and the representative gave me wrong information so my booking was wrong, so i had to cancel the tickets within 24 hours.I have not received refund, ist ween 1 month.

When i contact AI they hang up on me or put me on hold for hours, and ask me to write an email, when i write email they dont reply.


regarding money refund as downgraded from business to economy class

1707 I booked Air India flight from Delhi to Bhopal for 11th January 2020 at 5:55 AM, Business Class and I paid 16, 139 INR. When I reached airport on 11th Jan, I was told that due...

flight ref: ai0130 heathrow to goa via mumbai

Issues with flight 10th January 2020
Heathrow to Mumbai


Hi there
With reference to my recent email contact we have issues with our flight. We have flown to India more than a dozen times & usually with Jet Airways & were very disappointed, not the service we expected.

#1 Flight delayed by over 1 hour?
#2 Bar/soft drinks were not testified at Heathrow for our lemonade? No pepsi/coke?
#3 Window seat atm rest damaged, tray table filthy & husbands tray broken.
#4 In-flight entertainment erratic to nonexistant.

All these points were not good for such a long flight.

We are in Goa & not due to return to Heathrow until 1st February.
I hope that these issues can be addressed& resolved by then.

Yours sincerely

Mrs L.Roffe

flight ref: ai0130 heathrow to goa via mumbai
flight ref: ai0130 heathrow to goa via mumbai
flight ref: ai0130 heathrow to goa via mumbai

in flight service

I recently took an Air India flight from Delhi to Colombo (on economy.)
As a member of Star Alliance, I believe that Air India would adhere to certain standards expected from a member of Star Alliance.
I have travelled extensively and was previously also a PPS member with Singapore Airlines.
Although this is a minor issue, it's worth mentioning as it's quite funny if not pathetic from a Star Alliance partner.
At the time the meal was served, I had asked for a glass of wine however was informed that the wine was already over. Furthermore, the steward informed me that the economy section of the flight is only entitled to 2 bottles each of white and red wine which had already been consumed by other passengers.
I certainly would like to know your response on this and would like to inform other travellers through other travel sites and magazines/media of such a silly incident.

Would be pleased to share more information

air india flight - ai 994

Flight No - AI 994 actual departure time from GOI at 4:30 am has been delayed by 6 hours. The Air India team failed to inform travellers the initial delays which went on increasing. The ground team fails to answer the actual reason and dodging the questions. The apparent departure time is now 11am ist which also not confirmed. No alternate arrangements have been done. The passengers are waiting for some concrete answer.

flight cancelled at the eleventh hours but no alternative

I booked ticket in flight AI-446 from Leh to delhi for 06.01.2020. I came Leh on 05.01.2020 from Kargil to catch the flight in very bad weather but at the eleventh hours the...

i'm complaining about my ticket refund money

Dear Team,
has been almost 37days passed approx of my booking cancellation I did not get my refund money back I received email that I need to give details please clarify which details you need FYI you can see below email i provide you all the sufficient information you needed, Kindly do the need full ASAP, As you know the amount is not small, I was trying to get information from call center they were advice me that it's in the process giving this information without satisfy customer i am very disappointed, This is the last try to get my refund back from you airlines my next step will be communicate with consumer complaint, Please Do the best from your side As i am regular customer for Air India,
PNR Z87ww

delayed flight and delayed baggage

My mum went to India on 31st with your flight number AI 118 birmingham to Amritsar . Flight was delayed already for departure and for some reason it was taken to delhi instead of Amritsar .Her flight finally made it back to Amritsar at about 3 pm on 1st Jan which was originally scheduled to arrive at 7:30 am. We were very concerened about my mum as we didnt know what was going on in that time .I rang air india customer services number of times to find out but been told that flight is just delayed and will land at 12pm local time, even though i rang at 12:30pm, which was very disappointing.
Finally when her flight landed and she found out that her checked luggage been left at delhi airport. Airport authorities filled a form, gave their number and said we will get call about it. It s been nearly 48 hours, we havent heard anything . No one is answering calls on the number given. She dont have no clothes to wear . We cant find no solution, there s no other option. She is due to come back in two weeks as she s just gone to attend a wedding .She got nothing to wear on wedding now . What do we suppose to do . Customer service are no help. Can you please let us know whats s going on ?

Kind Regards,
Mrs Atwal

lost baggage

I travelled through Air India from Bangalore to Abu Dhabi via Mumbai with my baggage as through check in. ( flight AI 610 and flight AI 945)
Initially I was on flight AI 608 .Due to the delay in my flight I was changed to flight AI 610.
This flight was further delayed. My flight AI 945 also got delayed.
After all this hassle, I reached Abu Dhabi in the middle of the night with a small child and I did not receive my baggage at my final destination.
There was no Air India personnel available to attend today to me.
After a lot of trouble I found the general baggage counter where they gave me a slip for my lost/ delayed baggage.
I was assured that I will get my baggage the next day.
After this much hassle, and calling up Air India multiple times and being transferred from one number to another, I have been informed that I might get my baggage tomorrow.
Traveling alone to a foreign country with a small child having my flight delayed, then changed to another and yet having all the flights delayed, to top it not getting my baggage .
I would like to claim the compensation for my baggage as well the inconvenience caused in the entire ordeal. as it is delayed more than 24 hours.
Below are the details

File reference AUHAI11783

flight cancellation

I booked tickets on AI-671 for travel on 13th dec 2019 and air india has cancelled the flight. After repeated follow ups they are not processing Refund. I have also mailed on [protected], but no response. Hopeless state of national carrier. Never ever in my life I am gonna book tickets on this bankrupt airline. I also want to understand the compensation which can be claimed because I had to pay extra to get tickets on alternate flight.

missing/stolen item from my checked in luggage

Hello Air India,
I boarded a flight from Amristar to Delhi on the 9th Dec, flight number: AI 016. See the attached pic for my boarding pass and e-ticket details.
My checked-in luggage didn't come with me as it had a power bank and I was advised it will arrive in Amristar on the following day after security discards the power bank from my luggage.

The luggage was collected from the Amristar Airport on the 10th and noticed my Braun electric was also taken out.
I am not sure why they have take out the shaver. It is worth AU$600 and has caused me a grief/inconvenience.
Can this be please returned as soon as possible. I can send you Delhi address if you are able to deliver locally.
Thank you

refund not received

I've requested for cancellation over phone (+[protected]) at 5-30 PM (Kenya time) on 07/11/2019 for the ticket vide booking reference no.Z2TJV, due to change in schedule...

delayed baggage

While traveling from Copenhagen-Delhi-Mumbai, baggage was stopped at dial security at Delhi. I was informed just before boarding that there was a restricted item in baggage. So I filled up authority letter and provided copy of boarding pass. And after I reached Mumbai airport I registered delayed baggage claim. It was informed that baggage will be delivered in a day. But after 5 days still it's not even after hundreds of call to Delhi and Bombay baggage services. 90% time none picks the call.

delay of 5 hours without notification

Dear AI staff,
I the undersigned sajid mulla was travelling on the 05th dec 2019 on ai912 from dxb/bom at 0400 hrs departure. When i arrive at the airport at 0130 hrs only to learn it has been delayed by 5 hrs .
When the airline staff was contacted i was told that the system had sent a message on phone to all passengers which i did not receive also my email id was not notified . When i asked why an email was not sent to which there was no response and was told that the carrier does not notify via email.
I was not given any compensation for a business class lounge to wait at the airport. What a world class service this precisely explains why no body wants to travel even foc on AI this is unbeleivable and ridiculous .

Sajid mulla
pnr : YGXNM
flight no : AI912
route : dxb/bom

compensation on cancellation without proper notice

The flight was supposed to depart from Leh to Delhi at 11:55 but was cancelled due to bad weather condition which we can totally accept that as we cant predict the weather.

Air india had cancelled my flight from Leh to Delhi by announce at the airport on the very last minute without proper communication. We not even received any email or message. The counter closed earlier after the announcement even passenger still queueing.

I called your airline service on the same day as i need advise from them at least to give us the new itinerary or any other alternative but the agent asked me to clear the check in status first by walk in to the counter. (You may hear the call recording) Unfortunately the counter has been closed. Logically they are closed as no flight wont be able to fly after 2PM due to under military law.

As we not get any confirmation on our new itinerary, the INDIGO flight that we supposed to depart from Delhi to Kuala lumpur at 17:05 (12NOV2019) has tagged us under NO SHOW. INDIGO airline had tried their level best to help us to arrange for re-scheduling but due to lacking a sense of responsibility from your customer service we missed the flight.

We getting more stress when our other friends who booked other airline which is SpiceJet managed to provide them with the other air craft to bring all the passenger who affected with this situation on the next day which is more effective than nothing.

Luckily, we managed to flew from Leh to Delhi on 13 Nov 2019 but only after we spoke to the manager. Still got some issue when we supposed to depart at 11:55 but delayed till 16:00 but we still grateful for that since the possibility for us to going back increase to 80%.

We ended up spending 24k rupee to get home for new flight ticket from Delhi to Kuala lumpur + additional hotel night and cabs.

my lost luggage travel date 13 november 2019

I Mr Dipak guha travel from Kolkata to DELHI-Zurich-Miami on 13 th November and booked my luggage tag AI 085065/[protected].
On arrival at Miami FL i could not find luggages.compalin to airport authority Miami.till to date i have not received any information or luggages.
Dipak guha.
Fitter mechanic.
Carnival cruise lines
3655 N W south 87 th Avenue
Miami FL.
Flights AI -23
LX-66 date 13.11.19/14.11.19

my lost luggage travel date 13 november 2019

flight services fraud in seats allotment and harassment

I am traveling with family of 4 including one infant and one toddler to Delhi airport via air India flight number AI 102 and got seats 17 c, 17, D, 17 E ( I paid extra 50$ ) for one seats as we were traveling together with kids . Instead of that while going to board the flight we have been asked to go and get different boarding pass( we have already boarding passes) and after reaching there we have been told lie that we have not been allotted one seat for one passenger ( please note that I have confirmed email
From airline regarding the seats number allotted in actual they allotted my seats to different passengers . They change our seats to 42 C, 42D and 42 E . After boarding the flight when we reached to seats to our utter surprise we saw that some passengers are already souring on the seats allotted to us as they are the original owner of the seats. We have been waiting for the seats and they kept us waiting with infant in lap for 45 minutes and after long discussion we have been given the seats in -17 row seats C, D and G seats C and D are not together they are in different groups. When I made my son sit in seats 17C the gentleman and his wife hits my son and started abusing me as I don't want to fight as technically I was alone with two kids there and flight crew was totally unresponsive and unfriendly. I have to call my husband their with my son and even though having bassinet I have to travel on 13 hour long flight holding my infant in lap.
It was really worst experience for my
Life and I don't know where to complain as I know airindia airline is the worst in customer services an listening to complaints. This is not first time wrong happening while traveling with this airline this is the reason I am complaining here. If there is any other place where can how can I file a legal complaint while advise.

flight del - hyd, air india ai126, nov 12, 2019, 17:15 - 19:25 - delayed for approx. 4 hours

Hello, I Want to highlight the inconvenience caused due to approx 4 hour delay in my flight with following details. DEL - HYD, AIR INDIA AI126, Nov 12, 2019, 17:15 - 19:25 Air...

worst service of air india at ahmedabad airport

1707 My father Gordhanbhai suthar discherged from the hospital (UK) after the treatment of stent procedure for heart attack on 6/11/2019. He was coming to india with my mother on...

luggage been lost and trying to change the date since two weeks ridiculous no one helping

First flight was keeping delay in London to Dhali to much wait. And my luggage be not receiving been lost don't know what happened there I complain then after two weeks I got my luggage I was without my clothes and all stuff. Now I'm ill in India I was trying to change my flight dates since two weeks I'm on the phone with Air India costumer service they keep put me on hold for one And two hours very ridiculous service very bad I'm not going to take this ridiculous airline again and I want composites on this and I want some one help me this time to extend my flight?
My name miss Balvinder Kaur
5 The Haven Sunbury London
Pone [protected]
Ticket number [protected]
Email [protected]

lenovo pad missing in check in baggage

I am senior citizen travelled along with my wife by Air India flight 618 to Mumbai, by Air India flight 191to Newark and then to Charlotte.
Baggage was booked through from Hyderabad to Charlotte. On arrival I have found Lenovo I pad missing in checked in baggage.
It is very clear the theft has taken place in Hyderabad or enroute. Please investigate and reinstate or compensate value to me.

lenovo pad missing in check in baggage
lenovo pad missing in check in baggage
lenovo pad missing in check in baggage
lenovo pad missing in check in baggage

  • Updated by Janardhana Rayadurgam · Nov 05, 2019

    I had travelled from Hyderabad by Flight 618 and to Newark by flight 191 and then to Charlotte. On arrival Inhad found Lenovo I Pad msiising in check inb aggage.

  • Updated by Janardhana Rayadurgam · Nov 05, 2019

    I am senior citizen travelled with my wife on 29th October, 19 from Hyderabad by flight 618, to Mumbai and flight 191 to Newark, and then to Charlotte. Baggage was booked though and on arrival I ha d noticed Lenovo I pad missing in check in baggage.

    Please investigate and re in state or cost has to be reimbursed.

  • Updated by Janardhana Rayadurgam · Nov 06, 2019

    I am senior citizen had travelled with my wife from Hyderabad by Air India flight 618 on 29/10 to Mumbai and then by flight 191 to Newark and then to Charlotte. On arrival I have found Lenovo tab missing in baggage booked through Air India.

  • Updated by Janardhana Rayadurgam · Nov 07, 2019

    No progress . I am going pillar to post and complaint is yet to be registered and justice is done.

  • Updated by Janardhana Rayadurgam · Nov 07, 2019

    I am going to pillar to post to lodge complaint

  • Updated by Janardhana Rayadurgam · Nov 08, 2019

    I do not see any progress. I am going pillar to post to lodge complaint.

  • Updated by Janardhana Rayadurgam · Nov 12, 2019

    I am senior citizen traveled from Hyderabad with my wife to Mumbai by Air India 618 to Mumbai on 29/10, Air India 191 to Newark on 30/10 and then to Charlotte. On arrival It was found Lenovo I pad missing in checked in baggage. Two suit cases were booked in as check in baggage through from Hyderabad to Charlotte.It is very clear theft has taken place. Please investigate and reinstate lost I pad to me or compensate to me.

  • Updated by Janardhana Rayadurgam · Nov 29, 2019

    I have no response from Air India so far. Please respond and compensate for the loss of item.

refund after cancellation

Hi there
I'm writing to you deeply disappointed.
I travel with you a few times a year and this the first time there is a problem.
I had flight booked from Delhi to Tel Aviv on the 7th November(e ticket number [protected])
I canceled this flight and flew instead on the 28th of October.
When I canceled I was told by the agent in the phone in India that I will need to pay 200USD cancellation fee and the rest will be refunded to me within 14 working days.
Yesterday I spoke to air India Israel and they said that the agen in india was wrong and I will receive nothing back.
Please tell me how to proceed
Thank you
Samuel Jacob Goodriche

Lenovo I pad missing in Check in baggage.

I am senior citizen travelled with my wife from Hyderabad by Flight 618 to Mumbai and Flight 191 to Newark and then to Charlotte. On arrival I had found Lenovo I pad missing in...

flight delayed connecting flight was missed

Hi Team,

On date 3 November due flight AI 0023 (Kolkata to Delhi) was delayed more than 3.5 hours. My connecting flight KL 872 (Delhi to Amsterdam) was missed which was scheduled departure at 3:20am 4 November. Air India have not given any delay compensation. No accommodation nor ticket. They only provided a delayed certificate. Then I had to bear my own food expense until next flight. I had to face too many followups to rebook next flight ticket. It was rebooked by KLM on request. I would like to have compensation for my troubles happened due to Air India flight delay.

Below is my email address sujay.[protected] for further communication. Please let me know if you need any more details

flight delay

1707 The 27th of October me and my children was on AI157 from Delhi to Copenhagen. The flight was originally scheldued to land in Copenhagen at 18:45 (see attachments), but a delay...

date change of travel

I've been so much fed up, frustrated, annoyed and wasted my precious time by calling up the customer service for date change of my Ticket.

I have been chasing them on phones for a million times kept me on hold for many times . If they come on call they take all my details and will say that another department will call back for changing the date of my travel which they never call.

My flight is for tomorrow and I have been calling for the past 2 days.

Now I would like to speak to who ever is the Manager or Director of Air India.
This is my PNR no: ZCWYJ
My email : [protected]

I have lost my money and time in calling up the customer service for 2 days.
I need an answer ASAP

Ram Sayana

  • Updated by Ramu Sayana · Nov 04, 2019

    Worst Service Ever with Air India Customer Service.
    Shame on your service

missing luggage

I was travelling in Airindia Flight number 826 from Srinagar to Delhi and 915 a connecting flight from Delhi to Dubai on Sunday (03/11/2019). We waited for our luggage for almost an hour at the belt however our luggage did not come. There was no one from the airline service to assist or inform us about the reasons for this. We submitted the compalaint with Dnata for the missing luggage asnd also went to the Dubai office Office of AirIndia and were told that our luggage was coming in the next flight whixh was scheduled to arrive at 11 pm. We were assured by the manager of the Airline that the luggage would be delivered the same night.
I am now constantky in touch with the customer care executives of Dnata and are told time and again that the luggage is out for deliver and will reach soo. I have my medicine in the luggage and am facing lot of problems with the essential things i was carrying in my bags.

In case i face any health issue i will hold the airline responsible for it. This is highly unprofessional and unacceptable on the part of airIndia.

refund not yet made

I had booked two tickets on 27 th oct 2019. PNR No . J9zPS for Rs.79000 .
Travel sector - Pune - Delhi - Pune in economy class .
The ticket was immediately cancelled.
Sought refund of fully paid ticket with the auto cancellation note.
Request is made with 3 reminders to [protected] .
No reply recieved as yet on status.

Nitin Kothari
Mobile 98 [protected]

baggage delayed/lost

I have travelled from hyderabad airport on 21st october 2019 to mumbai where i have a connecting flight to douala, cameroon, west africa via ethiopion airlines.

I have checked in total of 5 baggages and one of the baggage was found missing when i arrived at the destination airport. Immediately i have lodged a complaint about my baggage missing to ethiopion airlines and they have told me that air india didn't handover my luggage to ethiopion airlines. Even ethiopion airlines tried to contact air india but there is no response for air india.

I personally tried to contact air india customer care to find any information and there is no response from any number. After making many efforts i have connected to one of the agents of air india and they gave a phone number as well as a mail id to contact. To my surprise the mail id they gave me was not a valid one and its keep on saying mail delivery failure while i try to submit a mail to airindia. And the contact number had no response. I have tried to call hyderabad office, mumbai office & even delhi office but no one had responded.

I have not of luggage in my bag. It weighs around 23 kg. The air india airline manager at hyderabad airport was too rude to the people and the most irresponsible staff are working in air india. No one know anything and no one cares about anything. There is no surprise that air india was one of the worst airlines in the world.

baggage delayed/lost

online bookings

Dear Sirs

I have the following bookings with Air India which I made online through:

Tue, 18 Feb 2020
Madrid (MAD) 20:40, Terminal 1 Delhi (DEL) 10:20, Terminal 3 (+1) 9h 10m
Non Stop Business - Z
Adult: 2 Pieces

Thu, 5 Mar 2020
Delhi (DEL) 14:00, Terminal 3 Madrid (MAD) 19:10, Terminal 1 9h 40m
Non Stop Business - Z
Adult: 2 Pieces

My details on the Air India website are:
Edgar Richard Appleyard
Membership Number: [protected]

Since I made the booking I have changed my nationality from British to Spanish which has caused the following changes:
1. Passport numbers
2. Surnames changed in compliance with Spanish law.
I cannot make these changes online and after numerous requests no one in Air India has contacted me to sort the problem out.

Please help me to resolve this problem.

My email is richard.[protected]

Richard Appleyard

wrong price charged for issue of new tickets

Confirmation YZ9FL
Mrs Minakshi Haria
Ticket no. 098 [protected]

Email: [protected]

On Wednesday 23rd we talked to your online operator from Holiday Inn Hotel on a recorded call at your end to enquire if there was alternative flights available and what would be the costs if we wanted to change to those flights.
We were told it would be per person £80 or 7350 rupees.
Original flight was Sunday 27th October 2019
Flight A134 from Goa to London Heathrow via Mumbai
The replacement flights offered to us were:
Flight AI 843 Goa to Delhi
Flight AI 161 Delhi to London Heathrow
We double checked the costs for the change and were told again it would be per person £80 or 7350 rupees
We offered to pay over the phone but were told that we have to pay at the airport at the Air India desk and she asked us to hold while she made all the notes on the system confirming the flight changes had been held for us.

When we got to the Air India desk at the airport the staff who were very helpful said the system would not let them amend the price on the system and even let us see the computer screen in the office. They said the only way to progress was to pay per person £125 or 11, 475 rupees and make a complaint once we were in London for a refund of £45 per person.

We have informed Halifax that we are disputing the transaction of £250 till we get the refund of £90.

We await your early positive response so we can put this to bed.

luggage breaking during flight

1707 On the 14/10 I flew from KOCHI to Delhi and straight to Tel-Aviv. The luggage was sent from Kochi to Tel- Aviv. When I went out from the air-port to the Taxi I realized that the... — about the job

622509 My name is Bhonagiri Anil kumar i had received a message from @jobs updates. names Monika Batra(Senior Hr Manager) mentioning that my job application has been selected in air...

air india services on airport

Whosoever it may concern
Respected Sir/Madam,
Myself Diplaxmi Raut, one of the customer of your reputed airline.
Today, dated 20/10/2019 I had flight number AI 627, at 6 am from Mumbai to Nagpur. I had reached airport at 4 am. There was a huge crowd of 200-250 people at the air India domestic flights counters at T2 terminal.
I was in que near about 1.5 hours. In between I had been to the counter at 5 am for requesting them to issue the tickets, but they didn't bother at all. When my number came at 5:30, they said gate was closed.
You have 15 counters for domestic flights, but air India staff for counter attending was 5 in number. My que was of near about 100 people was handling by a single counter and there was a huge chaos at the counters. I even didn't hear the final announcement.
I did make request to all authorities present there to issues me the tickets, but nobody did.
I have called customer care and met Supervisor Mr. Vijay Patil there regarding this issue, but he didn't give satisfactory explanation regarding final annoucement.
I have the pics as a proofs for my statement which are attached here with. This is not expecting from air India, such a reputed organisation. This is very disheartening.
Please help me to get next flight

Sorry for trouble
Diplaxmi Raut

air india services on airport
air india services on airport
air india services on airport
air india services on airport
air india services on airport
air india services on airport
air india services on airport
air india services on airport
air india services on airport
air india services on airport
air india services on airport
air india services on airport

ticket booking

I have booked ticket for Madurai from Chennai . I have made payment successfully but ticket not got booked. Please let me know about further proceedings as I have to travel on 19th October. I didn't get any booking reference number for the same. Please let me know the resolution at the earliest.
UTR number for transaction is : [protected]
Mobile : [protected]
Email : [protected]

ticket booking

missing luggage

We flew from london heathrow on Saturday 12th Oct 2019 stopping in Delhi for 24 hours before getting the flight to Kathmandu on Monday 14th Oct. We didn't pick up our hold luggage and as we were boarding the plane at Delhi airport we were told there was an issue with our bags as had a battery power charger in, you can fly from Heathrow with it in your hold luggage but not from Delhi. I gave the member of staff my code to get into my case to take it out and was told our bags will be on the next flight at 3pm on the same day but they didnt arrive. We were meant to start a trek to Everest base camp on Tuesday 15th Oct but all of our clothing was in our case. Despite numerous attempts of phoning the airport and going back to talk to someone about it, everyone we spoke to were rude and uninterested and telling us theres nothing they can do and it will be on the next flight, this obviously happens all the time. Customer service for the airline is disgusting and shocking that they think they can get away with doing this to people! It is now the afternoon of Tuesday 15th and have been told, once again it should arrive this evening, if not we have to go and buy all of our clothing and start our trek a day later than intended. I am going to look into taking legal action against Air India when we return home.

  • An
    andrew pope Oct 16, 2019

    Hi there
    Omg i feel for you i really do. So let me tell you about my experience with air india!! When i arrived at the baggage conveyer and realised my bag had not arrived the first thing i noticed that there was quite a lot of baggage left on the conveyer!! (None on other airlines conveyers) these were bags from all over the world!!! (Immediate alarm bells). I was then left to fend for myself (no help from air india trust me they dont care) with not so much as a toothbrush!! Spent the next 5 days too and fro’ing to air india in a desperate bid to locate my luggage. The thing that struck me most is that when i arrived at their office they never even acknowledged me, it was allmost like i was not in the room!! If you lose my luggage and ruin a several thousand pound holiday please please give the illusion you are slightly bothered even if you are not!!
    Cut a long story short you have 2 options! Return home!!! Or replace the gear in kathmandu and make an insurance claim when you return home!! Air india paid me around $200 in compensation, the regulation then was $15/kg!!
    Good luck

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  • Ta
    Tara&Callum Oct 24, 2019

    @andrew pope Thankyou so much for your reply! Well we have bought all new clothes and made it to Everest base camp and our luggage STILL not at the hotel like they promised 10 days ago! So frustrating! It could be anywhere but we will try and get it from Delhi airport on our way back as supposedly that's where it it!

    Thanks again Andrew!

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broken wheel of brand new suitcase

On 30.06.19 I have traveled from Delhi (India) to Chicago (USA) vide flight No.  .AI-127  and boarding pass No. ETK: 0989572303140C1 to visit my daughter and son in law. I was carrying two suitcases as my baggage. When I took delivery of my baggages from Chicago Airport (O'hare), it was noticed that one of the wheels of my new Skybag brand suitcase which I recently purchased for traveling abroad was broken  It was broken during the cargo handling by your staff. As I was not aware of the baggage rules I came to my daughter's home without lodging the complaint to Air-India authorities at the airport. Later on, I came to know that I would have lodged the complaint about the broken wheel of my suitcase at the time of arrival at the airport. I request you kindly consider my request for the replacement of suitcase with the new one. The photo of the broken suitcase and boarding pass is attached for your favorable consideration.
with regardsManinder Singh

broken wheel of brand new suitcase
broken wheel of brand new suitcase
broken wheel of brand new suitcase
broken wheel of brand new suitcase

loss of valuable items from baggage

I travelled from dxb to kochin on 11 oct 2019 (AI 934) and arrived at kochin airport by 7.05 pm.I found one of my bag was torn completely and items were missing from the same .it came in the belt covered in a transparent dnata cover with my few things scattered here and there and few already damaged.
Bag tag number was [protected].
Kindly check on the same and revert.i hope to receive my lost things or compensation for the same.

loss of valuable items from baggage
loss of valuable items from baggage
loss of valuable items from baggage
loss of valuable items from baggage