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stolen earring by stewardess

My name is Janty Darmawan.
I took flight from Jakarta to JFK with flight no 026 on May 8th 2009.
I arrived at New York on May 9, 2009.

During queuing at custom immigration, two German women told me that they found a pair of my earrings and handed it to a SQ stewardess before leaving the airplane. By that time I just realized that I lost one of my earrings.

I wanted to go back to the airplane but a SQ staff, Mr Chok, prohibited me. He introduced me to some other staff, including Mr Agustin Ng Tie with phone number [protected]. Mr Agustin noted and he also talked with the two women. As being told, we went back on the next day, and met Mr Agustin and Mr Juan Ng Ng from SQ customer services.They said they didn't find it and they told us to contact SQ through online customer services.

I am really disappointed with the way SQ handle my situation. I have traveled with SQ for so long and trusted its quality, but such irresponsibility and ignorance lead me to doubt about SQ professionalism, especially in training their stewardess. With such poor attention, I don't call Singapore Airlines as the best airlines anymore.

bad customer service

I booked some tickets from Milan to Singapore several months in advance for an Xmas holdiay for my family. On...

safety standards

On Boarding a connecting SQ Flight from Singapore to Bangkok SQ980 jAN1, 2009, we noticed one of the doors was leaking substantial amounts of water. The crew also noticed and called on board an engineer. His inspection consisted of opening and closing the door and wiping the water, which continued to leak. His response was basically the plane would seal when it was airborne. In over thirty years I have never seen this before. I asked the crew and they had not had this experience. Is this Singapore Airlines safety policy? What if it didnt seal? The crew said if we weren't comfortable we didnt have to fly and they could get us on the next flight. I asked them to check on following flights and they said it would be no problem they would arrange it. My family got off the flight and yes they had to delay it to get our bags. Once on the ground we were dumped like smelly dog poo! We had to go to the transfer counter and arrange everything. Well there was no flight until next day. SQ would not even supply a room until I protested. Then they gave us 1 room for 5 people and a baby.

I have never had a problem with SQ before but I have serious doubts now about their safety standards. I have tried to find a place AND PERSON to send this to SQ WITH NO LUCK.

ref: K4538U
George, Steele plus five
email: [protected]

  • Bl
    BlackEyedP Jul 10, 2009

    Aircraft doors are plug type doors that will be sealed against the door frame and impossible to open in flight, due to the pressurization of the aircraft cabin. Leaks to aircraft doors will stop once the aircraft is in flight. Since you are the one who requested to go on to the next flight and it is not the airlines who forced you to, you should bear all consequences yourself. Be contented that the airlines gave you one room and quit complaining. Try that on other airlines and see what you get.

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  • Oo
    Oozzy Dec 04, 2009

    Totally agree with BlackEyedP "Try that on other airlines and see what you get"...

    Singapore Airlines engineers and cockpit crew are always top on the safety aspect. So if the aircraft is good to go, its good to go. You delay the flight for the rest of the hundred passengers due to having to offload your bags. And the airline still provide you a room. You should consider yourself lucky.

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lost property and damaged bag

September 24, 2008

Customer Services Manager
Singapore Airlines
Changi Airport

Baggage Damage and Goods Stolen Report

Dear Sir / Madame

I travelled from Karachi to Dubai on EK 601 on August 16, 2008, Business Class, from Dubai to Singapore on EK404 on August 17, 2008, and final leg of Singapore to Kuala Lumpur on Singapore Airlines Business Class on SQ118 on August 17, 2008. I am also a Gold member of Emirates frequent flyer program SKYWARDS.

When collecting my suitcase ( Tag number EK471777 ) at the KL airport I noticed that t was wrapped in plastic. Initially I thought that since it was raining in Singapore, the airport staff had wrapped my suitcase to save it from the water. However, one of the airline staff asked me to check my bag for abnormality indicating that I had not had it wrapped at the start of my journey.

When he cut the plastic wrap for me my suitcase was in shambles. Its zipper was totally broken. Upon a close inspection of the bag in front of the airline person I informed him of the following items missing from it;

• Sony T-200 Digital Camera
• Prada Shoes – Black
• Barker Shoes – Black

The suitcase was very new and I had purchased it in June 2008 from Malaysia for RM1200. The Sony camera and Prada Shoes were purchased from Singapore for SGD450 and SGD900 respectively. I had bought the Barker shoes from London in April 2008 for GBP200.

A complaint was lodged with Singapore Airlines and a complete explanation was given to them. They gave me a reference number KUL / SQ / 42774 and offered to repair the bag that I refused. I told them to compensate me for the stolen items and have the bag replaced with an equal both quality and cost wise. They took my address and told me to have the bag placed with the reception people for their convenience.

After a few days I received the same bag repaired and left with the reception of my hotel. I called up Singapore Airlines and asked them to have the bag removed and that I wanted an equally good replacement and not the same bag repaired. I also waited for my date of departure to bring this matter to the attention of Emirates and their action.

However, on September 21, 2008 I was informed by the Emirates staff at KL airport that it was the responsibility of Singapore Airlines to act on my complaint as they were the last carrier to transport my suitcase to Kuala Lumpur and that I should contact your office.

I am extremely frustrated at the happenings so far as I did not expect this treatment of myself and the luggage from a set of airlines as reputed as Emirates and Singapore Airlines, especially when I am traveling First / Business Class and am a Gold member.

I would appreciate your help in getting compensated for the damage and loss of property.

Looking forward to an early response and settlement.


Irfan Zafar
General Manager
Technology Innovation
Sui Southern Gas Company Limited
ST-4/B, Block-14, Sir Shah Suleiman Road
Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi-75300

Phone: +[protected] Direct
Phone: +[protected] Direct
Cell #: + [protected]
Fax: +[protected]

Email: irfan.[protected]

level of service

Jakarta, 1 September 2008

Country Manager
Singapore Airlines

Dear Sir/Madam,
This letter is to complain about service I recently received from Singapore Airlines during my trip on August 31, 2008 with 3 (three) important clients:
Flight : SQ 333Z (CDG-SIN) connecting SQ 952Z (SING-CGK)
Passenger Name :
1. Mr. Abiprayadi Riyanto
2. Mrs. Indrasjwari Kartakusuma
3. Mrs. Sita Arvianti
4. Mr. Amran Nasution

Below is the detail unpleasant experience:
1. On Aug 31, 2008, SQ 333 had problem which caused a delay arrived time in Singapore, and we did not received any information accordingly.
2. As soon as the flight landed, we directly went to the Register/Check in desk and then showed the officer our boarding pass. The officer persist that the airlines had took action to rearrange the ticket to the next flight. His reason was because of the delay problem, there was not enough time to do the baggage.
3. I had to explain my concern to him several times that baggage was not problem to us since four of us had an important meeting to attend immediately. We need to go as scheduled.
4. Then we had to go on the next flight. I was quite frustrated. The other three persons are our important clients and we had chosen Singapore Airlines with First Class and Business class to comfort our guests.
I expected a much higher level of service from Singapore Airlines, and I am quite disappointed. Your company supposed to inform the passenger before take any action, specifically when the boarding pass was already issued. I expect both explanation and apologize in written for this unpleasant experience and make sure this will not happen other time, most important to your member (Kris Flyer holder).
Should I do not receive any action from your company during 7 (seven) workdays, I will inform national newsletter about this.


Abiprayadi Riyanto
Mandiri Manajemen Investasi
Plaza Mandiri Lt.28
Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav.36-38


Flight Details:

1 SQ 963Z 26AUG 2 CGKSIN RR1 1905 2140 /DCSQ*LKQ3T8 /E
2 SQ 334Z 26AUG 2 SINCDG RR1 2340 0655 27AUG
3 SQ 333Z 30AUG 6 CDGSIN HK1 1225 0655 31AUG 7 HRS - Seat 21A -
4 SQ 952Z 31AUG 7 SINCGK HK1 0750 0825 HRS /DCSQ*LKQ3T8 /E - Seat 18A -

1 SQ 963Z 26AUG 2 CGKSIN RR1 1905 2140 /DCSQ*KKUVMU /E 2 SQ 334Z 26AUG 2 SINCDG RR1 2340 0655 27AUG 3 HRS -Seat 12A -
3 SQ 333Z 30AUG 6 CDGSIN HK1 1225 0655 31AUG 7 HRS - Seat 14A -
4 SQ 952Z 31AUG 7 SINCGK HK1 0750 0825 HRS /DCSQ*KKUVMU /E - Seat 12A -

1 SQ 967F 26AUG 2*CGKSIN RR2 2015 2250 /DCSQ*L7YRJH /E -Seat 18D/18E –
2 SQ 334F 26AUG 2 SINCDG*RR2 2340 0655 27AUG 3
3 SQ 333C 30AUG 6*CDGSIN HK2 1225 0655 31AUG 7 HRS - Seat 16D/16F -
4 SQ 952C 31AUG 7 SINCGK*HK2 0750 0825 HRS /DCSQ*L7YRJH /E - Seat 18D/18E

  • Tk
    TK Sep 03, 2008

    Why don't you complaint directly to Singapore Airlines Indonesia? This way, you will get a faster response. Putting you stuff here is illogical. There is no SIA rep to read this. You expect 7 days for them to response. How can they if they don't see this until much later. I don't think complaintboard will send this to SIA.

    My recommendations:

    1. send the mail directly to SIA Indonesia and SIA Singapore (you can find their e-mail address in
    2. unless you are a PPS or Solitaire PPS, don't even bother to mention Krisflyer as Krisflyer is just a program. They got many many Krisflyer. Even if you are Gold Krisflyer, it is irrelavant
    3. if your guests flew on Business or First, mention this and they will act on it with gusto.

    This is my advise to you.

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meal timings

I flew from Singapore to Tokyo on the new A 380. Flight was smooth, with a heavy landing in Tokyo, wet runway, so just acceptable. As this was a night flight, and our party of 3 had connected from another flight from Phuket, we had not yet eaten dinner when we boarded this flight at 10.30pm, only snacks on the preceding sector. Changi Airport food was starchy and full of Monosodium Glutamate, so some of us declined. Boarding, after spending several hours at the airport, we were all quite hungry. We had expected a hot meal on the famed A380, and then some sleep, as the sector was just under 7 hours. Dinner came, but in the form of a lump of hot wheat pastry with a thin coating of cheese on it, I guess you could call it a Singapore Airlines Economy Class dinner pizza. We weren't going to raise outr tri-glycerides stuffing down all that starch, so we all settled down to a hungry sleep. We were awakened 2 hours before landing, after only 4hrs 30mins sleep, for breakfast. I strongly suggest that the meal planning department of Singapore Airlines does this trip and finds out that the whole of the next day is wasted due fatigue from such nonsensical meal timings. A decent hot dinner, then a cold cuts breakfast for anybody watching the movies all night.

  • Zu
    Zul Mar 12, 2009

    i find this comment extremely silly. as the departure is at a VERY late timing, most passengers should have had their dinner prior to the flight. for you not having your dinner does not make EVERYONE on that flight hungry.

    my advise is that you should have a meal at the airport when it comes to meal time. when u come on board on a late night departure, have ur refreshment.

    have your breakfast prior to landing so that u would be full when u disembark. complaining like this just because YOU decided not to eat when it comes to dinner time at the airport makes u stupid.

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worst customer service ever..

I've submitted a retro-claim over 4 months ago, which still hasn't processed into my account yet. All my subsequent email enquiries are not responded at all. Their customer services are rather shocking to me - No efficiency, nonfeasance and total lack of basic etiquette.

My complaints have been outstanding for quite a few months and still not been attended to yet. I am so regretful of joining Krisflyer at the first place also because it doesn't reward as much as other ones.

  • St
    Strangers Nov 28, 2008

    Service for Singapore companies?
    The word "customer service" not even exist in Singapore.
    For Singapore Airlines, the calls are disconnected since no one picked up.

    Even after you asked the person name and called them back, the person becomes non-existence. Then you have to repeat the whole explaining things and they told you they'll get back to you. Round to square 1. That's Singapore Airlines

    One more thing.. etiquette is a rare species to be found. Most of them never even know what the word means
    Fly with Singapore Airlines? Well, we all do it just to see pretty girls in flight, which is the only thing they are good at.

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bad service

Ladies and gentleman, we will be landing shortly at Changi Airport Terminal 3, we are glad to have you on...

problem with check in procedure!

Since this is a complaint letter, I am not going to be too polite. Having heard that Singapore airlines is one of the BEST airlines in the world, I decided to fly Singapore airlines direct from Newark to Singapore. It was the most embarrassing and disappointing experience as a SINGAPOREAN to witness the inadequacy of your staff and policy during my check-in.

I booked my ticket quite a while back (probably approximately 3 months) for my trip on Dec 17, 2007. Since then, I lost my credit card and have to get a replacement from the SAME credit card company. I know that I need to have my credit card during check in to verify, thus I brought my new card along. If you are not aware, in USA, people use credit card often and if you have a replacement card, it automatically nullify the canceled card and usually a new card would suffice for verification since my name, social security and many other information can be verified through the bank. However, when I was checking in, I was told to PURCHASE a new ticket since I don't have my canceled card. I was shocked and disgusted by the fact that I have paid for my ticket via and now an incompetent staff of yours wants me to purchase another ticket? I told her that when I check-in online, I was informed that I need to have the credit card that I use to purchase my ticket to check in, in which I did. It NEVER mentioned what I need to do if I have a new card from the SAME credit card company with the SAME statement but different card number. However, as a "courtesy" gesture, she would accept a fax from my credit card company to proof that I owned my canceled card. I was rather upset since what she make me go through was not "courtesy" but just lame and poor customer service. FIRSTLY, the ticket was purchase by me with my name from the same credit card company, thus it is already proof that I purchased the ticket. SECONDLY, I called the credit card company and the person from my credit card company talked to her and informed her that I purchased my air ticket at what day for what amount of money. Credit card company won't allow such confidential information given out without my consent. Luckily, my credit card company agreed to fax my CONFIDENTIAL information to ther staff. With that said, for security reasons, I probably would cancel my current card since my credit card information is probably circulated somewhere around already!

That is not the end. I was asked to sign a document that is obviously grotesquely outdated. It was an "irregularity of travel document". Here are the clause:
" I have to acknowledge that:

1) "Singapore airlines has drawn to the fact that I do not possess a valid visa/travel document to the port of destination/my travel document has expired and/or is not valid for travel/health papers are not in order and has informed me that these irregularities have to be put right before the said travel should be undertaken"
2)I nevertheless appreciating the full consequences, elect to travel as scheduled on the above mentioned flight

AND ..."

I make an addendum to the form I signed above since I do have all my travel documents (Passport/Visa/Green card/E-ticket) except for a nullified Credit card that has a replacement with the same name, same credit card company with the same statement, social security...

Being a world class airlines, I am just upset by what I have to go through and I am very confident that I would not travel SIA in any near future after my return flight and would not even encourage any one I know to do so since I am just so embarrassed by SIA and as a Singaporean, that I don't want anyone, especially friends from USA to be subjected to this kind of incompetency.

Dr. Kok-heng Chong

  • Bh
    BHAKT Apr 01, 2008


    I don't fly with Singapore Airlines even though I am a Singaporean but I think what the staff did was correct. I hated their service actually but in this case they are not in the wrong. I am a frequent flyer with Cathay Pacific and upon receiving the e-ticket, this clause is already included in it that you must produce the same credit card at check-in for verification to confirm that the booking is yours or you'll need to buy a new ticket. I believe all airlines practise the same policy. This is actually for security reasons because the card number you used may be someone else's credit card if you are unable to produce the card with your name and the same number as booked. But since you've managed to contact your credit card company to verify it and Singapore Airlines had accepted it, you should be thankful. They have every right not to entertain such request. Can you imagine if all of the passengers did the same thing? Then I think the flight will be delayed. So I think it is fair on their part.

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  • Fr
    Frank Aug 13, 2008

    I've submitted a retro-claim over 4 months ago, which still hasn't processed into my account yet. All my subsequent email enquiries are not responded at all. Their customer services are rather shocking to me - No efficiency, nonfeasance and total lack of basic etiquette.

    My complaints have been outstanding for quite a few months and still not been attended to yet. I am so regretful of joining Krisflyer at the first place also because it doesn't reward as much as other ones.

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inexcusable service

Flt SQ469 - cmb/sin 06th april,2007

Having booked for a basinet n baby food through my travel agent in Colombo , the following service I received after boarding the flt in cmb:

No basinet was given on boarding the aircraft at cmb. When I requested for one on board, they simply said none was available n refused to make any attempt to make me n my baby comfortable. No baby food was given on board. Assistance offered in sin airport was shocking, upon landing I was kept waiting on the aircraft n was the last to disembark. I was then taken towards the transit area, well away from belt 32 by a SQ ground staff lady n asked to wait again.

After over 45 mins of waiting n no sign of any assistance I inquired from the information counter. They then apologized profusely n sent someone else to assist me with the luggage at which time was no longer on belt 32 n had to be collected from left luggage.

Flt landed in sin at 06th/0720 hrs n I was only able to collect my luggage n clear customs at around 0850 hrs. This sort of service from a reputed international airline is inexcusable, especially for a Mother n baby traveling.

As a Krisflyer member (SQ FREQUENT FLYER SQ8082475869) and considering the trauma myself n my baby have been through, I wish to make an official complain and await your comments.

  • Fr
    Frank Aug 13, 2008

    I've submitted a retro-claim over 4 months ago, which still hasn't processed into my account yet. All my subsequent email enquiries are not responded at all. Their customer services are rather shocking to me - No efficiency, nonfeasance and total lack of basic etiquette.

    My complaints have been outstanding for quite a few months and still not been attended to yet. I am so regretful of joining Krisflyer at the first place also because it doesn't reward as much as other ones.

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  • Sa
    sarju May 21, 2009

    i lost my mobile in singapoor air line and some one open my beg and stolen my thing, i allredy put a complain but no one replay any thing so plese do something
    my contect number is +91 9898400792

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negotiating acceptable terms

On 26th January 2006, I reserved on the SIA website from our home in the UK 3 business class seats from Singapore to Auckland for travel on 15th December 2006, at a cost of over S$5,000 per ticket.

When we arrived at Changi Airport two and a half hours before take-off time, we were told that the flight was oversold and that we were to be compulsorily downgraded to economy class. A substantial compensation figure was mentioned by the check-in clerk (which Singapore Airlines subsequently said was a miscommunication), which we rejected; we also declined an offer to travel in first class 24 hours later as our schedule did not permit this. In the event, Singapore Airlines found a premium seat for my wife, but my son and I traveled in a 100% full economy cabin, which was noisy and uncomfortable and which resulted in us beginning our New Zealand trip with a completely sleepless night, not at all part of our plan. At the gate, we were requested (and declined) to sign a form accepting the downgrade in exchange for S$1000 cash in compensation (which is less than the difference in value of the ticket) and an upgrade voucher on that route subject to availability and valid for 12 months – not a sector which there is any prospect of me traveling again in that time (our return trip was from Christchurch, and SIA has no first class on that route). Although they knew that we did not wish to accept the downgrade, at no time did SIA make any effort to negotiate a package with other passengers and the only alternative compensation they have offered is 30,000 krisflyer miles – as I am UK-based, enough for a return economy flight within Europe subject to availability and time-limited, once again not a proposal which has any practical value to me at all. Your readers should be aware that over-selling is endemic on SIA (Mr Gerald Lim who handled our case told us that on his previous shift he had compulsorily downgraded or off-loaded 39 passengers) and that booking early or checking in early is no protection against this mistreatment. They should also be aware that SIA does not follow international best practice (compulsorily in Europe and the US) of negotiating acceptable terms with passengers and that after the event they have shown no interest at all in trying to find a reasonable settlement. Our case is still open.

  • Bh
    BHAKT Apr 01, 2008

    Honestly I never like to fly with Singapore Airlines although I am a Singaporean. I hated their service. It is interesting to know that they like to bump people off the flight. To me it's like take it or leave it. That's their arrogance which I hated the most. Don't ever dream of being upgraded to Business Class if Economy Class is full. They are never known to upgrade passengers even PPS members I was told. But you should be lucky to get an upgrade to First Class on a later flight. In my many years of flying with Cathay Pacific, never once was I bumped off when the flight is full. I got upgraded instead to the next class whichever is available.

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  • Fr
    Frank Aug 13, 2008

    I've submitted a retro-claim over 4 months ago, which still hasn't processed into my account yet. All my subsequent email enquiries are not responded at all. Their customer services are rather shocking to me - No efficiency, nonfeasance and total lack of basic etiquette.

    My complaints have been outstanding for quite a few months and still not been attended to yet. I am so regretful of joining Krisflyer at the first place also because it doesn't reward as much as other ones.

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unsatisfaction of air-plan landing

With refer to the above subject, on 19th July 2006 at 17:00pm I was taking SIA Airline SQ116 back to Malaysia...

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