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800 737 000(New Zealand) 7 1
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1800 262 1234(United States) 1 0
1866 351 9528(Canada) 2 0
800 028 4149(United Kingdom) 1 0
1800 551 447(Ireland) 1 0
+64 93 573 000(New Zealand) 1 1
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+86 212 325 3333(China) 1 0
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Postal Address
Air New Zealand Customer Relations, Private Bag 92007, Auckland 1142, New Zealand

United Kingdom
Air New Zealand Customer Relations, 5 The Enterprise Centre, Kelvin Lane, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 9PT, United Kingdom

Unit 1208-1209, Floor 12, Citic Square, № 1168 Nanjing Road West, Shanghai, 200041, P.R.China

16F, The Imperial Hotel Tower, 1-1-1 Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0011

New Caledonia
Axxess Travel, 22 Rue Duquesne, Espace Mozelle, Noumea
Cook Islands
International Airport, Rarotonga
Fiji - Nadi
Suite 37, 1st Floor International Arrivals Concourse, Nadi Airport
Fiji - Suva
Queensland Insurance Centre, Victoria Parade, Suva
Pelenis Travel Agency, Alofi, Niue
Phone: +683 4317
Norfolk Island
Burnt Pine Travel Pty Ltd, Taylors Road, Norfolk Island
Vaima Centre, Papeete
Kingdom Travel Centre, Vuna Road, Nuku'alofa
Surata Tamaso Travel, Kumul Highway, Port Vila
Cnr Vaea & Convent Streets, Apia
Solomon Islands
Air New Zealand Suva, Queensland Insurance Centre, Victoria Parade, Suva
Phone: +679 331 3100

Tahiti Centre Vaima
BP 73 Papeete - 98713 Tahiti

Air New Zealand Complaints & Reviews

Air New Zealand / business class

Oct 12, 2019

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to give you an opportunity to PLEASE EXPLAIN how it is that after paying at least $500:00 more for your Premium Business ticket than he would have paid for a Premium economy seat My husband was served his breakfast last, because the staff were too busy serving...

Air New Zealand / missing connecting flight excess baggage charge

Oct 01, 2019

Air New Zealandwe flew out to Niue on the 14th Sept great flight by the way, prior to that we couldn't purchase an extra bag online for departure but could on the return trip and were told that you cant do that prior to departure but you can on return trip which we did, we were charged a excessive fee of...

[Resolved] Air New Zealand / damage to vehicle in parking area - car has been moved

Sep 05, 2019

Air New ZealandHi there My car was parked in one of the Auckland open area car parks - area L. When I returned last night, it had been moved from the parking that I had parked it in to an opposite car park and backed in. This morning, in the light, I noticed that the car paint work had been damaged in...

Air New Zealand / tv ads

Aug 06, 2019

Why is Air New Zealand not doing an ad on tv re this new service from Invercargill to Auckland you should get it out there with tv radio paper and u tube my problim is it is not on our tv 1 or 3 here is my name Stephen Luscombe phone [protected] or email me on [protected] we are a...

Air New Zealand / the call center

Jul 25, 2019

I am complaining about the lady that i spoke to on the phone when i was trying to book my granddaughter anastasia-rose mohi. We were at the airport on time the date was 23/07/19 plane departing at 8.45am to apia samoa i hadn't taken the block of my granddaughters passport she was unable to...

Air New Zealand / excess

Jul 25, 2019

Air New ZealandKia ora My Flight from Niue to Auck on 12/07 I Travel with my Son.on a Works Airfare.. My concern is that we have 4 piece..1xfree piece each..and 1 each pre paid online for extra piece But still the officer serve us told us to pay $ 170.00 Same thing happen on our Return to Niue on the...

Air New Zealand / customer service

Jul 16, 2019

Call center has been consistently rude and unhelpful, slapping on fee after fee and not delivering consistent messaging from one operator to the next. I booked a flight from SFO to Auckland and needed to reschedule twice, and have paid the 250 + 50 +fare difference fee twice (yes, that'...

Air New Zealand / flight to christchurch

Jun 09, 2019

Air New ZealandHi there, I was traveling to Christchurch on 10 June 2019 and scheduled at 17.30. Booking reference HMFZAH. We arrived in time to change our flight to an earlier one and was advised seats were available. We were happy to pay a fee for this. We were then told we weren't able to do thi...

Air New Zealand / seats and broken luggage - reference # h3tmnh

Jun 05, 2019

Air New ZealandI flew business from edmonton to Gold Coast. The fare between Auckland and Gold Coast was paid in full 8 months ago and was works deluxe. We checked in and had the appropriate seats in Edmonton. When boarding we were not able to. The ticket agent thought it was our passport. But they had...

Air New Zealand / united airlines flight

Jun 01, 2019

Hello, I would like to place a complaint about my recent flight AKL - SFO booked via Air NZ on a United flight (UA916). I was extremely put out by the poor attitude and plain rudeness of one of the hostess. I didn't catch her name, but, a mid aged women with blonde hair and white glasses. I...

Air New Zealand / checked baggage allowance

May 02, 2019

I booked a flight from San Francisco to Perth Australia to depart on 23 February 2019 My return flight was from Aukland, New Zealand to Honolulu on 19 March 2019. Prior to flying with Air Zealand, I noticed that the checked baggage allowance was one bag per passenger. I also notice that...

Air New Zealand / kiosk. to check-in

Mar 25, 2019

Monday 25th at Christchurch airport used the AirNZ Kiosk to check in. I used my Canadian Passport (also have a NZ Passport) as travelling from CHC to AKL to SFO to Dallas that day. After the kiosk scanned my passport, around 9:15am, it gave me the details of another Wayne Smith, and hi...

Air New Zealand / failure to notify passenger of delays

Jan 18, 2019

Re: nz295 Hi there, I demand an explanation as to why I was not notified of any delays in my flight. I checkd in early via the premium desk (I had a premium economy seat!) yet I sas not told, not even once, that my flight will be delayed! Frist it sayd rhat my flight has been delayed from...

Air New Zealand / ana agents acting on behalf of the air nz

Jan 01, 2019

So.. the hard 23Kg rule is sometimes as damaging as the inconsistent enforcement policy agent to agent, airport to airport? Without boring everyone with the full story. A 2Kg over on a single check in bag when traveling on business from Narita to Auckland. ANA staff member orders the 2Kg...

Air New Zealand / check-in bag

Nov 11, 2018

On 10 November 2018 I flew from Auckland to Christchurch and wanted to check a bag in. I had a seat only ticket but as a Star Alliance gold card holder I always get a free bag. ALWAYS so far on ay Star Alliance flight. Not so on this Air New Zealand service. I was not too happy about it...

Air New Zealand / praise for staff member craig at wellington airport

Oct 23, 2018

Kia ora On Wednesday 26 September my family checked in for a flight to Auckland and then on to San Francisco on NZ0008. Three of us had the same itinerary, and my older daughter had a separate itinerary with an earlier return date. We checked in at the booths, but could not get seat...

Air New Zealand / trip disaster booking reference c377uh

Oct 19, 2018

To whom it may concern, I wish to make a complaint about a series of events on the 11th October starting with flying out of Gisborne on NZ8166 and told that the plane had hydraulic landing gear issues and had to return to Gisborne airport. That alone was traumatic. When we landed we were...

Air New Zealand / my stepsons not being able to fly on a recent family holiday due to not being removed from the airport watchlist as they should have been.

Oct 15, 2018

Air New ZealandMyself and my two step sons were stopped by immagration at Brisbane International Airport as we were told they were not allowed to fly due to being on the airport watchlist. These are on INTERIM ORDERS ONLY, since then final orders have been put in place at court earlier this year on 8 May...

Air New Zealand / online check in; incorrect information and charged for it

Sep 16, 2018

I checked in online with a ticket that should have had my seat and 7kg bag paid for already however on the allocated seat it showed $10 fee for my partner and I in total, I clicked on any other seats to see if any were free and it all showed a $10 fee, my sister inlaw did her check in and...

Air New Zealand / customer service and check in baggage

Sep 15, 2018

I am absolutely disgusted by the service I received from your airline. Your staff are absolutely unfriendly, unhelpful and racist. I have always believed Air New Zealand was one of the best airlines. I was travelling with my sister, your staff messed up my check in and charged me $170 for...

Air New Zealand / air hostess

Sep 06, 2018

I bought ticket for a return to Auckland with singapore airlines...but the return flight was with air new Zealand instead...singapore airline staff are the best I booked ticket with them... When I traveled return flight from Singapore to Auckland on 1st of September. ..I noticed the...

Air New Zealand / paid for 2 seats I didn't get.

Jul 31, 2018

Air New ZealandMy name is Lesley Warman and me and my daughter Sheree Zeelie caught the Air NZ flight NZ 7 from San Francisco to Auckland which had been delayed in Munich on the 23rd July 2018 for 3hrs, which made us miss our flight from San Francisco to Auckland and we were stuck in San Francisco...

Air New Zealand / a scam on facebook?

Jul 30, 2018

Hello, I clicked on a ad for tickets for $1.00 supposedly celebrating Air New Zealand's 75th anniversary. I was charged twice to my credit card at $1.53 and more than $78 on the 24th July. I found this latest transaction on my credit card statement and had to have my credit card stopped...

Air New Zealand / misconnections

Jul 24, 2018

Please find attached the letter I sent to United AirLines, Inc. (November 29, 2017) from Curtis Vinson and Rosanne Ioppolo. We are sending this to you in hopes of finding a solution to catching flights when using different carriers. Customer Care United AirLines, Inc. 900 Grand Plaza...

Air New Zealand / delay airline

Jul 06, 2018

Dear Air New Zealand, I have told Air New Zealand is the best airline company, however I am so disappointed by two times. Once I was in Hongkong and Air New Zealand delayed for 8 hours since crew member is sick. Another is on 6, July, 2018 to Buenos Aires. The funny thing is that not only...

Air New Zealand / flight (tickets)

Jun 21, 2018

I purchased 2 tickets in advance from lax to Heathrow England, I contracted to deliver securities to a Courier once landing in London, the Air New Zealand month after tickets were purchased and contract was signed, the Air New Zealand made changes to that flight, I was informed of the...

Air New Zealand / downgrade from premium economy to economy after payment.

Jun 10, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam I would just like to say how disappointed I am in the customer service we received in December 2017. It started off being the trip of a lifetime. We had saved very hard and so had our adult children to fly to America for 6 weeks. We managed to fly business class and the kid...

Air New Zealand / original flight cancelled and connecting flight miss-booked

May 25, 2018

Auckland brussels (nz pnr ei7wdh) doc n°: [protected] March 30 my flight auckland - perth got delayed and then cancelled. It resulted in being rebooked to bangkok. First flight ok (tg 492). Second flight (tg 934), I was denied boarding by thai air because air new zealand did not book me...

Air New Zealand / claim for damaged suitcase has received no attention

Apr 24, 2018

Air New ZealandOn April 4, I send Air New Zealand this email, which is the same complaint as the one I have today. I have not received any answer yet. Please help: Dear Air New Zealand, On Tuesday, March 27, I sent the following email to the email address you recommend on your contacts page. I have not...

Air New Zealand / nz178 flight change then delay & no communication

Mar 24, 2018

I was originally booked for the 7am flight on 25/03/2018 with Air Newzealand from Perth to Auckland. Airline changed flight to 8hours earlier to 11.15pm on 24/03/2018 (which resulted in us in a few hours call with the agent trying to change our other connecting flight to Queenstown), only...

Air New Zealand / in flight service

Mar 24, 2018

Hello, My Name is Christopher Wren, and my Wife Ying Xu-Wren. on 24th March 2018 we flew with Air New Zealand from Hokitika to Melbourne. We paid for "the Works" obviously from Auckland to Melbourne. Our Flight Number was NZ 125 and our seat numbers were 45D and 45E which is fine. When it come...

Air New Zealand / service

Mar 17, 2018

i have booked a flight from air new Zealand, but i missed the flight come to New Zealand, so i booked another flight from other airline to come new Zealand. when i want to return back, they told me i missed the coming flight, so the return flight automatic canceled, and they without any...

Air New Zealand / not getting wheelchair

Mar 02, 2018

My father his a heart patient and has diabetes as well he didn't get wheel chair both times while travelling from fiji to new Zealand and then new Zealand to was even more sad when air New Zealand staffs here in New Zealand asked him to walk and they can't help it they said he wa...

Air New Zealand / customer service

Jan 14, 2018

My husband and 4 yr old daughter were at the Auckland, New Zealand airport for 2 days due to rude and impolite supervisor who wouldn't let them board their flight on Jan. 5, 2018. Confirmation num RNNTZP. US immigration said my husband wouldn't need a visa to transit thru Canada to get...

Air New Zealand / flight maintenance rescheduled flights

Jan 09, 2018

Dear Air New Zealand I am writing to complain about the recent cancellation and subsequent rebooking of my son's flight from Perth WA to Auckland NewZealand. My son was unable to fly with us on the 27 December so we booked and paid for his flight for the 3 January. We planned booked and paid...

Air New Zealand / iphone ruined by flight attendant

Jan 08, 2018

Hi, I was on a flight from Shanghai to Auckland in business, placed my I-phone 6 on the board of the TV screen and went to the restroom. in the meantime the stewardess prepared the bed and closed the screen and crushed my phone. the purser recognized the damage and gave me a card with...

Air New Zealand / bad behavior of air new zealand flight attendant and pilot

Dec 16, 2017

Dear Air New Zealand Management and Board of Directors, I own an exclusive luxury travel magazine that caters to the uber-wealthy, and am here in New Zealand on my way to Kauri Cliffs to review some of NZ's top accommodations. I always fly Air New Zealand, whenever possible for the last...

Air New Zealand / bad service delivery

Nov 27, 2017

Paid for THE WORKS at $1100 but did not receive the works! -Paid for movies but once on board the screen advised us we could access all movies for an extra $10 -Food was disgusting Sydney to Auckland...gluten free dish of old tasteless fish pie was awful...stale potatoes and peas...super sweet...

Air New Zealand / air new zealand staff

Nov 09, 2017

To whom this may concern- On Thursday, October 26th 2017 I was scheduled to be on a flight from Heathrow Airport, London to LAX airport in Los Angeles (flight # EBYP8H). I left with plenty of time to get to the airport, as I am never late for flights. Unfortunately, due to major road...

Air New Zealand / flight attendant who needs to understand that all passengers are not the same.

Jul 29, 2017

Talofa there, Last night the 29th July 2017, was my fifth flight with air new zealand within 40 days. It surprises me that last night was different that some flight attendants were discriminate people if I can say the right word. Anyhow, I hope that the response I got from one of the...